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what's up everyone and today we are going to be covering how to start crypto investing in 2019 this episode is going to be in this episode I'm gonna be kind of sharing what am I gonna be doing in 2019 specifically you must be wondering oh hey it's uh like February Ryan why are you doing this 2019 2019 invested to investing in 2019 now well you see we just finished or at least we're still in the period of the Chinese New Year so to me as a Asian and as a Chinese obviously it's the new year now so we all had a really tough 2018 we we had an excellent 2017 so right now I think everybody is wondering has the market bottomed should we start re buying crypto currencies traders are saying you know this we are still in a bear market I'm only gonna show every single pump great so my approach has always been as an investor I don't really do much trading I usually leave all that stuff to Andy but today I want to really give you all my personal strategy or at least how I'm gonna approach this and it's gonna be so easy to follow and I just want you all to take note on a few things before you start rebuilding your portfolio so why you want to watch this episode firstly this episode is non financial advice whatsoever it's just my personal opinion and my sharing of a my sharing me sharing my thoughts on how I'm gonna rebuild my crypto portfolio just to give you a little bit of a background crypto grinders was started as a as a channel to educate the masses about investing and trading about cryptocurrency right so I was someone who was a banker for six and a half years I was always helping high-net-worth clients create their portfolios right because whenever they they have money kept with the with us in the bank we needed to share with them what is being offered other than a savings account or a fixed deposit so for right now in the crypto space is very unique everyone is only able to look at YouTube for their so-called you know direction or whatnot but of course as youtubers we are non licensed financial advisors so we cannot provide you any kind of financial advice but we definitely are able to share our thoughts and our opinions and our strategies with you so let me just kind of clarify a few things and had I known all this back in 2017 right I think I would have been a way better investor then I would be now so I'm not coming I'm not coming across as a trader today I'm only coming across as an investor and I think ever since 2017 till now there's a lot of different types of developments and of course there are a lot of failures especially in the market and I think right now it is a good time to kind of take a look at the market and start strategizing what is there so let's get into it so right now I think we still have a few things within the blockchain space one we have the crypto currencies these are currencies that you use to transect and buy stuff and of course transfer funds from one person to another either pseudo non pseudo anonymous ly or anonymously depending on what kind of cryptocurrency you're using the current scenario is that there are not many merchants or vendors that are accepting crypto but there are projects such as Pony X that are making quite a bit of effort doing the groundwork and putting their exports out into the world now this is a non this is a non sponsored video whatsoever guys this is just what kind of projects that are out there that we can clearly see there are now working towards mass adoption now mass adoption obviously is one of the most painful things now for everybody because in the past everybody think was thinking every being that we were all in the same bubble or little universe we thought that the method option was gonna happen like you know tomorrow or something you know but clearly it's gonna take a number of years and you know we we have to really address that because if we don't we don't understand how how adoption happens it's actually true quite it's not like a game okay that's the thing it's not building a business is never fun it can be but it's never easy that I should say that it's never easy building a business and right now I think a lot of people at the time because of the way that the market reacted especially in 2017 when the whole IC o—- and exchanges were holding varying amounts of liquidity and tokens all the all the market makers and movements were very easily created to give you the impression that wow there's a lot of growth and it's true okay it's true that a lot of the companies in the space really did raise that kind of crazy amounts of money because at the end of the day right you needed to dip you needed to convert your fear to BTC or your Fiat to aetherium before you can participate in a particular ICO right now the ICO space is some somewhat a fund raising it's a fund raising scheme right where where companies especially the the projects that are in the sorry the companies that are raising money are usually if towards the block chain or cryptocurrency space sure there were certain traditional businesses that were trying to leverage on the ICO but most of them were not sexy enough and they couldn't raise that amount of money but right now I think the ICO space is has tapered down tremendously we are talking about in the past you would see anywhere from a few hundred projects that were gonna be doing the initial point of and launching every month now you're seeing only a handful so as you can see it has drastically dropped right no one is trying to raise crazy amounts because as the space gets more and more educated like for us we clearly know that in the past a traditional IPO business can only raise anywhere from two hundred thousand to a million especially in this in the initial rounds you're already considered well when I say initial rounds were talking about concept that means it's just an idea and you start asking people for money and maybe you have a prototype and this prototype you can easily make it yourself you know it's nothing too difficult and then after you start going around and convincing people about your idea that's when you probably can raise anywhere from 50,000 to about maybe 200,000 just to start working in your back yard or something or hopefully you can go and find maybe a VC that owns an incubator or maybe they have an accelerator program so that is that space right but then the ico space opened up a whole new era a whole a whole new I would say a whole new perspective for people to not perspective now whatever anyway open up a whole new you know I can't even mention the word in a moment it opens