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[Applause] hey welcome to the cardones zone every Friday 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Eastern Standard Time we come to you to talk about your business your career and your finances my number here's three oh five eight six five eight six six eight three oh five eight six five eight six six eight today we're gonna talk about investing this morning stock market is off three hundred today bitcoins off ten thousand since its high I keep telling all you fools three things you need to know about the investing you all know what they are who knows huh say nine thousand this morning it breached eight thousand four for a while you guys are watching Bitcoin so much you can't even make a sale you can't make a phone call you can't get your business done cuz you running you know where do I buy OOP too late then you didn't and then you do and in the oops what are you doing man you get knee jerk you're getting you're like a rubber band you're like you like the guy driving down the street he sees a car wreck so he stops going where he was going it's dumb dumb what's everybody stopping for a car wreck what are you doing okay investing rules for 35 years I've been trying to figure out this investing thing I've studied stocks mutual funds ETFs long-term investments short-term investments penny stocks I will tell you that when I investigate this I i quickly understand I have no business playing the shark name and I only want to invest in the long game so here's the tip for you today we don't do get-rich-quick here we do what John get rich for sure my motto is I'm not looking at getting rich quick I'm looking at getting rich for sure okay I don't believe in get-rich-quick I don't think it's real so how do you get rich for sure number one number one call me 305 eight six five eight six six eight number one what is the number one rule to investing number one rule don't lose money okay some of you can't help yourselves number two rule don't lose money number three rule okay number three rule man do you even know what number three is okay get rich bar sure okay everything else okay everything else is simple to me okay I'm gonna give you some other tips that I do here if I can't if I don't understand it I don't do it if I'm not sure I don't do it if I don't know I don't do it if I'm like what do you think I don't do it you understand number three is get rich for sure well grant nothing can be guaranteed oh yes they can be there are investments that you know with 99.9% chance it's going to be successful okay I'll give you some examples of those things and I want you to call me three oh five eight six five eight six six eight what's a sure thing everybody says there is no such thing as this sure thing what is a sure thing you've got to quit saying there's no such thing as a sure thing because if you think there's not a sure thing then what will happen is you'll end up investing money and things you lose money in okay this is investing made simple number one don't lose money what could you invest in and make sure you never lose it twinky if you buy 20 key will you lose your investment yeah man you eat the Twinkie boom it's gone okay if you go to an event and learn data learn information do you lose something if you invest in yourself you do not lose money if you drink a Pepsi you lose money if you go get food some people could say no it's converted to energy right possibly okay if you invest in General Electric by the way General Electric one of the biggest companies in the history of the world is going to be delisted from the sp500 one of the most successful companies in the world General Electric we're gone we're talking turbine engines man we're talking media companies massive conglomerate hundreds of billions of dollars of Revenue they're gonna be delisted he used to be a big company with last 70 or 80 years the average company today on this planet lasts less than 18 years before it does it no longer existing in you guys out there guys and girls my friends that follow me here or listen to me on Instagram watch me on Instagram or Facebook or listen to me on one of the top 20 shows on all of the iTunes by the way if you hadn't subscribed to the Channel please do I love subscribers I take your calls here how many we got going we got six callers what investment I want you to call me and tell me an investment that you know you cannot lose money on okay if you answer it right I'm gonna send you this out I got a bunch of these I'm gonna send out be obsessed or be average posters autograph to you three oh five eight six five eight six six eight okay I'll give you if I invest money myself can I lose that money it's impossible okay I go to the gym and workout man I built some muscle I can't lose that you can't take it away from me you can rob me you can beat me up you can't take that away from me if I invest in a piece of real estate a good piece of real estate that gives me income next month two months from now three months from now four months from now five can I lose it if I invest in Bitcoin could I lose it all y'all even say it when you buy it you know we could lose it all and that's why you about $50 for the Bitcoin and then you end up getting what how much do I get for $50 it's stupid thank you man I mean you better all buy a tamale buy tamale at least you eat it you converted you poop it let's talk to