Crypto Market Predictions 2018 2019 – Bull Run Catalysts – XRP, XLM, BTC, ETH, LTC Price Predictions

everyone Tony here hope you're doing well it's saturday september 29th hope your weekend is going well i wanted to make this video to talk a bit about my crypto currency and market predictions i'm gonna touch on some of the bull run catalyst as well as specific tokens such as x RP x LM bitcoin aetherium and litecoin and before I go further this is not financial or investment advice and of course the things I talk about in here are just my educational guess in there you're not no one can accurately predict the future or with a hundred percent certainty say these things are gonna happen for sure but we look at the facts we look at past data we look at trends we look at the announcements of partnerships you know as far as utility and things along that line improvements being made on the projects to then make like I said educational guess so let's jump into this so as I've been mentioning in my previous videos and even some other you know investors in the market such as Mike Novogratz and so forth have said the crypto market has bottomed out for the most part that you know we had a really long bear cycle and that you know Bitcoin bottomed out around 6,000 or so and I think now we're starting to see an upward rise I'm slowly nothing not a bull run yet however in my opinion I believe a bull run will start in October or into early November like I said we can't accurately predict a date it's not possible but what are the catalysts that can help drive or spark this bull run the first is the launch of ripples X rapid I believe that will be a really significant item that will just catapult the market honestly and the reason being it's going to bring real-world utility into crypto you're gonna have obviously some brand name banks and payment service providers which will all capture the headlines right many times it's all about headline and some bullish sentiment or some positive news that changes the psychology in the market or the investors right they're like oh wow okay and then everyone gets excited and it's even though like I always tell you guys don't invest with your emotions these things from a psychological standpoint still have an impact and sometimes it's not so much about the emotions but progress when we see progress when we see things are actually unfolding you know after hearing for a long time okay ripples gonna launch X rapid which uses their cryptocurrency X R P and the same thing goes back to for example the SEC approving a Bitcoin ETF we don't really need a big ETF for the market but it's a psychological and emotional lift and so the idea is that the general market needs that but it's the level of emotions that you commit to this right you don't want to be all emotional sure it when you hear positive news your your emotions your mind everything you you get confidence right if there's negative news you you lose some of that confidence so it's the degree of emotion says I hope you guys grasp that you don't want to be all in on emotions on the market you got to look at data you got to look at facts right the next catalyst I believe will be the launch of backed which will be a global crypto currency exchange providing custody service and it's both for institutional investors and retail we know it's going to be powered by the parent company in the New York Stock Exchange ice as well as Starbucks and Microsoft and Starbucks is all on there so here's their article their news article on their site talking about backed and how they're going to be integrated with that and what's significant about this guys is people who are using the backed app and it have their crypto in there they can then use that to purchase coffee in our products in Starbucks's locations which is you guys know how many I mean their locations are everywhere everywhere now airports wherever everywhere and they have like I'll work in New York City and there's like a Starbucks and every two blocks or something right it's really massive now just to clarify you're not going to be a to take your crypto and directly purchase it's rather gonna convert that crypto to Fiat instantly and then you use the Fiat as far as like a credit right to to buy the the coffee or product at Starbucks and also Microsoft is a part of this powering this whole thing as well so you have some big names now you got to think about this I always tell you guys think about it from a business standpoint not just crypto because once something like this goes live when they talk Brent the corporate names of Microsoft and Starbucks are associated with it it's going to take off because why the general public the masses they know about Starbucks they know about Microsoft that indirectly gives crypto more trust value people are gonna be Oh what's crypto oh wow Starbucks 2xf incredible this is happening and then the news media and the cycle and of all that you know it it will start to populate and spread so it will have a trickle-down effect when I will benefit crypto now I believe there could be some other potential catalysts and that includes possibly good news from the SEC what we're seeing recently is mounting pressure from Congress people in Congress as well as businesses we just had the meeting last week where 32 cryptocurrency companies including like the Nasdaq ripple coinbase circle exchanges such as Kraken and so forth were all there trying to work with with congressman Warren Davidson to push the SEC and the CFTC and all these folks to get the regulations provide clarity so that we can move ahead and I believe this pressure as well as fear of missing out you know with the u.s. falling behind on the crypto and blockchain movement I I believe they're already losing a lot of ground to other countries but I believe if there's you know they give some clarity that could help spark the bull run well contribute to the growth and the bull run the other is and I think this may happen for sure with the launch of back these other banks and companies will definitely want to make sure they are positioned as well custody services from excuse me custody services and crypto trading services from banks and major institutions we've heard about Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley Fidelity Bank of America and many more are in the process of