Crypto Market – 10 Trillion To Be Brought in by Wall Street

all right what's going on we made it through June 2018 so today is Saturday June 30th 2018 hope everyone's doing well so the article I want to cover today it's a week old it was published exactly a week ago last Saturday June 23rd 2018 I was published on coin calligraph calm written by Molly Jane Zuckerman it's titled Cardno co-founder Wall Street will bring tens of trillions of dollars into crypto and you know good good news for us so Charles Hoskinson the co-founder of all coin card I know with the ticker a da tweeted on June 20th at the entry of Wall Street into crypto will bring tens of trillions of dollars into the market and he's quoted here saying what's often missed by the cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is going to die broken record media is that after the next wave of regulation Wall Street is showing up to the party with all of their locked up capital that's tens of trillions of dollars entering the space eventually the future is bright so that definitely is the case in my opinion as well Cardona which is currently ranked 8 on coin market cap has a market cap of around 3.5 billion u.s. dollars we can just check that really quickly yeah Cardano is still 8 and still 3.5 billion so I guess not much has changed in the week since this article was posted when asked by a commentator what exactly the crypto community is building Hoskinson answered an entirely new world the intersection of cryptocurrency and wall street has been welcomed by those who also see a potential influx of capital and mid-may cryptocurrency wallet and exchange coinbase released a news a new suite of products designed to attract institutional investors by relieving security and regulatory compliance concerns speaking about the product released the VP of coinbase referred to 10 billion of Wall Street money that now had the potential to enter the market the trillion value has also been bandied around before as Don Moorhead CEO of billion dollar crypto hedge fund and tera capital said in April that a 40 trillion dollar crippled market is possible in part due to Wall Street's increasing interest in clearing crypto trades and so I think any way you look at it really the future of currency I mean institutional money really is kind of an inevitable step a necessary step and one that does happen I don't think anybody doubts that that will happen and that the market will completely blow up but again I think two of the things that aren't necessarily always talked about is that many of cryptocurrencies will lose value so there won't be about 1,600 in my opinion I think they'll be much less but the ones that will have value the ones that will stick around will have huge huge increases in their market caps and just if let's say 50 cryptocurrencies existed today and the market cap of all the other fifteen hundred and fifty went into those 50 surviving ones that in itself would push the prices of those 50 relevant cryptocurrencies to to the moon essentially right and that's even without any kind of Wall Street institutional injection to the market

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  1. WHEN the total market cap goes into multi trillions, can you imagine the price of some of these cryptos?? I really hope my investments do well, I want to retire by 40 and live the dream lol!

  2. I believe at least 10% of the Forex market will flow into crypto within the next few years. I could careless about Wall Street and I hope as many little people get into the crypto market before the big money really starts flowing in. Crypto is the peoples evolution in financial innovation and hope it stays that way as long as possible. If you really think about it, crypto is going to be the first asset class added to the financial market in over 200 years which is extremely substantial news IMO.

  3. the trillions will be in proprietary patented fortune 500 companies invested cryptos, and NOT your average general coinmarketcap coins.

  4. Let us stay strong and await those glorious days! How's it going over in Pennsylvania? When I was there years ago I remember it was hot and there were a lot of brick buildings. Definitely hot here in Cali.

  5. Hey wassup Tyler I like the sound of that bro!! We're still having that Litecoin yacht party…🎉🍾🍷🍹🥂🍸

  6. Great video….Please share your opinion concerning the article enclosed:

    We are standing on the precipice of an entirely new world. In almost all recorded history only the elite have been able to participate and benefit from the major economic changes.

    Today, things are radically different. The internet has created a democratization of those who can capture the upside of economic shifts. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the volatile arena of cryptocurrencies. Nearly everyone, regardless of economic status, family pedigree, or connections, can take advantage of the opportunities in this nascent field.

    Not only has the concept of money started to change, but we are also seeing the first steps of a completely new way of carrying out transactions and contracts.

    A Brief History Of Monetary Change
    The first major shift in the history of human transaction was from the physical trading of commodities and services to the use of commodities (precious metals or other valuable items) to represent and exchange value from one person to another.

    Next, coins and paper money, backed by precious metals, made it easier to transfer value back and forth among users.