somebody some part of it stays with you no that's why I hate the vitamin theme y'all believe in the vitamin thing any vitamins yeah like I eat the vitamin and the next thing you know I'm urinating the vitamin where is it man I knew a guy once they didn't have his thing he had a bag and he took the vitamins he's like grant the vitamins don't work dude I see him in my bag I see them they're not even broken open you losing money man poopers we're talking investing money poopin and most of you by the way invest in poop just a big one big dump away fan bullfrog is here for 2018 to serve as you and your business of the highest levels of success more communication no drop calls better integration faster response time kill the dust phone and take your office mobile sign up for a free trial right now at bullfrog dotnet that's bullfrog dotnet enjoin the world's number one telecommunication or email been at bullfrog dotnet or been right at email been at bullfrog net or been right at gmail landscape design this is lifestyle designer Steve Griggs is the best landscaper on the planet and gives you knowledge and data that you can't even find on Google featured on Huffington Post Grant Cardone TV Steve Griggs is the entrepreneur built and designed to help you make your home become the lifestyle of your dreams for more information visit Steve Griggs that Steve Griggs contractor in any industry grow your business with access to our national act registry find jobs and be found by customers all across the United States increase your job intake and grow your business Pro service Finder was built with the customer and the contractor in mind it is a simplified app to get you more business find the best clients find the best contractors no hassle just straight business take care of your business and your home too sign up right now at Pro service finder com that's pro service finder calm welcome back to the cardones own grant cardone here we got callers on the phone I'm giving you my three tips to investing what are they do you know what they are can you tell me number one number one number one rule do not lose money good enough for Warren Buffett good enough for me number two rule C number one number three rule you must commit to getting rich this is my investing tip to you most people are investing but they haven't committed to getting rich understand the problem here I'm gonna drive a car but I'm committed to getting in Rex how do you how do you commit you or nobody would commit to getting arrest when you buy a car you say I'm never gonna get in a wreck right when you invest in stocks you never make the commitment to not losing money okay number one don't lose money number two remember number number one and number three get rich that means the only investments you will make will investments that make get you rich for sure let's talk to the first caller okay okay that would kill Bitcoin right there you're investing you would not buy Bitcoin because you're not for sure turn that thing off man okay okay now like like what would if this was your get married for sure would you go out with half the people that you date no man you'd be like I'm not I'm not gonna you know you know you're not gonna marry you're gonna hit her but you're not gonna marry her you know what I'm talking about not hit her hit her doctor what's up doctor give me some advice hey Doc yeah yeah what's going on brother what's the worst investment you ever made player I'm gonna say the worst investment I ever made was not investing zone University I'm I'm a chiropractor in Mississippi I practice in what's called the non therapeutic model so I see people weekly who's up for life so they can invest in themselves which just like you said is the most powerful investment people could make but what happened was I couldn't sell it I couldn't sell it until I got on Cardone you would've ersity chiropractor doctor cairo doctor cracker doctor crack it back it doctor twisted yeah yeah so look look what he's telling you here's a chiropractor by the way we're going to do a lot of work this year in the chiropractor industry how many how many chiropractors do you know that invest in tables leases equipment education and then never never invest opinion where do I get a customer from how do I keep a customer how do I sell a customer how do I sell a package rather than adjustment brother yes brother yes I do consultation work as well and part of what I do in this model is getting chiropractors to be able to sell the value not the price but the value of what we do in making chiropractic like you said the investment with no downside because the investment itself is an investment you're never going to lose on never gonna lose but but you know where where does lose is when people just do one one adjustment yes that's right we don't actually been shot by the visit bro we charge hearing services yearly packages be payment a bank wrapped 90 bucks a month and ninety percent of the people there okay okay let's quit talking skeletons now let's quit talking skeletons for a second oh tell me the worst financial investment you've ever made the worst financial investment you know I struggled brother because about 20 years ago I transitioned from these as ever cubic model of chiropractic chiropractic at its peak man just tell me man if you ever bought a stock that you lost money on well let me ask you this here's what I mean right now and guys