100 thoughts on “Crypto Mining Game V2 Tutorial – Part 1 – The Card’s Bonus!”

  1. Username: KEY
    Prefered card: Anti-Spyware
    and i see in video some new card – Firewall, Mining pool and Neutrino 🙂

  2. Username : ZackFairTheOne

    Favorit Card is the Miner. Got it on Level 8. Could upgrade it to lvl 9 (5000 CryptoCoins!).

  3. Hello! Thank you for the video! I understood something)

    I like the Miner card, it is already at level 11.

    My nick Shesg67

  4. Username: junkie
    Card: Hacker
    Game looking good, can't wait to see how it works and play it. How about adding heights level on the game playing field (mountains and valley)

  5. Username: Elgatto88
    Prefered Card: Austrogirl
    And thanks for the Video i am Very exiting for the news that will be come in the future 🙂

  6. Really good to finally see you jamboom, its awesome what you and your team are doing with CMG.
    Username: probord
    Prefered card: Ddos Attack
    keep the good job!

  7. Great video Jamboom, I'm looking forward to the release of CMG V2!

    I prefer the thunder card because of the increased mining it will give 🙂
    My username = dormaelsg

  8. Good luck to all of you developers! Have more rest! 🙂 And so I look forward to an update! They are very cool! My favorite card is Astro Girl!
    My username: Buglemen

  9. Username : KES
    Prefered card : Astro Girl ( though I have to consider there are many excellent cards). Bravo pour le boulot en tout cas, très curieux sur la carte neutrino ! 😉

  10. Donde puedo consegir informacion sobre las cartas y su uso en español ya que he buscado para utilizarlas y no he conseguido nada

  11. Cool game but the ads are killin the game play! Just to many popups, bot checker links exit the game, or opens popups in background. Sometimes it crashes! Make the game more player friendly. Then you will start gaining more members.

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