Crypto Investing #113 – 10 Reasons I Became A $1 Million Trader When Others Failed (1of2) – Tai Zen

what's up guys my name is a Thais n welcome to the cryptocurrency that market channel this is a channel for crypto currency traders investors entrepreneurs this is not a political channel it's not a cryptocurrency tech channel right this is a channel to help people make more money in crypto currency trading and investing okay so in this video guys I want to talk about the 10 reasons why I became a million dollar trader and others around me failed and the things that I did to ensure that I succeed and then the things that I saw people other traders do that caused them to fail miserably okay so I want to start back and I want to share these stories with you because it'll help you understand the path that someone goes on to become a million-dollar trader okay and it's not just in crypto it's in any market okay so I don't want you guys to think that this is only related to crypto currency trading only okay so that's why I didn't say crypto currency trader in the title of this video okay I'm going to start from the beginning when I first learned about cryptocurrency okay I first learned about cryptocurrency no no the first time that I learned about trading in general okay I learned about trading in the mid-90s I heard about it I've got exposed to it by some traders when when I was in you know maybe you guys know that I grew up in the ghetto and I was in prison for drugs before and in the mid 90s while I was in prison that was when I saw some guys some white guys talk about trading and investing coffee beans wheat corn you know stuff that I actually knew what it was it's a good thing they didn't talk about like trading stocks or anything like that because at that time it was that was just way beyond my head you know for because I you know many of you guys know I grew up in the and I dropped out of high school and you know I dropped out of college what is that sound is there a gas happy you know what are you doing okay so my kids allowed to make noises while I'm making videos because I think it's funny anyways I was back to where I was that okay so I saw these commodities traders these guys learning about commodity trading I spent some time throughout the 90s helping them chart line charts and graphs and everything and they did not you know I really didn't take it seriously back then I just got exposed to it and the reason why I did it because I thought well you know these white guys were the only guys that I knew of that we're making money while we were in prison and I didn't know anybody else I was able to make money on the outside from the outside while they were locked up on the inside and that's why I pursued it and I always grow up in the ghetto you know all my black friends and Hispanic friends you know none of them had money so we always had this belief in the ghetto that only white people can make money so here I am watching some white guys make money while the rest of us was all broke in prison okay so fast forward many years later it wasn't until 2003 2005 okay I first got I met this guy this entrepreneur from the Bahamas his name was Joe soo okay and that's his real name – so Joe soo from the Bahamas he was a businessman he was an investor a trader and things like that and he exposed me to a book called a Rich Dad Poor Dad and it helped me to realize that you know in order for me to make money and be educated to be educated I need to learn the financial vocabulary and I'm even learning the vocabulary of making money okay so at that time based on the Rich Dad Poor Dad book I started to dive into learning about how to trade stocks and how to invest in stocks and how to invest in real estate okay later on I I did not have enough money to trade to invest in in stocks so I got release from prison in 2006 okay in May of 2006 was when I got released from federal prison in the United States of America okay and what happened was when I got out I never let go of my dream I never let go of my dream of being a traitor an investor but I wanted to always because I spent all my life doing manual labor I might not be the expert trader that I want to be right but I am definitely the expert when it comes to blue-collar labor because I grew up working in as in the fruit and vegetable fields in the state of Oregon I grew up working in the sweatshops in the state of Texas I grew up working in the boat docks and the shipyards on commercial fishing boats in in the state of Texas so I am an expert when it comes to manual labor okay because I've done that the majority of my life from sunup till sundown okay so the first thing that I did to to to become a million-dollar trader was I got educated I started reading books about trading and during that time in 2005-2006 around that period of time I pretty much read every book that I could imagine about trading okay that was that was a start okay unfortunately almost every one of those books except for two books were garbage they were all written by traders who could not make a million dollars okay they were all written by people who could talk trading but they could not actually make a million dollars from trading okay but at that time since I was a beginner I did not know that I did not know that because whenever you talk to someone that's a traitor you really don't know if they are lying to you they are telling the truth if they're bullshitting you or not okay even when you're watching this video right now you see the title you know that I'm saying that you know the ten things I did to become a million dollar trader and you can even think that I'm full of myself okay and then there's nothing wrong with that okay and as I go through this video I'll explain to you guys how to tell the truth and determine if someone is or isn't okay so the first thing that I did was to get educated right I started reading books and even if they were bad books the thing was I got educated and it gave me the financial vocabulary I started to know what a lying chart was what a bar chart was I started to understand what a a