Crypto Investing #34 – Is Onecoin A Scam? YES It Is! – By Tai Zen

what's up guys this is ties in again I'm still on the road trip guys I was looking at some of the comments on my youtube channel and somebody asked me a few people have asked me this already so if I got several people asking me the same thing I'm going to assume that there's some confusion about it so there's some questions about my thoughts on one coin okay and I'm referring to the site one coin dot-eu b as in echo u as in uniform one coin one as in number one and coin as in Bitcoin okay so there's a coin that's out on the market right now called one coin dot-eu okay it's supposedly being invented by a doctor Yuja pigna Tova from the country of bulgaria okay now here's I want to give you guys a little bit of background okay guys because this cracks me up okay this stuff cracks me up okay it was it was just a matter of time before somebody comes out with some scammy coin okay that is so obvious to me okay so thank you excuse me let me give you guys a little bit of background okay about this okay so my friend my fellow investing by the Eric G alright Gerber that you guys hear on some of the videos here that we make right he's another you know crypto investor on our team and you guys may not know this but he and I grew up and we were always looking for ways to make money okay so he and I tried all kinds of ways to make money and one of the ways that we try to make money was through what's called a multi-level marketing or you might have heard it as MLM for short it stands for multi-level marketing some people call it network marketing and I tell you what Eric and I have tried out several different ones you know from Amway quixtar I mean there's so many of that we do delicious garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage okay don't ever waste your time oh and there's an electricity one with there's an energy one MLM I think what the name of it is who's in Texas okay the garbage guys all the MLM there's lots of ways to make money MLMs are not one of them okay we have tried and we have worked our ass off and nothing happens okay so do not waste your time with any stupid MLMs okay any time that they want to sit down and show you an opportunity you know it's an MLM okay and you know it's a network marketing multi-level marketing if they're trying to you know get you to believe in that there's an opportunity to make money it's an it's an MLM okay so with me and Eric we have like a very sensitive radar when it comes out to when it comes to multi-level marketing schemes okay so the first time I heard about one coin I went look at them and I swear to god it took me about 30 seconds okay it took me about 30 seconds to recognize that it's a MLM a multi-level marketing scheme okay the way that multi-level marketing schemes work is that you recruit people and you make them pay a fee right and then let's say that I go and recruit you and you come in and you pay $100 to join the MLM now the network right and then your job is to go out there and recruit 10 or 20 or 100 more people and each of them pay you 100 and then you take that 100 and you pay a piece of it to me and then I paid to the upline okay so they have an upline and down the upline of the people who recruited you it's above you and the downline of the people that you recruited below you okay it has nothing to do with the product it has nothing to do with the service that they're providing okay most MLM matter of fact every MLM I've ever done trying to do you know it has tried to sell you something that you can easily buy at the convenience store at a Walmart or at your typical you know your regular stores your your brick-and-mortar stores so the fact that they have to sell it from one person to another that is the first red flag so they try to sell you some makeup or some shampoo or some toilet paper or something the first question you want to ask is why can't you just buy this at the Walmart why do I need to buy it from you you're supposed to be my friend just watch me my coworker you spilled in my neighbor why am i buying it from you for I can just go to the Walmart and buy it okay and they'll tell you all this is green is organic or a bunch of okay guys it's okay all the MLMs that we've ever done have been that we've known of that we people try to recruit it is all been BS okay I have not seen one a.m. MLM yet and I've not met one MLM person that made money okay that's another thing too is that you know if you made money you know you wouldn't I mean it's just it's just a bunch of BS guys so it took me about 30 seconds to look at the onecoin stuff their videos they're a biography they're about us and everything in my MLM radar radar went off okay so if you have any questions about one coin that is going to be the first official scam coin the honor that I'm going to call out on this channel guys do not invest into one coin it's a bunch of BS right it's a bunch of coins that I talk about on my channel that you know some of them seem risky some of them will sound like garbage you know I still invest into it you know some of the crappy ones because you never know which ones going to hit but when something is an MLM that's not a coin that's just a multi-level marketing scheme if you look at their website on their homepage they sell packages education packages from 110 euros 110 euros all the way up to twenty seven thousand five hundred euros okay that's a whole bucket load of money that in u.s. dollars is all the way up to almost $30,000 for their packages to teach you how to I don't know what it is some financial education stuff now if they were a financial education school or company and they say that they were teaching people how to invest into cryptocurrencies I don't mind about that okay for example like me and my team we are in the process of working on a cryptocurrency investment program to teach people how to invest and have a trade cryptocurrencies so I'm very upfront about that I'm telling you guys that we've been working on it diligently but the cryptocurrency marker has been changing so fast that it's very it's hard for us to keep up because as soon as we create the content for it it becomes irrelevant so there's stuff so then we're trying to figure out okay what stuff can we create the content that we create from the mistakes that we made that we can share that's relevant so that's evergreen and then we'll just leave the stuff that keeps changing every week every month we'll leave that and we'll just update the the people as we go along but we are very clear about it that we are an education channel we teach people simply how to embed and profit from the cryptocurrency boom in the cryptocurrency market okay so we are very clear on that we are not trying to recruit people we're just you know we have education DVDs videos and things like that when