Crypto Investing #130 – What If I Buy Bitcoin (Or Any Crypto) And It Goes Lower? – By Tai Zen

what's up guys this is Ty's n welcome to the cryptocurrency that market Channel this is a trading investing and entrepreneurship channel our goal here is to share with you guys the tools techniques and strategies that we've learned that helped us make life-changing money and life-changing profits in our lifetime and they will retire early okay we've all applied these principles and these concepts and we've already made enough money for us to retire early on our team so it's not like you know we're like one of those channels that talked about the ship but haven't done it yet we've actually done it and done it multiple times and it helped dozens of people already and we're continuing to do it and continue to help more ok so in this video guys I have some notes here I'm going to answer a couple of questions and commentary from two of our followers they're legitimate questions I normally don't ask questions I don't normally make videos to answer questions from my dumbass broke-ass trolls right but these are here are legitimate questions and I don't think that they are twelve okay there are actual legitimate questions even if they were trolls there's still legitimate questions so I'll still answering you know I'd like the broke-ass trolls who are all about emotions and stuff you know anyways you know many of you guys that's been following me for a while you guys know that I have put out like you know every few days every few weeks I put out a notice to remind everyone that we are in a massive bear market right now and to go accumulate and buy as much crypto as you can you know start with Bitcoin and etherium okay but as much as you can like you know sell the extra stupid shit that you have around the house the extra doodads the material stuff instead of go into the Super Bowl take that money go buy you some bitcoins with it okay instead of going to the national championship games right football games go buy you some bitcoins with it because buying those bitcoins will change your life in the future right go into those games is not going to change their life in the future okay if you plan on taking a prostitute out this weekend is them save that money go buy you some bitcoins with them right if you plan on buying an extra car just to impress your friends right go buy some bitcoins with it drive stick with your old car until you make some life-changing profits if you plan on taking a girl out and impress her so you can jump in her pants or something and get some poontang from her right take her ass to a coffee shop or to McDonald's or buy you a ribeye steak or something and take her home and cook it for her and then enjoy it and the money that you say go buy some bitcoins with it I'm telling you right that in the past when I – crypto everybody thought you know it was that real it's not serious nobody took it seriously back when we started our crypto currency trading and lesson channel back in 2013 ok but nowadays like you fast forward six seven years later it's a legit asset class it's the newest asset class on the planet so you got to get some ok don't be afraid don't let those broke-ass trolls out there in the dumbasses that are still broke tell you you know listen to the people that have been through the minefield and have retired thanks to crypto listen to them don't listen to the dumbasses that haven't made any money from it ok speaking of listening okay I listen to two comments that okay so I've been telling people to buy since the the crypto market has crashed eighty ninety percent okay because historically I am basing that that that that that by suggestion on looking at the past and looking at like how historically I have not been wrong if I went in and bought some bitcoins after it has crashed eighty ninety percent right you know seventy eighty ninety percent I have not been wrong if I buy onto it and I hold onto it with a strong hand right then sooner or later that is gonna go up and I'm gonna make some life-changing profits from it okay and again for some people life-changing profits might be a hundred dollars others in a video a thousand dollars but others that may be ten thousand a million who knows okay but it will be life-changing profits okay if you're in the game if your answer sitting on the sidelines and you're not doing anything then of course you're not gonna benefit from it okay so this is a commentary made by to followers of ours one's name is I think it's act spew range okay I can't remember if it's on Twitter that's on YouTube if I get it wrong don't worry about it but it's by spew range the other person is by crypto bro or crypto bro NL or some shit like that okay but these two people to legitimate questions that I want to answer okay they see me you know telling everyone to go buy some bitcoins during this bear market and they're saying hey what did they goes down to 2,000 okay it's like somewhere around three four thousand right now what do they goes down to 2,000 okay from the current price of three four thousand it's at right now okay and the other question was you know that crypto bro was saying is that hey you've been saying this since you've been telling people to buy since six thousand okay his comments are dude you were saying to buy at six thousand as well okay and both of these people are asking legitimate questions okay how address was the the crypto bro commentary first okay he says that I've been saying the 66,000 you damn right okay about that portion but the but you know what actually he's not right because I've been saying to buy bitcoins since 2013 since it was like a hundred bucks okay so I haven't been saying it since six thousand I've been saying it since a hundred dollars okay so if he says I've been saying since two thousand that's only a recent okay and let's just say that you just heard me say that when I say that buy bitcoins at six