candlestick chart was I started to understand what different indicators were different oscillators different momentum indicators different price action different chart patterns different technical analysis ways of looking at it matter of fact I read a book that was complete garbage it's called a technical analysis explained it's about the size of a Houston phone book or a Dallas phone book and and I read that several times from the first page all the way to the end of the second page and the math that was in there you know I try to follow along do the math my hand and everything and what I found out was that you know now that I'm a profitable trader right I thought of that book is just complete garbage is complete waste of time and at that time I didn't know it I just you know since I was a high school dropout and a college dropout I just figured you know the more that I read it the more I could understand whoever wrote this thick ass book must know what they're doing because how else would they be able to write this whole book and what I didn't know at that time was that just because someone is able to write a book that's you know this thick you know that's thicker than a coke can write a soda pop can just cuz they can write that doesn't mean they can actually do it in the real world I had no concept of that back then okay so when I got out of prison in May of 2006 right I started the first idea was I wanted to get back on my feet you know and I was working several jobs you know just just miscellaneous jobs that paid minimum wage you know because I was a high school dropout and because you know I was a drug felon and because I had no college education you know I could not ask for a lot of high paying jobs you know nobody was willing to give me that right so I just went and worked as a bouncer I worked as a club promoter I worked any jobs that you know most of them did not pay very much I just paid like $1 or $2 above the minimum wage in the US and at that time I think the minimum I got paid like 10 11 bucks an hour in the US okay and that's not very much money you know if any girls hear you saying that you make 10 12 bucks an hour 11 bucks an hour they look the other way it doesn't matter how cute and sexy or how smart you think you are they just go look for some other guys okay so so that was so I decided ah that I saved up at that time I went and got educated you know I went to different Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars to workshops any workshop any meetup in town I just went and got educated in it right and most of the people that go to those seminars and those workshops most of them were like beginners like myself they did not know how to trade they did not know how to invest in anything or if they did they wouldn't be there now that's just stuff that the reality of the guys okay one lesson you I know is that when you go to these seminars these workshops and everything and the people that are there if they knew it they wouldn't be there you were not gonna catch me at a free training workshop a free trading seminar a ten thousand twenty fifty thousand dollar training seminar you will not catch me in any of those things okay I'll be teaching it but you ain't gonna catch me being at an attendant or an attendee and any one of those because I've already went past that level okay I'm beyond that so that's why I don't need to do that okay the people that I learned from it cost significantly more to do that okay matter of fact where our team is at today you know the the the it sucks what we're at because there's not too many people at a level or above level for us to learn from so we have to experiment and do the research yourself and that costs a lot of time and money but I'll get to that in a different video so one the first thing right is to get educated right now the second thing is this okay is that we have this running joke with me and Jo soo the the the the entrepreneur the businessman from the Bahamas right when he first introduced me to trading investing to to Rich Dad Poor Dad and all that right we had a running joke between the two of us about no uncle Ned's okay every uncle Ned is everyone has an uncle Ned okay that when you talk about trading or investing in stocks and everything every buddy has an uncle Ned it's where uncle Ned is just a term that we use to describe the person in your family or in your circle and or in your network where when you start talking about training and vesting in stocks they all of a sudden they know something about it you know they might be you know a janitor they might be a cook they might be the shoeshine boy they might be a taxi cab driver they don't know a damn thing about trading and investing in stocks if they did they'd be making money and wouldn't be shining shoes or cleaning toilets okay or mopping floors but they are right and nothing against any of those professions somebody has to do it right but you can't sit there and talk about you know trading and investing when you're out there mopping floors or you out there shining shoes okay you there's no way you're gonna convince me that you know about trading or investing because if you did you'd be making money from it and you wouldn't be shining shoes or mopping floors okay so everyone has an uncle Ned in their circle or in their family that the minute you open your mouth and say that hey I want to be involved in trading or investing in stocks right or in anything in gold precious metal all of a sudden they're an expert they're an expert okay so and sometimes this uncle Ned could be our dad it could be our mom it could be our uncle it could be our brother or sister and that's when it's even worse because it's really hard for most people to say no and ignore their are their parents okay especially if you listen to this and you're from Asia it's really really hard because there's this concept of you know respect and there's concept of losing face and things like that or you know you can't outshine your parents and you know if you're in Asia things like that it really limits how you view trading and investing okay