Crypto Investment and Mining Profits in December 2018

hi welcome back to another crypto Dave video it's the first of January a very happy New Year to everybody and just a round off 2018 I thought would do a very quick update video to do my investment and mining portfolio profit / loss ease for December 2018 so this brings us to the end of another year in crypto and very turbulent year it's been now these videos will be a bit different going forward they'll be wrapped into a slightly different kind of format which I'll explain when I go over my 2019 goals in the next day or two but let's just start by having a quick glance at the investment portfolio and I'll run you through any changes so I mean this looks like quite a healthy graph but the vast majority of this is new purchases this month as I mentioned I think on last month's video yes and the 29th of November this is when I started buying back into crypto so we're at the kind of level now I feel a bit more confident comfortable buying in so as you can see I continue to do that in December so I bought a thousand pounds worth of Bitcoin on the 5th of December on the 11th of December I bought a thousand pounds worth on the 27th but that went into most of it wanting to bull walk to set up a ball masternode which again I'll be running you through the masternode stuff in a later video and the remainder went into Bitcoin so those combined or a thousand pounds and then similarly yesterday I bought the remaining Linder I needed to us about 1.7 million Linda that I needed to set up a Linda masternode and the residual went into a Bitcoin again so altogether this month another 4,000 in so basically a thousand pounds a week and that's gonna be probably roughly the schedule going forward I think into 2019 and then if we just jump over to the mining portfolio no big changes here I have accumulated a few more coins so I've got a little bit of XRP now a few more Carano and stellar again all these things are gonna be running through in my 2019 goals nothing else has changed massively obviously my mining and stake in coins go into the here before I can I sell off but this is a more representative graph I suppose what we've seen this last month we ended the month roughly where we started it I suppose we had this big ball back in the middle of the month then we kind of went back up quite nicely and then we kind of we steadied the kind of went down and basically back to where it was this is only starting on the 2nd of December so when I put a little bit on the 2nd from the first but the overall figures for December are as follows so excuse me investment portfolio so our acquisition cost now fourteen thousand five hundred and ninety-eight another four thousand pounds gone into the portfolio this month our holdings as of midnight last night eight thousand three hundred forty two pounds so that overall is a is a loss of six thousand two hundred and fifty six we're up five pounds from last month so as I said you know basically the the month ended really price-wise roughly where it finished and the other thing to note with that is obviously when you buy kind of krypton bind through coinbase there are some charges there so nice just to make up those little charges with it you know very small profit on the month and then over into the mining portfolio holdings as of midnight last night thirteen thousand eight hundred ninety one dollars that's up three hundred dollars from last month that's you know a small increase in maybe one or two of the coins that I hold plus their small amount of kind of coins that have coming through stake in mining and also a little bit of trade in over the last month so if we jump over and have a look at what we actually mined and staked in December you see I think this is probably in fact I'm almost sure this is our worst month ever in terms of a fiat value of what we've mined and staked but on the left or the mined coin so burst coins the only coin I'm really kind of actively mining 1200 just over twelve hundred bursts worth $6 electroni 'm the apps been running sporadically on my phone i've received four pounds 41.5 one electroni worth thirty four cents and a G&T so this is Gollum I'm what running as a network provider we received one hundred forty three point three one golem that he weren't all actually earned in December some of those were some residual payments that hadn't come in previously that had then actually came in this month so a little bit of that was kind of caught up from the from the previous kind of months but a $9 79 I'm continuing to run as a column and network provider really like the the project I you know I wish it well I hope it does good things in 2019 we nice to see it expand out just beyond kind of blender rendering into other use cases as well and then on the right-hand side here's the state to masternode coin so one dollar seventy one of nav seventeen dollars 17 of syndicate just under a dollar of neutron four dollars thirty-six of gas near gas three dollars sixty-four being cash 975 of smart cash four dollars fifteen of Linda four dollars 48 of a Croma 94 cents of Pyrrhic 58 cents of shard and finally at the bottom there 3 dollars and 85 cents of helix making a grand total of 67 dollars and 80 cents for the minor state coins for December so I promised it would only be a very quick update video it will only be a very quick update video I've got lots more stuff coming in the next day or two so I'm gonna be going over my crypto goes for 2019 I've got some new formats for some of the sort of a series that I was doing before so I've got a new master node shoot out video which will be six different master nodes we'll be doing a weekly kind of update seeing which performs the best lots more on the staking side of things as well as some invest in trading and other bits and pieces so anyway I will leave you for now hopefully you had a fantastic night last night you're not too hungover today but thanks for watching as always as we come into 2019 you know let's hope it's gonna be a good year for crypto have a fantastic day and hopefully I see you on the next video take care bye bye [Applause] you

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