working on custody services and providing crypto trading services now any of these big corporate names and big names on Wall Street launch that guy's it will be like I said the markets gonna go nuts people oh my gosh Goldman says right you know how this works and especially you have these massive corporate giants and with all you know with a massive amounts of millions of clients they kit that can easily easily send the markets skyrocketing so that's what I'm thinking as far as catalyst I know the CBOE Bitcoin ETF decision is slated for next year maybe we get some earlier news maybe it happens early next year it's I think January February around that time but I think that the Bull Run will start before that and if that's you know Bitcoin ETF CBOE Bitcoin ETF gets approve it will just take it to the next level now last year we had an issue where I think the market could have ran up even higher but what we saw is exchanges had to close their doors they couldn't handle the volume they were not prepared I don't think anybody was right and that no one was expecting that type of run-up we saw bid tracks by Nance coinbase a lot of them had to close their registrations people were having problems logging in getting their money out it was a mess right but it was a good problem to have because he shows the demand the interest and what was what's the potential this time around I believe we will not have that issue because there are ton more exchanges in the market we've seen expansion from coinbase by Nan's bit tricks all the major exchanges have expanded hired more staff they've opened up the ability to handle more users and traffic and their servers upgraded and and of course more competition so people have more options so I don't think we're gonna be limited like we did last as we saw last time I think a lot of the crash that and look after every bull run there's a correction but the hard crash that we saw was it just topped out where people couldn't continue to to purchase and the volume dropped off right because exchanges closed their doors so and of course people were cashing out taking profits but I think a big part of it was exchanges couldn't they had to close their doors and that right away sets a negative president's whoa okay I can't buy anymore okay forget this I'm out of here right so I don't think we're gonna have that problem this time around which which is definitely good it was the Bull Run the FOMO kicks in the news the media picks up on all these things we're gonna see some some big movements guys so let's go into a specific crypto items now obviously I can't cover all cryptos you guys have seen my portfolio where I hold a variety I'm most bullish on ripple XRP but I hold Bitcoin you theorem like coin so I'm only gonna cover these here as well as stellar lumens the others I'm gonna have to do a different video and honestly some of them like you know like nano I still have to do a bit more research to understand to give a prediction meaning I need to get all the details up okay do they have any you know new partnerships coming up where's the status of the project that type of thing but I'm gonna give you the ones I'm well versed in and and have really studied up and and because they're a big part of my portfolio I'm so like my top four and you know I have stellar illumines here so let's go through that so XRP obviously being leveraged by ripple I believe will usher in a new frontier in the crypto market it's going to be game changing and it's actually gonna benefit the entire market because I just listed as a catalyst for the bull run but what's gonna happen guys because of its real-world utility on a massive global scale being used by big the biggest institutions on the planet banks and find it and payment service providers it will make take catapult them the market – like I said a next level the launch of X rapid I believe will make some major headlines especially as brand name banks in payment service providers your grams your Santander bank or whatever right go live imagine the news is gonna be picked out FinTech blogs finance just general news in general guys and the narrative will change and and you Bitcoin people and Maximus you should be thanking Ripple because like I said it's gonna unsure in a new level and a new plateau and new a new frontier with crypto because the narrative is gonna change from crypto is only used by criminals and drug dealers and this and sex traffickers or whatever right it's it's gonna go beyond that I remember the internet people said the same thing in the early days it's only used by gamblers and pornographers right for porn sites and gambling but it was the potential is much more than that was commerce communication transaction and an X X rapid ripple its X rapid which leverages x RP it's gonna help change that narrative so I don't think you know the haters and the people who don't want to look at facts or open their mind are missing this in the X the launch of ripples X rapid is actually gonna be beneficial for the whole market because like I said you have the narratives gonna change and it's based on facts real-world utility on something that's also gonna be important as more banks and payment service providers start you know o going live with X rapid it will improve global money transfer where it's taking from three to five days to minutes that simple that I shouldn't say simple but that right there guys will be huge can you I want you to really think about that the disruption that's gonna take place and how it's going to make people's lives better and as well as for businesses you don't have to wait for money that long if I want to send money to a friend in Europe or whatever in Africa or South America whatever it is I can easily do that or like a lot of the workers who you know they work in different countries and a Sun money back home the migrant workers I guess I hope I'm not mistaken migrant workers I think is the name of that just how's gonna change people's lives and that is great they can get money faster they can't transact faster and that's gonna improve people's lives and businesses right with money the Commerce can move faster excuse me so that in itself is going to be game-changing and that's why all of regardless of what if you're a Bitcoin maximalist a theorem like coin guy whatever you need to understand what ripple