the other thing too so that's number number one is get educated number two was that I did not pay attention to the Uncle Ned and uncle Ned's is basically a person is uneducated about what you are trying to learn so in this particular instance I was learning how to trade and invest my money so I didn't want nobody you know Uncle Ned's telling me how to do it when they themselves don't know how to do it okay so the third thing is this when I got out of prison in May of 2006 right I had absolutely no money none okay it's sad to say but when I left prison you know most of people that were in there they would have their families send them you know clothes they would send them shorts they would send them the shoes and I would see guys you know packing up to leave prison and they had you know new jeans new tennis shoes new clothes on and everything and and the guys would flaunt and they would show off you know like how fancy their outfits were when they were leaving prison because as they were leaving they were on the other side of the fence and they would leave and they would go in a direction that you know everybody can see them and things like that so that you know they can show basically you know hey I'm doing good I got family that have money and stuff come on okay so that was very common guys for for people to do that as they were leaving prison they would show off how much you know money the family had and most of it was his all fake you know those guys were broke inside the prison and then all of a sudden now they would have money you know it just took me it was all fake okay I haven't believed none of that okay for me when I was leaving prison my family did not have any money you know I had already been locked up for over 14 years in federal prison for drugs and I did not have any money on the outside had no support I got like that when I was 18 so I had nobody that supported me from the outside okay so when I left I mean it's embarrassing but when I left I did not know that I was gonna have any clothes to wear when I got outside the prison okay in in 2006 so what I did was I put on extra t-shirts that I got I was in prison and I put on extra boxers so that you know when I leave the prison I knew that at least I had two or three days with the clothes I knew that I could wear the same t-shirt you know for a couple of days and then so if I did that you know if I wore you know three t-shirts with me and three boxers with me I knew that I could at least have enough clothes to wear for at least a week when I got outside of the prison so that's what I did you know I didn't because I didn't have II my family did not have enough money to to send me to uh to to send me so that I can get out okay to wear to get out a matter of fact I did not even have enough when I was released from prison the weather conditions was that I had I had to have somebody come pick me up from the prison right to come home otherwise they would not release me that the prison authorities cannot just release someone a prisoner out onto the streets they had to have someone confirmed that they can give me a ride to go to get back home and and if you guys follow my channel one of the reasons why I'm helping out KC on my channel she's the intern on our channel was because her uncle was the one who volunteered to come pick me up from from prison to bring me home or else I would not be released from prison and that's why I'm helping her out today you know back then she was just in middle school like in the fifth or sixth grade or something like that back then okay and that's when I met her for the first time if you guys are wondering how I know KC are the independent filmmaker that's on our channel right now that's that's how I know her okay because her uncle was the one who volunteered to come and pick me up from the prison so that I can come home okay so when I came home right the first thing was my step mom my sister my little brother everybody around me right in the City of Austin told me that I was stupid I was crazy I was a nutcase for trying to for trying to learn how to trade stocks and invest in the stock market and everything and I never let that hold me back I never let that hold me back because I knew what I wanted to do and I already read enough books to know that there are people out there who are million dollar traders who have succeeded at trading and investing and have become millionaires off of this stuff and I can do it too because one thing I learned when I was reading all the trading books was that that was not something that I could that was not something that that that was like impossible you know I'm saying like there's only a handful of people in the world that can become a heart surgeon that you know it's qualified to remove someone's heart and put a new heart in but you know when it comes to trading I saw that based on what I've read in those books I did not see anything that was so difficult that I could not do yes I was a high school dropout yes I was a college dropout but you know what that was not something that I that was I was incapable of doing okay so that I did not let my my immediate family members and those are the people holder's back in my opinion the most most poor people that the the people that hold them back the most right are usually their own parents or their own family members right around them okay there are uncle the their parents the grandparents of brothers sisters okay so if you want to be if you want to become a million dollar trader right you really got to be careful and not let the people around you hold you back from doing what you need to do to succeed okay so at that time the reason why my stepmom and my sister and everyone told me that I would never become a trader was because they said hey you just got out of prison you got no money you got nothing you got no clothes you got nothing right so because of that how the hell are you going to become a trader and become successful at it when you're in your mid-30s or you've been in prison since you were 18 all the way to now and you're in your mid-30s and now you want