Crypto Investing #124 – Why Listing Ripple Or Any Crypto As A Base Currency May Be Good For Crypto

what's up guys my name is ty Zen welcome to the cryptocurrency dot market channel we're trading and investing and entrepreneurship channel you see that bus right there I was walking down the street here in downtown Bangkok and I was trying to adjust the microphone on this camera and I almost got hit by that bus that could have been the end of this channel guys right so good thing that that uh it was not going that fast okay so be forewarned right and that if you're walking through downtown Bangkok make sure that uh be careful about the buses okay there's a lot of traffic here okay in this video guys I want to talk about the announcement that's been made by my Nance to list the to list the ripple as the base currency pair on the finance exchange you know some people are happy about it some people are not happy about it okay some people think that it's a scam you know the word scam is so overused in cryptocurrency the words you know there's a lot of people apparently there's a lot of people in the crypto space that don't understand what the word scam is right the word scam means that there's a fraudulent activity going on okay or somebody is getting ripped off you know if you make a trade and us don't know what you're doing and you lose money that is not a scam that's you making a bad trade or a bad investment okay so just be aware of that guys because you got a lot of idiots out there that Christ's scam just about it about everything you know if they missed that coin they call it a scam if they got into the coin and they lost money they call it a scam you know it's just a bunch of fucking idiots right so just be aware of that okay that not so and then it didn't help either because cz the CEO and founder of my Nance he put a tweet out that said something like you know that the shield's in ripple and things like that you know are they involved or something like that so people are accusing that that finance is taking accepting money to get listed on an exchange okay so I want to talk about this whole fiasco here okay and why I think it's a good thing for cryptocurrency in general okay one okay let's clear the air about the finance accepting money from the ripple community or from the ripple team to list their ripple token on the finance exchange okay first of all okay I don't know if that's true or not and I don't think any of us can ever determine that that if it's true or not okay because we do not have evidence for that I don't have evidence for it so I cannot say yay or nay whether or not they accepted that whether or not – accepted money for it and I'm not even going to bother researching into it because here's the reason why it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if they paid a dollar to get the coin listed on Finance it doesn't matter if they paid a million dollars or ten million dollars to get listed on the exchange okay it's a job of each coin right their goal should be to get listed on as many exchanges as possible in it on as many big exchanges as possible so I don't care how much they cost the coin whether it's ripple or any coin to get listen on exchange get you ass fucking listed okay stop jacking around so that's one okay who gives a shit how they get listed on there just get listed on there okay if the team has to pay a dollar it has to pay $100 for a million dollars to get listed on the exchange who gives a shit okay as a trader and as the end user of the token right we just want the coin listen so that we can trade it if it's not listed we cannot trade it okay that's all it matters okay so don't listen all these jackasses and these broke asses out there that talk about Oh you know they upset because Ripple's not a real cryptocurrency ripple is not whatever and it's traded you know what I made the mistake of thinking the same thing I'm not gonna make that mistake again okay I made the mistake back when silver was running up to $50 and I listened to all the dumbasses that said that you know paper silver was not real silver that if you're gonna buy and sell silver you should be buying the metal could the silver coins or the silver bars or the silver metal the physical silver and not the paper silver okay and I made that dumbass mistake and I missed out on that move and silver okay and the reality is who gives a shit if it's a product that is being traded on the exchanges whether it's a paper product or a physical product all it matters is that it needs to be traded okay we are not here to change the world guys a primary reason for having this channel is to make life-changing profits okay and in order to make look at this traffic scenario I'm stuck it right I almost got ran by this motorcycle time all right if I get hit by a car or truck while making this video you guys gonna see it I mean this is the only way that we can cross the street here okay so alright so anyway oh by the way let me just show you guys something this is the BTS Nana the bangkok train system right and the building up here it is massive guys I mean they don't have shit like this in the US okay this ship is massive okay it is in my opinion the absolute best technology ever invented by human beings for large scale mass transportation it is the absolute best technology you know the the freaking engineers that came up with the the engineers that came up with the the SkyTrain system here in Bangkok in Asia all those engineers neither will get a damn Academy Award Nobel Peace Prize in Economics and science and mathematics and every damn thing that you can have every damn prize out there that's worth giving out right because it is the absolute best the undisputed absolute best okay mass transportation public transportation system on the freaking planet playa building one right now the first line in Ho Chi Minh City it's going to transform the city that City is going to become even more advanced than Los Angeles or infrastructure wise than Los Angeles or New York by the time it's