Crypto Investing #114 – 10 Reasons I Became A $1 Million Trader When Others Failed (2of2) – Tai Zen

I start about that interruption guys the camera I thought I had said it to do continuous recording but it cut off okay so as I was saying in the previous video right where I got cut off on something out like I was studying the science of training and it didn't matter if I was a high school or a college dropout you know I spent enough time you know in high school to understand what the scientific process was and how to experiment with something so whenever I heard a traitor's say something to me I always questioned whether or not that was true or not by actually going up there and testing it okay now obviously I'm not like a professional scientist or something okay I'm just saying you know what do they call that I do my testing based on anecdotal data they mean that I accumulated the data inside it myself I didn't you know it was rare that I had data from other people that I could use okay so I mean from other researchers okay so that was number six is studying the science I got my cheat sheet here in front of me two guys if you wonder why I keep looking down okay so certain the science of training was reason number six that allowed me to become a million dollar trader was because I never stopped researching and learning four different ways to become a better trader okay so number seven okay is to recognize the profitable versus the unprofitable traders okay one of the mistakes that I made that was very huge in my early years was that when I was learning different trading strategies I learned it from unprofitable traders okay there are different types of traders out there and I did not know that I did not know how to distinguish or differentiate between the different types of traders okay and let me share with you guys the different types of traders that we have out there okay there are people that talk about trading and investing okay they are they man have a really good talk game okay that means that you know in in in the ghetto where I grew up there's a saying that whenever we say that someone has a good talk game that means they can run their mouth and they can talk so much stuff about that subject matter but when it comes down to doing it they cannot actually do it okay so these people right here are the people that I call good they do they're really good at talking trading okay but they themselves cannot actually do what they talk about okay like when they talk about you know taking your losses or you know sizing your bets correctly they know that they know that hey you know what this train is gonna against me I need to get out I need to get out but they actually won't do it okay they know that hey when the market is running up you have to sell into strength you have to sell into momentum and take profits they know that it's not like they don't know it but when it's time to do it emotionally they cannot do it emotionally they don't have the skill to actually do it and pull the profits out they just sit there and freeze like a deer in headlights like you know okay so number two is that there are traders that can say it but they can also do it also okay not only can they talk about it but they can also do it okay then there's a third group of traders where they are traders okay and knowledge they okay so these traders they they can talk it and they can do it but they cannot teach it to someone else however they figure it out how to trade you know they are incapable of explaining it to another human being to do what they do okay so these two I really don't pay too much attention to them because I can one they this one doesn't make any money trading this one makes money from training but they don't want to explain to me so I can't learn from that person okay the third type of person that I look for in trading are the people that know how to trade they don't not only talk it but they can actually do it okay they can talk trading they can do trading and they know how to teach trading to other people so to do the same thing they are okay those are the people that I'm looking for okay and fourth category of traders are the traders who can do this right and they have the unique ability because they're so experienced and they're so knowledgeable about trading these people can actually come up with new stuff in other words they can innovate and invent new stuff thank you they're capable of you know like they've had so much experience they've made enough money where they've had enough trades under their belt where they have enough experience now they understand the science of trading and they can now if you put those people in a completely new market that has never been traded before they will figure out how to trade and become profitable in that market and myself and my team members I put us in this category in this range right here okay because we were successful in trading stocks futures Forex options and then when we got into the crypto space right and we have been teaching people for many many years how to trade stocks futures Forex options we had a background in that okay and so when we enter the crypto market right even though with all that background in trading we came to the crypto market and we still got knocked in the head multiple times and lost tons of money okay and usually the losses came from not understanding how the computer security and how to properly secure your coins how to transfer it correctly and doing just just basic stuff that was not a really a big deal in the stock market but coming into the crypto mark it was a huge deal okay like you know for example like you know when we first got into litecoin right it was like 50 cents and it ran up to like what it was it ran up to like five dollars no fifty dollars right back in 2013 I mean we had never seen something like that before right so we lost a ton of money not taking profits when we were supposed to because we had never seen something like that in the stock market before right so now we've learned from that multiple times many incidents like that have