thousand down the four thousand right now okay the reason why I am buying in at six thousand all the way down even if it goes down to two thousand is because my portfolio is bigger than what your portfolio is starting with so I have to buy in when the market crashes right I can't wait until it comes back up and then start buying it because then I will be competing notice this when price goes up all the buyers are coming in they're buying and pushing the price up I can't jump in there and compete with them and try to get my order filled I don't mind doing that that's for amateurs okay professionals buy when everyone else is selling when everybody is selling they're panicking you know there's scary shit they're a bunch of fucking amateurs you know that haven't been educated and have a trader invest and they're selling their assets you know that's when I like to buy because they're panic selling they're like holy shit I'm scared show is that I don't know what the fuck I'm doing I'm gonna sell my bitcoins right I'm gonna be like an idiot sell it after the market already crashed 7080 percent I'm gonna sell it to the professionals like ty and Leon and all his team okay it's not I didn't ask them to sell it bill the ones selling it okay so when they're selling it that's when I can get my orders filled so I have to buy in okay the technical term for that on Wall Street is called scaling in okay or scaling out okay when you're buying their comment scaling in okay or the other technical term that you'll hear people use on wall street is called pyramiding in to a position okay those that all that shit is to fucking you know but for this pea-brain up here that that's just too fancy technical terms okay I need to start getting my orders filled okay if I have an order this big I cannot wait until it goes back up and everybody's just trying to elbow each other out of the way to try to buy it so I got to start buying in now while everybody's telling nobody is fighting me to buy right now okay that's when I need to mark that's what professionals do that's what institutions do that's what hedge funds do that's the reason why you see the volume right now is higher than it a year ago two years ago three years ago because somebody is buying okay only the scared shit people are not buying they're selling okay and I'll be honest I'm buying it okay I'm buying the shit out of it because I know that that's the best hand for my portfolio because I have a larger portfolio I don't have the same size portfolio that I had six seven years ago so every time I need to buy an older I cannot just buy it click the mouse somebody I have to buy it you know like a few days ago kinda buy some sell for example I bought some melon port okay it took me like three days just to buy what I need it and all I need was just a few thousand bucks it's not like I was buying a hundred thousand dollars worth of shit or something like that right he's buying a few coins and even that took me three days to get all the coins I needed all right so imagine if I had to buy like fifty thousand or a hundred thousand of it but if I had to buy a hundred thousand dollars worth of a coin such as No or something that only trades like 40,000 a day right that shit will take about six months for me to get that much so I can't wait until the price right I have to get a little bit a little bit a little bit at a time okay so for example okay if you have a small portfolio let's say you're just running out with you know let's say you say hey time oh I'm only starting out with a hundred dollars or $2,000 right or $10,000 right like you did when you first started time right then then do I start buying it sounded I when you hear myself and John so what happens is if I divide you in that if I have like $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 portfolio much smaller portfolio right then what I would do is I could wait I could wait until the market goes back up until uncomfortable it goes back up it pulls back and then it comes back up again it pulls that then at that time I can come in with $100 I can come in 500 bucks and coming with a thousand bucks that doesn't matter because I have a small portfolio but when I have a much larger portfolio write a second figure of portfolio or higher every time I get in and out of a position then what happens is I need to have I need time to buy all the tokens as I need okay so that's the reason why okay and that's the reason why it's this spielrein says but what happens it goes down to 2,000 all right thank you to me it doesn't matter if it goes down to two thousand because I'll be buying more because when I need to buy let's say that I need to buy some tokens I don't buy all at once I buy a little bit a little bit a little bit a surprise every time the price goes whoop it drops then I jump in and I buy some more every time it drops I jumped in and buy a little bit more every time it drops I buy a little bit more okay and I'm hoping that I get all my orders filled before it goes back up okay so as it comes down here and let's just say that comes here and then comes back this is the absolute bottom I'm buying here here here here here here here right and as it goes back up I have a 1/3 rule policy a 1/3 rule policy okay the 1/3 rule policy goes like this okay if the I know what the all-time highs are let's say for example Bitcoin went up to $20,000 okay if Bitcoin goes up to $20,000 okay I take the $20,000 and I divide it by 3 and I get 6 6 6 6 right there well the camera is out of focus but it's like 6666 dollars okay so it's not an exact number but somewhere around there I'm gonna start buying okay if I need to if I need to buy I'll start buying somewhere right there so since Bitcoin has crashed way below you know six thousand then I start buying now I might even start at 7,000 if there's a big crash you know from 8,000 and a 7,000 I might come in by a little bit there they crash from seven thousand