Crypto Investment and Mining Profits in January 2018

hi welcome back to the e crypto Dave YouTube channel now it's the first of the February today and as usual I'm doing my monthly update video now as I mentioned last I'm not doing a separate first coin mining video anymore that will be wrapped into the mining profits which I'll go over in a minute but this video basically I'm going to go over my investment portfolios and mining portfolios and explain how they're performed in January 2018 so I suppose the first thing to say is obviously it's been a a month of too harsh January so the first half of the month we saw and massive run-up and then after that a huge sell-off and a big a big drop-off in the markets and that was kind of really across the board and you can see that in the graph here so this is my investment portfolio but you can see basically the same thing mirrored on my mining portfolio as well so the investment portfolio nothing really massive as has happened this month I haven't made any more investments this month the only thing that I have suddenly realized was that I actually bought some Bitcoin a thousand pounds with a Bitcoin at the beginning of October and I didn't actually put it into the spread or the crypto compare portfolio at the time so I just added that in I backdated it to the correct date and the amount that I received so that's the only change really I've made this month the portfolio as a whole is still up quite substantially so my acquisition cost in total was seven thousand seven hundred and sixty nine pounds and my holdings this morning they've gone down a big chunk today there's been another call back today but at midnight which is when I grabbed the figures the holdings were seventeen thousand six hundred and fifty four pounds so it's a profit of 9808 eighty five pounds over the portfolio as a whole and that's down two thousand seven hundred and seventy-five pounds since this time last month so big drop-off this month you know we had some great games at the beginning of the month particularly with a theorem within my investment portfolio I think it was done really well and it's still over a thousand dollars now but you know Bitcoin has really suffered enough coins had a big pullback and you know everything else has really kind of pulled back with bitcoins so yeah not a huge month I haven't invested anything else this month and you know the the big pullback in Bitcoin and then the altcoins has meant that you know we're down just under 3000 on last month but we still up massively overall so we're well over double our initial investment since May so moving over to the mining portfolio so this is maybe a little bit more interest so there's more coins here so first of all let me just run you through the overall figures now I always put the acquisition cost down as zero it's not you know truthfully zero because I pay electricity costs I bought some mining equipment stuff like that but it's very difficult to try and split that as an acquisition across different coins so I just put this down as zero and just show the what basically the portfolio value here so this morning it was ninety eight thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars it dropped about seven thousand since since midnight so over the last eleven hours now let's down seven thousand three hundred and forty-one dollars from last month so as you can see here it's a bit more marked here so we had that massive sort of pump at the beginning of the month we went up to 140 thousand a little bit of a pull back back up to that to 140 thousand odd mark and then a huge drop-off so I went all the way down to about eighty-five thousand this is on a daily chart down or six-hour chart I think this is so they're on to eighty-five thousand and no we were back to 98 this morning so we've pulled back some of the kind of gain so first off the month was great big sell-off and then we've seen some flat up movement more some sideways movement so each tried to pull back every time we've had like a little run up its dropped back down again but um these peaks and troughs are a lot smaller obviously than that sort of a mid mid month one so hopefully we're now in a period of consolidation and you know as we run through so the Chinese New Year middle of a bureau and stuff like that you know display the market you know hopefully to start picking up again but let's run over the the coin changes that I've made this month so I just noticed there that Pilar's changed their logo but if we scroll down to the bottom you can see that this was the first month that I started really sort of moving into the commence taking a master notes stuff in a little bit more detail so you can see here on the 3rd of January was when I bought my first syndicate we're now up and running with a master node go through the master no profits in a separate video hopefully then it's week or so but that's been a pretty profitable that this thinkin's been quite good and I'll run you over the stake in returns in in a minute or so but I also the other two things I did this month why I swapped one a theorem for a request network and I bought one of theorems worth of icon project now both of those are down substantially on what one a theorem would be worth which is basically what I bought I also bought Ana theorems worth of amis ago I had just a tiny amount of amis ago before so basically you put one a theorem into amis they go one into request network and one into icon project and they're they're all down on you know what the theorem would be itself but you know I've got I've got hopes for these kind of projects in the long term and I did a little bit of mining on boardwalk at the beginning of night or mid month so 14th of January I started that so you can see just mind just under seven of those literally just thirty bucks worth I'm not mining that