let me ask you what you think okay I'm investing in it in a you a life insurance policy so they take I can put about 30 or 40 grand a year into low-cost index funds and I'm guaranteed between zero and thirteen percent so I would never lose money but it's but they cap it depending on where the stock market is do you think that's a good investment not really no no let me tell you why let me tell you why okay okay I don't get the multiplication I need man like I know I don't get the multiplication I need multiplication you know I talk about this in a millionaire booklet don't lose you know make money earn money earn money number two keep the money and number three multiplied I'm looking for a multiplier so right so I'm looking for 30 to become 120 I'll tell you about a deal I just did we just bought this deal in Nashville this was 25 months ago I bought this deal I put $1 down in the deal and bought this bought this thing it was worth $8 okay I'm gonna sell that dollar I'm gonna sell that dollar first of all been paid a little about 10 percent 10 pennies I'm just giving you an example I've been pay 10 cents on that dollar to hold it and somebody's about to give me $4 back for the deal actually they're gonna give me three dollars and 58 cents back okay now the numbers are like this it's really eight million dollars I put eight million in okay and they're gonna give me 20 20 26 million eight hundred and seventy five thousand dollars back Wow I was paid ten percent to wait that's the kind of investments I'm talking about now I bought that deal I bought that deal the first year that didn't happen this didn't happen in the first year this didn't happen in the second year it happened in the twenty fifth month somebody's like hey I want that thing you got that's why I tell you guys got to scale up you want to multiply your money how do you multiply your money if you only have $30,000 doc he's got $30,000 the way for him to multiply the big acts that most people don't actually understand in the 10x rule the 10x rule this is a multiplier it's an X it say it's a multiplier some people say hey it's the 10 times rule and they're closer to the truth than this this number equals 100 this is not a 10/10 in the Roman numeral 10 10 times 10 is 100 okay so we're looking for multipliers so what I would tell you to do doc is I would get in a deal where somebody else has three million dollars in a deal okay you're 30 thousands riding on their three he's protecting this and then he goes out and buy something worth 12 million dollars and you're 30 grand now has the leverage of 12 you can't do that with stocks okay if you've got thirty thousand dollars for the funds or insurance thirty thousand buys thirty thousand you could margin it but look margins not leverage margins not a multiplier margin suicide a margin means this I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna take my 30 grand I'm about sixty thousand dollars buy the stock if that thing comes down they dumped your margin that's just suicide that's just risk and remember what our rules are and I'm gonna go to break here in just a second doc thanks for calling in you heard what he said number one rule one don't lose money okay Besant investment you'll ever make is what the one you make in yourself your inspiration your motivation your education your knowledge oh if I go to if I go to the 10x growth conference but what if I don't get anything out of it dude how could you not get anything out of it I went to college and I bashed on college all the time and I'm like I didn't get anything out of it what do you mean you can't take it from me I have the five years I know algebra I know English I know typing okay would I do it again no okay but you can't take it away from you I didn't lose anything you get it okay it's with me hey my name is Grant Cardone you're in the car down zone it's Friday baby getting you ready for the weekend don't go to a place there's only one company to work for in the smart home industry skyline security right now is looking for the best of the Grant Cardone following to join their team and expand financially and professor go to join skyline 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the e-commerce revolution making sixty thousand dollars a day may seem unreal but there is a proven method you can use to get there it takes time it takes dedication it takes effort and most of all it takes resilience coach Gianni is now partnered with Gabriel Beltran and together they are using the EECOM millionaire formula to help increase your monthly revenue using his EECOM millionaire system he will sell products online get step-by-step guidelines on how to market in these Facebook ads and learn how to make millions with e-commerce as an official platinum sponsor of the 10x growth con – check out the millionaire mastermind com that's the millionaire mastermind com hey welcome back to the cardones zone the phones are loaded where that everybody at 3:05 eight six five eight six six eight three oh five eight six five eight six six eight three rules to investing why I don't lose money number one I don't lose money period I don't invest in anything that might be a maybe maybe it could be might be I don't know number two rule I remember number one don't lose money period in the story okay okay I bought this jet just a little bird right here cost me eight million bones how do I lose that oh it's gonna go