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the markets then will jump straight into Bitcoin so alright let's see got Luke in here what's up Luke it's beginning to retrace yep looks like it FN bass too low Stefan hello why / what's going on all right so let's just um make sure everything one final check here health is good so we should be streaming in HD looks like it so let's just go ahead and jump on into this thing and get going what's up Z cat here we go alright hello guys a welcome into the stream an evening stream haven't done one of these in a while so thanks for stopping by if you are new to the channel hello my name is Rob to all the regulars a welcome back sees crypto charts in chat live where we take a look at the charts and talk crypto in general and to start off we're gonna jump straight into this starting off on coin Lib do give us an overall view of the market in WoW ok whoo I swear thirty minutes ago I checked we were at 177 billion and it just said 159 man that was a big hit but it looks like we're up top 170 1.5 3 billion right now bitcoin dominates tickin up a little bit up to 52% now 24 hour volumes surging 23.14 billion surging I mean after seeing months and months of five six seven eight billion 23.14 billion that is money flowing in these markets right now and just a quick look at the top 50 here you can see most are going the way of Bitcoin you know Bitcoin had its big move up and most of the charts looked that same way T Zoe's I believe that was one last time that was bucking the trend dogecoin not following that trend either stable coin does not matter but yet the majority of it of the coins out there are following Bitcoin at this point and still lots of green but a lot more red than there was last stream that's for sure and I just want to jump straight into Bitcoin at this point so this is Bitcoin dollar one day on BitFenix now just to get it out there have been my exchange account I have been stopped out after this recent recent jolt down and it looks like we're falling even more here now what I wanted to cover here is just the fact we are at a eight on the daily so tomorrow brings a green nine it's looking like the rejection is coming in at the eighth and going back through 2018 the last green nine we saw was here excuse me that made a run to 813 but then dad said came in the green nine before that was here and that was the perfect top brought in lots of downside Green nine before that was here we saw one or two more days after that nine brought in the downside and green nine before that was here didn't see much downside but got a couple days there so this is nothing we haven't seen during this entire bear market making a run like this to what will be a green nine tomorrow and like I said it already looks like rejection is coming in now from last stream I was expecting downside here I'd you know we continued up quite strong today but I was expecting downside to come in and where we sit now for the strongest scenario would be holding above this descending trendline that goes back through all the major moves we saw through the heart of 2018 where we topped out at and we're right at that level right now but a key one is this 200 moving average here on the daily and when the sell-side pressure comes in are we going to be able to hold that level or not so where is this sell-side pressure we're seeing right now coming in from the four hour gives a perfect picture of where it's coming from and that is off the back of this green nine run we had we made it to nine 10 11 12 13 we topped out here on the 4:00 hour out of 13 and the south side pressure has come in hard biggest red day we've seen and I mean as far through March at least as far as this chart goes back right now through March the strongest outside pressure we've seen we saw big rejection jumping above these this level of highs we saw with this high the 8 and the 9 high we saw here you know that that we saw one candle one for our push us just above those levels and the upside momentum continued but it got rejected and now we're falling even harder Wow so the sell-side pressure is definitely coming in strong here and it makes sense off of this for our chart off of a 13 you'd expect the sell-side pressure to come in and we're seeing quite a lot of it now really I mean just looking over at the watch list here it was 90 90 percent plus Green now it's a majority red over here so big big sell sell side pressure coming in now I want to look at the one-hour here and add in the margin positions so the shorts had been adding in and you know that was that was good to see from an upside perspective that during this whole upside move here the shorts were adding in so shorts were using their firepower in this range and actually both Long's and shorts right now during this down move are both getting out at this point so not much to take away there if during this whole upside move the shorts were down here still that would be concerning because that would mean that the short still had their powder dry but the shorts had been adding in this entire range in here so it's not as big of a jolt to the downside right now that we could have seen from the sellers the sellers in this market especially those that play the margin and like I said we're seeing both Long's and shorts get out of the market at this point so right now um you know if you know the it makes sense from this for our perspective where the sell-side pressure is coming from off of a thirteen you'd expect that's when you expect if it doesn't happen at the nine if the reversal does not happen at the nine you'd expect it at thirteen we topped out at 13 Southside pressure has come in and that's exactly what we're seeing so we'll have to see if this is just going to be a one to four bar correction or whether this is going to last longer than that and quite possibly leading this to being a bull trap and that goes back to the one day here of really the daily perspective are we going to be