Crypto Investing #107 – Why We Diversify Our Money Across Different Blockchain Projects – By Tai Zen

just dump it on the ground max what's up guys just let me know whenever you guys hear me let me know when you guys can hear me on the broadcast guys and then we will get the party started oh you guys hear me Mike okay working good okay so what's up guys my name is uh ties n I started this crypto currency trading and investing channel nearly five years ago to share the mistakes and our journey with everyone back nearly five years ago before all the cryptocurrency craze started nobody knew what it was and there was some channels like mad bitcoins and stuff like that and Andres Antonopoulos from let's talk Bitcoin that was talking about the technology but no one was actually talking about how to trade and invest and make money from the currency trading and investing so we started this channel back then to help people and share some of the mistakes that we've made with people in our journey because back then is very confusing and it was very treacherous navigating the the cryptocurrency waters okay so and so I hope that in our broadcasts were able to help you guys navigate these muddy waters in crypto okay so thanks for all the happy Father's Day wishes guys thanks a lot right and I wanted to do this broadcast right now because I know that a lot of you guys are you know watching the soccer and things like that and in my opinion I think it's a complete waste of time okay watching somebody else live their life and living their dreams will not help you get to your life in your dreams in life okay it's not gonna get you to the moon watching somebody else hits a ball around okay so that's why I wanted to do this broadcast and help everybody on this okay so jag Mahanta he says just wondering who's giving the thumbs down on the live stream you know who gives a shit you know school um they don't pay your bills they don't pay my bills there's always gonna be haters there's always gonna be trolls right right so don't worry about those people don't don't ever guys you know one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made the reason why it took me four decades to become a millionaire guys is because I was so goddamn worried about what other people think and say you know we live in I come from a Asian culture where everybody's always worried about saving face and not being changeable not being embarrassed in public and stupid shit like that you know so held me back and I'm telling you guys you know when the shit hits the fan none of those cocksuckers are gonna be around anyway okay so don't don't worry about you know those those people that tell you that it can't happen or the people that are bringing you down because at the end of the day when you're in a hospital life I was with three heart attacks those bastards ain't gonna be there we're at the end of the day when you know you're locked up in a cage or something those bastards ain't gonna be there right so don't don't worry about who the haters are okay right all right yeah that's right like Hourglass said you know let's do this shit okay all right so let's get started okay so in this video guys I want to talk about why you know in 2012-2013 I put nearly all my life savings into Bitcoin but I'd be a damn fool to put it into Bitcoin all of it into Bitcoin today and why we're diversifying our money across different blockchain projects okay and and how we're doing it and I want to talk about how we're diversifying so that it can benefit you guys all so okay now the market conditions change so we have to change and we have to adapt to the markets okay so one thing that you guys got to learn in trading and investing in crypto currencies and Bitcoin is that we cannot change as a trader we cannot change what the market does there's no way that we can change it unless you know you have a shitload of money or something you're not gonna be able to change what the market does what if it goes up or it goes down that we know is a concept okay there are certain things that we we need to be aware of when we get stepped foot into the crypto market in the stock market and the Forex futures options market any financial market that you can buy and sell stuff in you have to be aware of what can you can control and what you cannot control okay so you and I cannot control how the market goes up when it goes up and how it goes up you know that goes up fast if it goes up slow and we cannot control when it goes up it might go up to the moon today it might go up a year from now it might take ten years to get to the moon we cannot control that but here are the factors that we can control right so as a trader it in an investor we need to focus right on the things that we can control and the things that we have a direct impact in okay so let's just say that I have my portfolio and I'm just gonna use $10,000 as an example guys my portfolio is significant much bigger than $10,000 but I like to use $10,000 so that you know the folks who are watching they can do the math easily and I want you guys to do the math easily in your head so I can do the math easily in my head as we're talking okay cuz if you guys can follow me for a while you guys know that I'm not one of those Asian guys that's good in math and science I dropped out of five different high schools and I dropped out of college so don't don't expect me to be good in math okay um I know the math about how to do arithmetic and trading and that's that makes me money though outside I don't know shit about math outside of that okay so let's say that we start with a $10,000 portfolio right we cannot I cannot control if the market goes up when it goes up and how fast it goes up or down okay but what I can control is what portion of my portfolio that I put into crypto what portion I put into Bitcoin at what pour should I put into e theorem and things like that mathematically I have not seen it to be very profitable to put more than like half a percent or 1 percent of your entire portfolio into one stock when Forex pair when