Crypto Investing Trends & Better Market Data with Clay Collins, CEO of Nomics

hey what is going on it is crypto Bobby hope you're having a great day great night wherever you are watching from today I have an awesome interview for you probably one of my favorite interviews that I have conducted to date it is with clay collins the founder of nam –ax and this is a website it's pretty much brand new is just released within the past week or so and there in some cases right now similar to a coin market capcom but they're looking to innovate and provide a lot more data for investors and for people that are looking to analyze cryptocurrencies and the conversations that clay has on a continuous basis with hedge funds with institutional investors and his background and experience in SAS software led to a really really interesting discussion I think you guys are going to really enjoy this 45 minutes like I said probably one of the my favorite interviews that I've conducted to date at this point in time so definitely sit back and enjoy this one let's get into it thanks a lot for taking the time to join me clay I really appreciate you coming on the channel and so for everybody doesn't know you how about a quick introduction on your end so the folks at home you know know your background generally speaking and when you got into crypto as well sure so my background is as a SAS entrepreneur I'm the founder of a company called leadpages which got started in January of 2013 leadpages eventually acquired a marketing automation platform called drip while I was there we grew that to over 50,000 paying customers we raised 38 million in venture capital it was a really a great time I realized that really my very where I like to focus is between like 0 and 15 million in annual revenue and past that I'm I'm a little bit outside of my comfort zone and so for my very first SAS company which which was leadpages that that really was where it's at and the the board and I hired a CEO and I've I've moved on to start to co-found a company called anomic switch I'm having a lot of fun with absolutely and I have comics up on the screen now so we can we can definitely talk about that a little bit more and it's funny too because you know we were talking beforehand that I think back may be 2013-2014 pretty early on with leadpages I was I was definitely one of those paying customers heard you threw a pocke Pat Flynn podcast a while ago so I've definitely been kind of a fan of yours for a while so seeing you at least with with nah mixin kind of founding their transition into the crypto space has been pretty cool so tell me a little bit about anomic speakers you have eight you have a podcast and then you also have a kind of a front-end website right now as well so a little bit of a high-level overview of what you're doing economics would be awesome now yeah so we we had this insight when we started looking at trade data in the space and and the insight really was that the space and the data around trades that were occurring had not been professionalized so most of the exchanges have pretty poor api's and anyone who's trying to collect trade data and back test their hypotheses against that data or you know receiving real-time information about what's going on in the market is gonna be pretty frustrated and if they're trying to integrate with multiple exchanges they're gonna be extremely frustrated the format's change frequently there's often lots of times when the api's go down so you have to go and catch up on data that was lost during that period so so the insight really was that there was an opportunity to create like a peer of exchange data so that you know instead of having to integrate with a bunch of different api's to get data you could integrate with one professionalized API that was a you know conformed to the you know recent standards that had SLA s and uptime guarantees and response time guarantees and we could provide that to family offices hedge funds professional investors so that they can do everything that they need to do to to operates their their funds and strategies so that's the back Dominick's and that's how we'll monetize the platform the the front end is you know probably what's available at nah mix calm right now which is just the first installment of over 17 types of pages that your that are going to be available there we really saw an opportunity to provide something with great design that was fast that was intuitive that had things that you come to expect from websites like terms of services and in privacy policies and contact us pages and phone numbers that there was a real opportunity to provide again a level of professionalization to the data that that's there but the front end is really to market the back end we are going to invest a lot into it because we've decided we're not going to invest in like pay-per-click or a sales team we're gonna put our marketing budget into the front end yeah that's that's that's really interesting and I think a good way to approach it especially when especially kind of the I guess the gist environment in the crypto space in general and I I like the front-end so far and front ends relatively new correct it's it's been out for I guess how long has it been out for at this point it's less less than a week at this point gotcha yeah I was gonna say I mean as far as like the so right now there's a couple different data points main market cap price daily change volume all-time high things like that and it's actually there's actually a pretty pretty solid number of three or four looks like you know close to 400 plus crypto currencies or crypto assets whatever you want to call it that you can