Crypto Investing #68 – Why I Put All My Life Savings Into Bitcoin & Proud Of It! – By Tai Zen

what's up guys just hides in again I hope everybody's doing well I hope everybody is making bucket loads of life-changing money from the cryptocurrency boom here especially the ones that's been following us for the past three or four years I hope that you guys are making some real life-changing profits the ones are new the new subscribers I hope that you guys make some life-changing profits soon okay that's have you been following it for the last six seven months it should be doing ok ok anyways guys in this video I want to share with you guys why I put all my life savings into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that all my life savings okay and when I say all my life savings I want to put a caveat on that in night in 2013 when I decided to in 2013 2014 ish when I decided to get into cryptocurrency investing right I want explain to you guys the main reason that I got into it but you guys understand so that's not there's no confusion okay when I first got into cryptocurrency investing I did not do it because I thought that the altcoins we're going to go up in price I did not do it because I thought that that Bitcoin was going to be like a new universal currency that everyone was going to use around the world I did not get into it because I had some you know hardcore libertarian views I did not get into it because into bitcoins and cryptocurrencies because of any of these things that most people get into crypto currencies for the reason why I got into cryptocurrency and I was willing to put my life savings into it was because of one reason and one reason only and that reason was clearing and settlement okay if you are if you come from Wall Street or if you been into trading and investing for a long time especially during an active trader you'll know exactly what I'm talking about okay so I've been trading stocks and currencies for a long time now and I want to explain to you guys the concept of t + 1 T plus 2 and T plus 3 real quick I've explained in previous videos from explaining again real quick just that you guys have a basis to understand what I'm talking about so if I want if I go to the brokerage firm like Ameritrade or TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab or any of those brokerage firms right let's say that I want to buy a hundred shares of Apple stock I buy it at 130 it goes up to $150 and I make $20 profit right they said I get into it today and I get I buy it in the morning and I sell in the evening and I make $20 profit in order for me to take that $20 profit out of my account so I can go use it to buy a cup of coffee or something to buy some food or pay my bills with it I have to wait three days for it to settle and clear so whoever way that sold me those that share of Apple there's a clearing house called DTCC okay that's the that's the name of the clearing the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation that clears all the transactions in in America for all the stock transactions today so I have to wait for them to clearance and then the seller who sold it to me gets his money and then the buyer which is me gets my money okay so that's that's how that works and what happens is I'm gonna have to pause this video real quick guys because we're going to go through a tollbooth here and I got to figure how to pay the toll here so let me pause this video real quick okay so I was going through the Tollbooth guys and what cracked me up is it was a $2 toll I mean a dollar 75 toll so I gave the booth manager two u.s. dollars in gave me a 25 cent back a quarter back for the to like and so I was joking with him and I put it out here and I said when you can take the pebble from my hand you'll become the next Honorable Grandmaster and he looked at me baffled there's an older white guy who looked like he was in his 50s or 60 and yeah he looked at me clueless and he had no idea what I was talking about and I was like dude don't you know kung fu you know grasshopper David Carradine and he looked at me and clueless now kind of disappointed he didn't know what I was talking about when I said take the pebble from my hand so anyways that was a in case you're not from America that was a famous TV show that they used to play a show in America when I first came to the u.s. in the late 70s and early 80s when we take 1a 1b okay all right so back to what I was saying guys about get 1b okay back to what I was saying about the settlement times guys right so the reason why I got into I put all my life savings into Bitcoin was because during that time I was trading in when I wanted to take money out of my training account I had to wait for three days that means t plus three so after the trade is completed I have to wait for three days for the transaction to settle before the broker would let me take the money out of my trading account okay so when I saw a Bitcoin and I saw how fast it transacted and I downloaded the Bitcoin wallet back then I think that the Bitcoin blockchain when you download the the original Bitcoin wallet I think it was like eight eight gigs right between eight to nine gigs of data so at that time it still made sense to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain and I wanted to see what it was like to have the entire copy of the Bitcoin blockchain on my computer so I downloaded now I think it's like 140 or 140 150 gigs worth of data so it does not make sense a download of the entire blockchain at that time they did not have a badass like wallet you know lightweight wallets like the exodus dot I all wallet or the Jack il wallet so because of that you didn't have much of a choice if you wanted to make Bitcoin transactions you had to download the entire blockchain to your computer at that time so that's what I did when I first got into bitcoins in 2013/2014 and when I made a transaction to my trading buddy Leon Powe comm and he receive it instantly and then when he sent it back to me and I got instantly we said it back and forth to each other to test it out I couldn't believe how as the transaction we're clearing and settled and I can see it in the blockchain and I when I saw that I was like holy you mean to tell me that it bitcoins you clear instantly just like that it's not this we got right now where where the blocks are full and it takes you know hours or sometimes it takes days you know like Leon recently had to make a few transactions and it took in like two three days for the the Bitcoin transaction to clear right that's a bunch