down in value grant different conversation I know it's going down in value okay by the way my body is depreciating – I don't know what the big deal it's the most valuable thing I have in my life as my spiritual unit second thing is my body my physical unit and by the way it's going down in value everybody's like don't buy a car it goes down to value so is your body dude I can't fly yet this can okay everybody's like don't buy a plane it's a it's a bad investment it can fly bitch it can fly I can go 40,000 feet I can't do that yet okay I'm trying but I ain't doing it yet I got to die to go 40,000 feet okay I can fly in that machines I don't care if it's going about down in value I don't lose my money people like it's a bad investment it does not lose its money I don't lose money I get to time right so number one don't lose money number two don't lose money number three get rich for sure if this bird can help me get rich I should buy it you guys investing money first of all you're investing too little not enough if you're gonna invest go all-in the reason you don't go all-in is cuz you don't know number one don't lose money number two don't lose money if you're not sure you don't know John have you ever made a bad investment would you buy tell me what you bought thinking you were gonna set buddy view but like a stock or anybody in here everybody stock you guys never bought a stock no Wow terrified okay another way to lose money is to give it to the bank and just let it sit there it's just not doing anything you guys got to make moves man you got to start thinking about number three you see you hadn't lost any money I've never lost money in the stock market grant number one you did you didn't lose money number two you didn't lose money but look you got to get rich for sure and you can't get rich giving money to a bank the bank gets rich let's talk to our callers Bitcoin Bitcoin Kryptos aetherium x' light coins ripples I own a bunch of this don't invest in it don't invest in it if you ain't already rich okay a plane is a better investment than a bit bit of the Bitcoin I had three offers on that plane in one week one of the guys was a Bitcoin bar he wishes he'd about last week Bitcoin down 40% in four days okay now is it gonna go back up I didn't sell any I'm on it don't matter to me you understand but if you're trying to get rich if you're trying to do number three you can't do number one and two and think that's ever gonna happen so all my investments are reduced to a totai Lopez this time I miss I'm gonna miss out on 20 deals dude that you would do because I take all my stuff and I buy stuff that I know can't go away you cannot get rid of 15 acres of land 500 units what they all gonna burn in a weekend then just they can't all burn down 15 acres can't burn down in a weekend and if they do I got my insurance I'm burning my now okay Garrett what's going on in there right zone I uh you drink that Arizona taste that man oh what's that what's up man hey two questions one was my business what personal yeah so the first one with my business we're trash company we do we do about the send him when robbed at about a million off for that and I've got about 2.7 million in debt my accountant is screaming at me to get rid of the debt before I grow any more yeah I don't want to get your opinion opinion on that at two point seven on six million make it a million if that's too heavy of debt two point seven million dollars two point seven million dollars in debt mm-hm and and what do you pay on that each year well what's what's the raid on two point seven million oh yeah okay and what's that money what is that what do you what kind of return you get on your on that two point seven when you invest in your company usually it's around twenty five to thirty percent I'll never pay that debt off dogs I tell you to go get more debt just uh okay make you see so let me ask let me ask you this man okay you're gonna get rich simple question will you get it done by subtraction or multiplication multiplication the whole world is trying to use subtraction to get rich it's impossible you guys cannot save enough money two point seven million dollars if you pay that debt off you save yourself one hundred and thirty thousand bucks here no no no you save yourself thirteen thousand a year bro we're not even talking money man yeah that's silly money man you guys are chasing thirteen grand when you should be chasing thirteen million who is that your wife giving you advice that's my CPA yeah well that's he's an idiot okay so tell hey by the way by the way tell your CPA when they watch this and say I said he was an idiot or she was an idiot I've been an idiot to like don't take offense to that we're all idiots if you don't know you're stupid then you're really stupid we make mistakes people think this is the way we were all brought up hey subtract your way to wealth the millionaire door Dave Ramsey suze orman all these people seeing in fill up your fill remember hearing this put more air in your tires and you'll burn less gas okay get a coupon shop with coupons at the grocery store don't go to Starbucks and you'll be wealthy one day no you ain't stupid man the only way you get wealthy is multiplication like like in math in math class they should teach you subtractions good additions good multiplication is senior multiply baby okay you need debt bro just cuz Dave Ramsey went went busted on debt