Crypto News: Bitcoin Cash, Bakkt, Vechain, IOTA, Swiss ETP, Aeternity (19th – 25th of November)

hello descriptive cones and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency new series in which I'm looking at the most interesting developments and news in the cryptocurrency world that happened this week so today's 25th of November so I'm looking at anything between 19th and today as always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful indeed we will begin with the market situation as we always do and the market situation is not that great so the market decreased further and the panic selling appears to be continuing at full speed as you can see pretty much all cryptocurrency – at least 30% this week if some of them even hitting – 40 % e cerium Harrison $5 for example so not really very good so the panning saying appears to be continuing with no signs of significant rebounds now like I did explained my previous video still be careful even like one by one buying or selling because the rebound could potentially very strong based on how much money for example is stored in the form of stable coins so be careful when the mother what you do because I do think it's gonna be a pretty crazy price movements in the upcoming weeks now as for the actual inner so first of all this is that there is a crypto exchange-traded product to launch on the Swiss Stock Exchange so six weeks Swiss exchange which is a Switzerland principal stock exchange that is based in Zurich approved a listing of a crypto exchange-traded product where the ticker jato so very good one the ATP world track and index of the top five crypto assets in terms of the market cap and liquidity so the index will not include stable coins tokens that are designed for anonymity liquid already new tokens so it was prepared by crypto startup called a moon AG so what they said is the Aman ATP will give institutional investors that are restricted to investing only insecurities or do not want to set up custody for digital asset exposure to cryptocurrencies so it will also provide access for retail investors that currently have no access to crypto exchanges due to regulatory in Indians so that was said by the co-founder and chief executive or Ayman so overall this is a pretty positive milestone for the industry but I'm not gonna go into details but there are some differences between ETF and ATP meaning this doesn't really help the whole ETF if you have a proposals in the USA it's the big good news nevertheless than bringing negative news next which is the back to being deal right now if you don't know about this I didn't make a separate video about it a few weeks ago so on 20th of November but I don't come encrypt a retail payment system and futures platform announced that they are delaying it's launched to better ensure the platform's success at the release so the new initial launch is being postponed until January 24th 2019 and according to the CEO Carrie Lafleur the delay is meant to give the project more time to make sure that part from his operation is sound at launch now they also indicated that his team is still working with customer onboarding and securing regulatory approvals as the futures trading platform is still subject to the data problem the market did not react very well since of people were counting on balances on the two main reasons that we can pretty much blame their sudden decrease of the price because people are simply counting for that back to start new ball run however I person is saying it's still also good because they're ensuring that everything is polished and ready for the release without any major issues so even though short term this is not a very good news I think long term it shouldn't really affect anything that's significantly then you have needs about vision which is pretty much on my series every weekend holidays because of the news that they have so I was confirmed this week that we change being tested by the H&M fashion empire for arkad which is their clothing brand which is trying out the blockchain based technology to track respective products on arkad has done a small proof-of-concept through a pilot testing with each and his boxing technology to secure product data traceability in the value customers can stack attacked attached to it hut with their mobile phones and when they do that they're gonna receive a decentralized view of the item traceability accorded also in addition to this they'll also get information about the product including where it was made from what materials as well as washing instructions so pretty infinitely useful for the client as well now I just worth pointing out about that collaboration is far from a done deal this is just an experiment to see whether it could work but the fact that to be J and H and M are doing it it's a very positive sign for blocking application and shipping and logistics one of the things that I think blocked anybody to keep perfect for and overall obviously is a very positive sign for reaching with those price wise reaching has been very much struggling for a long time now it seems like no matter what the news for reaching is the price doesn't seem to be doing that well then happen is about iota which I haven't recovered in a while first time for that another update so I ought to have some significant developments recently the first one being a creation of the iota Research Council to the council or obviously the work of the research professors researchers and scientists working on the laser technologies to form a backbone of a future automated data driven society so the iota Research Council will closely with that research department to set strategic technology direction basically provide the oversight that they need for the research also grant funding to academic partners and can oversee the entire collaboration of academia and all the other research organizations pretty interesting and it does seem to appear that they do try to concentrate on the research and academic side of things now the other news is collaboration between other Foundation and a company called high mobility now high mobility is an API platform used to develop apps specifically for cars so the first stage of this collaboration is a smart charging blueprint in only iota workspace now both partnership and accounts of creation are very good science for in future if I got a pretty quiet project for a while now not doing well in terms of price but it does seem to be very very busy with updates and partnerships as well they have news about something that could potentially cause the DES price decrease in this week which is the Bitcoin cash fork so November 15 Bitcoin cash for two separate cryptocurrencies I'm not gonna go into details because our sublet Comcast just doesn't have a purpose anyway but it split but working two-bit con cash ABC and Bitcoin cash as we were set off his visions now both both Forks are led by two crypto personalities Roger ver and Craig Wright both very controversial and both incorporates some different solutions into Bitcoin cash and changes to the existing infrastructure now while there's no direct proof it is possible that that fork caused the price decrease for all the other cryptocurrencies since it could be another sign that there are some discord and disagreements in the cryptocurrency world and that could potentially happen to any other major cryptocurrencies now as always we fork like these the optimist unpredictable but does seem that Bitcoin cash basically not too different blockchain is dividing these two as always in the situations exchanges have different approaches commerce for example treats ABC as a normal Bitcoin cash or balanced politics and matrix list both coins separately now Bitcoin cash lost almost 50% in value due to fork actually even more now because of the price decrease today so anybody can cash holders are not happy and I think that fight between these two fellas basically killed Bitcoin cash as we know it not the financial base but that's my opinion then have project which I haven't recovered ever what I feel like is an interesting one so it's eternity and they're having their token migration so eternity is going through the first stage of the token migration event this means that the AE tokens on the ERC 20 bits here on platforms will be transported today eternity my net so this first phase of the EI AE token migration will last until November 25th so the gina's block which is the first phrase of the eternity blockchain I was the first block of the boxing will include all tokens migrated by users during this phase sear on the entire attendant in migration plan is divided into stages through hard Forks the scheduled heart Forks will include new features and improvements to the Eternity protocols just governance system and new virtual machine if you have any attended tokens in the ERC xx hidden platform it's a good idea to look into and tokens up in more detail to make sure you don't lose any tokens eternity aspires to be the generalized solution that can be applied to any and all situation that might come to mind when you think about the term smart contract is a very big project very broad project and it's currently around free fat price on corn market cap and a market cap of around 150 million now I think the evaluation is a bit too high currently for this project even though they seem to be quite promising I think there are other doctrines with my way lower valuation that are a bit further in development either way interesting project something to keep an eye out for and see how they're doing because it could be one of the bigger eye serum competition if they're able to pull it off which is pretty pretty big but nevertheless interesting one as always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it was useful subscribe for more and stay strong I still love you Cheers and bye