choose from what type of what type of data points are you looking at gathering in the future in addition to you know what might be available now is there anything specifically that you kind of have your eye on that you feel like is is from an investing standpoint something that's very needed in the space yeah so that's that's a great question you know so so phase one for us was just making sure that that our data was clean and I would sort of assert that that we have the sort of the cleanest data set in the space we've index over a billion trades right now so there's no gaps but in terms of collecting additional data points I talked to a probably a developer at a hedge fund every one to two days and I'd say the Quest's really common in one of two buckets usually they're saying like my life sucks because I spend so much time that I could spend doing really cool stuff with this data just cleaning up the data that's one kind of ask is just give us good clean data behind a professional API the second request it has to do with you know better crystal balls so a lot of these funds have hypotheses around sentiment around momentum around you know github analytics so how active is the development team how how active is the telegram group is the reddit group so a lot of requests we're getting right now are around that we're more interested in fundamental analysis so we're gonna be moving to more on chain analytics and showing things like like the NVT score like net ID functions which are really interesting and you know I think yeah I think I think it's really about moving to more you know to more fundamental data and on chain analysis I think this social sentiment could be interesting but there's there's just so many bots and they're people have realized that a lot of investors are looking at this data in the aggregate and not looking at the specifics so it's really being gamed even Telegram groups reddit groups you know slacker OU's it's it's really not it's the Wild West out there ya know for sure and I think it's really interesting kind of how you're approaching it – and in what you're what you're doing at this point I actually had a conversation yesterday and it's maybe a little bit similar goal but more on trade execution side where it was Alexander Kravitz's both – he's the co-founder of a company called X radio and they're trying to kind of build or they've I think have a beta in process right now for an API across exchanges that will allow for a trade execution across exchanges and provide liquidity between exchanges get the best price things like that but the the level of like infrastructure whether it's data or trade execution right now it's still so like nascent in in the industry and the the the type of tools that are coming out like anomic sand like some of these other ones that are trying to fill that gap I think it's gonna be really fascinating to watch especially as a lot of like you said hedge funds family offices institutional investors are coming into the space yep yeah I think that that's a really great point I think an another kind of potential route we could go is around correlations especially time lag correlations so what we're finding is that in general certain crypto assets tend to move before other crypto assets that are in that category so you know like monaro and z cash or linked one usually moves before the other bitcoin and bitcoin cash or links one usually use before another something like that yeah exactly so you can in a lot of ways if if you know which one pops before the other you can front-run the market a little bit so that's an opportunity for high frequencies although anyone who's doing custodianship right is probably it's probably taking a day to execute most of their trades you know and it's been all day every day trading and that's that's kind of funny too because I trying to remember the exact conversation but I think it was a podcast that you had with Kyle Somani from multi coin where he was talking about the different basically the different tools and software that they built out multi signature kind of multi signature storage and everything like that where if I remember correctly he was basically saying that the trade execution was really the worst part of his of his job as a as a kind of hedge fund manager as a crypto hedge fund manager yeah so they've got a fairly involved process for executing trades and it takes them a day to to execute their trade so it's it's not realistic for them to do that very often you know we're finding that even index funds in the space are rebalancing you know at most every two weeks rebalancing once a month is probably a little bit more common but yeah it's it's a pretty laborious activity right now if you have other people's money if you have your own knock yourself out keep it all in bit tracks or wherever so one thing that I just mentioned previously but you in addition to nama cast that's associated with with na mcc's talked to me a little bit about that podcast because it's different I would say probably the most one of the most professional crypto podcasts out there in terms of the guests you have on the editing things like that talk to it you know talk to me a little bit about just kind of what the goal is with that and you know who who you like to speak to and kind of what the what type of information you're bringing across there is as well yeah that's so that's that's a great question so first off I'm always looking up at you in the rankings because you're you're always a little bit above us and which makes me jealous but yeah so I'd say the podcasts fault is in a lot of ways similar to the thesis of the company which is you