1. Captain Obvious you're one of a few people championing the cause against these scam platforms and shitcoin influencers. The community needs you to expose these people and provide entertainment at their cost.

  2. This is one of your best…sorry to see you & this video go.
    The scams might win a battle, but they won’t win the war. Thanks for the laughs & all the hard work you’ve done to clean up crypto, Captain. You’ll always have a seat at the lounge on the 7th Floor ? ?

  3. I heard they have huge ties in the government oh man this is so huge this goes all the way back to the ties with the old mafia

  4. Great video you could reupload this with so many combinations of commentary. Excellent footage. This is the exact way every ponzi investment party looks like.

    1. Bitconnect
    2. Asama
    3. Bernie Madoff parties
    4. Genises Mining
    5. Arbitraging

  5. David Petersen picked these people because they are all of low IQ's and dirt poor so easily wooed with shill money which was investors ICO money.

    Fools sad but when i first started crypto 5 years ago i might have fell for this scammer ponzi trick.


    Austins name should be "Crypto Whale" ? ~ i joke i kid!

  6. Is that Shellie "CryptoGemz" at index 10:38? I wonder what is her level involvement in ARB and CoinLotto? Surprised that she is rolling with this scam crew. Real eye opener and can only hope she realises what shes involved in. Jamie's Rolex watch 14:22?

  7. People should understand that deleting videos does nothing. Youtube keeps a nice archive. Im speaking in general terms.

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