done okay so right now in Bangkok it has the and one of the best public transportation systems on the planet okay guess what guys I walked all the way over here to look for some chicken wings from the street vendors for my kids because they love this particular type of chicken wings the the Thai flavored chicken wings nobody's here we got a lot of Western people here right so Bangkok is a huge sex tourist City so you got a lot of child molesters you got a lot of Chester's over here that over here messing with the young boys normally they get their ass whipped or killed in the US or in Western countries but over here somehow or another they able to get a free pass okay and then you got the guys that are really really gay and they're happy as shit over here because you don't get discriminated for being gay over here and then you got the lady boys and everything so everybody's in a happy place over here okay so I'm looking for these chicken wings and the street vendor that normally has these chicken wings they're not here they were here this morning but uh I guess after breakfast they dont sell it anymore anyways let's get back to the ripple situation okay so it's ripple first thing is I don't care how they got listen just get listen okay so whenever people say oh they paid off by Nance where they paid off cz or whoever the hell it was they paid off right to get listen I don't give a shit okay just get listed so we can everyone can trade it okay the second thing is this right not only do they get listed not only did ripple get listed right but they got listed as a base pair and what that means is this guys this is very important this is what the video is about here this is critical but because they got listed as a base pair or the quote pair okay what that means in the world of currency trading what that means is that if you notice when you see the symbol for Bitcoin and when you see the symbol for Bitcoin USD that means that that means that is priced on Bitcoin okay so whenever you see Bitcoin bth the base pair is what the value is being put in so for example if we say that something is worth let's say dogecoin is worth half of one Satoshi then when we say that that means that Satoshi that it's being twice against Bitcoin okay now the reason why I think it's good news okay the reason why I say that it's good news for for these new currency pairs for ripple to to come out like that is because of this okay one of the reasons that caused the market crashed okay well one of the things that contributes to the market crash in in the alt markets okay is because everything was priced against Bitcoin and a small part of the market was price on ethers okay by having more based poins such as aetherium and ripple as the the base currency pair as the base coin and not Bitcoin what happens is we are what they call decoupling that means decouple means that we are separating the price of these coins away from Bitcoin so that aetherium Ripple litecoin dogecoin any of these cryptocurrencies can be priced in terms of ripple and not in terms of Bitcoin anymore and to me that is a good sign that the market is getting more mature and that is good for the markets okay that is not a bad thing for the markets like a lot of the trolls and a lot of the broke-ass folks in crypto are telling you okay that's it's a good thing okay it would be the same this this would be the equivalent of saying that you know what now you can buy the US dollar right you can now buy the US dollar with with with British pounds or with euros okay now that's that would be the same equivalent okay so is that a good thing yes it's a good thing the more currencies that you can buy that base currency with I mean the more currencies that you can buy the more diversified it is the more that people have choices and have options in the market okay and it's better for the market okay so whenever somebody tells you that it's not good they're there they don't know what the hell they're talking about they don't know about currency trading okay what they're telling you is that they are upset because they missed out the ripple move or they missed out on buying a low price and they're so upset and they're so pissed off that they can't buy it at that price right that's what they're telling you okay that's what that means so whenever they say oh that's a scam or whatever bullshit that they're saying about ripple being listed on the exchange that's what that translates to is man I'm so pissed off that I missed out on the move right that I am going to call it a scam okay that's us that's what all these jackasses and all these idiots in crypto currencies that keep running around calling everything a scam you know right it's because they're basically saying hey man I was too stupid I was too scared and I missed out on the move and so now for revenge I'm gonna call it a scam okay that's a bunch of stupid shit okay don't don't do no dumb shit like that okay now here's the thing guys right here's the thing that you guys got to understand okay let me go over here and I'm looking for these chicken wings for my kids but I can't find any street vendors that sell the chicken wing okay so so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna order some rice for my wife here they hit one right here yeah no eggs no eggs yeah second way okay so man the peppers in here are killing me my wife likes to eat the hot peppers I personally don't because when I go to take a crap you know that shit hurts okay so anyway okay so I really don't care how the coin gets listed and now that's getting listen it allows more people to participate in the trading of it and more people can trade it in different ways and so the price is not dependent on on which you call it on Bitcoin anymore and why is that so important why is that so important that the price not be based on Bitcoin okay the reason why okay is because once it's not based on Bitcoin anymore okay once the price is not based on Bitcoin anymore it gives us several advantages so that when the next time