able done at this point we're below this descending trendline so are we gonna be able to hold above this 200 moving average is that where the Bulls are gonna step in or was this just a bull trap a blip on the radar for what we've seen so like I said in the beginning I'd been stopped out on my exchange account so you know for me it's just sitting in stable coin at this point you know with with the weekly at a nine also I was keeping my stuff's really tight and it took took us getting to an eight here but mainly on the four-hour that 13 coming in and this this entire nine or 13 run encompassed the entire up move we saw so we took off hard at a three so we had the one two all green the three came in ran up to the nine and the third team came in and brought the downside pressure so still lots of volatility right now if we look at a 15-minute well not really I mean it's just a lot of downside pressure at this point on the 15-minute perspective we are seeing it looks like a bit of buyers here at the 200 moving average on the 15-minute so we'll have to see how strong they are here but going back to yesterday stream I think yesterday last stream you know based on the weekly pointing to one to four weeks of downside coming in I would expect this to be just the start of the downside and really the question is where are either the seller's going to run out of steam or the bowls where are they going to be at to hold this market up and the key level for me the most bullish was this descending trendline but really the key level is this 200 moving average here an area that we rejected from time after time ever since dropping below on the daily here that 200 moving average every major pump failed from that level pumped up to that 200 failed got the test pump out of it that failed so it's a key level that we've seen over here in the daily and the longer-term perspective of things and a key level to watch will that now turn into support or is this really just a a bull trap off the back of huge volumes you know that would that would be that would be something because we've seen volumes build here and we've seen we've seen indicators like I've been talking about for the last couple weeks of something changing in the markets with all this volume if we look at just total here we'd been seeing really since mid-february but really in March here just an elevation in volume that we haven't seen since that the craziness at the end of 2017 you have to go all the way back to when we were at all-time highs to see sustained volumes like we've seen and then these last two days have blown that out of the water I mean it makes everything all the volume going back throughout history here on the total look like nothing so big changes there huge volumes coming in can you have a trap with double the amount of volume we had been seeing recently and double the amount of volume we'd seen at the peaks you know that still remains to be seen but that 200ma is the key level I am watching here on the well the total here and as well as Bitcoin now I did want to talk here one I mean it looks like as far as old scope Bitcoin has pretty much taken everything down but there was let's see what I see X is doing now there is I see X here this is something I'm keeping an eye on because it's one that really hasn't had a run these last couple days has not had a run verse Bitcoin like a lot of these other alts have and it's one that's made it's 200 moving average break but has really just been consolidating moving sideways right above that 200 levels so this appears to me really coiled up and ready to make a move we'll have to see you know that with this downside action if this is still able to hold these levels but this is this is one of the more intriguing altcoins to me from the simple perspective that a it's not far at all compared to others from its all-time lows and B it hasn't made its move where if we look at something like a DA which is another one I talked about with going all the way back here with breaking it's 200 moving average it's done nothing but go up ever since the break here of that 200 moving average we got after we broke it the first day we came down confirmed with buyers there it's really done nothing but go up whereas something like icx is still just sitting there just above that 200 ma level sitting there coiling up ready to to break with volumes coming in not as great as they were during this pump but you know you'd expect these volumes to come back in again once this starts kicking again so I just wanted to share that one with you guys so let me take a look at the chat here if we're crouching let's look at let's go back to Bitcoin real quick now it's actually ticked up quite a bit here we're now back above that longer-term descending trendline so is that all the Bears got and that is also we came down to the 50 here on the hourly chart that that would really surprise me if that's all the Bears got you know seeing as the chart that called it best the for our here the 13 coming in and giving us this rejection you'd expect a couple at least a couple more bars here so yeah I don't I don't think it's over yet it's still there's a lot of volatility in the market right now huge wick on the current for our candle to the upside huge wick to the downside and one of the biggest candles we've seen except for the you know the huge jolt up here we saw yesterday so volatile markets that's for sure I mean this is crypto I think anybody knew or you know even if you're not new it's we've really been lulled to sleep back in this range and really ever since the sixth to three run it's really been super super low volatility in all of crypto and it can really low you to sleep but you know this this is you know what I would consider normal crypto trading volumes are crypto trading price action you know it with great volume 23 billion coming in now finally this is really why I got into crypto probably why a lot of us got into crypto with the volatility you can make huge