know there's a lot of people I think throwing there's a lot of crypto bro shelling crap coins out there I don't know what you're talking about there's no crypto bros schilling crap coins on you yeah so I snag Lambo hashtag win moon yeah so we thought there was an opportunity to come in with something that resembled a little bit more like Planet Money so for the most part we're talking to institutional investors we don't think institutional investors are anyway are necessarily more sophisticated than then just kind of your average retail investor playing with their own money but we think it sort of adds a lacking perspective to the market so there's a lot of editing there's a lot of post-production there's you know I have a editor that spins like I pay a sizable chunk of money to edit every episode and we put a lot of time into it we script out the intro we we script out the outro we we script out transitions sometimes we'll transition between a couple different guests in the same show and and we've been told it's probably the most professionally produced podcast in in the in the space right now we're I'm kind of on a mission to speak to general partners of institutional hedge crypto hedge funds so thus far we've spoken to a VC stout firm Kyle samani from multi coin capital we've spoken to a fund of funds which I'm an investor in so you give them your money and then they invested in a bunch of different funds we've spoken to a crypto index fund that episode is gonna go live pretty soon it's Ally from co-venture which tracks the top 15 crypto currencies and then rebalances every two weeks I'm also an investor in Co venture and there's there's a several additional categories of funds that I'd like to talk to you but I really want to get a grasp for what institutional money is doing in the space because I think it provides a lot of insight into where the market is is going to go people don't realize this a Blackrock has something like seven trillion dollars under management so Blackrock has more under management than the entire like crypto spear you know by several you know multiples so I think that's I think that tells us a lot about the future of the space which is why I'm so interested in it I'm also really interested in services that are built kind of around the space for institutional investors so we interviewed someone who allows you to take loans against your Bitcoin wealth so if you sell your Bitcoin you have to pay capital gains tax was that salt that it wasn't it wasn't salt is an Unchained capital okay and salt is is an on blockchain solution there's they have limits on how much they'll let you take out unchanged is is probably built a little bit more for like prime brokerage situations and so yeah if you sell if you sell your Bitcoin or you sell your aetherium you have to take capital gains if you borrow against it you don't have to sell it so you don't lose out on on the gains and you don't have to pay taxes which is really nice and if you're borrowing for the right thing you can actually take a tax deduction on the interest you paid on your loan which is probably you know less than the amount of gain you'd get by not selling so so that's what's going on there it takes a lot of time it's it's a ton of work sometimes I'm up late at night like cursing myself like another you know I've got to write more scripts here but but it's it's been a fun journey well we'll see what happens yeah it's it's you've done fantastic work for that I've listened to quite a few of the episodes and really enjoyed them so it's it's been awesome to see you know that level of you you can just tell as somebody who makes a podcast but this isn't anywhere near the amount of time producing it probably 5% of the amount of time if that you can definitely tell the amount of work you put into it which is pretty awesome well I think you're the smarter person here because you seem to be ranking above us spitting like one tenth of times I don't I don't know if I'm doing the right thing yeah well we'll have to see the long game so what one thing that you've you know you've obviously spoken like you said speaking to hedge funds kind of hybrid crypto you see firms institutional investors a few different times a week what have you seen just in terms of speaking of those individuals are there any trends you're noticing right now just in the marketplace or anything that's kind of coming up consistently outside it may be the need for just much better data to drive those investing decisions as well yeah that's a great question so most of the innovation that's happening in the institutional semi institutional space is happening with family offices that have a lot of discretion with with what they can do so a lot of activities happening there probably the next step up are crypto hedge fund or I'm sorry index funds so you know a lot of people aren't as interested in putting their money with a coin picker I'm not sure they even think anyone knows what's going to happen especially when these a lot of these companies charge 20% carry and they have 2% fees and in some cases they are outperforming index funds in other cases in most cases they're actually not so so so I'm seeing kind of this sort of this progression go from family offices to multi-family offices to to index funds and then probably the next thing above that in terms of going up the institutional ladder is we're seeing a lot of I'd say non risk-averse VC firms like andreessen horowitz and Union Square put money into more VC style crypto hedge funds that do a lot of things that the VCS do like talk to teams and look over the codebase these are very expensive things to do in terms of just