your CPA probably went to a Dave Ramsey class yeah you know yeah so you got to understand why people are telling you what they're telling you don't get advice don't get advice from somebody just got out of a relationship on a relationship and men are dogs men are dogs they all dogs I hate relationship relationship bad and there's some chick in the backs like cut up a dog I love a good dog who you know what's his name I want his ass take him down tonight I got some bone for him put this in the ground boy question buddy a second question man come on yeah yeah and it makes this for me too because i just a moment my next move to this business to grow maybe in a different area yeah but the tough part of London to right now didn't the food out of house right now because the owners putting it up for sale yeah and put a house up and give my family a place to live but let me ask you this bro or you or you or you guys live I mean y'all live on the street right now no we've got a couple months before then they sell the house yeah so so okay like you you think there's a shortage of places to live yeah yeah at least wait those were on that yeah we'll move you move it any way you move move to go to another place just look just because there's no shortage man most people do not live outside at night yeah all right but you'd recommend stayin stays and raisin and instead of going and building the house I would definitely not build an ALICE I would definitely not build the house and I definitely would not buy a house okay all right you just gonna lose your money you want to get rich you want to have a house you know I just sent I just sent a bank just sent me I mean I can't even tell you what they did for me because it's it's it's so unbelievable you know Bank sent me 20 million dollars we won't give you 20 million I said I don't need it that's why I want to give it to you man it's sort of relationship with yesterday it came in 20 million two hundred fifty thousand dollars they didn't ask me if I own a house don't you know you're not the pants for a while grant if you need this money then you start paying this in like 90 days between now and 90 days you can give back to us okay send it over Sam where am I gonna put it they didn't ask me if I have a house that's not what they made the decision on this is old thinking this old investment what you guys need to make a list today what's the old investing ideas that you have the house got owned the house got owned and you don't ever owned it anyway man the bank owns the house number one number two the second people in line after that after the bank is the government the state owns that thing they're gonna pick it up bro look what happened in the 1800s all these Cowboys lost their ranches okay all this has always been a setup okay number one the house okay number one saving money in a bank people are like cars are bad investments at least they give me some place you guys got $28,000 sitting in a bank account going down in value every day how about that depreciating ass at ok pieces of paper dude we know it's going down in value every day I would rather take this depreciating and throw it in a car the it's gonna I don't know what its gonna do Lisa gets me someplace that's why I leased my cars drive it for two years I call the people in Cleveland hey come pick it up bro well you got to bring you tests I ain't got to do I don't own it anymore terminated blood okay come pick it up dawg you got it down here come pick it up I don't want nothing to do with that damn car I'm done with it okay well great once you buy it if the deal is good enough I'll buy it but you know what I've been tired of it now for about 12 months okay and then I can go buy whatever the hell I want to buy I want to buy a camry next time maybe I want to burr right so so like this I could sell this sell it man go get you another plane man oh by the way by the way what are the tax advantages to buying this stuff when I buy an eight million dollar plane imagine this I buy an eight million dollar plane or I buy an eight million dollar house which one do you think it's a better write-off okay how much of it do you think I get to write off all of it I could buy it in December on the 31st and write off the entire eight million dollars because I had it for 24 hours you gonna buy a house for 8 million dollars you can't you can't you can you write it off over 27 years and you can't even run up all the house you can't even write off all the interest okay I'm by the way your house the last I checked can't fly okay I'll write off the jet I write off the fuel I write off the pilots I write off the service I write off the fixie to break either broke in to do do the parking the shelter everything all of it okay as long as I'm using it for the business and not the funny business I mean I might slip in a mile-high club membership here and there cuz Elena was on a trip with me let slip one in quick Ron shut the lid shut the cockpit Ryan okay but me and Elena got to be on business and then I got to put it in logbook oh I hit my wife write that off four minutes of pleasure exaggerated by two minutes you see what I'm saying but your mommy and daddy didn't teach you this why would your mommy and daddy teach you to buy a plane man your mommy and daddy were scared to get on a plane okay they're trying to take their one trip a year for their vacation because they're thinking about how