happened so now we know how to take profits a slightly different than we would in the stock market the forex market okay so number seven is what I'm still talking about is recognizing the profitable from the unprofitable traders okay these are the guys that you want to talk to okay not just this guy will be here he's profitable you really don't want to talk to him because he's just confused the hell out of you when you talk to him cuz he doesn't have explained stuff some people just don't know how to explain what they're doing it's not just in training it's an art it's in mechanics it's an engineering it's in medicine there's a lot of fields that people they might know how to do it but they just are not good at explaining it okay they're not teachers okay so these are the people you want to look for now how do you find these people how do you find these people and I'll just give you some very very simple clues to how you can find these people right one is that you look at their lifestyle right are they going to work are they still working nine to five or they still I mean what are they doing if they are a million-dollar trader more than likely they are going to be too busy focusing on trading and managing their portfolio they're not gonna have very much time for other stuff okay and if they're not managing their portfolio then they are pretty much you know relaxing or chilling okay and then if they also are they concerned about money like when you are around them do they appear to be concerned about money okay or are they worried about it okay the guys that are million dollar traders they're not concerned about money because if the guys really do have the skill of trading they are not going to they're confident it's like you know I don't worry about going into a place and not knowing how to speak English because I know how to speak English okay I don't worry about going into a place and not knowing how to speak Spanish because I speak Spanish okay so I don't worry about those things so whenever you do whenever you see a guy that claims to be a million-dollar trader but he's always he's always worried about money right then more than likely he's probably not there yet okay maybe he's on his way but he's not there already okay the other thing too is this right is that if you look at a profitable trader there should be two core skills trading skills that they're focus on one is sizing your bets correctly at the appropriate times meaning that if you have a hundred thousand dollar portfolio how much of that do you put on the trade and when do you do that like should you put on one percent of your entire portfolio two percent of your entire portfolio a quarter percent of your entire portfolio in the traditional stock market right I have never seen anyone that was consistently profitable when they risk more than two percent of their entire portfolio on one single trade okay in the crypto market I would go as far as like three percent right simply because the market is so inefficient that you can get away with a lot of stupid nonsense okay but as the market matures like in 2017 right I was telling my clients they can risk up to five percent of their entire portfolio on a coin right in 2018 I had to cut that down to three percent because the market was becoming more efficient and the more efficient that the market becomes the less room for error that you have okay you really got to know what you're doing excuse me okay and I project that by 2019 – for sure by about 2020 that I would I would for sure say that I would not I would not recommend anyone risk more than 2% of the entire portfolio on a single coin by 2020 or 20 21 okay because I buy the rate that the market is maturing and becoming more efficient there's not gonna be that much room for error like that in the future so right now in 2018 you can get away with that but later on if you listen to this video in 2020 or more do not risk more than 2% of your entire portfolio in the stock market when I'm coaching someone how to trade stocks futures and Forex it's rare that I ever recommend someone risk more than a quarter percent or half a percent of their entire portfolio on a single position that means that if I have a hundred a portfolio I would not risk 1% would be like $1,000 so half a percent is like $500 a quarter percent is $250 I would not risk more than $250 on a single trade so if I got into a Forex position on the Euro right and I would not take more than $250 loss on that trade okay because the forex market the stock market the futures market those markets are extremely efficient okay very very efficient so you don't have a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes okay so you got to be small and tight and be really on point with it okay so that's the profitable traders are going to be talking about things like controlling your bet size your position size okay how much of your portfolio you put onto a trade and how do you capture big winners when you are right most traders that are profitable the majority of the time they're not the majority of their trades do not make money right it's very very common for trend traders like myself and many other trend traders to be wrong two-thirds of the time however we're still profitable okay so how is it possible that you can be wrong two-thirds of the time on your trades and still be extremely profitable it's because we know how to capture big winners when we're right that one-third of the time when we are right we know how to squeeze the maximum amount of profits out of those profitable trades so that the profits are significantly bigger than the losses so if for example if I make 10 trades and let's say six trades lose $1 that would be minus $6 but then if I make three trades that win $3 each right then that's $9 of gain you deduct the six dollars of losses and now you're up three dollars okay that's just simple math right but that's how trading works most people don't realize that okay but that's how trading works for trend traders okay scalpers in the short term you know trading that's completely different but for trend