and six thousand I buy a little bit there and so on all the way down so if it goes down to two thousand right I'll buy a little bit there now somebody recently said that wouldn't you know somebody said that you know some youtuber out there I don't know who it is but you know a few of my followers said that some youtuber out that said that predicted that it's gonna go down you know like a thousand dollars okay it's fine mmm more than likely whoever that youtuber was I don't know who it is but more than likely that they're probably not trading or they haven't been in the game long enough to know about Bitcoin because just think about this in 2017 and 2018 you get all these businesses all these institutions and all these hedge funds trying to get orders okay we get contacted I have been contacted by people okay I don't know they're legit I don't know if they're bullshit but these are reputable traders these are guys that I have been trading with for a long time reason these guys are not bunch of clowns these are guys are not that's not they're not even in crypto okay they're in the traditional stock market and they're getting into crypto and they're asking me hey where can I get fifty million dollars with a Bitcoin or hey where can I get a hundred million dollars with a Bitcoin hey where can I get seven million dollars with a Bitcoin okay this is happening all through the OTC market this is all underground this is all you know like it's an over-the-counter you're not gonna see this on the exchange cuz you're not gonna be able by like a million dollars or five million dollars or ten million 100 million doubt with a Bitcoin okay what are the OTC desk that we talked to that we work with right it's very common for them to get seven eight million dollar orders through their OTC desk just think about that for one minute there's people out there buying seven million dollars at the Bitcoin eight million dollars worth of bitcoins because I asked him I said hey man what's the average size of your your orders when people call in to get bitcoins bill and they said you know you know we can typically fill you know a seven eight million dollar order with no problem right and I'm like shit that's a lot but that's way more than what our OTC desk is doing okay so I want you guys to think about that okay that if somebody says that this is gonna go down to two thousand or if Dan for 1000 what do you think all those hedge funds and all those institutions that we're buying bitcoins at 5,000 and 10,000 at 15,000 what do you think they'll be doing with their money with me but the funds that they have when they see that bitcoins on sale at 2,000 or 1,000 do you think they're gonna sit on the sidelines and just say hmm and winter winds gonna go up or you think they're gonna buy the shit out of it just think about that for a moment right these guys that's you know so if you're managing like if you're out there and you're playing around guys that play with you know a hundred dollar portfolio a thousand dollar portfolio a ten thousand dollar portfolio a hundred thousand dollar portfolio okay that that's what you're gonna hear that's what you're gonna hear is that oh bitcoins then go down to a thousand grams of two thousand but when you do like our team does because we've been in the space a long time and we were one of the first Bitcoin trading investing crypto trading investing channels out there on the market right you know people know that we're the real channel in the real deal and they know that we're not a bunch of fake-ass traders like a lot of these people on YouTube are right so they share a lot of information with us so we get to hang around a lot of seven eight nine figure guys that manage seven eight nine figure portfolios okay so because of that right we hear a different tone we hear different things like you know our ears to the ground just like your ears aren't but we hear something different we don't hear about people panicking we don't hear it guys that's in the hedge funds and guys that are panicking about you know Bitcoin going to our thousand mm you know whoever say that stuff they're not real traders they're not real investors that I'm willing to bet you they are not real traders if they are they just got their new to the game they haven't been in the game as long as we have to know that okay there's just certain things in life where you've been in it long enough you just you just get this like spider sense right like you know where the bitcoins started falling below 6,000 my-my-my like spider senses are like tingling baba okay I wish that that I had that that that that a green light or something right here on my screen I wish I knew enough video editing and special effects to put a green button right here you know a green light here so like you guys can see when ty is mine when ty is selling ok but I want to make this video guys because you got a lot of clowns that just got into crypto lots and lots of clowns just got into crypto never made a fucking dollars on crypto still working a nine-to-five job and they're trying to tell you when to buy crypto or how to buy or how to trader and how to invest into it you know they're a bunch of fucking broke asses ok and I would not be listening to them at least not right now maybe five years down the line maybe ten years down the line right especially if you got guys where you got them you know five six seven years ago they're talking about bitcoins a scam or Bitcoin at bullshit in there me and now they're supposed to be experts in this industry fuck them right if they didn't see the value in it five years ago why the hell were they upset and turn around overnight and see the value of Bitcoin blockchain and crypto currencies today right so I don't pay attention to any of those jackasses okay so I want to wrap up this video guys and remind everyone I have not seen a time in bitcoins history in crypto history where if we buy into Bitcoin or a