is doing here and like I said it's gonna benefit the entire market now I believe the value will continue to increase as more banks and payment service providers go live on X rapid there are other use cases for X RPI I've covered them in different videos but just to summarize a bit here I think because X X rapid is the main driver I believe 10 to 15 dollars is my prediction by end of year $50 I believe by the end of 2019 that's just my prediction like I said this is not financial advice and I'm just making the educational guess there's no way to guarantee that this happens so I as far as the price right we know the facts of what's coming and what's gonna be launched but there's nobody guarantee price just as you know back in in 2009 you can tell Bitcoin was gonna go to near 20 grand but you you like I said this is an educational guess so let's move ahead to stellar lumens now obviously stellar is looking to do something very similar to what Ripple's doing however we haven't gotten details if the token xlm will actually be used stellar has a partnership at IBM which I think it's very big and definitely important and definitely will help them to get adoption and grow in their usage and I believe they will compete with ripple however and I'm just looking at the facts now it's not my personal feelings because I hold stellar lumens I want the value to go up so I can make money off of it ripple is on another level and I've alluded to this in videos before because they're working with central bank's governments the IMF the World Bank's and I mean it's on another level I understand Stellar's partnership with IBM is definitely great not downplaying that I'm just and I have here let me correct this think Google versus Bing right competition is exists in every market Coke versus Pepsi Nike versus Adidas BMW versus Mercedes I can go down the list right different you know Dell versus HP whatever it is competition exists and but I believe a ripple will have the larger majority market share and I said think Google versus Bing being owned by Microsoft but Google has what seventy percent market share Bing has what twenty something and then Yahoo has like five percent or something so they still exist right they still being still exist is they still make money they still have a share of the market and that's what I believe will happen as far as the dynamic between ripple and stellar and my prediction for us xlm honestly four to five dollars by the end of this year and 15 to 20 by end of next year so that's what I'm thinking like I said I hold Stella lumen so I want the value to go up so I can make money but I have to be realistic I approach this from a factual logical standpoint if this was reversed where stellar had all the partnerships and was working with like I said central banks and so forth I would say stellar would be I would reverse this the price predictions and all that right but it's not it has one partnership with IBM and let's see what comes out from that and let's see if the token will actually be used I'm not saying it won't I'm just saying I don't know because we don't have any clarity on that so I'm not like a hater here on set illumines like some people in the past would spread fun about Oh banks will never use XRP now they all look like idiots but for xlm the banks that are using what working with IBM or whatever it is could use they could use it I'm not saying they are or they aren't I'm just saying we don't know so we have to wait and see but ripple is as firm for my progress standpoint and partnership standpoint is way ahead way ahead Bitcoin so I hope Bitcoin I believe it will continue to rise in value despite the poor utility don't get me started on the utility of that and what we're seeing now Satoshi's vision is actually getting lost because big people the Bitcoin maximalist and the Bitcoin development community are saying that you know Bitcoin will now be a store of value and I believe though because of its there being the original crypto and the strong brand most the excuse me the investors coming into the market will still enter the market via Bitcoin it's just the original and like I said now they're saying it's a store of value so I believe as we get closer to mining the 21 million because we know they're gonna only be 21 million bitcoins expect I think I can expect to see a surge of a significant value in in in Bitcoin and it'll be very much like gold we're not so much use as a currency but as now they're saying a store of value and it's in its a finite amount I believe the futures contracts Bitcoin will benefit from that greatly like it the CBOE Bitcoin ETF gets approve Bitcoin will surge in value for sure my prediction is thirty to forty thousand by by the end of the year and I think 60 to 80 by end of next year so just my prediction I you know it could be higher it could be lower but I definitely with the bull runs and that money that's lining up to coming in coming into this market I absolutely believe that the value will certainly go up I remember like I said I think last year's run up got cut short because exchanges couldn't handle it so you could have went higher so that's just my prediction guys like coin so you guys I know in my videos in the past I've been so pissed off at Charlie Lee I've said it but I've never seen someone undermine their project as much as Charlie but with all the things he would say not being enthusiastic when he's interviewed and you know talking about you shall own Bitcoin when dude you found it like coin and also you know selling off all his like coin and anyway forget charlie Lee but as far as like coin because what I've seen you know how miners are using it in different people because of its close connection to Bitcoin and because Bitcoin lacks you put you has poor utility like horn is the easy way to move Bitcoin value what do I mean by that remember we talked about atomic swaps being able to swap between like corn and Bitcoin I think this is where litecoin is gonna survive and benefit greatly because this has to be a way to move your Bitcoin value right especially if you don't want to wait hours or whatever it is and the cost you have to deal with I think bitcoins value will be used we be moved via like coin just my personal opinion based on what I'm seeing some miners doing and I think it's gonna benefit from that greatly