commodity or any of that okay now in crypto I have increased that for our bootcamp clients in 2017 I said that we can go up as high as five percent in 2018 at the last bootcamp that we did in 20 in April I reduce it down to three percent the reason why I increased it even though I did not see that as being successful in the stock market or forex market is because the cryptocurrency market is is not as efficient it's still very very inefficient that's why we have these you know 10x gains we have these you know a hundred percent gains you know five hundred percent gains profit and those gains we often refer to as like 1x for one times your money or 5x which is five times your money right so if I put a hundred dollars in it grows to $600 I made a 5x return or five hundred percent profit okay so that's how it's used how that's how the verbage is used in crypto currency trading and investing okay so even though I knew that that was you know I would never tell someone to do something like that in the stock or Forex or commodities market and I was telling our clients to do that in 2017 because the cryptocurrency market is still very inefficient so I can get old so we could get away with that right to maximize the returns but I would never and this year I reduce it to three percent maximum and at the rate that the market is maturing and that's as it's becoming more efficient I would say that by 2019 I would reduce that down to maybe even two percent of my entire portfolio okay in in one crypto okay and then I would say like probably about two three years from now I would not go more than like one percent okay so and so when I say that three percent is the max I'm saying that that's the max I'm not saying that's the minimum like right now I'll put something like a quarter percent or half a percent into something and then I wait and if it starts to go my favor or the opportunity provides then I'll increase my position meaning that I'll increase I'll buy more coins but I will not increase it beyond like three percent to start at position now that position later on I might start we just have 1% and it grows at 10% 20% of my portfolio but in the beginning when I first put it into it I'm not gonna put more than that simply because I've not seen the math to make that profitable so if I haven't seen it I'm not gonna tell you guys that I've seen it ok so just be aware of that so that's just now that's something that we can control we can control how much of our portfolio that we put into a crypto nobody ever talks about that shit you know because most these guys out there they're not traders from the traditional stock and forex and futures market so they don't they don't have a fucking clue about what position sizing or what that size and that's that the critical stuff the word about stupid shit technical analysis and all the shit that they can you know you can't control that right ok so so let's go back so that's one factor that we can can control is how much of our portfolio that we can put into each coin now a second factor that we can control in crypto currency trading and investing is what coins that we put it in so right now if you guys wanna if you guys happen to be in front of a computer invite you to go to coin market Capcom the link is in the description below this video if you're driving or something or you're working while you're doing this and listening to this and you're not able to follow along then just be patient I'll try to describe what I'm looking at so that you guys don't in case you're not able to access a computer screen ok so go to coin market cap and it automatically sorts the entire list of 1600 plus crypto currencies by the size of the market cap with Bitcoin being number 1 ATM be number 2 ripple being number 3 and Bitcoin cash be number 4 and cos being number 5 ok and then so on down the line ok so if you guys just want to hold off on the questions I'm gonna pause like every 5-10 minutes and then I'm gonna take questions that way and my eyes are not jumping back and forth between the cameras here and the screens I got like 3 different screens running here and I don't want to get confused and lose track ok and waste everyone's time alright so let's look at the first one okay now in the beginning I put Bitcoin in I'm also broadcasting from the on the the rise app also so just be aware of that if you happen to be on the rise app make sure that you guys jump on there and I'll take questions from there too when question and answer time comes alright so first thing is about $10,000 I would put a portion into Bitcoin now Bitcoin anythi reham okay the number one number two are the only two that I would keep in my portfolio that's above three percent okay for the entire year of 2017 I don't remember having more than maybe half a percent of my entire portfolio in Bitcoin okay I had like I think I definitely had more than 3% in exam I did not have more than half a percent in Bitcoin and some people say ah I you're a fucking idiot you're stupid you know you should have had more bitcoins in 2017 no I should okay Bitcoin went up from 1,000 to 20,000 in set in 2017 okay meanwhile you know coins idak red went up like 40 50 X so you were if I was in Bitcoin I would only go up about 20 X into cred I got you know I could have easily gotten you know 40 50 X out of that and verge I got like 90 X out of it in like two months and then in Cardinal I got like 40 50 X in like two months so there's a lot of coins besides to mine guys when I first got into crypto back in 2012-2013 I was a die-hard Bitcoin maximalist okay I didn't like any other coins besides Bitcoin but then you know one thing that leon my business partner and my one of our trading team members what he reminded me is hey man we're here to make a shitload of money in Bitcoin and crypto currencies we're not here to be a bunch of fucking goofy fanboys okay we're not here to change the world will change the world after we make a lot of money okay so like I'm sitting here helping you guys this is how I'm changing the world by investing my time by