to save money we're gonna go to a holiday and we get buffets for free oh it looks so good in the brochure there's a swimming pool too you know rather than thinking hey why don't we go down to the Ritz spend a little more money and get around some people that could actually help our business grow next caller car down zone every Friday 12:00 p.m. top 15 shows on the iTunes every Friday baby you and your car all you got to do is hit your tunes you stitch let me get up all in your for the weekend young Paco Paco Paco bring it man my man my man what's up my man Paco hey Paco make sure Paco gets one in my sight my signed be obsessed to be average be a freak be a super freak I can't hear you man you got to get some energy in your call man come on favorite uncle right there favorite rock in the world man save his favorite uncle in your world man every day I got damn man you the man dude hey you know you know I'm starting a foundation called Grant Cardone foundation the Grant Cardone foundation it's for kids that didn't have fathers dude and didn't have guidance and didn't have we were going to call it to uncle G foundation worry well my dad there you go dude I'm feeling endo caught me UNK call me hop 10x I love you I ain't playin pock so much less oh yeah you the man I see no that nests love that I heard you talking and you said about like you know making sure your investments are smart you don't lose or whatever and I was just thinking about like hot cars I'm saying here but I need a car whatever so like how you feel about uber and I love mover man I don't like it as an investment I like it to come pick me up though you mean you mean doing the uber thing yeah I think you ought to do the over thing I think you ought to do the soothe thing I think you ought to do the seal live do it all dog call me if I give you a massage whatever dude I'm hustling man I'm trying to make some money man I'm running across town people are like I don't want to work yeah but you want to invest your money what you think your damn time is anyway I invest my time I get money for it man I'll rake your leaves man I clean your gutters Pok how old are you bro I'm 20 phone 24 weekend hey what you gonna do this weekend what you gonna do Saturday and Sunday man I got my own studio huh I'm in my studio right now got my own building I engineered people in South Carolina I do you know I do like my producers so that's like my little hustle and then you know I do my little other things you know I got a little plug yeah the recreation what kind of recreation you've been smoking weed dude when's the last time you smoked weed I got a bad word right now no dude you got to stop that dude I'm you I'm telling you the truth man I'll tell you the truth I leave so you know I'm you know it's right – bro you just slows you down dude I'm going 120 miles an hour and you go on 60 don't see you right I still eat – okay who gets there first you even like just some good man good man but you know what every time you say that you own you ass yeah you can't go anywhere on your ass dude right okay dude when I was forty-four years old I was smoking a blunt every day bro okay pound in my closet kept a pound never went less than a pound always had to L be sitting close had me an lb all the time dude I bring it with me to work the whole damn thing just in case good yeah that's right dog I thought I was investing I was investing you know but bro it slowed me down man I was spending more time smoking blunt rolling blunt burning it putting it away scared of it washing it off I was like man how many hours a day am I gonna spend doing this hidin scared paranoid freaked out you know trying to explain to everybody that's all right dropping in two drops keeping my pupils oh you know cleaned up getting off of me changing my jacket getting the smell off of me man worried about people they know it wrong dog it's wrong dude it's just I'm telling you I know you guys just getting legalized man I'm gonna tell you why they legalize it because they want to sell your houses well they want to sell your house dude they want to make you a slave bro bro hey Martin Luther King said freedom bro he didn't say get bust he said freedom dude I guarantee you he wasn't smoking that blunt you don't think my Luther King had a dream because he was smuggling that good guess I do not think he was smoking the gas dawg I think he was hitting on a couple extra women that's her name which is why his name y'all don't know Martin Luther King's wife's name man you know what I'm saying dude look look but but you see now you know you're looking at snoop saying but look what snoop did look what could have done yeah okay man come on bro who's your role model man you don't man everybody right though you want to come hang with me hey hey you want to come hang with me you think we're smoking blunt on my on my plane no when we get off the plane you think we're gonna go smoke it and when you gonna go smoke it cuz that means you got to hide from me but if you if you want me to leave I bet you I'll bet you can't call me one week from now I'll bet you I'll bet you my journey money all the way can be I'll bet you my journal dude that you can't you can't make it a whole seven days okay put him on the clock close out bro I was if we make it a whole week I would tap into what I'm trying to do what I got 20 broke and I would sad business I believe you broke everything I love