at the moment but it was just a test really I did and then towards the end of the month I bought some Neutron so this is gonna be my next staking slash masternode sort of update so I'm staking at the moment on Neutron I've received the first few stakes in now and I'm building up hopefully to a master node on that but let's jump over and I'll tell you basically how much my mind of everything this month so firstly most going I'll put all these figures below so you can see them in more detail but um first coin was a really poor month this month it was the worst a month ever had only hit two blocks and altogether iron mine 2632 burst which is a hundred and one dollars and seventy five cents so you know the increasing price you know meant that you know even though I was mining a lot less you know it's still you know profitable for me to do that using very little electricity on that first coin mining machine and then digitize so did you buy the last month was fantastic so I'm pointing my aunt minor I'll forward to digibytes and obviously the beginning last month I was mining well over a thousand did you buy today and then we had that massive run-up of did you buy it and basically loads of people jumped onto did you go out and started mining and I'm now actually just mining just less than 200 a day so and I was hoping this month that you know people would start my great impact a bit coming Bitcoin cash and other other coins but doesn't seem to happen the network hash rate has remained pretty higher so uh anyway I mined five thousand seven hundred and ninety six digit byte which was worth two hundred and eighty nine dollars and ninety cents at today's prices I mind a tiny bit of – I didn't – thoroughly but I found my very old Genesis mining contract it was like a hundred dollar contract that I'd have a good year or so and that was set to pay out in – so I actually got receives 0.025 – which is just over $17 so almost 17 a half dollars worth of – brutal coin I was mining earlier in the month and I 934 of those which is worth $26 22 I've been mining zen cash so my 1070 rig which I'll do an update on and a little overview of that soon but that's mine in a Zen cache as well as periodically I've had my main desktop which has a 1080 TM there has been mining Zen cash on and off and I've mine seven and a half same cache which is three hundred and forty two dollars fifty three cents bone wok which I mentioned previously which is just down here I've mine 6.91 which is twenty nine dollars and 85 cents this morning electro neum I've done a little bit of CPU mining sporadically on electro neum this month mined 80 of them which has $6 49 I've stopped doing that now and then over to the staking stuff so my nav coins have staked nineteen point six two nerve Queens which is forty dollars and 61 cents my syndicate has been fantastic since I set that up so that's been less than a full month of having a master no the beginning of the month just doing a bit of staking but I've staked three hundred and forty syndicate which this morning was worth three hundred and thirty three dollars thirty seven so that's proving very very profitable and then neutron which I started about a week ago I have a mind I've staked rather twenty four point six one Neutron which was eleven dollars and fifty seven cents so when I grab the figures this morning that was a total of eleven hundred and ninety nine dollars and 73 cents are basically twelve hundred dollars so it's been a pretty decent mine and why's the digitized stuffs been quite disappointing I may look to move my own miner either back onto a Bitcoin or even Bitcoin cash I'll see how that works in the next week I'll probably give it another week and then make a decision on that but if the payouts don't increase with did you bite I might move to something else but that's been a bit disappointing burst has been a little bit disappointing I think the networkers basically we saw a big spike in price in December and I think the network is probably increasing the size I'm going to have a look at particularly at this but um I noticed there were a lot of people talking about kind of burst when some of my older person videos had become a lot more popular again a lot of people were asking comments in those so I presume there's more people probably mining at first now which is meant that you know without was it about 32 and a half terabytes we're just mined proportionally less as a network gets bigger but um anyway overall you know $1200 has been a decent month of mining and staking as I mentioned before I'm moving maybe a sort of concern in an effort to move more into staking a masternodes this year for me but you know I still like mine you'll still be doing the mining videos and I'm still mining here so it's not something I'm going to stop doing that all but um anyway that's it for this month the mornings gone pretty well obviously the market has been you know very very bad in in January where we down massively on where we won't be middle of the month and even down you know quite a chunk now on where we were at the beginning of the month so hopefully February is a month where we see some consolidation and some more gains but um you know things can't keep going up forever you know there's always you know what goes up must come down we had such a run-up in December and beginning of January you know there had to be a correction at some point and we're seeing that now but do you believe in crypto in the long term it's nothing to kind of worry about you know sit there on your coins you know continue to go to mine and stake if that's what you're interesting that's what you're doing and you know see what the next month holds but anyway that's it for today hopefully I will see you on the next video but have a great day thanks very much bye-bye

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