to talk about becoming a millionaire and like you ain't got no high school degree you ain't got no college degree you ain't got and you want to become a million-dollar trader are you stupid or what okay and I would just nod my head and at that time I'll admit you know it was really tough because I have nothing I didn't even have a dollar in my pocket okay and it was really tough guys I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you and say that that was easy okay it was really tough you know I was going to work I was you know getting two jobs and then during the date I would work at the clubs as a bouncer at night and during that day time I would spend all my time on the computer learning how to use the computer learning how to use because I've never seen a computer before up until that time okay so I've seen it you know but actually using it and typing on it and learning how to use it that was not something that I had done because the entire time I was locked up so I you know didn't know how to do it so at that time I remember everyone laughing around me even when I was working at work I was working around and all the other bouncers when we were waiting at the end of the night to close up the club I would pull out my trading books and I would read it while I was waiting for them to count the money and and in and pay everyone the tips and everything I would sit there and I would read my stock trading books right because I knew that working as a bouncer and as a club promoter was just a temporary stage in my life you know I was not I did not see myself doing that for the rest of my life you know I made some mistakes when I was a teenager and got involved with the wrong people and got involved in drugs you know I got punished for it you know for 14 years in prison and now I get out I did not see myself being a bouncer and working at a club for ten eleven bucks an hour for the rest of my life I did not see that at all to me that was just another that job was just a stepping-stone for me to go to the next level no matter what the next level was okay and so I had this brilliant idea one day I I noticed that all the homeless people in the club district in downtown Austin were asking for money okay I noticed that hey you know what they were asking for money from from all the thousands of people that went downtown to go clubbing downtown and I would see that the same homeless people asking for money every night and I noticed that they were they they made a good living and the reason why I know they made a good living was two reasons one was because they all the homeless people in Austin Texas in the City of Austin they all had a dog and their dogs were fat and happy like they were not starving dogs like you see in some third-world countries right these dogs were really fat and thick and juicy right and in the and they were doing the same thing every day right and I also read in the Austin Statesman which is the local newspaper there and they said that the average homeless person was making over $8 an hour okay but basically I was making like I think $11 an hour at that time and the homeless people were making about $8 and like 37 cents or something like that and I thought about this and I was like – these guys are homeless they're hanging out with their best friend their dog and just as much money almost as much money as I am making my butt off at the clubs right and so and I also noticed that in the city that I lived in it had more the best universities in America and the name of that university is called the University of Texas in in Austin right and I noticed that there was a lot of wealthy kids that attended that University a lot of white wealthy white kids that attended there and I always grew up with the mentality that you know the white people are the ones who knew I would make the money okay you know there's a lot of ethnic groups that say oh you know there's black people that make money too and then there's you know Asian people make money too I agree with that but in America there's more people there's more white people that make money than there are any other ethnic group okay because they're the majority of the population in America okay despite what you see on TV despite what you hear on TV and stuff like that the majority of America is white okay the majority of America is not black it's not Asian it's not Hispanic the majority of America is white okay and so those are the majority people have made money and so I noticed that since the homeless people were asking for money all around me I asked myself I wondered if I were to ask for money if someone would give it to me see up until that point I had already saved up like twenty five hundred dollars since I got out right and I had invested all that twenty five hundred dollars to go learn how to trade stocks you know I ran into some traders that knew how to trade and I saw them trading so I wanted to learn what they learn so I invested that whole twenty five hundred dollars into them so that they can teach me how to trade and I had no money left and after I don't have a trade I said man I need some money to start a trading account and at that time I did not have any money and I said I did the math hey you know I can save you know a couple hundred dollars a month but it would take me forever before it would take me years before I'm able to save up like ten thousand dollars to open up my first trading account right so I saw what the homeless people were doing asking for money and they got it so I had this brilliant idea I said you know what I wonder what would happen if I stood there on the streets and asked every person that walked by me for some money so that I can start trading right I said the worst case scenario is that they just say no and I don't get it right and there was a you know in addition to the homeless people making consistent money down there asking for it and the the newspaper the local newspapers saying how much money they made the third reason was that I also have a job picking up as a club bouncer and a club promoter there my job was to go out onto