traders most of the profitable traders I know are all trend traders I don't know of any consistently profitable scale first out there okay I've never met a consistently profitable scalper and I have met hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of traders and I have not met one trader that was consistently profitable year in and year out scalping the markets okay so I'll talk about that in a different video okay but another sign of a profitable trader okay is that they are very cocky and very arrogant okay it seems very cocky and arrogant some people say I'm cocky you know okay and there is a reason for that there's a reason for that right and most profitable traders will not tolerate from other traders that are not profitable the guys that are profitable traders they know who they are they know who that when you talk to them right you are not gonna tell them some and they're gonna sit there that there usually if they're gonna talk to you they're not gonna let you say stupid that's gonna cause other people to lose money like if we're in a circle and we're in a group of people and I hear you saying something stupid that's gonna cause other people in the group to lose money I'm gonna put my foot down and put a stop to it because I know that that does not make money okay and the profitable traders one of the things that they all understand is that not too many people get to the level that we're at okay not too many people get hit to our level so they know that they know that most people quit most people give up most people are uneducated about it so they always try to explain it and help out people when they can okay and they're very firm on it okay yeah what their process is the the gentleman named the trader named Rick okay he's in Denver right now in the city of Denver in the state of Colorado he's in the mid the middle part of the of the US right he was the first trader that made that confirmed for me the science of trading and what I saw out in the markets okay and what actually really worked okay and when you meet him he's very cocky okay he's very standoffish and he won't tolerate from anyone about trading because he's a real profitable trader he's a consistently profitable trader he try the futures market right in the forex market and he's extremely extremely profitable and he just won't tolerate it when he sees other people talking stupid nonsense about trading okay so if you meet a trader that's very humble that's very quiet doesn't you know let's just say very not contentious when it comes to talking about trading right more than likely he's probably not profitable okay because he the ones that are profitable they know they when they finally break through to the other side and understand what trading is about and what makes you a profitable trader they're not gonna tolerate that nonsense okay now the unprofitable traders are very easy to recognize the unprofitable traders all you ever hear them talk about is technical analysis that's all you hear them talk about okay and on their charts they draw a thousand squiggly lines a thousand shapes a thousand arrows on there and you look at it and you can't even see the line charts anymore you can't even see that the candlesticks anymore and man that is that that that that is just crazy right the unprofitable traders also like to use indicators and oscillators and man they dive deep into it okay they go into all when this happens these two lines cross over here and they cross over there and they meander over here and then they're all in the clouds and you know all this stupid nonsense right none of those guys are profitable traders man when I meet those guys you know the first thing I ask them is how much money are you putting on that trade you just did that technical analysis you said that's where to get in how much money are you willing to put on that okay because I'm an our team whenever I do technical analysis and right I have carte blanche okay carte blanche means white letter that means you know in the old days in Europe you know if you got the white letter from the Emperor from the King from the Pope and you come down and you say hey the Pope has given me permission to you know sleep with all the first brides or all the virgins in the town or hey I get to you know collect taxes from everyone that white letter gives you power and authority and permission to do whatever you want that's what carte blanche means okay means the white letter okay so on our team you know you guys know that the the my co-host and my business partner is leon phu kham the Honorable grandmaster the legendary Oracle of crypto and I also have David Fong right in Puerto Rico right now and these guys we have all made an agreement between the three of us right as the founders of this channel and everything is that whenever one of us does the analysis on the markets we have carte blanche meaning that we have permission from each other you know in we have an agreement a gentlemen's agreement that any one of us can put on a trade up to a hundred thousand dollars okay that means that if I do technical analysis on a coin or that I like right not only do I put money on it myself but I can put up to a hundred thousand dollars for Leon or for David and I can call them up the next day and say hey man this is a good trade I found it you know you need to put you know I put you know eighty thousand dollars on it for you I put a hundred thousand dollars on it for you okay this has several happened in several times with me and Leon okay I think the last one I did for him right you know I put over a hundred thousand dollars on it you know and I can do that without even asking him for permission right so whenever you hear people doing technical analysis the first thing I would ask is how much money are you putting on to that how many bitcoins are you putting on to that trade because people can do all the analysis that they want but until they put money on to that trade right doesn't mean anything to me it doesn't mean it means absolutely nothing to me okay so just be aware of that okay and hopefully that