up a whole new space an opportunity for young companies and when I say young companies sometimes the the credentials are pretty ridiculous one on one hand you have really done in experienced individuals that probably just finish school you know they saw the whole space and then after they've never ever raised money before they've never even started a business before but they were trying to kind of you know put out their ideas and hey putting our ideas and if let's say I built a website I created a white paper and people in this space were we're gonna be digging my idea they would start contributing to or start contributing to to my aetherium wallet or my BTC wallet because they like my idea or I was able to a very kick-ass website and true enough that was the space at a time that was the virality at the time nobody really no nobody really really did any due diligence whatsoever okay no one care about how this was gonna work they just believed that every single initial coin offering that they saw and it kind of dealt well and if let's say it was done up properly they will participate so that was then that was then then there was a face where you would have really strong high-profile individuals that that have been in certain industry for certain industries or their industries for quite some time and they would start popping up so what I found out was most of these advisors or board of directors they were just a placeholder so what does that mean it just means that their profile was just being borrowed right either in either with permission or without permission by those so-called CEOs or CEOs or founders of those companies right and if the ICO was run well if the ICO was run well they would be paid of obviously with the tokens with the tokens value right so that was the the trade-off and obviously if it's by permission they will say hey you know I've known you for quite some time I'm gonna be doing an IC o—- I will be running an IC o—- could I use your profile because maybe the CEO or the other founders don't have that much credentials as opposed to the people that they know so they would come on board so take note on that now fake LinkedIn profiles LinkedIn unfortunately although it's a it's a it's a it's a very widely used platform for build for putting up your street cred as per se right because these days social proof is very important and it's it's not that everybody has has a YouTube channel you know not everybody updates darling ten profile prior to this whole ICO right a lot of people don't even use LinkedIn I mean it's it's I mean let's let's just face it if you apply a job right if you apply a job you just have your resume and if you need to change your job you just have to you just have to update your resume right and then send it over to the next employer LinkedIn kinda helps people connect on a professional level but LinkedIn because of the whole ICO space you know it was widely used as a platform to allow people to kind of validate the experience of the particular founders so what I realized is that LinkedIn doesn't have a way to validate whether these individuals had had the qualifications that they claim they have and neither can you validate whether these people have the experience that they claim they have now the good thing that the good thing is that there is another layer which is other people kind of endorsing that you have these skills but when you are well-connected in a sense and you really organized it in such a way you tend to you you will tend to have other people doing the same for you and you will endorse each other because you really plan to to do this and fabricate the information so I think when once blockchain actually this is actual use case by the way once blockchain creates this immutable immutable database where people start putting in there are there are certifications or there are street cred or their credentials right from where they are as a particular industry I think this is a very good use case and if in the future whether LinkedIn uses it or another company that adopts it I think that's where we can see these use cases because right now I can claim that I have a PhD or I have two PhDs and no one will know none the wiser because you know if sure maybe you see someone who doesn't endorse it I can come up with a video saying that I have two PhDs 100 times more or less after a while it becomes real you see so that's the problem you're not gonna come all the way to Singapore and start asking around hey what's Ryan really a banker well of course I was but the thing is how do you know see so if eventually once there is a chain right once there is a chain that that's created in such a way or blockchain protocol that functions in such a way then you will say huh okay these people are not who they say they are and the longer the chain and the moss and the more the longer the chain and do you know that you can't you can't change the data and everything like that you know that the person is credible so that's that's one thing so then it comes down to the fundraising after when they do the fundraising you're gonna have the the issues of wondering whether did they really raise the funds sure they can put the wallet there and say that this is the amount that we raise there are some there are projects that have been very very honest they will say okay this is the amount we raise and this is the amount of tokens that are going to be circulated this is the amount that we are gonna be keeping this is the amount that is gonna be a designator for marketing our our team and you know so on and so forth you know they were they were allocate and be very transparent but there are some companies that do that just for the sake of doing it but they will not be honest about how they manage their funds so it's still gonna happen okay that's there's nothing that really anyone can do hence because the the ICO space was such a wall OS and there was so little transparency there comes the stos which is the security token offerings and the security token offerings are going to be slower they're going to be regulated and obviously they have to be on licensed exchanges whereas the I cos don't have to be on any license exchanges in fact to be fair to be honest there's no license exchanges at the moment okay there's no such thing because the digital asset license was something that came out very very recently so obviously these companies just started it first and then after that you know since they are already profitable businesses and you know at the time if I was someone who started a digital asset exchange I would