Crypto Investing #22 – Difference Between Trading A Cryptocurrency vs. Investing In An ICO

what's up guys this is a Tyson and I got my buddy Matt okay with me he's giving me a ride to the train station so I can head into Times Square into New York from we're driving through Long Island right now say what's up man hello everyone okay Matt you know he's a big fan of crypto currencies and everything but he like to keep his things private so he doesn't like to be on camera but he and I were discussing some stuff about invest into crypto currencies and bitcoins guys and I just want to answer some those questions for Matt and then that way you guys can listen in at the same time to go ahead you had some questions about factum factum and any new ones coming out and with distinguishes them between Bitcoin were other crypto currencies that are already out there okay so Matt and I was discussing guys that you know if you have a smaller he asked me you know hey what if someone only has a small amount of money like you know some of our audience members you know not everybody has a lot of money you know I don't have a lot of money you know Matt does not have a lot of money you know and what what happens when you start out small okay should you invest into like factum or or a new ICO right in case you don't guys don't know where the ico is that's when a new cryptocurrency is being released and in the stock market world they call it an IPO which is an initial public offering right but in the cryptocurrency world is called an IC o—- okay and it's called initial coin offering so should if you only have like say you only own like half a Bitcoin or one Bitcoin what I would suggest that you guys do is that you guys split that Bitcoin up because you guys know that a Bitcoin can be split into as many pieces as you want right so I would split it up into like eight or ten pieces right even units and then what I would do with that is that I would invest each piece into a new IC o—- in other words you invest into a new that has not come on the market yet and they are having a crowd sale so that they can collect money to fund their project to me it's a little bit risky on the front end simply because you don't know that once they take your money you don't know if they're gonna actually create the software so like when I gave my money to vitalic and his team to build the theorem software back in the summer of 2014 I I don't know what he's gonna do with it might you know take off with or something but more than likely he's not because he went around to about you know all the major Bitcoin conferences and he was preaching about the new aetherium blockchain and what it can do and everything so he was very very much in the public eye so and then he raised like 18 million dollars doing that ICO back then it was not called an IC o—- though it was called a crowd sale okay but you know it'd still be very hard for him to hide on this planet when there was thousands of people that pitched in for his a crowd sale to raise 18 million dollars you see him saying so it's really kind of difficult for him to hide and try to scam everyone okay especially when he only weighs like you know he's like 100 ways I like 100 pounds you know it's gonna be hard to run away from people but anyways guys what you do is you take your money all the the legitimate crypto currencies when they come out when they finally that goes through the ICO process there's like a few months right nowadays is an average about three to six months where they have to take that money and then go build the software and stuff and usually by then when it's released to the public to where the the cryptocurrency can be traded you usually within the first 30 days of the day that it's released to the public to be traded and used by the public it usually increases by about 1,000 percent and in in Wall Street or in the world of trading and investing whenever you have a hundred percent return we call that one X means one times if you have a 2x return that means that you you've got a 200 percent return on your money so if you invested $100 and you made $100 profit then that's called a 1x return if you made if you put up $100 into the ico and you made back to $100 profit then that's called a 2x return and I was telling Matt that despite what anybody says guys the cryptocurrencies are the only asset classes in in the world of investing and trading and both Matt and I are heavy you know futures traders and forex traders and stock traders and options traders guys and we can tell you there is no asset class in the world that pays you a 10x return make sense so you can get into the current cryptocurrency such as factum or litecoin or bitcoin or even a cerium but you already missed that initial 10x move so if you missed it you can get in and you can trade it for this short term but if you want the big money to me it's in the eye cos when they've first and offer the coin offering you know so so hopefully hopefully you guys understand that know what to if you have a small trading account or investment account of where is the best use of your money is to put it into the eye cos instead of trying to trade it in and out okay thanks for watching this video guys and I hope that it helps you guys and if you guys like it give us a thumbs up on it if you guys don't like it give us a thumbs down you know and that way I'll know not to make these videos and I'll see you guys in a future video and if you haven't subscribed to our channel ready make sure you do okay guys the other thing too my boy Matt here right man he's a world-renowned expert when it comes to stuff like the Freemasons the Rosicrucians and and all the secret societies and stuff guys this guy does research on it full time right you know you guys know how I got my buddy leon phu kham that knows everything about computers and software and technology well this is my other buddy you know Matt right here he's like man I swear to god he's must be one of the Freemasons himself man all right these things I'm joking about he knows so much stuff about but the thing is he won't get online and talk about it man if you guys are interested in hearing about it man leave a comment below you know and let us know about what you guys want to know about the secret societies man just leave some questions there and maybe I was strong-armed him into answering some of them for you guys all right thanks for watching this video guys and we'll catch you guys in the future video

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  1. Great video brother, what's Matt's view on that crypto is a "plan" from the power elite to get us to one world currency? Some have mentioned the cover of economy magazine from the 80's with a phoenix rising on the cover and 0 and 1 (bits) and the cover speaking about a one world currency?

  2. note: big money is ico, you can get in to ltc, btc, dash, etc but you already miss the 10x move. if you want the big money. get into ico

  3. I have learned more useful information about crypto trade space in the last 30 days.. than I have in 2 years surfing youtube Thank you for sharing bro,

  4. Hi guys! Http:// is pretty good too. Mr.Zen, excellent work, love your stuff. If you are ever in Charleston, look me up. We got a spot for you to crash too. Cheers bro.

  5. Thanks again Tai for the video. I like them very much. I am also looking forward to your and mr. Leon Fu video about the DAO.  I made a big investment in to THE DAO creation. Are you on Skype? Alex

  6. Hi buddy, What are your thoughts on the DaoHub? could you please talk about the pros and cons and give your opinion as to the profitably. I've been following it since's first announcement way back and have watched your videos on the dao. But now it seems like it has been repackaged.

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