25 thoughts on “Crypto Investing #58 – How To Invest In Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For Beginners – By Tai Zen”

  1. Every single day people put their money in the banks to earn .00001% back annually.. ANNUALLY! And you people think .90% daily is unsustainable? Bitcoin is going to be $27,500 per by Feb. 1st 2018.. Bit-connect is making hand over fist in revenue from the exchange and the rise of their own token alone.. Cryptocurrency is the future so I suggest any bussiness minded person, newbie or beginner in crypto currency should contact Logan via ( chaser81strategy @ gmail,com ) for his mining software because it has made me thousands of dollar in just 3 weeks. Its free

  2. So do you have to invest to make money off bitcoin? Or can you just buy it and sit on just the bitcoins themselves ?

  3. I have a question. I bought Neblio´s (Nebls) and it went 10X in six weeks. Which is nice! Some analysts say i might be the next Stratis in a year or so. But nobody knows right. My question is: when do you sell when an ico hits?

  4. Call it what they want " pump and dump" whatever! It's about making profits and getting too your real goals, dreams, visions, my real thing is silver.. physical silver and micro minting my own designs and it's hard comming up with the funding and capital to mint so these crypto's are a way and catalyst to do the real thing and bigger vision, dream i have and I want too do and it's been a bitch finding investors to help me with capital and being a sole proprietor entrepreneur with little funds it's almost impossible to get off the ground until these crypto's came out and these ICO so now I can be my own investor and turn these profits using ur system to mint my silver coin designs and then be holding physical silver in my possession with no counterparty risks ! Thanks guys

  5. And I like localbitcoins to buy bitcoin over Coinbase! Coinbase is getting shady! I first bought off localbitcoin in 2011 and it's still here and one of the 1st adopters. And use blockchain info and then push it over too Exudus to exchange and keep putting 50% of profits each week into paper wallet off exchange! Guys does that sound like good advice with using your 10x system?

  6. It would be nice if you could make video on the computer rather than talking in a car with entire A to Z from how to start, turn money to Bitcoin and then how to invest in ICOS that would be very helpful. This was very informative but still bit confused. Thank you.

  7. It seems nowadays it's impossible to get into an ICO. All the whales hog up the promising ones, and we are left buying on 1st day and getting their scraps.

  8. I deposited $1500 into poloniex thru coinbase. That was in June, since then BTC has gone up $1500 but I don't see an increase in $ value reflected in poloniex. Why?

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