giving you guys my time okay I don't have to do this I'm not getting paid to do this I'm doing this this is how my give back is I don't feed starving kids in Africa or in Asia or something what I do is I share my knowledge and my experience and the mistakes that I made to get here okay on the path to becoming wealthy you're gonna step on a bunch of landmines okay I got my foot blown off over here I got my toe blown off over here I got shrapnel am i stuck in my ass still right and what I'm doing is that I think that my contribution to the world my charity work to the world is sharing the information that I've learned the experience and the trading knowledge and experience and the mistakes but dumb ass mistakes that I made to get to where I'm at today you know I don't believe in giving money out here and there because that shit is a one-time charity I'd rather share the experience and the lessons I learned to get to where I'm at today to become financially free on video and then make it available to anybody out there to watch it okay so and so that's that's a that's that's uh that's that's what I'm doing here okay so first thing is Bitcoin in aetherium that's the only two that I would have that's more than 3% of my entire portfolio only because not because it's better okay there's no such thing in crypto as you know Bitcoin is better than ripple or ripple is better than Bitcoin cache of Bitcoin cache is better than AOS I don't believe in none of that bullshit okay because the market is still too early for any of us to know okay that is too early right anybody that says oh you know Bitcoin is gonna take over the world and blah blah blah you know Bitcoin makes up less than 40 percent of the entire market when I first got into crypto right there was no such thing as getting into crypto because when you got into crypto the only thing that was available was Bitcoin and so when you got into Bitcoin into crypto you were just basically getting into Bitcoin matter of fact back in 2012-2013 we use the words blockchain or we used the words cryptocurrency or crypto right we just used the word Bitcoin that was it like hey are you in Bitcoin did you get – you understand Bitcoin that means the technology or you did you invest or trade in Bitcoin that means the coin the token nobody said why chain nobody said cryptocurrency you know it wasn't until after the market crash in 2014 here's a quick history lesson for you guys in case you guys are new after the market crashed the longest and the biggest bear market and the market crash in Bitcoin which is in – 2014-2015 you got a bunch of dumbasses out there that wanted to talk about Bitcoin and they were ashamed so they were like hiding you know they were like oh you know I'm not gonna mention Bitcoin you know I'm just gonna say blockchain you got these fucking dumb asses out there let's say you know oh you know we're investing Terry you know blockchain or distributive technology or all these other dumb shit okay this full of shit okay they're full of shit and one thing that people respect about our channel is we've been straight up we're been the real deal we keep it straight and we're straight shooters see you guys it's fuckin Bitcoin okay it ain't fucking block chains I mean none of this stupid shit that everybody keeps saying okay all these companies like Microsoft Intel IBM and all these stupid-ass companies that talk about they're in black chains and shit it's fucking Bitcoin okay now that's from a technology perspective okay but that does I was ranting I was preaching on the technology podium there for a minute just I lost tracked and forgot that I'm here to make money guys and here to show you guys how to make money so I lost track and got that hey just to me it just tickles me I find it funny that these people they want to talk about Bitcoin but they're scared so they caught blockchain you know so that they won't they won't be seen as oh hey you know you're talking about some that crash 7080 percent that's the reason why the word blockchain came about guys because you got these fucking coward ass you know guys scared ass motherfuckers out there that were afraid to talk about coin because they just crashed 7080 percent and so they use the word blockchain you know those are fake-ass Bitcoin believers fake-ass cryptocurrency believers and fake-ass blockchain believers okay okay so what I'm saying is that back then Bitcoin when I got into Bitcoin in 2012-2013 it was 100 it was like damn near a hundred percent Bitcoin like there's no other there's like coin all these others shit made-up lesson one or two percent if you guys go back on the if you guys go to coin market cap and you guys go back to 2012-2013 the entire market cap of the entire cryptocurrency space was made up of Bitcoin so that's why back then when you guys hear me say that I put nearly all my life savings right I put all my life savings into it but our lawyers say that I can't say that so I have to say that I put nearly all my life savings or almost all my life savings you know because technically if there's a penny out there that I didn't put in my life into Bitcoin you know then I would be misrepresenting the truth okay the truth is that I put whatever I could of what I got you know any extra dollar that I had I wouldn't put it into Bitcoin back there okay that's that's the truth okay so back then Bitcoin made up the majority of there was no other cryptocurrency guys so it's very easy for me to say that I put nearly all my life savings into Bitcoin and it was a very easy bet because that that was the only one you know so you might say hey ty didn't you violate your rule of putting more than you know two or three percent into an entire coin well that was it there was no other coin there they were there was names of other coins but back then they didn't even trade five $10,000 I remember back when Leon and I first got into crypto currencies if something traded more than ten thousand dollars a day in volume we were holy shit this thing actually trade more than ten and then when I started trading