time and expenditure so we're seeing a VC fund put money into those types of firm and and it kind of stops there those are the kind of the three rungs that's it's interesting it's also even kind of going off that point to just seeing some of the traditional VC firms I think there was an article pretty recently in regards to the telegram ICO as far as a lot of the I think maybe more crypto specific funds I don't remember if it was specifically Pantera and some of the other bigger ones like Pantera block tower some of those ones that are passing on telegram and then some of the more traditional silicon valley-based VC firms that are very interested in putting money into like a telegram ICO at a two billion dollar valuation or whatever it might be yeah I think they were there was a lot of fear of missing out a lot of FOMO around deals that in recent Horowitz and and Union Square had done and now they saw this company that had a ton of traction with a very ambitious project and they thought it was it was time to get in it's it's kind of an interesting trend another another interest trend that I'm seeing is the the the birth of like these telegram hedge funds so it's it's in many cases like one person who's a really good trader that maybe has a technical co-founder that's going and collecting data and they're taking money from high net worth friends and family you know maybe their fund is you know between 1 million in in five million and they're posting information about wins and losses and gains and stuff in just a Google a Google spreadsheet like a private a private Google spreadsheet and they're taking like twenty percent of the gains but what's interesting about these types of telegram hedge funds that are completely unregulated you just have to like trust the person is that in many cases they're like denominated in aetherium and their their ICO based so I don't know if I so I I invested in one yeah and so far I gave them like 150 ether and I think so far I'm at like 500 Heath back and I'm gonna have to report this to the IRS oh yeah it's not but it's this guy I met in zhuge Switzerland and I just crossed my fingers and said well I know three or four other people that gave this guy's money he seems to be on top of it and he has a background as a founder of multiple startups that he's got a reputable LinkedIn profile and I bet I could find him but it's I like these funds that are denominated in aetherium because like there's there's there's this notion of alpha and beta gains so alpha so beta gains is like the like if you invested in index fund of the S&P 500 I know you know this but I'm just sort of explaining for the word rotted so if you invested in the S&P 500 it goes up 20 percent in the year you know over a year those are beta gains those are just gains from you know the market at large is having alpha gains are gains that you get I'm probably slurring this like re Paul probably ripped me apart for this explanation but alpha gains are gains that you're getting above and beyond the general movements in the market so you know some of these hedge funds are charging 20% and in some cases 30% performance fees when they more than double your money in an in a given year so you know Bitcoin did 14x last year like I don't want to pay 20% on what you would have gotten if you just invested in Bitcoin right so when you're denominated in like when the fund is denominated in aetherium or Bitcoin then you're really only paying for the alpha gains which I'm totally okay to you know paying for 20% you know when someone outperforms Bitcoin yeah so that's that's kind of interesting in a lot of cases those are those can be the better route to go if you're okay I'm kind of in a similar situation where I've I've just through through New York City through mutual connections things like that I've had a chance to meet a number of different people and there's a lot of situations like that where it's like hey there's this opportunity throw us a few eath here we go we're gonna get into this I'll hold the tokens for you short term or a bet most sophisticated case I have a friend that built a smart contract that will automatically disperse any type of send a neat automatically disperse the tokens or anything like that so it's but that's that's been a really interesting way to try to out outperform the market and some you know in some cases but like you said seems like there's a lot of hedge funds and I think a lot of people have been joking about some of the hedge funds at least encrypt order the past couple days about how people are still enjoying that you know – and – and 20% fee for you know losing 60% of the valuation in the past couple of weeks but who knows yeah yeah absolutely especially I think it's it's the last day of every year that most these funds are taking their gains according to coin market cap which is a really interesting choice yeah it's it's a it's a it's a really it's a really kind of fun space I think so I started investing in 2013 and it was really simple back then you know I got in on the etherion pre-sell and I bought Bitcoin and if you bought those two things you were gonna be okay but now I think so many things are happening that I think it does behoove most people to consider in you know taking a portion of what they have and investing it in the there's bitwise investments has something called the whole ten I think it's a minimum of 25 K to get in Co venture has an interesting index fund there's going to be some on chain index funds as well but I think it's you know it moves people to put some money there because these movements aren't rational in many cases so you've got people coming in with like