the streets and ask the hot girls to come into the club okay and I noticed that every 10 or 12 girls that I approached and I would ask him hey would you guys like to come into our club right almost three out of every ten or twelve would come into the club and I did that for like three years so I know it was very consistent every day they would pay me to go out there and ask the girls the hot girls to come into the club because if we bring hot girls into the club all the guys would go in there and buy drinks and food and all that other stuff okay so it dawned on me that if I asked enough people for $10,000 eventually somebody around here has got to have so much money that $10,000 is nothing to them okay and I did that for months and months and months and I asked hundreds of people now during this time that I was standing there on the street corner asking everybody that walked past me for $10,000 right all my co-workers said I was stupid I was an idiot and there's no freaking way that anybody would ever give me $10,000 to trade okay so the fact that I'm sitting here talking to you about being a million dollar trader you guys already know that somebody eventually did give me ten thousand dollars okay and it was a guy named Andrew okay and I am forever forever grateful to you Andrew the auctioneer that's listening to this and you if you watch this video okay this young guy that was about 26 years old his name was Andrew and he was an auctioneer he's like one of the best auctioneers on the planet okay he was an auctioneer and he would use the auction art on cruise ship and made a ton of money okay and on the cruise ship and then he never got to spend the money so at 26 years old he had a bunch of money that he had saved up he tried to invest into the stock market fell drizzly right and so when I met him and I asked him hey do you hey would you happen to have ten thousand dollars from me to open up a stock trading account and start learning how to trade stocks he thought I was a nut case but he asked me do you know how to trade stocks and I said yes I do because I went to this school I learned how to trade stocks and these are the guys that's trading me you can call them yourself and verify it they're my mentors their might the people that's teaching me how to trade stocks right so and I also open up the phone and I told him hey you can search through all my contacts and it was an old-ass a Nokia phone – one of those push-button phones would just like one single align screen or it because you know I had no money at that times I had to use an old-ass phone at that time I think everyone was using those Motorola flip phones and and bunch of fancy phones but I had this old-ass Nokia's all scratched up and everything right and so I said you can look through these and at that time that phony held 300 contacts and I had a few dozen contacts in there and I said you could look through this phone and search through anybody and ask him for a character reference about me you know I'm not gonna even tell him that you're calling you can just calling him you know to show you that I'm not bullshitting and I hit a scam you or nothing like that you know I spent all my money and invested it into my education and now I need some money to start my actual trading account and he thought I was a nutcase at first and then he thought about it and then I gave him several other conditions you know I told him hey whatever money we make I'll split it in half and if for some reason you know you know we came over a bunch of criteria so to make him feel safer about it right and so what he did was after make a long story short he did his due diligence he contacted all the people that he needed to you know to reference who I was and everything and he ended up giving me ten thousand dollars to open up my first stock trading account and to this day I am forever grateful to Andrew the auctioneer because if it hadn't been for him I would never have the money to start my first trading account okay so what happened was that was in 2008 I remember in March of 2008 was when I made my first stock trade right I was using a broker called Terra Nova at that time my hands were shaking I remember buying my first 10 shares of stock and it was the scariest moment in my life you know I had been studying since I don't know for almost four years now seriously and religiously on how to trade stocks and now I got to trade my first buy my first actual shares with real money and I did it okay and I did okay I did okay okay and this is where that in that that's lesson number three right there guys okay that's lesson number three and the first one is getting educated the second one is you know know Uncle Ned's you know Uncle Ned's are basically people are uneducated about trading and investing okay and the third is you know do whatever it takes okay I was willing to stand there right I was willing to stand there on the street corner and ask hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people until I got my ten thousand dollars to start my first trading account okay and no matter what people around me no matter what my step mom my sister my little brother my my co-workers everybody told me I was stupid and crazy but this is never gonna happen I just stuck to my guns and I just stuck to it and I never gave up okay I never gave up okay even at that time my even my parole officer was telling me I was nuts she thought I was trying to do something illegal again and she was just you know she was pissed asking me every week she was trying to get me simply because I want I told him that I wanted to become a million dollar trader right she just didn't believe that okay so that's you know the third thing that I did to help me become a million dollar trader was that I did whatever it took okay during that time I have no money and to save money I was you know in my apartment I had my jeans rolled up as my pillow I had my blanket right was my jacket and that was it you know I lived lean I didn't you know when I came home from work I would take the cup from the club and I would take the spoons and