they're done producing I'll let you guys know okay but we're very clear we're not trying to recruit no people or nothing okay we're just sharing our experience the mistakes that we made on a video on a DVD and then sharing with other people and we're going to put together books and training manuals on it but we are very clear on that okay we're not coming off as we invented a new coin on their website they claim on their the research I did the one coin people they claim that this is the second you know that it's going to overcome Bitcoin no you ain't gonna overcome Bitcoin bitcoin is worth over six billion dollars on a common market cap okay there's no coin that's even closer not even a thulium okay there's no coins right now that's close to Bitcoin so when you say that you're better than Bitcoin let me see you buy some gold with it let me see somebody give you an airplane ticket let me see somebody give you some gold coins silver coins and an ak-47 or an ar-15 or ounces of drugs for it when it meets those criteria than that and then I know that that's a real currency but when you're trying to recruit people and you're making them pay you you know twenty-seven thousand euros for it that's not a coin okay all the coins if you guys notice all the coins that I talk about on my channel right it has a purpose it has a real-world utilitarian purpose or a problem that it's trying to solve when you look at the one coin they ain't trying to solve no problem they're trying to make money off of you by recruiting you to join their programs okay so to me that's a if now if they tell if they market themselves as a multi-level marketing right then I would not call it a scam I would just say hey man it's a multi-level marketing I have not be able to make money from it my friend Eric has not been able to make money from it I don't know if anybody that's been able to make money from it and I used to go to these MLM meetings all the time okay and there'll be thousands hundreds and thousands of people there and I don't know if anybody is making money they all claim it but let me see you back it up okay let me see you buy me a burger or something or a soda or beer or something like Tesla you know yeah when you riding around in a Tesla or a Maserati like Leon does that lets me know that you're making money from so from from from the crypto currencies that you're talking about so that's the reason why we call him the Oracle of cryptocurrencies because we personally know him and I have personally seen the coins that he's bought he has shown it to me and he's personally bought some to get me started so if he wasn't making money he wouldn't be able to do those things and we wouldn't be calling the Oracle of cryptocurrencies okay so there you go guys I don't want you guys to get scammed you know there's going to be coins that I talked about where we make money off of it and there's coins that I talk about where we lose money on it you know it was it was not a good decision but at the end of the day I don't think any of them are real scams I just think that you know they just could not accomplish what they they raise the money to do okay so there's a lot of times when you know 90% of businesses fail in the US so it wouldn't surprise me if 90% of cryptocurrencies that I invest in fail however all it takes is one or two of them to succeed like aetherium and boom you make all your money back so it doesn't matter to me okay I'm willing to take that risk to get that gigantic reward okay so there you go guys that's the information I have on one coin I will clearly state an officially state and do not recommend that anybody that's listening to my channel recommend or even waste time looking at one coin because they are not being truthful and what they do if they are an education site like our site then state that you are an education site trying to teach and you sell a education programs to teach people how to invest in cryptocurrencies there's nothing wrong with that but say so don't come off and call yourself one coin and tell people that you have the best cryptocurrency you know that's even better than Bitcoin right and then it's not even a coin okay and then you're selling you know I don't know what these BS packages packages that you're selling okay so if you're an education site be clear that you are an education site if you are a multi-level marketing site be clear that you are a multi-level marketing site do not claim that you are a coin when you are not a coin okay just because you mind and you pre mine or mine the coin that means absolutely nothing okay so thanks for watching this video guys and I hope that this video protects you and others out there from being scammed by this one coin okay so give me a thumbs up you guys like this video give me a thumbs down you guys don't like it and if you happen to come from the one coin community and you give me bad comments you better have some facts and evidence to back it up because if you don't more than likely your comments will get deleted okay I'm all for equal opportunity comments and I believe in the first you know amendment is that the First Amendment free speech but I don't believe in scamp's okay so if I recognize it and guys you believe in the Second Amendment for scams my multi-level marketing radar is very sensitive when I spot you know multi-level marketing schemes right the problem with multi-level marketing schemes is I always say they're not multi-level marketing schemes so when you hear them say that hey we are not a multi-level marketing scheme right more than likely it is otherwise they wouldn't say that because you don't ever hear the guys from aetherium the guys from Liske dot IO the guys from wavez platform the way guys from digits gold you don't ever hear any of these guys ever refer use the word multi-level marketing in their description on their website or anything and you don't ever hear anybody talk about them and refer to them as a multi love a marketing scheme the fact that when you type in one coin and there's thousands and hundreds of web pages out there that say that it's a multi-level marketing scheme right that lets you know more than likely it's a multi-level marketing scheme and based on my past experience I clearly proclaim that they are a multi-level marketing scheme okay so speaking of Walmart there's a Walmart right there we're Mississippi right now okay so all right guys thanks for watching this video guys and if you guys have some friends or family that you don't want to get hustled or scammed or lose their money you know by risking into coins make sure that you share this channel with them and I'll share with you guys the you know mistakes and the lessons that we've learned for the investing in crypto currencies for the last few years okay so thanks for watching this video guys and I'll see you guys in a future video