when we're in a bear market when the price is being drank when the price of Bitcoin goes down it doesn't take all the coins down with it okay that's the key guys that's the most important thing that you guys got to understand from this video is that the less that the old coins are face around the value of Bitcoin the better it is because next time when the market Falls when the problem when I did the market loan what I mean is when the price of Bitcoin Falls for whatever bullshit reason right let's just say that they you know there's no governance in in Bitcoin there's no process to to come to a final decision in a binding decision on how the Bitcoin software gets upgraded so sometime in the future when Bitcoin core you know splits again right and the factions you know they butter hurt about each other's you know one guy thinks that you know his code is better and another guy thinks his code is better they're gonna argue it out fight it out and Bitcoin core is gonna split again right just like Bitcoin cash is gonna split we me and leon phu kham have been saying that for months and everybody said aw you're an idiot you know when you come out and guess what it split again and guess what it will continue a split because there's no mechanism for entire community to agree on the software upgrade so that it's final and it's finding those are the two keys that makes it a good governance system is that the decision is final and it's finding and they actually implement it okay so just be aware that guys right the other thing too is this guys right once that is down okay I expect that they're more there's going to be in the future more cryptocurrencies will be listed as the base pair as the base coin and now in the future right there will be coins that are priced in terms of right now we got coins all most of the coins are price in terms of Bitcoin and then the second coin that was used as a base was etherium and now the third one that that I know of right now and some I think where some might have been based on like coin as well but now that we have Ripple okay that's gonna be another coin and they need to keep doing that finance all the other exchanges and when bindings does that all the other exchanges are gonna do it too the reason is because they don't want to miss out on the money they don't want to miss out on the transaction fees okay because there are some people that's going to want to try to base their coin on on ripple and if it gets accepted they'll start trading in the exchanges one transaction fees guys that's all they care about okay they just keep it this in mind guys the transact that the exchanges are not here to change the world save the whales right prevent climate change and all that other stupid shit okay they're here to make money just like you and I okay let's not try to fool ourselves right you've got these clowns and crypto I don't know why they're in Crystal I really don't know why they're in crypto right they are like they they get upset they get upset when you and I make money they're like that they get upset like if we were to go like you go into the stock market if you make money or lose money in the stock market you make money in style nobody gets pissed off as I hey man it's an open market everybody it's every man for himself to do what you got to do and you make money if you lose money in the stock market no nobody say shit no nobody calls you know Apple a scam or Microsoft a scam whenever they you lose money right only in crypto do you hear everybody screaming scam it's usually because I lost money in it or it's usually because there are immature young little young kids right that still live out of Mama's basement playing video games and eating Cheetos and getting their fat ass and then now they go out into the world they try to invest a little money and they lost it and they don't want to accept responsibility for themselves and they want a bitch and cry and complain that oh this is a scam okay it ain't no goddamn scam it's a damn business and their business is in collecting transaction fees for listing coins on there okay what are they got paid the list of coins on there or whether they chose to list the coins on there by their own choice or by their own volition it doesn't matter okay they are going to do that and continue to do that none of the exchange is going to stop okay as soon as they list ripple and the transaction volume goes up and they start making money off of that guess what all the other exchanging there they're going to copy it and do the same shit and they're gonna realize oh if finance lists of ripple as the base and made money off and all the business went to them shit we better start doing it to a matter of fact we're gonna start listing I don't know dick read as the base will start listing litecoin or dogecoin and as the base okay that is going to happen mark my words more exchanges will continue to do that because all they care about is making money okay and that's what you should be cared about you should be caring about what you can do to make money to take care of your family pay the bills and improve the quality of life for your family you should not be worried about out there with all these dumbass broke-ass trolls still moving out of Mama's basing it like talking about you know just because in exchange you know made the decision to list a coin that they get butthurt about it oh and you know like yeah I can see these trolls now they're like like oh you shouldn't have listed ripple on the finance like figures shut the fuck up man god damn it it's a goddamn business they're in the business of listing coins so people can trade it so they can make money and that would be like going to to to to the the cellular phone store and let's say that they start listing a new brand phone and you get upset because they decide to list a new brand a different brand phone at their store right you wouldn't do that so why would you do be upset if a coin exchange at crypto currency exchange decides to list a different coin on there or