of here we got to cut that nonsense out and I and I have faith that we'll get settled so I'm not worried about that but that needs to get straight down okay and he was freaking out because you know he wasn't getting his a Bitcoin but anyway back when we first got started when every time we made a transaction in 2013 2014 BAM it was cleared right away and I said holy crap if if they use this technology to settle the stock transactions and the Forex and the futures transactions oh my god that that means that this thing is going to be worth millions of dollars billions of dollars this entire Bitcoin ecosystem this entire Bitcoin network this platform it is going to be worth billions and billions and billions of dollars and at that time it was only words like a few billion dollars I can't remember in 2008 it was worth less than ten billion dollars at that time and I said man this thing is going to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars if they can use it to do to clear and settle the stock transaction and at that time Patrick Burns I think is named from the CEO the founder of we're talking about using Bitcoin or NXT or something to settle stock transactions and I said holy crap man this is going to be this is the perfect system that Bitcoin needs right in order to to the settle transaction because there's billions and billions and billions of dollars trapped on Wall Street I can't move anywhere after traders make trade because I have to wait for one day two day three days to two for the trades to settle and clear before they can move the money and when I saw that that Bitcoin system and their network can clear the trade and clear the transaction instantly like that I I just had to put all my money into it and once I attested that the Bitcoin network with Leon and we saw that it does do what they claim it does that was done for me and then when I heard a Patrick Burns the the founder of talking about he's trying to start up a company to build a platform on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to settle transmog transaction that did it for me and then the kicker that the final nail that sealed the coffin for me to make me go all-in and there was no turning back after this was when Queen base received seventy five million dollars in they say they were able to raise seventy five million dollars from the New York Stock Exchange now I trade tons of stocks on the New York Stock ladder listed on the New York Stock Exchange and if these boys are going to put 75 millions of dollars of their money into a company like coinbase that buys themselves magic internet tokens or whatever people want to call at that time if it's good enough for them to put 75 million dollars in their up their money in it's good enough for me to put my money in and so for these reasons I put all my money I mean every penny that I and I could spare into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency back in 2013 okay it was not a lot okay keep in mind is not a lot I have a wife a young wife that I had to take care of right and then I had a my my first son was already born he was one years old and my second child my daughter Athena was about to be born at that time okay so I'm in the middle of buying buying a house I was in the middle of changing jobs just changed as I work as an energy brokerage firm where I discovered bitcoins because they had a Bitcoin farm there and then all these major life events was happening and I was kind of budget my money I would put every dollar that I could save anything that was left over at the end of the month I would pour it into bitcoins I would buy as many bitcoins I can back then okay even when Bitcoin prices were going down I would still buy it up because I believed in the technology so much I believe that if one thing implemented into the stock market at the kumite at that time I had no clue about cryptocurrency investing you know I was you know I was not the expert that I am today back then because I hadn't made all the mistakes that I needed to make in order to become an expert at cryptocurrency investing okay you can become an expert by losing money making it back losing it again making it back and then lose it again and then at some point you realize you don't make those dumb mistakes anymore and that's when we start making money okay so that's what happened and that's those are the reasons why I put all my life savings into cryptocurrency I even shared it with other people my friends and colleagues the only one that did not think that it was stupid and crazy was Leland now he thought that it was crazy that I put all my life savings into it didn't think it was crazy that I was you know a hardcore believer of Bitcoin so we have a lot of the reason why I share this story with you guys is that we have a lot of people nowadays that get into crypto currencies and they want to tell you that it's risky they want to tell you whether you should invest into it or not and you know we even have diehard Bitcoin maximalism that will tell you that they are diehard Bitcoin believers but when you ask and how much money they put into it to me you you want to believe in it something you put your money where your mouth is at but that's how you you show the world that you are diehard believer of something so whenever I say that I'm more die-hard Bitcoin nationals than most people are that I know of I can backed it up because if you go back and look at my financial records from 2013 you will see that all my life savings was in Bitcoin it wasn't in fact it wasn't in gold of oil or or silver any of that it was all in Bitcoin back when people thought it was crazy you know that's where I had it okay and in our I grew up in the hood I grew up in the project you know for my very low economic background in America you know I was not fortunate to be one of those Asian families that come to America and strike it rich you know my wealth came from learning taking the risk in the market in the in the stock market in the in the forex market and then you know taking my experience that I learned from managing risk in those markets and transferring that skill and that knowledge into the cryptocurrency market and that's how I created my wealth okay so I share this with you because a lot of times when you guys come into cryptocurrency nothing you're going to hear a lot of people tell you that you know crypto currencies or Bitcoin is they'll tell you you know it's the best thing in the next dustings to slice bread I always recommend you ask that person this whether they tell you to get