11 thoughts on “Crypto Investing #78 – Crypto Lessons From Levi Illis At Cryptocurrency Edutainment – By Tai Zen”

  1. One of the main differences between BTC and BTG is that the later is ASIC resistant. So the mining itself will be more decentralized and would probably not concentrated in China but from everywhere.

  2. Great vid Tai!
    I want to ask you for your opinion about LTC. I have exchanged my BTC into LTC this summer, now LTC is going down. What say in other vids that altcoins are usually going after BTC after a while, we just have to wait. Is it this the case? For how long should I keep my LTC? Thanks a lot!

  3. Tai you’re always super informative and straight forward without that bs? we need more people like you

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