this value investing sort of mindset and saying well I'm gonna look at the code and evaluate the team and it's like none of that matters you know John yeah that's pretty nuts yeah that's it's I completely agree I mean that's that's the funny part about it it's like there are so many I feel like there's so many just incredibly intelligent people with all these valuation methods and trying to go through a process of you know this is why this coin is valued at X this is why this coin is valued at Y and then as much as I love dogecoin you got dough twenty two billion dollars or at least you did like a month ago and there's no logical reason why a cryptocurrency that I don't think has had a github commit in a year and a half or something like that his is valued at two billion dollars but that's the crypto market and I guess he can't really fight that trend until it goes the other way yeah yeah I agree I agree I mean that's that's I think that's why I do enjoy the the diversification of like an index fund you know it there's a methodology and they just execute against that methodology I think another interesting trend that we're gonna see more of are these funds these funds of funds so so on the podcast I interview a guy named Rick Marini that runs protocol Ventures so he I think minimum investment with him is is half a million dollars and what's interesting about the way he operates as he has he has special deals with these funds so so one objection to a fund to fund sometimes is that it's it's like fees on top of fees so if you've got a hedge fund that's taking 2 and 20 you know 2% management fee 20% carry then and then you've got to pay Rick at protocol Ventures you're it's it's just costing you a lot of money what's cool though is that Rick has special deals with many of these funds so that his fee has just sort of lumped into what you'd pay the individual funds because he does he does get a discount I think like I I don't I personally wasn't willing to invest enough to get into like poly chain capital yep or all the re Paul's block tower I think it was a minimum of five million dollars investment to invest in in a block tower I didn't have that much to put in but I I did want to get in on this fund of funds which gives me exposure to poly chain to block tower to all these other things so I think and it just helped me diversify like I was really afraid that I just picked the wrong one but I know all the funds he's in and I like all of them they're all like really good really good funds so I think through the index fund and through the fund of funds I feel like I've just spread out the risk enough that I'm probably gonna be okay absolutely and that's that's interesting I think even too I mean there's like a certain level of investable assets for I think most people and even I have a couple friends that have have done well and they've gotten to a certain point where they're looking at their portfolio and they're having like a small hedge fund and I've reached out and they'll say hey you know I want to put maybe even if I don't you know even if I don't want to go all-in I'll put twenty five thirty percent of my capital in this you know in this hedge fund just to diversify some of the risk and hopefully if things you know if things go down they're able to play that and I'll keep the rest on my own not pay those fees whatever it might be so I think that's been kind of an interesting approach to see a lot of people develop and the fund of fund approach is is pretty cool and I think even you can break that down I don't know how often you've been seeing like these ICO syndicates and things like that like that's a lot I've been I've been seeing that all the time now and there's even people that I have a few friends that are looking to start like a syndicate of syndicates where you know it's just like all over the place spreading spreading out allocations to presale icos and things like things like that because especially with the the sec yesterday i think the days of mainsail i co-investing is completely over at this point in time so either you're an accredited investor you have a foreign passport or you are participating in some syndicate where you're basically just sending somebody eath and they're kind of taking on that counterparty risk for you yeah yeah I I have I have mixed feelings about those those telegram ICO syndicates you know I think we're we're finding that share in some cases they're scary they're scary in some cases and you know I think I used to fault venture capitalists for buying into a company early you know putting a ton of money into it at a loss to pump it up prior to an ICO and then when the into an IPO sorry and then when the IPO happened you know pensions and grandmothers and you know people would would buy this thing and in many cases it would tank but they they just kind of sold off their their gains of the public markets oh you know what I'm seeing with a lot of these i SEOs is a lot of them are scared to do a public ICO anymores know what they're doing is they're going to these kind of sometimes shady sometimes not pools of liquidity in in some of these syndicates and maybe selling ten million dollars to 20 million dollars of their token at a huge discount sometimes 50% sometimes 80% and these people are buying up the tokens and reselling them on day one on on these exchanges holding it's just massive profit and and the value only value that they're really providing is saving this company yeah it's just liquidity on day one so I think I think sometimes that's good sometimes that's bad but I was reading a I can't I don't want to name names here but I'm not gonna name names here but there