into it or not to get into or whatever the is you have to how much of your money did you put into cryptocurrency how much did you put into it if you will lead into that much how much of your money of your wealth that you put into cryptocurrency okay and then the ones that did not believe in it and think it's like I had friends and call colleagues that told me that that you know bitcoin was you know and I said what if you if you believe that is it's short it shorted if you really think that it's and this is all gonna disappear and fade away will short the when it's at $1,000 okay and let it go down to one dollar and then get out and you'll make a killing off of it okay but they didn't it's because they didn't understand it and they didn't believe it enough so the way that you tell if somebody's for real and if somebody can actually do what they claimed or actually believe what they claim is put your money where your mouth is out okay when I believe in something I put money on it that's how I show to prove to the world and to myself I really don't care the world believe it or not all i care is that if i believe in something i put my money into it like when Leon and I do research and and we believe in a project we put our money on it we don't sit there and waffle in LA's this do it or not when we come to the conclusion hey this is an eight year you know crypto boom we designate a certain amount of money that we will no risk or an eight year versus the beats here or CT or crypto and boom we put our money into it we don't hesitate and it will want it who cares we get out you know get back on our feet and go on to the next project we don't sit there and cry about it okay so I share this with you guys like because when you get into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investing there's going to be a lot of naysayers and a bunch of idiots and a lot of trolls and a lot of broke-ass people that's going to tell you guys not to get into it or you know to give you some stupid opinions and they've never had any experience in it so I'm just sharing with you guys my personal experience and my personal opinion okay it's not you know don't go out there and risk everything your don't don't go out there and and put your whole life savings on some cryptocurrency and without doing your research and making sure it's legit and then lose all your life Sam you can come back and blame it on me and this video in our channel or something like that okay because when I say that I put my life state all my life savings into cryptocurrency I made sure that I have you know about about three to six months worth of living expenses paid for you know I had enough groceries and rent bill and utility bills paid for keep in mind I had kids you know so I had made sure that I had enough diaper money and milk money for my kids in my wife so that if something happens and I was to lose everything that might keep my wife and kids are not homeless and stuff okay so I want to make sure and let you guys know that when I said that I put all my life savings it it's everything all my life savings after I set aside enough money for groceries and for rent and for house payments and stuff like that and utilities and phone bills and stuff before I do that okay I'm driving right now and there's a truck carrying two like Hummers on it or something like that and each Hummer has like eight Rockets mounted on there military-grade Hummers and the transporting it somewhere and they got like eight rocket pods on each side and I was just thinking as I was thinking about this now that's a good sign that's a sign from the universe that I'm talking about bitcoins and that we're going to sky rocket to the moon [Laughter] that's a sign guys right I'm driving and there's this Hummer military Hummer with eight rockets and there's two of them so there's like sixteen rocket pods you know on these two Hummers and they're aimed at the sky it's a sign from the universe guys while I'm making this video about Bitcoin and crypto currencies that Bitcoin and crypto is going to the moon okay so thanks for watching this video guys right that was a very warm and very positive conclusion to this video to see those rockets aimed at the sky like that okay I'll tell you what I'm not in the military or anything you know I consider myself to be a pretty tough badass because I grew up in the projects in the hood you know but man if I was going down the street I saw one of those Hummers coming at me with those rockets aimed at me I don't think that I would be so tough man I'll be running I would be ducking and dodging because I would hate for one of those Rockets about the size of one of my legs to come shooting at me because I wouldn't know what to do okay but I do know what to do if I see a crypto aimed at the sky and the charts are showing that it's going to the moon okay so thanks for watching this video guys I hope you guys learned from how I got started investing in crypto currencies and I hope that it helps you in some way because I know that some of you guys are watching this maybe on the fence about you know how much you should put into cryptocurrency and it will be based on how much you believe into it and how much you understand the technology that will determine how much of the money that you put into it now Leon design ever suggest that you guys put he only put about ten percent of his life savings into cryptocurrency I put more I put when I say all of my life savings it was pretty much all of it okay so thanks for watching this video guys if you guys like it give me a thumbs up and if you guys really liked it make sure that you go to WWE newsletter and sign up to our newsletter so we can tell you whenever we got a new video coming out and for the short quick first a quick notice or news that we need to get to you make sure that you guys follow me on pay apps pay tithes n expell just like you here pay ties in and follow my other oracle of cryptocurrency the Honorable Grand Master Leon phu kham you can follow on that Leon and Leon see food spell fu okay and Twitter okay and if you guys have any friends or family colleagues co-workers are interested in making life-changing money in cryptocurrency and dancing make sure make sure that you tell them about our channel so they get straight-up legit information from people that actually make a full-time living from cryptocurrency and dancing and not a bunch of clown that talk about theory and haven't made a dollar from clinical cancer yet so thanks for watching this video and I'll see you guys in a future video