more than fifty thousand dollars a day we were like holy shit look it is it trillion more than fifty thousand dollars in a day and then when I started trading over $100,000 a day who are holy shit this is trading more than $100,000 a day okay but back then it was not that easy like even if you want to put $100,000 into an altcoin back then or into a different cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin you could not do it because there was not enough volume okay there was just not enough volume you know so a lot of people say Oh ty you you're lucky you and your team got in too early no we're not lucky we we got raped by the markets we had our ass slaughtered now we lost our ass off trying to figure this shit out five years ago so if you listen to this today and you're getting in today today in 2018 in the middle of 2018 you are fucking lucky as shit you got me telling you all the mistakes that I made and you're lucky as shit we got Hardware Wallace you lucky a shit we got multiple exchanges to trade on back then the only bullshit exchange we had was a bullshit exchange called cripsy and we lost a shitload of money in the exchange because the owner of the exchange got hacked and he decided to take everyone else's money right and take off all right so me and Leon lost a shitload of money in a goddamn exchange where the owner took off with all our money so the fact that you're getting in today you're fucking lucky shit but your luck if I had a choice to get in in 2012 and 2013 versus in 2017 2018 right I would get in today any day because there's the computer security is so much better a million times better back then we had a store bitcoins on I had a store big points on a freaking hard drive and then I took the hard drive and then I went and stored it and backed it up and try to encrypt it and all kinds of shit you know I lost money doing that shit cuz I couldn't decrypt it I lost coins right I think that lost like half a million dollars if I remember it correctly you know I might be off a little bit about thing I lost like half a million dollars worth of NXT right just because I put it somewhere and one of the fucking hard drives I did and I lost it you know I pulled it out of my computer and I lost I lost a password to it and everything so if you say that hey you know it sucks cuz you know you got into Bitcoin at $20,000 or $15,000 right well first of all why the fuck are you buying something shit I just went from $1,000 to $20,000 and second of all right you're still better off even if you buy bitcoins at 15 $20,000 you're still better off with less risk than I did buying bitcoins back in 2013 because there was nowhere to store it there's nowhere to store most people lost their bitcoins from 2013 simply because they they didn't have a place to store it okay anyways back to what I was saying here guys right Bitcoin and he theorem are the only two coins that I would you keep what I would have more than 3% of my portfolio because those are the coins that I need as inventory to buy other coins what does it think okay yeah so tell max to help you okay daddy's on the broadcast right now okay so those are the two right there guys okay so if you ask me hey ty why would you say it's okay to put more than 3% Bitcoin ATM because those are the two primary crypto currencies that's needed to buy all the other 1,600 the crypto currencies alright so here's a position in Bitcoin and aetherium but you also need you know I would keep a position in Bitcoin II theorem but I would also have extra that so I can buy the other coins that I need okay so let me just pause right there and take some questions guys from you guys have any questions on the rise app just raise your hand if you have any questions on youtube just put it in the chat box real quick and I'll take a moment to answer the questions right Zeke police asks a win mood nobody knows nobody knows we don't know when shit is going to moon guys okay nobody fucking knows that shit anybody that tells you they know when it's gonna moon or whatever they're a bunch of fuckin idiots okay the the way that trading and investing works guys whether you're in the stock market the forex market the commodities market or in the cryptocurrency market is that you set up traps and you set up fishing lines it's like fishing and hunting you you you cast your line out there with bait on it with the proper bait it tied the hook on properly you put the bait on and you cast it out there and you sit and you wait okay anybody tells you that oh they know when it's gonna go to the moon fucking idiots and if they tell you that tell them to watch this video at this exact time slot and tell them that ty said that you're a fucking idiot okay you don't fucking know when something's gonna go up to the moon or not but what we do know is that we are prepared it's like picture that you are sitting next to a river okay and you throw your hook in the river and then you get another hook fishing pole and you throw it another I'm not gonna necessary say fishing pole because in Vietnam where I come from we don't use fishing poles we use lines and there's a we don't use poles okay at least I'm not seeing another Vietnamese person that use fishing poles we use a fly and we roll it up in a roll in the sewer pipe roll and then a PVC pipe and then we cast it out there okay anyway you cast one bait one hook one bait and you cast another one and another one and another one and you hope that the fish when it flows down the across the river that it sees your bait and it catches on sometimes it's a small fish which is a small winner and sometimes it's a giant fish that can feed you for several months okay and that's the goal of trading and investing is that most people when they they what they do they make the mistake is that they put too much bait on one hook thinking that this is is it gonna be it like if I have 10 10 100 pieces of bait I'm gonna put all in one hook you know all in and just throw this bingo chunk of bait out in the river out in the ocean and I'm gonna catch that big ol fish