helps you you know understand you know some of the just the basic things about traders and how they are they they they are a profitable or unprofitable okay is how much money are they putting on it okay so that was number seven okay is to recognize the profitable and unprofitable traders number nine okay no number eight is controlling your bed size okay the reason why I became a million dollar trader is because I had the ability and I understood and knew how and can execute the ability to control my bed size okay again that size on Wall Street they like to call position sizing okay bed size means that if I have a hundred thousand dollar portfolio how much of that money am I going to put on Bitcoin how much of that money am I gonna put on aetherium how much money am I going to put on each one of these coins okay to see if I'm right you know I anticipate that Bitcoin is going up I anticipate the theorem is going up how much money of my portfolio am I going to put on that to make to test and see if I'm right okay like I said in the traditional stocks futures and Forex I do not recommend more than a quarter of one percent or half of one percent okay so meaning on a hundred thousand dollar portfolio or account in the traditional stock futures and Forex and options market I would not recommend anyone risk more than a quarter of a percent which is $250 on a hundred thousand dollars or five hundred dollars which is half a percent on a hundred thousand dollars on that trade so if I get in to buy some Apple stocks and I put five hundred dollars on that trade if something goes wrong and I in that position that trade goes down and I lose 500 and out I am out I don't I have lost so many times having big winners in my trading account that at this point in my life you know I'm in my mid forties right now I don't have time to Jack around with that that's a losing trade so be it two-thirds of my trade – always lose money I'm not worried about it I know that I just got to be there and and know how to capture that big winner when I am right on the other one-third that I am profitable on okay so I don't worry about it I scratch that trade it's a loss let it go time to move on to the next trade okay so in the crypto currency market we may go up to right now at this moment when I'm making this video in 2018 you know we can get away with like you know 3% but just keep in mind guys just twelve months ago was willing to risk up to 5% and now 12 months later I'm only willing to risk up to 3% and I'm not telling any of my clients to risk more than 3% because mathematically right it's not gonna work in your favor right and I anticipate that by 2020 2021 I'm not gonna be risking more than 2% and when I say 2% that doesn't mean that you go in which is 2% when I say 3% that doesn't mean that hey I want to buy Bitcoin I'm put 3% on it that's not what I mean you get like a quarter percent at a time you know risk a little bit at a time a little bit at a time a little bit of time you don't just put all in okay you never go all in and you never come all out okay there's not too many absolutes like guaranteed always never words like that you rarely hear me say that in trading okay or investing but in this particular case I will say it we never ever want to go all in or all out a little bit in at a time and a little bit out at a time okay so that's number eight is controlling the bet sighs okay number nine is knowing how to capture big winners when we're right remember in trading when you trade the traditional markets like stocks futures Forex options things like that right a lot of times we don't we don't what do you call that we don't when we capture big winners in the traditional markets usually it doesn't go up tremendously like when you're up on the in the stock market you may be up two or three percent four percent on your portfolio and one trade may cause your account to go up one or two or three or four maybe even five percent it's rare that you get into any trade in in the traditional markets that will jump your account from you know a hundred thousand and two hundred thousand dollars and make a 1x or a one hundred percent return right away you know you got to make multiple trades to get it up to that right or you got to let that trade run for several months or years to get it up to 100 percent but in crypto thousand or percent can happen in five minutes it can happen in one hour it can happen in one day it can happen in one week or one month or one year so because of that when you're right you have to know how to capture that okay so as a reference point based on the hundreds of traders that I have worked with right I would say that if let's just say that in 2017 if Bitcoin went from a thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars let's just use that as an example if you were a good trader and you got into bitcoins at 1,000 dollars and the price went up to twenty thousand dollars if you told me right if you're a professional trader you're an experienced trader you're a veteran trader and you told me hey I captured like two-thirds of that move right so there's like let's just round it off there's like nineteen eighteen thousand dollars worth of profit in there right let's just say that you told me hey you captured you made about twelve thousand dollars profit off of that move when Bitcoin went from one thousand to twenty thousand I would say you know what that's really good I would patch in the back shake your hand bump this and say you did a fantastic job right because you captured roughly about two-thirds of that entire move on that trend okay from one thousand to twenty thousand dollars now if you have a mature you're a beginner you have no clue what the hell you're doing and you're just starting out and you were able to capture like 22 thirty percent a quarter to about a third of that entire move so let's say that you got in at $1,000 right and you're an amateur right and you in Bitcoin went up to $20,000 if somehow or another you were able to capture about five or six thousand dollars of that move then I would pat you on the back and