was a a top tier investor which there's three initials associated with their firm there was a top tier investor that was essentially buying tokens at a huge discount allowing the project to write you know to do a bunch of press around the fact that this company had invested and was simply flipping those tokens the next day well not the next day but but when when they hit the public exchange and like that's all they were doing was slapping their name on it buying the tokens at a discount and flipping them and that's not a value-added service no no it's and it's something to I mean for for anybody that's that's watching it now I mean as a as a retail investor as somebody that might be participating ICO or looking afterwards at some of these I SEOs I mean I think that's one thing that you definitely need to be aware of is kind of be hey that's it you know say me call anything out but behind the scenes there is a lot of that going on where there are some of these bigger hedge funds or you know people that are prominent in the space that are getting massive massive discounts on these on some of these IC o–'s and some of these tokens and day one when it hits a prominent exchange you're buying their their token at a you know at a hundred percent profit to them and they'll continue to sell that you might see some some depreciation in that price due to that so it's it's been an interesting trend to watch then also the associate some of the how some of the companies that maybe are a little bit more respectful of that whether they're implementing lock ups on the you know they're implementing lock ups and things like that but on the other end of the side or on the other end of the spectrum when you think about lock ups who knows where the crypto markets gonna be in three years so how many investors are really that confident in you know you might be incredibly confident in a project but crypto market could be five trillion dollars in three years it could be a hundred billion dollars in three years I don't think anybody knows and participating in a lock-up like that I think is a pretty big risk for at least some of these folks yeah I I think you know what what people give up in security they gain in liquidity and III think you know having very little liquidity and high risk is just who it's hard for me to stomach as an investor one of the entry I don't know if this is something you're seeing at all but I think one of maybe the interesting developments that's starting to go on to is these presale i ce o–'s that are followed by a an air drop to whether it's I think polymath was one of the ones that recently did and there's been a couple other ones but that's been something that I've been seeing I don't know if that's something that you've heard about it all but it seems like that's like a trend from like a regulatory perspective and maybe is more favorable from a regulatory standpoint and then that the air drop kind of adds a level of liquidity on day one yeah that's that's kind of interesting I mean I think it was an evolve rava cot who started referring to you fair coin so coins that distribute tokens to it you know hundreds of millions of people if possible so the the wealth has spread far and wide I haven't tracked a lot of the airdrop activity you know I think yeah I just haven't done enough there I probably missed out on a lot of free money I don't know are you getting in on air drops in some cases I the polymath one I think at the time it was like $250 of free money just that all you need to do is sign up for an email so that was pretty interesting but I think there's some other ones that seem to be following that because I guess from from my mind there's yeah obviously if there's a company out there like I feel like there's there's a really interesting balance because a company like telegram they might raise a ton of money or they're trying to raise a ton of money but if it's and if it's at least in my mind if they're trying to have end user adoption does end user adoption really get assisted when you have ten hedge funds that buy up all the tokens or is there is there a better way to approach that where you can actually get small individuals and investors in addition to maybe those hedge funds that provide the large blocks of initial funding so I feel like that's been very interesting to watch develop at least from from my point of view yeah yeah I I agree it's sometimes I'm just kicking back and eating popcorn III I don't have a a lot of this stuff but it's it's fun to constantly be looking at the data I've got the you know III have the NAM –ax dashboard open a lot of times and one of the things that I'm always looking at is whether or not Bitcoin is outperforming the market you know on the whole and recently Bitcoin has been outperforming the market I think during up swings it does or when the markets gone down and then it kicks back up again when it bounces hopefully this isn't a dead cat bounce yeah Bitcoin tends to outperform the market but I think those are people just converting Fiat back to Bitcoin again so that they can buy other coins so I think other other tokens are gonna follow sure as far as looking at the crypto ecosystem in a large scale is there any specific project it could be a Gibby a crypto asset a currency or just something that's kind of ancillary and supporting the crypto ecosystem is there anything that you find very interesting right now yeah I'm really interested in in decentralized exchanges so so 0x is is something that I have a lot of conviction about I remember when I interviewed Kyle somani on the flipping podcast in so the interview with him actually happened I believe in in