the plastic forks and that's what it's my utensils when I got back to my apartment my studio apartment and that was it I live very lean I went to I bought one chicken one rotisserie chicken and and one loaf of French bread and I cut up that bread up into like four sections so I can have four meals and then I cut the chicken up into four sections so that I can have four servings okay and that right there cost me like $5.00 for the chicken and one dollar for the loaf of bread and that's what I ate for several months you know and most people didn't know that during that time I eat the same chicken in the same bread almost every day for like six months so that I can save up some money to do what I needed to do to invest okay so are you willing to do whatever it takes well I didn't go out right check this out when I first got out of prison right one of the guys that I met when I was asking him for money to trade you know I was telling him I was a trader and everything I remember him telling me he asking me have you gotten laid yet tight okay and in case you're outside the US getting laid means that have you had sex with the woman yet since you've been out okay since you've been out of prison how long has it been right and it was like six months since I've been out and he said have you had sex with a woman yet you haven't seen a woman since you were 18 years old have you had sex with a woman yet that's the most important thing that's what he was trying to put into my head that was what he's trying to put in my head and I told him no I I haven't had sex with anybody since I was 18 right and I was in my mid-thirties at that time and he said dude the dude you worried about stock trading you weren't about trading we gotta go get you laid we gotta get you with a woman right and I remember this he took out his wallet and he pulled out $500 bills five $100 bills I still remember to this day we were sitting there and a high-tops a bar stool and pull out $500 at this restaurant and he said I am willing to put up $500 right now to go get you laid tonight and I looked at him and with a serious face I said hey man you know if you really want to help me I would rather use that $500 if you I'd rather take that 500 dollars and go and invest it in the stock market and he took it and he shoved it back in his wallet he'll know he goes I'm gonna go help get you laid I want to be the guy that helps you get some poontang for the first time in your life right since you were 18 okay and I said I'd rather take that $500 and go investing in the stock market and at the end of the day he did not give me that $500 okay so my question to you is this when you say that you want to become a serious trader when you want to become a multi-million dollar trader are you willing to do what it takes are you willing right to give up sex right and go and do what it takes to become a successful trader are you willing to do that okay so that was reason number three guys I was willing to do whatever it took I was willing to do whatever it takes okay do to become a successful trader okay are you willing to do that okay you might hear me say that I'm a million dollar trader okay because I was willing to do what it takes and I invite you to ask yourself are you willing to do what it takes okay and if you're not then maybe you don't deserve to be a million dollar trader okay so that was number three number four okay he's very simple ignore the haters ignore the trolls ignore all the broke-ass haters that surround you when I was there trading learning how to trade and I just first got out of prison everybody laughed at me my stepmom laughed at me nice little sister laughed at me okay my little brother thought I was crazy all the bouncers and all the co-workers around me thought I was a complete nutcase and a complete idiot and I was a stupid ass okay when your ass is broke and you're starting out learning how to trade okay you are not gonna find any supporters just know that right you are not going to find any supporters from broke-ass people you are not going to find any supporters right from other people who are successful but they don't trade the only people that are going to support you when you are starting out as a trader or other traders who are trying to do the same thing and hopefully you went into a consistently profitable trader that can help you out okay so that's reason number four is that I was willing to ignore all the haters around me when somebody was standing there in front of my face and telling me I was a stupid ass and that I was broke and I just came out of prison and that there's absolutely no way that I can ever succeed as a trader in front of all my co-workers now keep in mind I'm standing there with eight or nine of my co-workers standing behind me around me listening to one of the trolls and one of these jackasses tell me see what he was trying to do was that that that troll was trying to put in my head why I should be broke like him okay and I refused to listen to that I refuse to listen to that okay and I would not allow it okay I was not gonna survive 14 years of prison right being around a bunch of Crips a bunch of gangbangers I lunch about a bunch of you know crazy-ass ms-13 gang members you know around a bunch of you know all these criminals and all these hard violent people and then come out and let a jackass tell me that I can't live out my dreams okay so I did not do that and most people cannot do that most people cannot do that most people cannot emotionally handle it when somebody is telling their stupid ass they're crazy they'll never happen they'll never succeed most people just okay if you tell me I can't succeed as a trader then okay I'll I guess I can right if you wanna quit and give up like that and you're not willing to do whatever it takes then you in my opinion you don't deserve to be a million dollar trader okay that matter this Bitcoin of crypto or stocks or gold or silver or oil or wheat or corn it doesn't matter you just don't deserve it because you're too weak to be a trader okay so ignore the haters ignore the trolls ignore the