a different base on there you know that does not make any damn sense whatsoever and stop listening to these damn fools out there that don't know what the hell they're doing right who are butthurt because they missed the move in 2017 ripple had an amazing ride in 2017 I know several people that became multimillionaires and retired because of ripple okay I did not make a ton of money on ripple I did make a little bit on that move in 2017 okay but I know people that made a shitload of money off of it and you know what I don't sit there and bitch and complain you know what more power to them they were able to see dry land through muddy waters and they got in before I did okay I was over here trying to save the whales and and and save the climate change is shit and I missed out on that move listen to these dumbass 12 so don't make that mistake if you're not sure about what ripple is and the mistakes I made in ripple go search on my channel for that video I made about the mistakes I made and ripple and I'm not gonna do again and check it out and let me know what you guys think okay so just to sum it up ripple getting listed as the base currency on Finance is a huge step forward for the entire cryptocurrency community I'm not saying that because I was paid by ripple I'm not saying that because I was paid by by Finance I'm not saying that because I own ripple tokens I'm saying that because it's a reality that the more coins get lissa in exchange and the more coins we have listed as a base currency the less volatility there will be in the future when Bitcoin crashes for some stupid reason okay and it will crash again it's not the first time that it's crashing 8090 percent and we'll continue to do it over and over in the future until the market matures okay right now the market is not mature so we have lots of volatility and that's where the money is made is the volatility there goes the Train guys there goes the Train I was telling you about that is the the SkyTrain is the absolute best the absolute best mass transportation that has ever been invented by human beings the damn engineers that invented the SkyTrain system man they should be rewarded I mean like they they should be recognized for their innovation man okay because I have never seen such a low cost in such a safe and so efficient and works almost every I mean every time I go through it it works okay you cannot ask for more than that when millions of people get transported from point A to point B for less for for me it's like 84 cents a ride for if used by one ticket it's like two bucks if long I figure the longer past right is that 84 cents and your senior citizen is like half that if you're a student it's like half that so you were getting rides it for like forty fifty cents if you live in downtown in Bangkok period you don't even need to own a car because the public transportation is so phenomenal unfortunately America is great but one thing I Susie doubt they will ever build in America is the SkyTrain system and the reason is because Americans are full of white people and they do not want any black people coming into their neighborhoods okay something like in Atlanta they have a skytrain system like in the majority of city except in the northern part because they don't want black folks coming in there or poor folks not just black clothes but poor folks in so there are those wealthy people in the wealthy neighborhoods they're always going to vote it down and never want the SkyTrain system or a powerful transportation system like that in their neighborhood okay and the other thing too is that the oil companies and the car manufacturers in America they're going to be against something shit like this okay but this is unbelievable if you guys ever come to Bangkok come to any of the Southeast Asian countries make sure you get like a you know ten twenty ride pass you know it's dirt cheap don't even think about it twice if there's a skytrain system in that asian city that you visit you've got to get the sky pass that the sky train pass and use it and nothing else because it is the ultimate form of transportation for you ever been invented for a large-scale urban metropolitan area okay hi guys thanks for watching this video guys and if you guys have any thoughts any positive thoughts or any differing opinion that's based on you know some fact or some kind of logic or some kind of reasoning leave it in the comments and I'll check it out and I'll consider it if you want to troll me then leave your emotional you know butthurt comments in the troll box right below here in the comments and I'll check it out I won't consider it I won't think about it but I will laugh my ass off about it okay so I invite you to put it in there okay so thanks for watching this video I gotta go pick up the food that I ordered for my wife right and I will see you guys in a future video right and I hope that all the exchanges are watching this video so they start listing a bunch of other coins as the base currency and not just riffle alone alright follow me on Twitter and pay tithes N and if you're serious about trading and investing right make sure that you go get a copy of our cryptocurrency investing blueprint you can go check it out at today beloved tire Irvan okay you can do it too don't let the trolls don't let the jackasses don't let the broke-ass idiots out there that don't know about crypto tell you how to invest in a hotel you the right decisions in it okay go check it out get you a copy of the cryptocurrency investing blueprint and I will see you guys in a future video thank you

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  2. I love your videos bro and have been waiting for something like this. I see more and more youtubers talking about decupling from BTC. We need more trading pairs and what Binance are doing is great. One more thing you all should stop selling your positions in alts when BTC is dropping. If everyone stop doing this we would not be so dependent on BTC.

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