late October even though it took us several months to actually publish it and he was talking about how 0x was his highest conviction investment so at that time I went out and and and got a bunch and it's been it's been good to me I think a lot about the like multi ax I think a lot about these you know multi-level or the second-order network effect so everyone talks about network effects for individual tokens but what happens when you have a protocol that has other protocols built on top of it that also have Network effects so aetherium is an example of that it's not just the network effect around aetherium it's the network effects around the networks that are built on it on top of aetherium and then I think you've got 0x which is maybe you know it's sort of a third to order Network effect where you've got decentralized exchanges which have standardized on the 0x protocol which is built on top of you know 0x which is built on top of aetherium so it's it's I think we're gonna see a lot more decentralized exchanges I for one although I'm I'm all about paying taxes this is not about tax evasion but I do not like that coinbase is reporting transactions to the IRS I think we're gonna see more oversight from governments across the world and the thought of being able to trade directly from my treasurer or from my ledger nan OS is really appealing decentralized exchange has enabled that zero most of them right now our er C 20 token base but pretty soon with atomic swaps 0x is going to allow you to trade essentially anything for anything else and to be able to do that without going through a third party is incredibly exciting to me I couldn't agree more I mean I have I have a decent-sized holding about 0x and air and air swap as well and I I like both of them I think 0x especially with radar relay and you're starting to see at least in the beginning of January started to see the volume pick up on on radar relay and some of the other decentralized exchange just kind of built on the 0x protocol so that's been pretty fascinating to watch and I think there's such like a hatred for centralized exchanges in the crypto world and the idea of plugging in your ledger and trading and really right now the best way to do that is like ether Delta or like ID X but I think both of them fall short in terms of the actual usability so I feel like the usability isn't just there yet but once the usability and the liquidity get there it should be pretty fun to watch how those might how those might blow up yeah it's it's gonna be it's gonna be really exciting you know I think shape-shift in a lot of ways has some of that market you know you don't have to have an account there no one has to know about those trades but yeah I think that's right once the the liquidity is there it's it's game over I think we're going to I think we're gonna see everything start heading in that in that direction how about you what else what what are you interested in these days what what tokens are you I'm not any tips for me so I mean 20.2 I'm a big fan of both zero X and N ast so I I like both of those I'm speaking to I think I actually just scheduled interview today with the air swap team for February 14th so that should be interesting too to get in contact with them and hear a little bit about what they're trying to do I think they have a solid team there outside of that I think privacy coins that have been interesting to me I think that the the valuation they're one of the it's so hard to figure out the the actual like true valuation but in terms of the use case I feel like that's so strong but I have so for me right now I have Z Cashel that I've been looking there's the Z cash versus Manero debate I feel like there's a lot of a lot of discord between the two so I've been trying to evaluate whether or not I might be better served with something like Manero or if that just has a better use case and maybe Z cash would be a better investment vehicle so trying to figure that out at this point in time and then I have still been looking at opportunities within I cos I think there's there's still quite an opportunity out there but it it has to be really a perfect scenario and I think there's something to be said about the projects that are are conservative and raising that like sub 30 million dollar hard cap because there are so many terrible crypto currencies out there that are 100 plus million dollars it's pretty easy to look at one of the some of those pretty conservative crypto you know pretty conservative raises in a in an industry that has maybe a direct competitor or an actual use case and then can pop pretty much on on day one so I've been been evaluating those like one one that I participated in recently was origin origin trail that like three Forex a couple days after the the ICO and that was a supply chain play so supply chain has been another one that I've been kind of looking at and seeing where some of the traditional industries how you might be able to take how you might be able to take blockchain whether or not it's it will actually come to fruition or not it it remains to be seen but if there's an investing thesis on that now I feel like in a lot of cases that all it really needs at this point in time for a lot of these yeah cool yeah absolutely at this point it was there anything maybe that we didn't cover from in regards to what you're doing with Na mix and in your podcast or anything like that that maybe you'd like to tell the audience um you know I think I think that the the gist of what we're doing is that you know we think there's an opportunity to route level up the services here I'd love it if folks had any feedback or comments for us