jackasses that are never going to help you become successful in trading okay now here's reason number five right staying committed reason number five is stay committed despite the losses okay when I first got into trading right when I was with Andrew right hey guys keep it quiet right when I was with Andrew I was using his money I was scared shitless I was so scared that I would lose that money and never ever have a chance to trade again that $10,000 I guarded with my life okay I guarded it with my life I traded the correct position size I traded the correct that size i never deviated once for my my trade plan okay not once okay I had a plan that I was gonna trade ten shares and when I was profitable for three weeks in a row and I had to be profitable four out of five days I had to show green on the screen four out of five days okay before I go to the next level and then I did that it took me like a month to be consistently profitable for three weeks straight okay and then from there I jumped up to trading 20 shares okay and I traded 20 shares I did the same thing I had to prove to myself that I could be profitable trading 20 shares before I go any bigger so I trade 20 shares and I was and I said if I cannot get this to be profitable for three weeks in a row then I'm not gonna go any further and it took me a month to do that okay it took me a month to be consistently profitable and green on the screen with real money in the live markets right for three out of four weeks and then after that I jumped up to fifty shares and then so on but I got to hundred shares right of stocks I said you know what I need to be profitable you know for three out of four weeks and do that for three months in a row okay and so that was not an accident I had to prove myself so when I was trading Andrew the auctioneer's money I was so scared that if I lose that $10,000 or becoming profitable that I would never have a chance to trade again so I did everything I did not deviate and there was times when I wanted to do something different in my training or there was opportunity I want to jump on but it didn't fit my training plan because part of the agreement that I had with Andrew was I wrote down everything that I was gonna do and then at anytime he can you know a renege or break the contract the agreement that he and I had it was a legal binding agreement – that he could sue me if I didn't do the things that I said I was gonna do to protect his money okay so this is not something that was light it was a two-year agreement and during that two years I was not gonna break any of these trading rules that we agreed to that I signed off in the agreement that for me the ball that $10,000 from him okay and so after I returned that money it was so stressful trading that money for him that the agreement was that I was either going to buy him out no there was two ways that I can get out of that agreement with him okay was that either we make profit and we split the profits 50/50 right or if there was any point that I wanted to buy him out and just say hey man I don't want to do this no more then I had to pay him 25 percent profit that no matter what happens he was going to get 25 percent return on his money by loaning it to me okay and I had a two-year period to do it and on his part he had to put up to ten thousand and he could not take the money back before two years as long as I did everything that I said I was gonna do in the agreement so I was really scared I was really really scared that was the most stressful time of my life in my trained career because I was so afraid that I was he was gonna take that money back you know that I was gonna break one of my the rules in the agreement that he and I had and that he was going to take that that money back all right and then I would not have an opportunity to trade okay so I did everything now after about a year and something almost two years was up right things have changed in my life and so I paid him what I owed him in the agreement you know according to our agreement and I would because I wanted to go and trade my own money okay and what happened was when I started treating my own money it was my money now I didn't have to be responsible to anybody I didn't have to worry about it okay and so what I did was I did a bunch of stupid things right I did a bunch of stupid things and within just when I stopped trading Andrews money I started trading my old money within just a few months I lost my entire account I remember I think I started with like a I blew up my whole account and when I say blow up my economies I lost everything – it got so low to the point where I couldn't do I couldn't trade my regular strategies anymore right and so I was so messed up I you know spent the next few months you know not trading anything you know looking through my trade laws studying everything I could to see what was that could have done different and what I did was that I took that and I saved it some money and I reloaded my trading account and I did it again right I went this time I said hey you know I'm not gonna break these rules I'm you know I'll do whatever I can what these big losses get into my training again and blow up my account and lose my entire account again now I did it again and this time I lasted like twice as long but you know what I ended up losing my entire account again simply because I could not stick to my rules I oh I keep letting big losses get into my trading it was just one or two big losses and boom it would destroy my entire account right because I kept holding onto its thinking oh this is gonna come back this is gonna come back this is gonna come back the problem is the market is keeps falling farther than you have then the money I had in my account so this cycle where I would you know quit trading for several months reload my account and then go back and trade again and within a you know several months I would lose it and then reload my account this happened like at least half a dozen times okay now so the less the reason here okay is that I stayed committed you might say that hey ty you're a freaking