say hey man I would I mean even if let's say a governing body were to come and ask me questions and everything like that I mean I just started the business you know you didn't have the license do you have the license now I'll go and apply it no problem and if your license states that I need to comply to a certain set of rules and regulations then I'll comply to a certain set those rules and regulations coin based it that if you look at coin based coin based not the coin based first before they even start before they even apply for the the license right so that's how it's gonna work so right now you have exchanges applying the license first because they don't want to go back in to just being a digital digital digital to digital asset to digital asset exchange that's nothing special anymore right now you will have exchanges that will be fully compliant or at least as compliant as possible within that particular jurisdiction now just to be clear it is not easy to just simply set up an exchange with a full license and when I say full license means that you can do crypto to fear as well because crypto to fear is very very powerful there are only very few exchanges in the world that can do that right now I think the ones that you know are coinbase and German I then in Singapore is coin jaco and you know and I think there's some kind of workarounds and I don't want to go too much into detail because sometimes it's not as straightforward but since they are able to do that for now we assume that they are able to do certain things but right now I would say not many everybody's just trying to figure their way around okay so as an investor you're gonna have to have to ask yourself how am I going to approach this space how am I gonna start investing in this space if you decide to do so one thing I must say I must I must stress and I stress this in in in all in I really want to stress this properly do not use more do not over over leverage or put too much into this space it is still too young and it's definitely still in a large part of all these projects right and we're talking about the ones that even raised a lot of money are still developing they still haven't actually successfully created that ecosystem that they want to create sure there are certain cryptocurrencies that are being very very prominent and they're showing off that they are able to buy companies and whatnot but you have to be very cautious about what they are trying to do so just take note that it depends on what are they trying to acquire okay so another thing that you want to uh another thing that you want to take note of is how much of a portfolio should I start you know allocating into crypto now if you're someone who already has a existing portfolio of say stocks come goal you know you probably will start looking at crypto because I I wouldn't say it has completely bottomed out but I will say that a large part of the selling pressure is is already gone you know it's it's now pretty team as Percy could it drop a notch or two more it could so that is why it boils down to the strategy so personally what I'm gonna be doing is very simple I'm gonna be dedicating a certain amount every month to various cryptocurrencies that I feel have been in the market for quite some time at the same time they've shown promising developments in what they do so I'm not gonna be going in that directly to what these cryptocurrencies do but more of just giving you a you of what is the the the the projects that I feel that are going to be doing very well in the next few years to come so one of those projects is EOS because EOS has had quite a bit of depth or developments happening so depths are basically decentralized applications and although EOS is a much younger project as opposed to aetherium they did get a lot of funding and I think in this market right in this market you need to have more funding than you think you need why is that so because of the volatility in crypto right you need to have just more funding not because you purposely you want to but because if let's say you the crypto currency drops drastically people still need to eat you still need to pay your developers you still need to pay for rental operating costs all this is usually denominated in u.s. dollars so you will have to buffer for it so even though you're raised I think for I think four billion or so it is a four billion or maybe a billion dollars or something like they really raised a lot of money and it was a very long drawn ICO okay and he had a very unique mechanism okay but I feel that if let's say Yas was able to manage its funds rather carefully they are definitely able to stand the test of time and they can really focus on hiring great talent into the company and and continue to provide for the space so they are very focused on the enterprise solutions I'm sure that it's being that it's an open source they are still able to allow other developers from outside not not internally to start developing on it just like aetherium aetherium on the other hand is having quite a bit of its struggles okay so I'm not really going to be touching too much on e theorem although sure there's gonna be some Rivera and whatever but I'm not really gonna be touching a tearoom NIC's cryptocurrency that i'll probably be looking at okay so let me just maybe share some chance right so BTC the BTC to me is definitely still ago as I mentioned I am gonna be looking at Yas I am gonna be looking at of course BTC as usual and then like coin of late has shown some progress but with the recent tweet about privacy and everything that's caused that quite quite a little bit of an excitement and then after you see this this nice spike upwards right from I think I think we're looking at anyway from yeah thirty dollars so there was a 50% more than 50% increase at one point so I guess it really boils down to actual adoption here and how many merchants when I talk about cryptocurrencies and I said crypto currencies you must have widespread adoption and acceptance if you have no one accepting like coin as payment right it's very subjective because any merchant see I I can accept payment in like coin if I choose right the question is am I able to hedge it out in time you see what if let's see okay let's say I give you a very simple example you are someone who runs a bakery you are open-minded and you accept like coin okay so you're now being paid like coin today because like coin is $44 $45 okay and someone paid you 20 bucks at this current rate you accept it okay you go about your day you hedge it out only at the end of the day like coin decides to