Crypto Masterbot Demo Fiction! FX Masterbot Returns!! Scam Review

hey guys! what’s going on? FAYSAL here
and welcome to my channel. so how are you guys doing? I hope you guys are doing
fine. today’s review is very very very
important! wanna know why? because I’ve got like 25
emails in the past three days inquiring about Crypto Masterbot and Crypto Master Bot is a cryptocurrency trading signal software that promises high
return of investment and many of you are inquiring about this crypto master bot scam.
I request you not to skip this video because it will be very important. Crypto Masterbot claims that you can
use their demo account before registering and it’s 100% risk-free and fully
automated software designed to beat the currency market, right? very good!
and then the description about how this software works. they use some indicators
and stuffs. I see many industry leading traders & blog reviews about Crypto Masterbot review app and most of them are positive. so I was about to join that
Crypto Masterbot trading but there are some negative things came to my mind and
I will show you one by one. so this is the official Crypto Masterbot website. this is the Crypto Masterbot platform
and I’m in a demo mode. you see the demo mode and these are the trading signals
you can trade instantly with demo account to test the platform. let’s see EUR/GBP. let’s take one it is deactivated. okay trading is activated now let’s
trade. EUR/GBP is suggesting for CALL trade okay. you see
EUR/GBP trade is running. this is the demo mode of Crypto Masterbot trader and let’s see what is the outcome.
let’s wait for a moment. I hope it will not take much time. let’s wait for the result of EUR/GBP
and $50 investment because the demo was $1500. you see the current rate an open
price. you see I won the trade* $50
outcome. okay but the thing is you see $50 investment and $50 outcome!!! okay I won the
trade. that is not my concern. my concern is BTC/USD that means Bitcoin rate. $3798 rate, right? so let’s go and see what is the BITCOIN current rate right now. the Bitcoin price right now is $5475 dollar! so how come their Bitcoin price is
$3798 dollar??? mark this, okay? how come it is possible? so I found out how it is possible. it is because this demo version is fake. these are not the actual price of any asset. there are big price gap. so any trade you place you will win. you see I won the usd/jpy trade also. so they made it to lure you join immediately to Crypto Masterbot fraud. so these are the demo fiction and this has nothing to
do with real price! now come to the twist. you see Crypto Masterbot login website here, right? I will show you another trading software named FX Master Bot. you see FX Masterbot and Fx Master Bot is also offering demo.
you see FX Masterbot demo platform and this #CryptoMasterbot are similar. so I blacklisted this FX master bot
years ago and this is the video of me which was published on 18 February
2018. so more than a year now and you can see their plans, right? I tested their
demo also you see. see the same Fx Masterbot demo and
Crypto Masterbot demo are the same. I blacklisted it you see. scam demo
fiction. so what does that mean? it means that FX masterbot scam has been recycled by
the same developers and named it Crypto Masterbot and then they re-launched this platform and luring people with their
fake demo. so that is why I did not join the FX master bot or Crypto Masterbot scam review app. I hope you understand everything like water! so I don’t have to tell
you anything more. I just showed you what I had to do and I request you not to
invest in crypto master bot viral scam. don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our channel and
support us, ok? wait for more upcoming videos
until then I’m out.

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