idiot you lost your first account you went back and reloaded it and lost your second account you went back and reload and you lost your third account you went back and reload it and wash your fourth account your fifth account your six account what are you an idiot are you stupid or you just stupid right and the answer is no I'm not stupid the answer is that I was uneducated about what to do to become a profitable trader okay I was uneducated but I stayed committed that's reason number five guys reason number five is this that I stayed committed to my path and I did not let the losses destroy me I knew that those losses were temporary I knew some day I'm gonna make all that money back in one hour someday I'm gonna make all that money back in one day one of these days I'm gonna make all that losses back in one week or one month or one year I did not care I just knew that if once I figure this stuff out I was going to make it big no matter what anyone said or did okay so that that number five is that reason number five is that I stayed committed despite all my losses okay I was not only that lose my I lost sleep I lost you know hair I mean the robbers won't do some you know by the time I lost my third account you know every time in the morning when I went to comb my hair or scratch my head I wouldn't have literally patches of hair patches of my hair fall out okay that's why you don't ever see any good traders with a full thick head of hair I'm not joking about that if you see any multi-million dollar traders that have a thick head of hair right they're full of they never been through the stress of trading there is no multi-million dollar trade I have ever met in my life that has a full thick head of hair okay that's when the downsides to becoming a successful trader okay so that right there I look at somebody's hair and and it's thick and full and luscious and everything they're not real traders they're just fake-ass traders okay real traders you go into any institutions like Goldman Sachs Merrill Lynch Bank of America any of these places and you meet the big multi-million dollar traders none of them especially they're right they're all most of them all Bolden's and okay so and not because they're old is because the stress of trading of trading multi-million dollar positions is very stressful okay so and keep in mind guys when I say it's stressful it's because I didn't know what the hell I was doing okay now that I know what I'm doing the stress even though I trade much bigger sizes now in a bigger portfolio than I ever did in the past the stress is a thousand times a lot less because now I know what I'm doing okay back then I didn't know okay so here you go guys reason number six was the reason why I never quit and I never gave up right and I stayed committed to becoming a successful trader reason number six was that I was to study the science of trading okay most people they talk about trading they trade they even make money from training they lose money from training but they actually don't understand the science of how trading works and let me explain to you what that means okay if you take like an engineer and mechanical engineer a chemical engineer or electrical engineer anybody like that right they understand they all understand how you know the physics of how electrons work how the atom works how a proton works how a electron moves how gravity works how motion works right they understand the fundamentals that's the physics the science of how matter and energy in nature work okay you might have the electrical engineer might go off and study electrical engineering the mechanical engineer might go off and study the mechanical engineering the chemical engineer might go off and study Chemical Engineering but the common denominator among all these different engineers right are that they all understand how atoms work how electrons work how gravity works how force and motion and all those things work right they all understand it they just chose to use that that physics the science of it to go of the physics and science of motion and matter and things like that and they go pursue it in the electrical engineering or mechanical engineering or chemical engineering but they all have the similar foundation that makes them understand those other specialized arenas of engineering okay in trading there is a science to trading there's a science to how that allows you to lose more times than you win but still become profitable there is a science behind that okay and most traders do not take the time to study the science of trading they just go and all I got look at charts I do technical analysis and all this other stuff which I'm not saying it's not necessary but they're the smallest components of trades that you don't see how imagine trying to build the tallest building in the world but you have no concept of how gravity works no concept of how you no matter energy and all these things work to build that building you're never gonna be able to build the tallest building in the world if you don't understand the basics of physics okay in trading there are fundamental sciences of trading there's fundamental math there's fundamental sciences that you need to understand in order to trade and I was studying that I was doing research on it the reason why I consider myself a trading scientist is because I actually tested something if somebody told me something I would test it this version against this version this strategy against this strategy I would record that and then I would compare the results to see you it was true so if someone told me hey this strategy works better than this strategy I would go and test it I would not there and just take it for granted that that they must know what they're doing or because they're white they're right or because they have more money than I do or because they're driving on Ferrari that they must know what they're doing it doesn't matter I would test that strategy in that concept and go and do it right I might have failed high school I might have dropped out

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