say that you did a good job because most amateurs and most beginning traders are most uneducated traders they'll let it go to 20,000 and come right back down to a thousand and do nothing about it okay make no money off of it okay so the fact that you caught you captured and you pulled out a quarter to a third of that move of that move up to $20,000 I would congratulate you on that okay because I don't see too many traders that's able to and the idea that somebody can capture like you know the entire move from 1,000 all the way to 20,000 and catch 100 percent of that profit they might be able to you might get lucky and I might get lucky and do that once a month or once a year or once every like 50 or 100 trades or something like that but that's not something that you can reliably build a trading plan or a trading system around okay that's not realistic at all okay so just just let that go out of your head if you think that that's gonna be something that you can can do consistently all the time you're not gonna be able to do that consistently every time on every trade when you're right okay so that's number nine is knowing how to capture that big winner when you're right remember most trend traders are only right about a third of the time okay the other two-thirds of the time they're wrong okay so doing that one third of the time that you're right you have to be able to capture so much of that profit that it covers up all the losses it makes up for all the losses and the other two-thirds of the losing trades okay now that's in the traditional stocks futures Forex and options market in the crypto market I have seen people be right on over 50 percent of their trades I've done that before okay but here's the thing guys you got to know when something is skill and when something is luck which leads us up to the 10th and last reason that I became a traitor and while others failed around me okay is that I had the ability right or I developed or I practice the ability to recognize when something is still versus when something is luck okay when when I made my first million dollars when I grew my portfolio my first million dollars when I got it up to a million dollars right I'm in my mid-40s it took me over forty seven years to make my first million right I think like 44 years something like that 45 I don't know I depend about how you want to count it okay basically I didn't make my first million in two hours in my mid-40s already okay now my second million that I made right only took a few months okay my third million that I made right that I was able to grow my portfolio to you know that only took like a week okay now what's the difference between one week a few months and forty seven years okay the 47 years I know for a fact that that was skill that was skill that I that I practice and I trained and I learned in over many many years and thousands of trades I learned how to acquire the skill and understand the science of trading and be able to apply it in the markets correctly to where I can make that okay the second time was also skill the second million that I grew that was also skill but the third million when I made it right this is the first time that that I was able to grow my portfolio right you know a million in games in one week right that was luck see I know that I know that that was luck I know that I cannot do that consistently right I know that I cannot do that consistently the market I had the trading skills right I had the experience the market gave me an opportunity I pounced on it I jumped on it I capitalized on it and I was able to grow my portfolio that much okay that was luck okay and you guys got to be aware when what when you it's very very important to understand when when you do something that is just luck and something that is real skill okay real skill because the reason why is because real skill can be replicated it can be repeated it can be duplicated it can be taught to others okay now the things that our luck in trading there's nothing that you can do to do that like I'll give you an example one of my best stock trading days ever ever ever ever was the crash I think it was in May of 2010 there was a flash crash when the market felt like a thousand points the Dow Jones felt like a thousand points that day that was one of my best stock trading days ever ever ever okay in the history of my personal training the reason was because I happened to be in front of the computer I happen to know about how to trade stocks I had already the skills and everything and by that the minute I saw the market tanked I lost I did not know what to do when I saw the market dropped three hundred points four hundred points five hundred points six hundred points seven hundred points during the crash of oh eight and I saw that and I and I used to beat myself up for it thinking that man I could have shorted that if I would have held on longer I could have made more money I could have done this I could have done that I could have done a lot of things right and I told myself that and I rehearsed it in my mind if this ever happens again the market ever just crashes 500 points in her points a thousand points this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do it and I kept rehearsing that over and over and over for over two and a half years for over two years I kept rehearsing that in my head and I kept looking at my trade log kept looking at my notes and I kept saying to myself if this ever happens and I'm in front of the computer this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna capitalize on it okay and I did okay in 2010 I happen to be in front of the computer I'd turn on everything I look at the markets and all of a sudden after I got ready to trade right boom the market starts tanking right and the Dow started falling and falling and falling and I was there and I jumped on it I capitalized it and and and was their execution skills that I could have done a lot better today if the market ever crashes a points and I'm in front of the computer I am gonna make so much money it's gonna be ungodly okay but that's luck I