that's gonna feed me for a whole year and that's not how trading and investing works trading investing works by you you take all that bait or all that money that you have at ten thousand dollars that you have or a hundred thousand dollars that you have and you take a small piece of it and you put it on the hook and you cast it out there and you're hoping to catch a big fish with it that's that's what you're doing now obviously a small hook can only sustain a fish so big I say if you use a very tiny hook that's that big you might only catch a 2 3 4 5 kilogram fish with that because if it's a bigger fish it'll just rip the thing off okay so if you want to catch like a 500 600 kilogram tuna or 600 pound tuna or bigger fish then you gotta use a bigger hook so like when I started I just used a small hook and a small bait because my portfolio was smaller and I couldn't afford to take that kind of risk and put it all in on one coin except for Bitcoin because that was the only coin that was available at that time right but now you know because my portfolios gotten bigger I'm able to use a bigger hook and use bigger bait okay so even though you and I might get into the same coin right more than likely my hook and my bait are slightly bigger than yours only because I've grown my I've had five years to grow my portfolio whereas you might just be starting out okay so don't don't don't don't be upset about that okay so just just you know just realize that no one knows when it's gonna moon so anybody tells you that they're full of shit you know do you think Harvey Williams asks a great question here do you think newcomers should hold off invest and crypto until next year absolutely not dude absolutely not if you look at it statistically Bitcoin went from twenty thousand you know it usually crashes around 7080 percent okay so the market has already crashed you know like seventy percent seventy seven percent already depending on how you look at it right so right now is the time to be buying right now is not the time to be selling or sitting on the sidelines right now is I would be I would be selling anything I don't need my house right I would put my kids to work I would be working extra jobs right I would go get a second job I'll be working nighttime right I would go and get extra money to buy up as much crypto as I can right now because right now is buying season right so hey guys daddy's on a broadcast okay daddy's trying to make some money here okay trying to make some money so I can buy some more gummy bears and more milk and stuff okay give daddy a chance all right so when when right now is not guys you gotta make hay when it's Sunshine's right when the opportunity is there like I'm retired right now right why am I still you know doing what I'm doing is because I work my ass off to get here for four decades to get here okay and now that we're in the biggest bull market in human history I'm not gonna like sit back and retire and chill out and goof off just because I've already made enough money to where I don't have to work anymore right I'm not gonna fucking do that because you gotta go as a trader in as an investor you have to go when the market dictates it like when the market is giving you an opportunity to buy that's when you buy when the market is giving you an opportunity to sell that's why if you guys follow us we were like one of the only few channels on the internet that was telling people to sell when Bitcoin was going from ten to twenty thousand dollars we were telling people sell sell sell sell we were tired then on a pullback we would tell people to buy small amount but we were the only if you go back to our Twitter right and our videos we were the only people that I know of that that was telling people to sell when price was running up why because you gotta take profits you got you sell when when when when when you have a hungry group of buyers all these people are trying to buy that I buy that is the best time to sell you need to sell ten thousand dollars worth of coins that's the best time to sell you need to sell a hundred thousand dollars worth of coins that's the best time to sell is when you got a hungry horde of buyers okay that's how trading works you sell when there's a hungry group of people that want to buy your shit and you sell it your coins your socks your oil your gold your silver that's when you sell it okay you don't sell it when everybody's trying to elbow each other trying to buy okay that's that's not you know when when Bitcoin was running from ten to twenty thousand dollars everybody and their mother was trying to elbow each other out the way get out of my way get out of my way I'm trying to buy some more bitcoins that's not the time to be buying because you're trying to fight with all these people they got more money more they just got more money and more buying power than you do that's not the time to buy that's the time to sell okay and then right now right when everybody's scared like shit ain't nobody buy hey let me tell you guys this okay I was fucking telling people to buy bitcoins and crypto back in back in 2012 2013 2014 2015 we've been telling people to buy during the bear market of 2014 2015 we were telling people to buy okay who's the first channel on the internet that I know if that was telling people to buy he threw him during the crowd sale everybody thought we were nuts now they call his legends and heroes and oh geez of crypto back then they thought we were nuts telling he with a pint of italics project okay but you buy when the opportunity when there's no pressure there's no stress in buying like right now when you buy right there there's no you don't have to elbow anybody out the way you you know calmly just go to your account you type in your name your username you type in your password right you use make sure you use a password manager and you're pasting your password and then you go and you just calmly buy whatever amount of coins you want okay right you don't like if you put in like 1% of your portfolio in let's say you have $10,000 and you need