there's a contact us form on the website our emails there there's a phone number on the website if you have suggestions if you have asks we are very much into outreach so to my knowledge you know none of the other companies in this space well for the most part are there they're not they're anonymous so you don't even know who they are there aren't terms of service there aren't privacy policy there aren't contact us pages we're talking to people we're showing up on on shows like this we want to be part of the conversation we want to hear from people so I think the the main thing is that it we we want feedback do you like how it looks on your mobile device do you is there is there a data point that you think we should prioritize do you want to jump on the phone and talk about opportunities for making things better yes like we get on the phone with a user nearly every day so so so we're here we're interacting with the market talk to us and let us know we think awesome well that's I think that's that's definitely like fantastic news on your front and I'm excited to see what you end up kind of building because I know this is very early on and there's a lot of things in the pipeline so I'm excited to see how that develops and I love the idea of kind of the approach you're taking of having this front end with the website with the podcast providing all that value to you know in the future provide significant back-end services to institutional investors family officers hedge funds so I think that's a fantastic approach and I'm excited to see how it continues to develop and I really do appreciate you taking the time and not only talk about nom express your general thoughts on the shree I think I really appreciate it I learned a ton just the level of conversations you have on a daily basis super super helpful for me to find out about and I think everybody else out there is really gonna enjoy it as well awesome I love you're right so I listen to your show I love that it's very straightforward it's sobering there's not you know there's so much there's so much dudebro coin shilling lambo mooning like crap and so to hear like kind of a sober voice being rational spelling out what risks are but also being really open about where the opportunities are as well that's that's a fantastic thing to see so thank you for doing what you're doing and thanks for having me on I really appreciate it thank you so much for your time clay I hope you have a good one

34 thoughts on “Crypto Investing Trends & Better Market Data with Clay Collins, CEO of Nomics”

  1. I've been using OnChainFX since I started watching your videos, but love the interface of Nomics. I think OCFX has a little bit more insight on each asset but Nomics seems to load faster. Curious if you will continue using OCFX as well moving forward.

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    Nice to see a mainstream SAAS businessman come over to the Crypto world. Great interview!

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    I've been watching your channel since you used to introduce yourself as Robby with CryptoBobby, or something to that effect.

    You've leveled up, Bobby, with the introduction of interviews. And along with that comes more criticism: I would greatly appreciate if you balance the volume between yourself (very low) and your interview subject (very loud). Maybe that requires more recording equipment and perhaps a fundraiser to get that equipment?

  6. I dont see anything outstanding at all about the nomics site. This guy Clay Collins is a good charismatic marketer and understands plenty about hype. Lead pages was way overrated and overpriced and took advantage of hoards of noobs and lazy marketers who were either too dumb or too lazy to set up their own landing pages and funnels. I expect nomics is an attempt to cash in on a similar demographic within the crypto space which is the place to be while the Internet Marketing space is rapidly losing its shine and has become intensely overpopulated and competitive. If you're going to claim to be entering a space to fill an existing void, then at least hold off until your platform and GUI is truly mindblowing. I could have designed a better one than the current Nomics iteration in a single weekend!

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    LOVE your show man!!! xD

  8. Great video. Im long in AST and ZRX as well. Very interested in the decentralized exchanges. A big question I have in regards to privacy coins is with the upcoming regulation. Don't you think regulators/governments will go after the privacy coins first and shut down the fiat to coin pathways for them? I was looking into ZEC but nervous because of the upcoming regulation.

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    – allow users to set their currency of choice , e.g gbp, aud, cad etc and adjust the prices to match users currency
    – i love the all time high for market caps but maybe add all time low and all time highs (+ the dates) for price of each coin.
    – will you be adding pages for each coin? if so, please add links to where users can buy/trade said coins
    – the colors in the change column are too variant, there's like 5 colors. with that many colors you will need a key/legend or just keep it simple and have a red (for downs) and green (for increases
    – for the price column and graphs, mention in brackets the time period you're displaying the graph for e.g for day tables, it could be Price (7 days)
    – allow users to set how many currencies to list per page (drop down menu)

    let me know if you need more information

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