46 thoughts on “(CRYPTO) Meet the StableCoin TrueUsd (TUSD) from TrustToken ?”

  1. I like to invest in normal crypto, but not this freaky one TUSD. Don’t feel confident about its reliability.

  2. jeez, can’t believe traders still trust this TUSD, this is a huge deception that must be investigated by the authorities

  3. I’d rather use something more trustworthy than TrueUSD, I don’t feel confident about this token after the info about its backdoor

  4. TrueUSD will totally rob you and leave nothing in your wallet – just a bubble that will broke soon.

  5. clever trader will never hold money in TrueUSD, this is ridicules, guys, need dollar-pegged crypto? use Tether and be safe!

  6. as for TrueUSD future, I'm pretty pessimistic, this token is not able to reach new heights. in facts, it must decline

  7. Hopefully I won’t ever have to deal with this scammy TUSD, I don’t trust in their nice intentions.

  8. to my mind the greatest indicator of coin success is its volumes. in this regard, TUSD hardly ever be the most popular coin, it fell very short.

  9. TUSD is a huge disappointment with all their secrets and hidden codes, for me this crypto is off-limits.

  10. TrueUSD is a good product of PR! As a matter of fact they have nothing true, even the backing is doubtful!

  11. You are out of control with TUSD – their backdoor can do whatever they want! And they want your money!

  12. i think that this TrueUSD is just copying the model of tether and does not really makes any kind of innovation at the market and does not bring anything new as well

  13. TrueUSD? Another copycat stablecoin. I bet it`s also used for money laundering just like many of them.

  14. Yet another copycat of USDT. What`s the point? Isn`t it better to have less stable coins but really advantageous and reliable ones?

  15. I do not see any real need or demand from market for copies of tether because lets honestly face that TrueUSD idea if fully taken from USDT

  16. stablecoin market is very immature and still there are a lot of unsecured assets. trueusd is definitely one of them, being financially unsecured

  17. Can't see anything remotely exciting about this stablecoin. Yeah it has been audited and all, but it doesn't guarantee any profit or safety of your funds really.

  18. how can i meet stablecoin if i DO NOT KNOW anything bout trueusd? plz tell me – team who created etc..shady coin

  19. I think this year (2019) trueusd will die cause of unprofitable – i don't c any profits which can be gotten from stablecoins!

  20. I wouldn't put my trust in tusd. Gave me a couple of headaches when i was using it. But still, cool video, mate!

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