have the skills but the luck is not there yet okay the luck is that the market conditions are not there for me to apply those specialized skills right I promise you I promise you you put me and any trader in front of me the market crashed a thousand points I promise you I will pull out more points out of the market than any trader around me okay why because I've made those mistakes before I had a chance to recover from it learn from it and then I figured out how to do it the next time okay so the next time when that opportunity presents itself in front of me I'm gonna jump on it okay and so in in whenever the market was running up to twenty thousand dollars i when Bitcoin was running up to twenty thousand dollars and the entire market was running up to eight hundred fifty a billion market cap there were weeks when I was in front of the computer and that opportunity presented itself and I was there and everything just came together and to me right that was his luck that was not something I can replicate over and over that's not something that my team can do over and over again okay but there's other things that we can do repeatedly okay so to sum it up guys real quick right the ten reasons are number one is to get educated right do not try to figure this trading and investing stuff out on your own you're gonna waste a lot of time right you know a lot of money trying to figure it out and hopefully you figure it out okay so number two is no uncle Ned's do not listen to uneducated people when it comes to trading and investing okay number three is do whatever it takes I stood down the street corner and I asked everybody that walked past me hundreds and hundreds of people walked by before I finally got my ten thousand dollars okay so I can start my first trading account number four is ignore all the broke-ass haters the trolls the people who will never ever make anything of their life okay the people who for whatever reason they're lazy they're not motivated maybe they grew up in a wealthy family already they have money already these don't care don't listen to those people they're not gonna help you there okay listen to the people were hungry like I was listen to the people who are motivated to succeed in trading and investing listen to the people who have made it and looking back and can give you some guidance on it okay staying committed despite all the losses losses are a part of trading and investing guys we are no matter we can do the best analysis in the world okay but we can still get into that trade get into that crypto get into that stock get into that options contract and we can still lose money because it's out of our control okay so stay committed despite those small losses okay look at the big picture think long term the next thing is studying the science of trading understanding the mechanics of how trading works how is it possible that you can lose more times than you win and still be profitable that's what you need to know okay the other thing too is when you're learning recognize the profitable from the unprofitable traders okay viii is control your bet size your position size and make sure that you don't the losses whenever you suffer a loss that it's not so damaging that it destroys your entire account and you're out for six months you have to go work 9:00 to 5:00 again reload your account it's nonsense like that okay so number nine is knowing how to capture big winners when you are right remember the majority of the time if you're a trend trader the majority of the time your your your your trades do not make money so the few times that your trains do mic money and it does go in your favor how do you squeeze the maximum profits out of that okay and number ten is know the difference between trading skill versus trading luck okay you know in the ghetto where I grew up we say that every dog gets a bone one of these days okay if it digs through enough trash cans sooner or later it'll find a bone okay and what I'm saying is that you know learn the skills that you can repeat over and over to consistently make you money so that you can take care of your family do not rely so much on luck if you develop those skills almost every year that via time when the market just hands you an opportunity and you get to apply all your skills everything that you've learned and you get to make a crapload of money okay there's no other profession there's no other skill that I know of in the world that allows one human being to make a million dollars on his own okay there are doctors out there that say they make a million dollars right but you know what they still need a staff they still need nurses they still need x-ray technicians and all the people to help them there are lawyers out there that make a million dollars a year but they still need a team of paralegal secretaries and all kinds of people to help them right trading is the only skill in the world that I know of where one human being can make a million dollars on his own or on her own without the assistance of any other human being now when you grow past that you do need help you need software you need people to help you take it to the next level but your first million you can definitely do it on your own and I hope that this video inspires you guys right to get off your butt go take action and do whatever it's necessary to become a successful trader because once you become a successful trader your life changes you can help out a lot more people I would not sit here and have the time to broadcast and share this video and make this video for you guys if I was not financially free if I was still trapped you know in working the nine-to-five I would not have the freedom to do this to help you guys okay you can help out a lot more people being a millionaire than you can by being a broke-ass okay get that out of your head right you think that you make forty fifty thousand dollars a year and you can help more people no you're not okay you're not gonna help more people by making forty fifty hundred thousand dollars a year you got to become a millionaire a multimillionaire if you want to