and my price prediction is between 1000 of 1500 by end a year and 2000 3000 by inner year 2019 so I think it will benefit that way and if the Lightning network ever goes live I'm talking to you Bitcoin community then it's definitely gonna benefit even greater right where the improvement in speed and so forth because I I still don't know if Bitcoin itself how it will do an enlightening Network we'll have to see maybe like coin will do better this is just my opinion guys so I hold like coin I want it to do well so I can make money so I hope you guys I'm not I'm just being realistic and factual I have to call it like it is I'm not caught up in my emotions here I'm giving you facts based on where the projects at what the community is doing and like I said some of the things that Charlie they did I don't like that right and it really affected like coins with value now aetherium so despite the recent issues and i co sell-offs that we saw and a value really going down a lot for youth area i think you will survive the storm guys i believe a theorem will be one of the big winners out of this crypto market because we're already seeing some real-world utility and the the concept of e theorem in a smart smart contracts and so forth a lot of companies have already said they're gonna start testing and trying it out so there's a lot of things already in the works here and we're seeing some governments and companies are gonna start leveraging it and I think they will make improvements like I think there was a news recently about some upgrades which will improve scalability to 500 transactions per second I'm not mistaken or a minute I apologize I don't have the full details on that but this was was publicly announced and I think would vitalik at the helm because he's not focused so much on money you know he's a guy who wants to see it work he wants to see Ethier and work the crypto community to grow not so much to money he's always been anti money and and I think that's that's good you know as someone who's at the helm of a crypto currency project it's important that he's focused on he believes in it right he's passionate about it not just about the money and I believe you know be between 1,200 to 2,000 by end a year 2018 I think between five to eight thousand by the end of 2019 and I think like I said guys it will survive it and just recently if you recall I shared this news with you guys in a video and if it was yesterday or the day before I think was a day before the Austrian government is going to notarize 1.3 billion dollars in bond option using the etherium platform this is real-world utility and I this is what I want to see when I'm looking at different Kryptos not just a white paper not just a concept what's your real-world utility who's using your platform who said they're gonna use it not just oh man this is gonna get pumped this project is the best okay show me why it's the best what partnerships what utility where is the working product show me who's said they're gonna use it not just because someone on a YouTube video comments and I said this token is the best it's gonna take off show me the facts show me articles like that show me where the government's are a company and and so forth said they're gonna be going live show me the testimonials right now the only outlier here or the Bitcoin I know because it's poor utility but because it has the ISTE was the original it it doesn't fall into this category this is more of an all coin conversation of show me your utility right so what do you guys think about this I don't think anything crazy or outlandish here just my factual logical approach and some conservative price predictions well like I said no one can accurately predict the future if we could if I could accurately predict a feature with 100% certainty I wouldn't be doing videos I probably be a millionaire already you know retiring a retired on a tropical island when my management so we are making educated guess here guys so what do you think about these price predictions and my thoughts about each of these projects like I said I'll do it for some other all coins as well but I need to do a bit more research on some of them when I say that you know obviously I have done research on the ones I've invested in I'm talking about what's the upcoming news in a sense of okay this company said they're gonna use it or here's this upgrade that they're gonna do that's could drive real well utility so I need to get all of those details together so what do you guys think about this we'll love to hear your thoughts on each of this XRP stellar bitcoin you theorem like coin and as well as the catalyst for the bull run guys I want to hear what you guys think for sure because look I I guess I I'm I'm learning myself but I definitely by by by the principle of looking at facts not investing with emotions looking at this logically and factually and I think some big things are ahead I encourage you guys to keep holding we are the early adopters of a new asset class and a revolutionary technology that will change the world the same way the internet did and that is blockchain of course so leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description and you know if you found this video helpful and you want to share it with someone who doesn't understand crypto or curious what's coming up with a crypto market please share it please share my channel with your friends and family like I said no over speculation logical factual reason thought process thinking things out here when looking at crypto and take also taking a business approach because that's where we're headed what's the business and real world application so thank you guys for your support and I'll talk to you all later

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  3. Thank you for sharing all this informations and facts you resume in great videos easy to understand an interesting.

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  7. why is every youtuber too dense to understand the charlie lee move?
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  9. hmm personally I think your information is absolutely spot on but i think your predictions are a bit too optomistic. Let's try and get to last years totals before we say things like 1$10-15 xrp or 30-40k btc in 3 months.

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