Crypto Market Analysis | How to Answer Rank Questions in Cindicator app

Hi everyone, my name is Ivan And today I would like to show you how to answer the rank questions on digital assets in the Cindicator application I hope it will be very helpful and will improve the quality of your forecasts. We will use our web application in this case. For the rank question you need to put a number of options in a certain order. For example a question might ask you to arrange assets by return over the next month. There It is. It’s also important to know how the points are calculated. You can click on this section here: “How the points are calculated”. it will redirect it to the support portal and you will see the formula. Let’s get back to the question. So, you get the most points for getting the top and the bottom items right. That will get you about 40% of the available points for the question For the first one, and for the last one. If you place an item that should have been at the top in a second position then you’ll get about 20% Similarly, if you put an item that should have been at the bottom to the second-to-last position you get about 20% Sixth position in this case. For a correctly predicted second or second to last item you’ll get about 10% of the available points for each of these two: the third one and the fifth one in this case Even if you get the items in the middle, correct, you won’t get any points for it in this case So it’s most important to get their general direction right: the good assets at the top and the bad ones at the bottom Then even if the other isn’t totally accurate you’ll win points This will really set you apart from other users who just guess. As a rule you need to start by having a look at Bitcoin and Ethereum charts then the industry in general and finally each asset Start the analysis by trying to understand the overall movement of the market and taking a look at the BTC USD graph here it is Try to predict the trend for the next two weeks since most of assets follow Bitcoin Looking at this chart will help you to determine the general direction of the market as a whole Then analyze the Ethereum/USD chart, here it is So this chart reflects the price fluctuations On the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Try to predict the trend for the next two weeks Ethereum is a very prominent altcoin and a large number of tokens have been launched on its platform so the altcoin market also correlates to the movement of the Ethereum Them you need to review relevant industry Questions usually ask about assets that have something in common For example, a blockchain platform, consensus algorithm, use case, etc. Let’s suppose you’re being asked about the Red Pulse RPX token and other tokens launched on the Neo blockchain First, review the chart for the platform token if there is one in our example, it’s the Neo/USD graph Here it is Then analyze possible fundamental events that could affect the industry as a whole For example, check news site and find out about the latest Neo news So now it’s time to start checking each asset separately First, review the chart for one asset For example PHX Check the company’s telegram for any upcoming events check any pinned messages as they may contain important information You can also use Twitter as an alternative news platform. Be careful as information is often unverified Just enter a currency ticker into the search bar. Here it is Write down your assessment of whether there will be a rise or fall in price of the asset Now repeat the steps for all of the companies listed in the question Finally, rank the items in the list based on your analysis. Here we go That’s it it might look a bit complicated at first but give it some practice it will take you less and less time and will really set you apart from people who just guess randomly Start applying this knowledge right now in the Cindicator application and start forecasting

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