gains but you know there's also the flip side to that you can see huge losses and that's why you gotta keep those stops tight and you know even during even during a bull run it's not straight up in the longer-term scheme of things it might feel straight up but you know it's always from my perspective it's always important to have those stops in ready to be triggered for scenarios like the one we're seeing now especially when there's you know technicals calling for downside action and that's when when there's technicals calling for the downside action I usually keep my stops tighter and I had super tight stops here okay looks like we got our first troll in the chat don't usually get those but hello Henry go ahead and put you in to timeout if you want to be an adult about things you know you can stay if not see you later thanks for coming by all right so yeah that's pretty much what I wanted to cover here and do one final check of what we're seeing I would expect more downside here you know at least to satisfy this for our 13 coming in one to four bars here on the 4:00 hour is what I you know the really the most bullish scenario it's just what you see off of Corrections off of the TD one to four bars of Correction if it's going to continue its direction of the main move so since we made a run to a green 13 here if we are going to continue that green run you'd expect the correction to be within one to four bars so if we see more than that that means more that's more of a reversal signal but if we stay in that one to four bar range the upside still maintains its intactness so yeah that's what I'm seeing any other any other coins or sub home skillets without Christopher do you think it is going to hold around here we'll see you know if there's a lot of volatility in the market right now I expect more downside right now ultimately on the daily the longer-term perspective of things watching to see if we do I mean you know we could not make it back down to this 200 but right now I'd put it at odds that we do make it back down to that 200 even just would that for our that 200 came in at what 47 40 47 hundred so with one to four more bars the downside could I get to 4,700 and get us to that 20 ma yes I could could easily see that that 200 on the daily is lining up with the 20 moving average on the 4-hour well it will be in one to three bars so one to three bars out that would be a perfect spot for the Bulls to come in that would satisfy the 13 count that would be a perfectly bullish spot for that's support to come back in and that would also be at the daily 200 but you know you do have that weekly at a nine as well where that is suggesting more one to four weeks of downside so all right that's on be cash yeah big my cash has been going crazy huh 9/11 9/11 came in you know I don't wow that's that's big rejection now this was just going crazy it made it all the way up to three almost 350 almost the top I mean almost the top of ABC when ABC nsv split that that's just amazing this was a crazy run I was not in this by any means but you know it was it was a bold bullish price action a bullish chart set up but nothing calling for a hundred percent into it held the 20ma here on the daily we really we broke a little bit higher than these highs and then really just trended sideways right above that up to the 20 nothing to really call for that but you know it it's Bitcoin cash that's it's gone through these before but yeah as far as thoughts on bitch we're Bitcoin cash is going at this point you know I think Bitcoin has some more downside in it so I think you know the overall crypto markets has some more downside in at this point now for you know for longtime viewers I'm not calling for new lows not by any means but downside from where we are right now with the the weekly nine coming in and over the shorter term that for our dart team coming in suggesting downside and on even on the daily at the fact that daily tomorrow will be a nine just a lot of these are pointing towards some downside action and you know that that would be healthy it wouldn't be healthy to after this huge bear market we've been in it wouldn't be healthy to print day after day like this yesterday like we saw that would not be healthy we need to pull back now find our support shake those bears out of the market and then continue to move up alright alright guys yeah that's pretty much it as always if you do want to support the channel and are using great browser come up to the brave rewards and send a tip if you're not on brave yet first link in the description start earning yourself some crypto on a safer faster I mean it blocks trackers if you're not using brave yet support the crypto community and use something that is far superior to any really any browser out there safer faster and get the option to earn crypto if you want to turn on ads you know first like the description check it out if you're not already if you guys do enjoy these streams make sure to drop a like and I'll probably be streaming more now that we have this ball volatility bag in the market but right now I'd expect you know for another for at least another four to twelve hours a downside and with the daily and the weekly hinting for more downside it is healthy for the downside to come in here you have all the technicals suggesting it and the fact is we need to shake out bears at this point you know we've seen more upside volatility than we've seen in really well I guess that but that was off of a low we've seen more upside volatility than we've seen in a while at the end of a bear market expect the Bears to be there especially when the technicals suggested so that's gonna do it for me for this one if you guys enjoy the stream make sure to drop a like and share with anyone that may be interested and if you're not subscribed already hit that subscribe button click on that notification bell time for me to go eat I'll see you guys in the next one

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