theorem after a 70 80 90 % crash that was not worthwhile in the future okay I haven't seen that if you guys have seen it show me maybe I'm reading the wrong charts okay maybe out a lot of reach parts or something I don't know but show me show me there's when there was a time that after Bitcoin crash 7080 percent and I was to go buy some bitcoins that you know it ended up being a lot for me you know two three years down the line just show me where where where that happen on the Bitcoin charts okay or on the crypto charts and let me know if I can learn from it too but until you show it to me right I'm gonna still stay with my buying philosophy but now during the bear market I buy when people are selling and I sell when people are buying okay when people are rushing in to buy that's when I sell because that's the easiest that's why I made everyone on our team we were selling bitcoins and crypto and taking properties back when Bitcoin was still below 10,000 and we were taking profits all the way up to 20,000 and all of that down to 10,000 okay so once once we do that right well what's it like it goes up to 20,000 and it comes back down we look at the 50% mark once it falls below that that's that's when we start oh you know we got to stop selling okay and then when it falls below the 1/3 point that's when we start buying again alright so I hope that this video answers the commentary and the question by spheal range of you know what if it goes to two thousand right that the answer is that if I had a small portfolio a small account and when I say small I would say like less than a hundred thousand dollars right or less than ten then I would wait you know I can I can sit there and be patient and wait for the market to go up okay and then however I would still get like if I was gonna put like a thousand bucks into bitcoins and I was sitting there waiting for it to go back up if I get in I would still get like a hundred two hundred dollars of bitcoins right now simply because if it goes up it goes up very fast and you're not gonna have time to catch up to the price you might not catch up in time right and you're gonna regret that so I would still buy just a little bit right and if it fall down then I would buy a little bit more okay now if I had a bigger portfolio like you know a half a million dollar portfolio a million dollar Baltimore I would start looking to buy right now okay so that that's that's how I would do it you know obviously you know what I'm saying here is not you know financial advice many of you guys know I came from Vietnam as a refugee I came to America as a refugee lived in the ghetto ass neighborhoods lived in the black neighborhoods hung around with the wrong people right so drugs right ended up in prison for nearly fourteen years came out my mid-30s had to rebuild my life I had to learn how to trade learn invest and stuff like that and then get back on my feet and fortunately you know I was able to meet the right people learn how to trade and was able to retire by the time I got into my mid 40s so it took about eleven by ten eleven twelve ish years to retire you know thanks to trading and investing so you know I'm saying that not to brag not to impress you not like that right I'm saying that is that no matter where you are at in life no matter what your education level is no matter how broke-ass you are right there is still a path to early retirement there is a path to financial freedom and one of the best paths that we know of is in the cryptocurrency market right now because it is a new asset class that is being generated that's being created in the world so don't be left behind and speaking of left behind if you want to accelerate your ability to learn how to trade and invest in crypto currencies I highly recommend that you get you go to archit we share with you all the mistakes all the pitfalls all the dumbass mistakes that we made and all the things that we've figured out and discovered that made us money and how to do it right and do it correctly right you can beat around the bush you can jack around and take forever to learn how to do this and then wait until the crypto market dies down and the boom is over and then try to figure it out or you can accelerate your learning accelerate your ability to pick this shit up quick so you can make some life-changing profits from it and you know make that money back okay so go check it out I think we still have a holiday sale going on we a lot of folks were complaining that you know that we were doing the holiday sale only for the Western holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and stuff like that in America and we didn't consider the eastern holidays such as the Chinese New Year and that's the biggest freakin holiday in the East so we open it up for additional holiday sales so go check it out right it's a ww2 currency market slash blueprint and thanks for watching this video you guys like it didn't it comes up if you don't like it you know give me a thumbs down and if you are our typical standard broke-ass dumbass controls make sure you leave something stupid in the comments so I know that you're still there and you haven't died out yet okay or didn't get hit by a bus right so thanks for watching this video and I will see you guys in a future video okay and I hope that this video helps you guys out man don't be scared guys it's back in the hood where I grew up you know we always say this a scaredy cat can't become a fat camp okay if you're scared to step into the crypto market you will never ever get to benefit from what the cricket market can provide to you and your family okay so don't be scared okay test small – okay test small don't go out there switch all your life savings into it okay test small take a small percentage of a fraction of your wealth and test it out first before you do anything big okay I'll see you guys in the next video

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