25 thoughts on “Crypto Investing #34 – Is Onecoin A Scam? YES It Is! – By Tai Zen”

  1. Mr Tai… Remember who you are before judge or talking something, look at yourself in the mirror to think who you are? where you come from and lastly what did you do in the past 15 year plus????? Let me expose you to the public in order for the people to know exactly who you are? you have been convicted for the possession of selling cocaine. For this crime you spent behind bar 15 years plus in federal prison. Your back ground was an Ex convict, I hope after this EXPOSE people will stay away this CON MAN …

  2. Pretty funny watching this.. then you know that German police is just done with there investigation and fill out 6000 look through pieces of paper and find nothing scammy about the onecoin team.. But they find out that someone have been payed millions for making bad news over the Onecoin team over the years.. And the blockchain is real… Stick to that.. intead of sucking all the bad news.

  3. Bitcoin lost a third of its value within the last month. Onecoin's value has not changed during that time, making it a more stable investment. Right? Sounds legit.

  4. I got scammed by onecoin. I spent $100 2 years ago. A year later I tried to wire it to my bank but it would not go through. I tried to get into mysite this year and it no longer exist so yes it was a scam. Should have spent $100 on bitcoin back then. Would have a few thousand dollar worth now. Had no idea how to buy bitcoin back then. Didn't know about coinbase and I kind of thought it reached it's peak any way but bitcoin was only $247 back then and now it's 14k so it was nowhere near it's peak. I was willing to take a $100 risk. For all I knew it could have took off. Glad I never promoted onecoin. Felt stupid wasting my money on it but we live and learn.