take a tank it goes back to $35 you already lost a good percentage more than 20% in a single day right you lost 20% in a single day so as a merchant there has to be a very efficient way of hedging out that risk as long as you head out there is the adoption what happened therefore I mentioned put the X at the beginning of the of the of the of the of the app of the episode because they already have the post system when you have the post system you don't have to care about that anymore as a merchant if that dude comes in with a particular top-up card which is to put in the ex top-up card and says hey I'm gonna be buying $20 worth of bread from you alright can I pay with litecoin can I pay with Bitcoin can I pay with putting the eggs sure tap Done I get the transaction happens in in the backend from then put the X will release the Fiat to me to my bank account that's it you get I mean it should be seamless you don't have to care about this kind of stuff so just giving you an example now the next thing is I mean I still like the exchange tokens because let's just put it this way there aren't too many around that are having the same longevity longevity and also in terms of aggression first is always important but at the same time also being able to last and build a brand of across time is very important so yes Hopi has kind of still is still a cryptocurrency that I would look at and it would be good to start looking at it at the moment because it did dip below $1 we were all thinking that a dollar would never a below $1 what never happened it did but then after that it did recover and it's now above $1 again very I mean it took a while but very very quickly it rebounded so another bit of piece of history about hope is that they've been doing digital asset to assets for the past five years okay for I'm sorry for more than five years I think it speaks a lot a lot of the time a lot of people who step into this space right don't really care about how long a business is a business is run how it's being run how it generates revenue whether it has sales or not is it does it have a growing customer base sure there are a lot of controversies behind exchanges faking volume you know having exclusive listings but business is like that it's very patro you have to do what you got to do sometimes you just have to sleep with the government it's very normal every single business is more or less like that how do you think all these people have or companies or businesses right have been doing businesses with other governments their own government and of course sometimes not having to pay taxes while the average citizen has been paying taxes through their noses right so let's not be too naive right so all these things right are happening around you and of course eventually there will be the introduction of accredited investors now that part is so just to highlight you can go in search on Wikipedia what an accredited investor is all about so it just basically means that you earn a certain type of income right and you are you are either it depends every single country is different some some countries require you to have 200,000 per annum in terms of income for the past romance some is 300,000 others go by net assets excluding your property okay depending on what it depends on where you are in the world so I don't want to go too much into that but if you are someone who is an accredited investor it just means that you are high you are obviously high net worth but does it mean that you are smarter than the people who have been investing in crypto into in cryptocurrencies this is a new asset class the beauty of this new asset class is that anybody can get into it and anybody who is savvy enough who is more well-read has an opportunity the unfortunate part however is that future offerings especially via security tokens right will implement this accredited investor accredited investor criteria because at the end of the day they are going to be licensed they're going to be securities and when you do fundraising early on or early part of the the earlier stage right it definitely will require individuals to be accredited investors if you want to go in early now when you go in early there could be offerings on tokens that could be offerings on equity it just depends but at the end of the day when once it hits the exchanges it is a free-for-all now when it hits the exchanges obviously is already at a premium but if you're someone who knows how to trade the markets and invest in the markets you don't have to be desperate and for more as they say fear of missing out because every single every single time so this is another another one of one of my tips right if you're still watching is that whenever he hits the exchanges two things can happen they either have enough organic organic orders coming in that means people definitely want to buy and sell or they they were companies that paid for market making because let's just let's just put it this way half of the time or majority of the time the amount of the kind of community that they build usually is all via air drops if what what are air drops okay firstly if you're someone who is have has never invested in cryptocurrencies before crypto projects tend to have telegram communities these telegram communities are attracted in a variety of ways the way that I built my business and I'm not and I didn't do an IC o—- but I gradually built my community by doing lots of content on YouTube and hence I had I asked people if you are someone who is interested in crypto feel free to join my free telegram group that's it however a lot of these companies are too lazy to do enough content right so what they do is go and pay so call these community managers right and community managers they are doing their job nothing nothing to do with the community major but committed but community managers there variety there are those who are just taking care of the the community within the telegram group and answering questions but then there are some community managers that are basically lead generators so what they do is like the click farms where they will airdrop other telegram users because they already have built these multiple multiple telegram groups and then after they will offer an opportunity so if I am an ICO and I say hey if you do this this this and this okay so you go in click on my subscribe to my Twitter subscribe to my youtube channel you know do this do that I will drop you into my telegram group and then after that give me your email I will pay you an X amount of my tokens this is the marketing part so nobody wants to no