to put 1% of your portfolio that's like a hundred bucks if it's like Bitcoin or a theme they're so popular like the top 10 20 coins they're so popular and there's so much volume that you don't have to worry you can be patient you can wait until the price turns around and goes back up right before you buy it because you all you put it buying is $100 but if you know you buy like ten thousand dollars with the bitcoins or you buy a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars worth of bitcoins or if you're more any coin you gotta buy a little bit at a time so let's say that I need to buy a hundred thousand dollars worth let's say ripple or Bitcoin cash or yo ass or litecoin I'm gonna buy a little bit today let it fall some more I'll buy a little bit more if it falls some more I'll buy a little bit more if it falls some more I'll buy a little bit more right I'm not gonna go in with a whole hundred thousand dollars all at one time because that is a dumbass move okay you have to average in and then average back out okay real traders don't just go all in and go all out okay so whenever you listen to someone that's buying like a million dollars with the crypto and they say oh I just took a black man buy and click a button and sell they're a bunch of fucking idiots because that's not how you would you would never do some stupid shit like that in the stock market why would you do it over here in the crypto market okay now the only time you would do that is if you go through an OTC trade desk that's the only time you call them up by Cumberland mining or something or once we get our money service business licenses right after we get registered with each state and we get approved then you can call us up and we can help you facilitate that transaction but that's the oh that's about the only time that you'll get $100,000 or a million dollar order filled on one one transaction otherwise if you use the regular exchanges like bye Nance like coinbase and stuff like that you just get a little bit a little bit on the way in and sell a little bit a little bit a little bit on the way back out okay that's how it's done all right so let me see let me see here was a question here so okay so this time is a good time I hope that answers your question Harvey Williams right and jam from London what's up buddy could you touch upon and that's encrypt O's outside the top 100 which seems to have a good product platform how would you approach this great question and jam right here's here's a downside though if you if you scroll down the list and you start going outside the list of the top 100 coins if you're a small portfolio like you only have like 10 T or $100,000 right you can get away with that you can get away with investing something that the smaller the volume and the smaller the market cap right the more risky it is and in in in its it's risky because of this right you can't get your orders filled let's say that someone has a let's say a 1020 million dollar portfolio and they need to put 1% in 2 or 2% like 1 percent of a 10 million dollar portfolios like $100,000 right so when you try and buy $100,000 let's just say that I want to get coin number 101 in market cap size right or let me just say a hundred right so 100 is Z coin it just so happens that I'm in Z coin right but let's say Z coin 561 thousand dollars worth of Z coin was traded in the last 24 hours let's say that I need a hundred thousand dollars with the Z coin okay and Jam how am I gonna get that that's gonna take several days right I have to buy like maybe ten thousand today ten thousand later on in the day like every hour every few hours by ten thousand right cuz if not I'm gonna Jack the price up right now it's like $19.60 if I start go in there and just put the money and buy a hundred thousand dollars worth of it I'll probably jack up the price from 19 to 30 $40 okay I don't know with them I have to look at the order book but it's gonna increase the price dramatically just with my order so I never want to be the one that goes in there and moves the market with my order so that's not something that that is very safe right if you have a big portfolio if you have a small portfolio then it doesn't really matter if you only need to get a hundred two hundred dollars a thousand bucks with it no one's ever gonna notice like it's like when you just imagine guys at pawn okay and you throw a small pebble in there if you throw a pebble the you know like this big the size of an M&M into a pond right that's 100 meters wide no you're not gonna notice the ripples you're not gonna notice any waves you're not gonna make any waves but if you throw less say a Lambo a Lamborghini into that same con it's gonna create a huge splash and waves are gonna go everywhere and everyone's gonna notice it okay so yes you can invest into coins outside of that when you have a small portfolio but as you get bigger and bigger that becomes very very risky because there were some coins that we invested into before and then when the market ran up in 2017 and we needed to sell it to take profits we couldn't like there was some coins I needed a sell and take two three hundred thousand dollars worth of profit out and it was extremely difficult and I realized man you know it seems good that you made you know hundreds of X in ROI you know you made 100 X to some but then if you can't cash out you can't sell it then did you really make 100 X you see what I'm saying so just be very careful about that like if you think that coins gonna go up and it's outside the top 100 you have to ask yourself are you okay with the low liquidity okay nowadays and our team because of the size of portfolio we have to focus on liquidity that's like the first thing but before we even consider is this coin worth putting money into we have to ask yourself right is there enough liquidity for us that's why some coins I cannot put 1% of my portfolio in or put half a percent of my portfolio I can we put a quarter percent or a tenth of a percent again simply because there's not enough volume there for me to put a bigger