  5. Tau you can buy a car in Europe as well as property from dealshaker platform by onecoin, just check it before scaming a legitimate business which runs on KYC

  6. you are just a hater you want people to leave one coin and join your loser's cryto coin you are not the first and will not be the last stupid failure's

  7. Wait and see. MLM is different from Investment. You don't need to build your network in onecoin if you want but you'll still get profit when it comes to ico and ipo after . Do you see bitcoin? Lots of guys like you talked the same thing as you were talking at this time, even worst than. LOOK! you have money to invest into bitcoin now? More than US$ 7,000/bitcoin. Onecoin will beat bitcoin.

  8. Do you hear yourself enough??? One coin have already made thousands of millionaire. If you are a loser don't take it out of the Most Powerful, Very Lucrative and the Next Huge Success in the History. The "ONE COIN." careful guy!

  9. I am also the one who invested in OneCoin. I don't get back any money from it. All I have to do to get money is to persuade other people to be my DOWNLINEs, otherwise I will not get any euro in my cash account. I want to sell all of my OneCoin accounts. If you are interested, I will sell you cheap. The people in my OneCoin group said that OneCoin would not be in Coinmarketcap. It will create its own trading platform

  10. I came across this while I was performing research on OneCoin. I have been invited to MLM meetings on many occasions but just decided that it was not for me. Is it illegal or a ponzi scheme? No.

    MLM is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. These business adopt a structure which does not your traditional sales department but and all the middlemen that sometimes causes higher retail prices. They offer opportunities to inidividuals to build a business from selling their products and they reward them.

    What is a pyramid scheme? Like anything else in the world, it's the MLM being misused by greedy individuals for selfish gain.

    Many pyramid schemes attempt to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. Some sources say that all MLMs are essentially pyramid schemes, even if they are legal. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states: "Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors.

    So in this regard I would say you are incorrect. I think you know that you are. I looked at the OneCoin sites. I am an I.T. professional and have plans of performing postgrad research in this field very soon. Who knows I may lanch my own coin. I read every comment on this video and can say that many of you are responding emotionally. Dude, you should not even be comparing OneCoin for BitCoin. It's not the same thing at all.

    BitCoin is a crypto currency. Yes, it has done much good since it was launch. The greatest being that it proved to the world that there is another way. So did the steam driven trains back in the early days, but that didn't stop the subways and bullet trains of today.

    OneCoin on the other hand is a payment ecosystem. The crypt currency is only one element of the entire machinery. They are taking the time to build an entire system that solves real problems in this world. Solutions that will help real people in poor third world countries. You gentlemen live in your bubbles and fail to see the big picture. Things like these cost money, and there are many ways to raise money to fund world changing ventures. It is clear that this form of marketing is only a temporary measure and will soon be brought to an end. Don't knock people with vision who can see things that you fail to see. I am a businessman and understand that risk is a part of the process. So these people who are supporting this venture "catch" the vision. The lady is a seasoned professional and has clearly put some brain cells behind her product before deciding on going public with it.

    I (along with any sensible persons that knows how this world works), would expect that they would do everything to take her down. If she is successful it would be dark days for commercial banks and payment gateways. You have to be a real idiot to have not known this. All this talk about she is a criminal, is just fear. You are all shitting in your pants, Are you? The only thing she is guilty of is being brilliant and being a damn killer threat to the existence of all the blood sucking institutions and well BitCoin did well but so did the choo choo trains. Be a man and give the lady a round of applause for achieving what all others have either failed to do or were afraid of doing. She is coming with a far superior coin and everything else that is required to use it in today's world. In my field we call that a solution. We call Bitcoin a tool. She gave the tool a purpose. You would know this if you knew what you are talking about ….. or maybe you know the truth and have your own agendas.

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