1. I gave up waiting for the bull market, joined this pump group last weekend and made over 1k in 60 seconds on NAV coin! Next pump 11 hours from now 😉 https://discord.gg/zu5Entk

  2. Senor TV,
    I found this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/us-navy-launches-blockchain-research-in-mission-to-improve-tracking-system/amp/

    As a NAVAIR employee this is massive. First, our Government doesn’t make announcements willy billy as is apparent from the bitcoin ETF. Second, aircraft sustainment is 80% of our budget, which translates into parts need to keep planes flying.

    I just though this was an interesting piece of news.

  3. I’ve had the view from the beginning that BTC is gold and LTC is silver…that bitcoin would be useful for large purchases like houses or cars and litecoin would be for more everyday purchases.

    I also thought FTC feather coin would be bronze, but they died, so there’s that.

  4. Juventus news is great. Can’t wait to see how the sports world starts implementing cryptocurrency. Already seeing it in baseball but the more sports the better for everyone ??

  5. I love both the vintage and new styles of FUD TV. I hope you keep them both. Great information in either case! ❤

  6. I liked Binance Coin (BNB) token very much) Now holders of this token can receivedecentbonus free of charge on coins-tokens.fun/free-bnb

  7. Nice crypto stuff, very informative. Cool that you are putting out some reasonable words of caution and not just shilling ICO's like many others out there. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex?

  8. Hey mate, I saw few videos about bitmex from sunny decree before, and he said many times, that bitmex has nothing to do with price discovery, actually on bitmex you trade derivates and price is calculated as average of few exchanges. What you really do on bitmex is just betting whether the price will go up or down.

  9. A true coin should be backed by time, work and a shit load of electricity with a community of miners and actual utility. Litecoin is the right coin. I understand why people like xrp and xlm, but the fact is one isn’t even a real crypto because it’s not decentralized and the other isn’t a proof of work coin. This is a true crypto and is positioned for more main stream adoption. It also has stood the test of time (so far) being the oldest alt coin.??

  10. Charlie lee is a dirt bag! Sold his shit coin at the top after pumping the market with bullshit news about at payment card and his scum ass brother fuding on the coins that are threat and pumping the shit they acquired on the cheap! The lees a shit!!! Vechain is the best project! Bar none! Working product crazy partners not least of the Chinese government ! Sad that you don't report more on this project and all the amazing things they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Humas have no chance to trade short term anymore you can't win against bots and big boys. Buy and hold good coins is the only way.

  12. What up brother! Glad to see recent vids are more my style. Love everything y'all doing, but something about the jacket and a news feel to it is what got me to subscribe and follow from the beginning ? but keep it real is the best y'all can do! And all a fan can ask for! #FUDNATION

  13. Thanks a lot Elliot for all the news updates.
    Could you please give us the exact name of the website which you mentioned in this video for spending crypto, bitrefill or something like that …

  14. 0x or (ZRX) will easily be 10 bucks in the next bull run! Its already looking to build on TRX, NEO and ADA. right now its just building on ETH

  15. Thanks for the video and I agree LTC has and will loose more usage. XLM, XRP, Nano, EOS , DBG and even DASH have the edge. If you absolutely have to have a POW(Proof Of Work) coin then DGB , DOGE and DASH fulfill the need of POW and faster than LTC and miners will follow the usage.

  16. I never thought I would say this but I actually wait (and refresh) for each one of your episodes. I'm also subscribed to other channels but yours is different, it's kinda the real thing, when I really want to know things or understand better, I always find the answers in one of your videos, so I would like to thank you for that. You really are educating people all over the world. I now have a FOMO of the Fud TV. Best regards from Tel Aviv.

  17. The Pacific Northwest Outdoorsman in me absolutely loves your ivy metaphor. Oh, and hey dude… You said Winklevoss. Hehe ?

  18. Banks are stupid to disrespect crypto, Coinbase has made more money the last year then most banks, that’s where the money is crypto exchanges. Stuff banks let them get left behind, lets hope more Governments wake up to the fact you cannot stop a speeding train with just your hand, Bitcoin is that speeding train.

  19. You make great content and inspire us to make better content on our channel. If you have a free moment check out a video or two on our channel and feel free to give us some pointers – we are small but trying hard!

  20. Thanks for another solid video. I'm always rooting for Litecoin, I don't exactly know why maybe its because Charlie Lee seems like a nice guy. Now that is not financial advice!!!!  Really appreciate you dumbing down the margin plays that Wall St. types have to the tools to make work for them. It is why even if I had the funds I  would stay far far away. I have another topic that maybe you could weigh in on that is really bothering me and I think another reason for lack of larger adoption is the tie of AltCoins to Bitcoin price. Now I understand that most of the prices moving are being done so via bots and whales etc. However what makes this market different then say the stock market is if one stock goes down another goes up. Or a market goes down another goes up. Institutions sells stocks and move to bonds driving the price etc. etc. This does not happen in this market its all up or all down or more likely lately all flat ( minus the pump and dumps)I think it is important that AltCoins are not depended on the price of Bitcoin. I know Bitcoin is the most common entry point but I am hoping as this market matures alts become less dependent. When you see the overall market and all or nothing of them and the small investor can't hedge there bets they very well many will not join in. Anyway that's for the great content as always. Until the next episode!

  21. Hope u had a good rest because crypto is going to the outer reaches of space, forget the ETF, BAKKT will change crypto for the better.

  22. ?thanks for the updates as far as Charlie is concerned I just do what he told me to do a little while back and that was to buy and a whole BTC for myself before buying anything else including his sh*t coin not my words but his

  23. Last Friday out here at Dodgers stadium they had crypto bobble head night. Probably not a big deal but kind of cool to see a MLB park expose people to crypto. In my opinion

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