6 thoughts on “Crypto News: Bitcoin Cash, Bakkt, Vechain, IOTA, Swiss ETP, Aeternity (19th – 25th of November)”

  1. Sorry, but don't be so naive. The market is manipulated and thus reacted exactly as expected… Wall Street (and others) and Bakkt go hand in hand, so it is pretty clear why the market is being manipulated. They want in cheap.

  2. Thanks for covering aeternity and taking the time to do these updates generally. The most exciting part of aeternity is that it provides an unique "technological package". The naming system and oracles all integrated on Layer 1, it is one of the few projects that will have state channels implemented on launch, it is PoW with Cuckoo cycle and 3 second blocks (BitcoinNG consensus), functional language smart contracts and liquid democracy governance mechanism. It is coded in Erlang, a functional programming language. Tezos and Cardano have both decided to use functional languages for their chains (after aeternity). So yeah, pretty interesting stuff.

  3. Respect to your continuing research through the bear market even though I don't agree with your permabull mentality haha p.s. volume too quiet this time.

  4. Did all of you manage to buy Telegram tokens? Over 80% of tokens were sold for a couple of days on I'm surprised) This coin has a bright future)

  5. Hey just wanted to say keep it up, I really like your analysis and thoughts on everything and the bear market hasn't gotten you down. I think we are in for an EVENTUAL bull run. I'm going to cost average buy more crypto for the next 12 months. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on XRP. That's the project I'm going to average into I think.

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