amount in no matter how much I like it okay so just be aware of that the other thing too is you see you know I wish that this the comments section in the way so much time in the comment section if you guys have a better idea for me please let me know there's this comment section I leave it there and then when somebody puts a question in it jacks up the comments and it won't stay in one place and it's like every time I look at it to see what the next question is it's like it's not in the same place and I gotta scroll through it and it doesn't always appear to be in the same sequence okay if there's a way I just look over to see what the question is and then come back and answer that would be so much more efficient right hourglass says what coins that we invested into whatever we talk about normally we invest into it Jack Mohan Rawat asked why aren't all the ice eels need shitload of money these days more precisely after October November well the reason why all the I SEOs need a shitload of money is because the public is willing to give it to them okay so if the public is willing to give you money when you ask for it why would you stop asking for it you know when when originally when I first when we've gotten to the icos back four or five years ago you know they were only raising two three four or five million dollars and then when one project raised three million dollars the next projects to try to see they can raise four million dollars next part you try to raise five six million dollars next project I raised twenty million dollars and then each one was trying to outdo the other one because the public kept giving the money that's I mean it's simple that's how the market works if you keep if the market keeps giving these projects money when they ask for it well then they're gonna continue to ask for it okay was AOS supposedly Eos raised four billion dollars because if you ask for four billion dollars in the in the market was willing to give it to you you would take it too so don't don't think it's a bad thing I mean that's that's how the market works okay I mean I didn't make that shit up that's just how it works okay so and then Jack Mohan also asked what do you think about VC involvements in projects getting enduring seed rounds and exploiting the system the question there is that you know it seems like you're concerned that it's unfair hey guys it's always gonna be unfair okay if you think that the market is ever gonna be fair to you you need to wake up and smell the coffee okay because the market is never going to be fair okay okay hi guys I see my daughter's but real quick what supporter okay okay alright guys so that's I hope that answers your question guys don't don't worry about if it's unfair hey guys check this out guys when you guys aren't crypto right and it's not just crypto but in stocks and anything right don't worry about what somebody else makes don't worry about what Tim Draper or what very sober if they got in early don't worry about now that shit because that's not shit that we can change there's not something we can control right now I talked about earlier in this broadcast that we want to focus on the things that we can control and ignore the things that we cannot control right we cannot control if somebody gets in ahead of us if we buy you know when I bought my first Bitcoin I think it's like 160 bucks somebody else bought it at 150 somebody else buy that 100 Leon bought his at $40 right who gives a shit who gives a shit what other people make and what other people you know like there's people that that ask you know how much do I make who gives a shit however much if I make a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars or ten dollars you're not gonna get any of it who gives a shit the only thing that matters okay is what you make that that's all it matters it's what you make is that what these theses make okay I don't pay attention to what the V sees you know the thing that I pay attention to is what projects are in so that lets me know to take a look at that project you know if somebody's willing to put you know a million two million dollars into a project they're putting their money where their mouth is that right but keep in mind that million dollars they put into that project it might come from their billion dollar portfolio that might be like you putting in ten dollars into our project then that might not be a big deal okay so who gives a shit okay now the other thing to Bitcoin plug asked what about Gladius I haven't looked at Gladius recently I've just been lately I've been focusing on this the securities tokens and the EOS and things like that so I I'm right now I just don't know what the you know the prizes I get into guys for tax reasons because I don't want to pay short-term capital gains tax because if I have to pay short-term capital gains tax it's a lot higher than the long-term capital gains so every position I get into I try to hold on to it for at least a year or more so I pay less taxes on it in the US okay now some of you guys might say you know you guys don't have intentions of paying taxes you know I mean in the US so you know we're public figures so I gotta pay attention to the tax laws here okay hey guys can you guys go talk over there can you guys go play over there okay thanks okay so what do you think about people predicting a year-long bull market throughout 2018 I'm hesitant buying up alts now or even averaging in why not why are you hesitating the the hesitation guys anytime were hesitant about something right the Bible says be hot or be cold don't be lukewarm don't be in the middle okay whenever someone tells me they're hesitating or they're reluctant to Gideon into crypto it's there's only one reason for that there's only there's absolutely only one reason for that hesitation or that reluctance or that unwillingness to get in or hey guys the reason for that guys is usually because they don't understand they really don't understand the value of this new technology okay of this new bit technology this cryptocurrency is blockchain