this because but I look up to you and I listen to you bro you're my mentor oh okay my god you say you say we need somebody would you say you say me to people who say we need somebody that either somebody to be their protection either I commit you on the air by your eyes I see two people and you I decided to use I wanna pee yeah Thank You Man I appreciate but look oh that's good man I'll bet you can I make it 144 hours is that it what is no it's a 168 hours between now and next week I'll bet you cannot make it a hundred and sixty eight hours what do you think John you think he makes it he will not make it 168 hours he won't how many you think he cannot make it one in a 68 hours man i'ma stop smoking again dude I got four people in the office right now say Natalie yea or nay three people three people out of here dude dude listen to me four people out of six think you cannot make it 168 hours okay dude good you got to call me get his number I might even check on him once a day I got you okay now I'm just gonna take your word for it you popping pills then you have to put the foot down some I smoke every day faces I'm not I swear to God for a whole Quincy this is the vodka put down challenge the Paco young taco plate down young Paco put down challenge okay you don't need to put the poonanny down but you need to put down the blood okay brother hey I'll check in with you next week okay next week call me car down zone folks I'm getting ready for the weekend getting you ready for the weekend I'm telling you how to invest your money okay look right now I spent three years what should I invest in grant nothing if you don't know what to invest in don't invest in anything don't lose money is number one number two what is it don't lose your money number three get rich four get rich for sure get rich for sure that is gonna eliminate what you're gonna buy that's the gonna eliminate what you're gonna invest in if you just use these three simple rules right now oh wow man it's gonna simplify it okay I guarantee you I guarantee you in your lifetime it doesn't matter whether it's two years from now or 20 years from now what matters is if you get rich for sure super rich millionaire booklet com millionaire booklet com if you watch today and you want one of my brochures all you got to do is call in I'll send it to you for free B's okay if you want a millionaire booklet thank you if you want a millionaire booklet and get more information on your money free it don't cost anything to get the book I want to send it to you I want to send a million these books out this year all I ask you to do read the book write a review tell somebody else about it that's it got to go [Applause] you you

23 thoughts on “Crypto is Down, Here's How to Invest: Cardone Zone with Grant Cardone”

  1. Look guys I lost over 12000 in crypto i really believed in this in December but now you guys are just gambling. Does anybody really know if this will go up or down ? It has not moved ? It just goes down. Guys be careful please put in what you can lose.

  2. Uncle G – the chiropractors universal life plan with guarantees and Index features, I think you should do more research first. Not all companies are good and they may not have multipliers. But if you #maxout your plan you can get rich for sure as well. Also, what if I die and I only had a 401k to leave my kids with 40k ? What can that do ? Canโ€™t buy a house. But if I had a universal life policy I can potentially leave 200k for my family to use that to invest in real estate. Universal life policies also give you an option to do collateral assignments on loans for property. My 401k canโ€™t do that. I recommend you to look into this more. Iโ€™m sure your friend Ed Mylett can explain a little bit more to you about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Real estate + my universal plan are my top two get rich for sure. My bitcoin and stocks are just money Iโ€™m willing to lose.

  3. ………………ATTENTION……………..inside info trading//////all houses will lose 50 percent or more of there value 2018 VERY SOON……..

  4. ………………..ATTENTION………………inside info trading……………..bitcoin will go under 1000 VERY VERY soon 1000 gaureenteed i promise………only a dumb ass and dreamer will buy or hold bitcoin or any type of crypto 2018………….

  5. Great show G. I help people get their spiritual shit together. The most important thing you model is TRUSTING YOURSELF. It's why you resonate so loudly with the young ones. Everyone wants to be free in who they are. But the suppression of society is thick. Keep breakin people free my Brotha. XoXo Momma Miki

  6. iTunes podcast for Cardone Zone doesnโ€™t show any new updates since 19 Jan for Cardone Zone and 18 Jan for young hustlers…delay somewhere?

  7. Uncle Gplease make the Millionaire booklet audio for free , i want to show it to bunch of peeps and i cant do it written im on the otherside of the world. Anyway you are giving it for free. Be great!

  8. Uncle G! check out DR. Eric Berg on Youtube. He will benefit your health. Some people don't absorb the vitamins bcs some are synthetic and sometimes our bodies cannot digest them due to lack of enzymes and such. check him out. Highly recommend him.

  9. I love dat GRANT CARDONE…. He is only one I listen to for business anymore. I do like Peter Schiff and igoldadvisor on gold technicals. IM GOIN TO 10XGROWTHCON IN 20+ days.

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