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  1. that was the right decision you did, but guess what they won't implement bitcoin for settleing stocks. if anything it would probably be something From the Ethereum network…

  2. More sound advice & an insight into a personal morality, thank you man….
    Your humble approach to investment, makes such a difference in terms of validity.
    Thank you man…

  3. Tai, I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the handful of videos I used to motivate me to invest more in cryptos. I even took a second job to come up with funds to invest, now it has paid off and I have joined the crypto millionaire club. I want to thank you and Leon for the motivation.

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  5. Let me tell you a sad story my friend,way before 2013 i was sick of our finantial system so much that i was trying to create a barter system thay would steel the fiat back then few years later i discovered Bit coin i wass poo pood by famly many times over this at the time it seemed hard how you could find and purcahse Bit coin could not cope with all the negetive shit that was thrown at me and was put off for a long while i finally cought it on when it rose to 1000 dollar even now it is not too late
    THIS IS NOT A BUBBLE do not listen to the FUD WE ARE LOOKING AT 10 TO 20K FOR THIS CRISTMAS 20K IF CRYPRO GOES MAIN STREAM Good luck people would also invest all i have if i had a goat i would sell to invest in bitcoin.

  6. Love your content man. Just got into crypto space not too long ago, question whats your thoughts on bitconnect? Thanks

  7. I’ ve bought something yesterday and it cleared in 2 second do you here 2 effing second ! And that happens to me every single time and the transaction cost me $1.98 ok

  8. Awesome story and mindset! I got into cryptos just recently 1.5 months back, started small but progressed very quickly to going all in! Made my first youtube video and plan to make more following my journey!

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