one wants to go into a telegram group and then oh there's only 100 people you know it doesn't look very convincing so when you see telegram group so this why I love it when telegram just recently they have this online you can see the number of people online and you have if you have you have a if you have a telegram group that has an exorbitant number like hundred thousand telegram people right I guarantee you it's more or less one person having ten telegram accounts and it's very easy to do especially if you are you know doing prepaid or a postpaid because every single telegram account has to be attached to a mobile phone so once you understand how the game is being played right you start assessing whether or not this community is real or fake and it all boils down to what are people asking within the telegram if the if internally they are asking internet asking hey when am I gonna get my airdrop when am I gonna get my airdrop then you're like you're like as an investor you be like what what airdrop I thought that you know as an investor you get your tokens only after the ICO am I missing something so you realize that that's the difference okay that's the difference so everyone who wants to raise money wants to raise money fast so that's right just just be a little bit more cautious on that and as as you go as you go through this space and you start building your portfolio you get a little bit more seasoned you start understanding how the whole game is being played why sometimes there are certain pumps that happen so pumps can happen in a few few ways there are the black pumps ok flap is basically the the small volume where the 24 hour hour volume for a particular crypto is in some kind of it can be on it can be on the larger exchanges by the way because since the order books are so thin right it's easy to move okay so anything that drops below a certain amount in terms of 24 hour volume it's very easy to move it's very easy to collude with other others basically signal groups can come together and say hey we're gonna be moving this for a particular reason so the whole idea right to make it a successful pump and dump is that you have to make sure that you have a large enough group and so I noticed there's been a lot of collusion between the signal groups as of late by the way I'm not a single group I realize a community yes I do have a premium group and but we're very mature we only do investments and do very very little trading because we believe that we are looking for that the strong upside swings we are not caring about the the 3 4 5 15% we're not interested in that because we know that we've been around long enough so we know that at the end of the day right now you want to stay invested you don't wanna freakin move in and now in and out because the moment you move in and out you may move you may miss the main upside and that's what we don't want so we are focused on just staying investor we're not really trading too much we do a little bit but not too much so that's kind of like where you have to be at if you as someone who's coming in you have very limited capital or a portion that you want to dedicate you have to approach it with a dollar cost averaging strategy don't come in with like say let's say 5,000 is your whole whole that you want to invest in let's just assume right let's say I want to come in with $5,000 I would spread that across two years okay I would spread that across two years that's that that's how I would approach it I'm not gonna spend $5,000 right now unless I can do that continuously for two years now if you're very rich yeah maybe that's what you could do but I would spread that across so your percentage is very very minimal we're talking about we talk about negligible so in the event that there's more correction to come now everyone is now having this talk about whether it has it bottom heavy bottom are we gonna see more downside nobody knows man nobody knows are we gonna experience more downside or not but if we do but if we do right at least you're not gonna feel like oh my five thousand became three thousand in a matter of a few days because you are doing a dollar cost averaging strategy so yeah guys look out for look out for projects that have products I think that's very very important it's okay that it doesn't have a actual physical product it can be a software solution but the software solution has to work but also be careful that people can buy their Mo's right that means it's not an actual working product that you can use make sure that you can beta test it if it's just a video and you cannot beta test it stay away for now okay don't get excited there's always another opportunity okay so this is kind of like the the stuff that I can share I know it's a little bit lengthy but hey it's our money right and I think money is hard to earn and I think it's very important that we stay with the right mindset and not over over invest too much and be like the folks that invested lately in 2017 and now it's very hard for them to recover right let's not do that let's just go in be very cautious but have a strategy in place and start identifying what are the great projects or cryptocurrency or blockchain projects that are out there so if you felt that this video was helpful don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you feel that you want to know more about my channel or watch my next few episodes don't forget to give a sub click on the subscribe button and click on the notification notification Bell and I'll see you in the next video see you guys

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  1. Cheers for the video. not sure on HT though, 10x inflation rate. Would stand clear until at least half hit circulating supply.

  2. STOs are definitely next wave of funding, a lot better framework. There are some issues but i think those will be solved. Check out WindMine, they are tokenizing wind park and have all needed permits and legal documents to start the project. Interesting concept with tokenizing debt bonds

  3. Ryan I've been following with you since your first video in your old channel. You've changed my framework of reality as much as you've changed it with crypto.

    Everything you and your team shares has given me clarity and confidence in moving forward with my ideas and investments.

    You've been invaluable to my growth, thank you.

  4. Hi Ryan, does pundi have bright future ? I heard about unlocking tokens in until 6/2019 with 11% acceleration. Also thanks for your contribution given to blockchain community

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