    Fiat currency, money that is not backed by precious metals — but only by faith in government, soon arose, enabling central authorities to control monetary supplies.

    The global transfer of fiat currency via digitization led to the interconnectivity of the world's markets and supercharged their expansion into today's global economy.

    Now, things have started to shift toward complete digitalization of currency. The world-changing creation of the blockchain ledger has eliminated the need for a central authority to back or issue currency.

    Nearly impossible to scam, the blockchain demands trust in transactions thanks to its decentralized nature. Digital currencies built on the back of the blockchain ecosystem will forever change money and how we use it.

    A Guide To Today's Cryptocurrencies
    The huge run-up in bitcoin, ether, ripple, and others has focused the public's attention on the rapidly expanding world of cryptocurrencies.

    People from every walk of life are jumping in and taking speculative risks on certain cryptocurrencies. Stories abound of folks buying a few hundred coins for under a thousand dollars, forgetting about them, and then being pleasantly surprised when their coins are worth millions a few years later.

    Most of these winning investors are simply lucky — a long shot speculation that paid off hugely.

    At the same time, many others have made fortunes by building knowledge about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Knowledge, like with traditional investments, is the key to creating consistent profits in the new world of digital assets. When you understand the basics of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies work, it becomes easier to make intelligent decisions about investing.

    Each cryptocurrency solves a particular problem and fits into one of three categories. These categories are transactional, platform, and utility . It is important to note that some cryptocurrencies can fit into more than one category.

    Let's take a closer look at each of these categories and examples of each.

    1. Transactional
    This is the original category for cryptocurrencies. Transactional cryptocurrencies are designed to be used as money and exchanged for goods and services. Bitcoin , litecoin , and a host of others are transactional cryptocurrencies.

    Transactional cryptocurrencies are intended to eliminate the need for government-issued currency. Indeed, some form of cryptocurrency will likely replace all fiat currency one day. But the replacement cryptos may still come from central banks — Singapore's government, for one, is testing out this idea with its Project Ubin.

    2. Platform
    Platform cryptocurrencies are designed to eliminate middlemen, create markets, and even launch other cryptocurrencies. Platform cryptocurrencies provide the backbone for a host of future applications.

    Ethereum is a prime example of a platform cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that is used to run smart contracts. A smart contract is an application that runs exactly as programmed without the possibility of fraud, censorship, or even downtime.

    Ethereum is also the building block of many of the new cryptocurrencies.

    3. Utility
    A utility cryptocurrency is designed for a particular task. Ripple (XRP) is an example of a utility cryptocurrency. Designed to facilitate fiat money transfer in an economical and highly efficient manner, ripple is used by multiple banks and institutions. Some of the names on their website include UBS, Santander, BMO and American Express.

    Risks To Consider: Cryptocurrency investing is uncharted territory. While I am certain we are in the midst of radical economic changes, no one knows for certain which cryptocurrencies will survive long term.

    Think about the dot-com boom: Many companies folded but a few survived creating extreme wealth for their early investors. The same thing will likely happen in the crypto space.

    No matter how deep your knowledge base, only use the money you can afford to lose when speculating in cryptocurrencies.

    Action To Take: Take the time to learn about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, as they will be a large part of the future.

    Editor's Note: While the Street is bashing Tesla's failures in its typical short-sighted fashion, Elon Musk is focusing on his most intelligent coup to date . Investors who follow the Wall Street pack will miss out on a flood of profits when Musk launches this $1.3 trillion initiative that could literally revolutionize the world. Click here to discover all the details before it's too late .

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  7. Thanks for the vid.i have to say I LOVE THIS RIDE.very exciting times we r in and r about to go through…good luck with ur picks….peace

  8. why would they add that to the market when we the people have been putting our hard earned money in ? makes no sense to me. if the masses cant get it going with the actually support and use then why would wall street even want to or even announce it…. makes you think tho. whatever. im boughing low and still HODL . Thanks for the video T.S

  9. Great job Tyler. Big takeaways for me: Potentially 40 trillion crypto market cap coming from the big whale institutions, and downsizing of the ecosystem with fewer coins on the market. Coinbase says 10 billion with their product offerings. HODL.

  10. Tyler Tyler Tyler…it would be good to see all of this but until we do I guess it safe to call BS believe it when I see it!! Be well partner!!

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