reach out and help more people out there in the world okay and I hope that this video inspires you to go and pursue your dreams as a trader as an investor I hope this video motivates you to get off your butt and go take action okay I've never met a millionaire that sits on his ass on a couch well that's how ironic because I am sitting on a couch right but that sits on my couch and does nothing okay I've never met a successful trader that does nothing okay the average result of doing the average profit of doing nothing is zero percent profit okay so the other thing to guys is that if you guys like this type of video if you guys like what I've shared with you if you guys like this type of training and you guys want to learn from someone that has already crossed the minefield of trading and investing and you don't want to get your arms blown off or your legs blown off stepping on the wrong spot right you need to go check out hey guys keep it quiet right you guys need to go check out see investing blueprint i have myself leon food calm David we have consolidated everything that we have ever learned about trading and investing into one package okay that right there in my opinion is the undisputed best the absolute best cryptocurrency investing training 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can say that they are real cryptocurrency okay so thanks for watching this video guys let me know in the comments guys let me know the struggles that you're going through in trading and investing let me know okay and I'll share with you guys the things that I did to overcome those same obstacles okay whatever obstacles that you faced in trading and investing trust me I have already been to it dozens and dozens and dozens of times other traders have been through it dozens of times and someone has already figured out a solution to it that's something you guys got to know is that whatever it is that you're struggling with in training someone has already figured it out it's where guys I'm not you know like I'm not you know beating my chest or not in here guys but it's rare that you are going to throw a training hurdle or or an issue at me that I have not encountered and suffered from dozens of times already there's not a matter of fact I challenge anyone right I challenge anyone out there to present a trading problem that they have run into that I have not run into I would like to learn that because that's gonna open my eyes that's gonna help me learn something new okay so if you do that I invite you to I challenge you and then if you actually present a problem in trading that I have not encountered and I'll be honest it's a gentlemen's agreement if I if you share a trading problem or issue with me that I have not personally encountered right I will send you a free copy of one hour book whenever we print it okay so I challenge you to do that okay so thanks for watching this video guys if you liked it go check out follow me on twitter at hey tae Zhen okay you can also go check out the cryptocurrency investing blueprint @ww crypto currency market slash blueprint thanks for watching this video guys thanks for supporting our channel and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video

15 thoughts on “Crypto Investing #114 – 10 Reasons I Became A $1 Million Trader When Others Failed (2of2) – Tai Zen”

  1. You're brutally honest. That's why not many people watched your video because most people like to watch the videos with fancy indicators, technical analysis…

  2. Its ok Tai to bring out this video when youve made it and are now a millionaire. Your used to be friendly channel has changed a lot. Why dont you pull out the truthful card DO A VIDEO and tell your viewers, acknowledge and openly share what happened to the painful demise of bitcoin private. You CONVENIENTLY avoided that topic completely, for a year!! And im sure many viewers lost money in bitcoin private launch which hurt a lot. Yet you do 50 videos on a chic who has no clue about crypto. At least there are other youtubers out there with a bit of followers that put in the time to apologise, discuss and admit or something. Your inaction shows your integrity!👎
    Not watching your channel anymore. Better and more honest ones out there.

  3. 19:26, i disagree with you that TA is bullshit, i have been profitable the whole bear market because of indicators and oscillators. off course , price acton is the most important. While you where calling bottom on twitter in march/ april, i was questioning that. Lest be honest dude, we all got lucky and became million $ traders in the crypto bubble. In Wallstreet they say, and i AGREE if you don't know how to short , than you are def. not a trader, you're an investor.

  4. I have been trading crypto for six months started out with 170 went to 2500 down to 500 up to 2500 back down 500 back up 2500 back down to 500 moving up to 2500 right now I am at 735 how do I break the 2500 barrier? Thats my question.

  5. Hy. Thank you for all the knowledge shared with us . I would like to hear un update from you and Leon about Waves Platform from the development state of view. They seem one of the few active and real working projects in the crypto space

  6. Great 2 videos dude. The only thing I don’t agree with is that you have to be an arrogant dick to be successful S a trader. Remember pride comes before the fall my man. 👍 but not tolerating bullshiters is all good in my book.

  7. Very interesting and inspiring story. Thank you for video. But man the blueprint is really high for my budget or probably most ppl out here.

  8. 😂 the hair thing. I’m looking to be a full time trader myself and I’m liking what you’re saying! The Science of trading. I wrote down everything and I’m going to hang it up on my wall!

    My main reason for getting to a million is for my daughter since I’m a single father raising her by myself with zero help and to help others. Also so I can show my ex she f’d up as she cheated on me and had another man’s baby who is a broke ass loser who’s not helping her 😂

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