they really just don't understand it you know and if you really don't understand it I invite you to go listen to Andreas Antonopoulos or somebody else like that that's that's a reliable technology source right that understands the technology and really really understand it go watch James D'Angelo's Bitcoin blackboard 101 series those are from my two 2013-2014 they're still valid today those are some of the best videos on the planet regarding Bitcoin right when you go there tell them I sent you there okay so whenever someone's someone's hesitant about it it's usually because they don't fully understand the value and that's why they're hesitant okay let me see let me see hourglass says that in my opinion Neil is the nexium hey guys go over there right now why are you guys every time you guys see any broadcasts and you guys come over and make the most noise we have a big house go over there if not sell this house and get a smaller house so that we're all living in the same room and be real agents okay alright so neo is better than the etherium or the next idiom who cares who cares if neo becomes the next aetherium okay who cares we put guys the reason why we diversify across multiple block chains is because we don't know which one is going to go to the moon that's the reality nobody fucking knows okay if anybody tells you they know for sure if they know they're so fucking certain like why don't they go and sell their fucking house and take all their money and put into their house sell their fucking car put it into their house sell their Rolex watches and put all on okay like if you are that convinced why aren't you putting everything on the line right the reality is because you don't fucking know that's why that's that's the reason why you don't fucking know that's the reason why you're not taking a loan that on your house you're not selling your dog you're not you know cutting out all your drinking alcohol that's the reason why you're not stopping smoking weed right and so you can put all your money into it into that coin that you believe is gonna go to the money nobody fucking knows what we do know is that if we place a small bet on this coin on this coin on this coin on this coin if one of them does 100x that's all we need we don't need all them to do 100x guys listen up guys the majority of our wealth every one of our team the majority of that wealth right we put money into dozens and dozens of coins and then with george of our wealth came from just two three coins that's it that's it okay and that's how the game is played same thing when you're in the stock market right when you in the stock market right when I'm coaching my stock trading students when I was coaching them right two-thirds of their trades did not make money 34 percent of their trades made money and now that thirty four percent twenty nine percent of them were just like barely above breakeven and then out of every 100 trades there would be four or five trades that made like eighty percent of money okay that is how trading works guys okay these idiots out there that tell you that every fucking trade makes money or every investment makes money they're fucking full of shit those guys only even fucking trade anybody that tells me that I will tell them your fucking shit I don't give a fuck how much money they have I don't care they made ten million dollars okay you guys gotta be careful there's these idiots out there these clowns out there that make a shit made a shitload of money because they got into bitcoins early or they going to crypto early and now they're fucking goddamn stocking investing wizards they're they're like fucking experts and geniuses but when you tell him hey man if you were so good at this shit why the fuck didn't you goddamn trade stocks futures and Forex of options before crypto came along oh wait a minute you mean to tell me you ain't never traded a goddamn day in your life but then Bitcoin comes aligned now all of a sudden you got a trade you're a fucking cocksucking liar that's what you are right that's that's those guys I don't believe that shit for one fucking minute right when I talk to these traders when I go to the conferences and meet these traders I just asked him man hey man where did you learn your trading from and they say oh I you know do this okay what broker did you use they came and Tommy a fucking broker that they use in the traditional stock futures Forex and options market right how the fuck did you learn how to trade cuz it it takes time to learn that you know it you you you must have made some mistakes how can you just jump into training and all of a sudden be right and start just making money if you had if you had the real skills if you don't have the skills to do that then that was just luck and that's not something that can be repeated consistently and that's something that you know like the stuff that we share with people the stuff that we teach inside the crypto currency investing blueprint that we have that's on presale right now that's stuff that we learn from the stock market that our team learned from trading stocks that our team learned from street trading the futures from trading Forex from trading options and then we got into it and that's from five years of trading crypto also and then we convinced that and combine all that into the blueprint so that we can share with everyone our knowledge of mistakes and our experience so that people can learn the serious traders you know so whenever somebody says that they got into crypto and but they never traded stocks or futures or Forex on options before it makes me wonder like where the fuck did you learn your trading skills from where did you learn it from you know so okay so I hope that answers your question hourglass don't be so focused on one okay now okay all these other questions I see us coming up it's all about hey is this one is this coin better than this coin or is that coin better than that coin okay I'm gonna stop that right now guys okay I'm not gonna answer a hundred of those questions okay because more than likely if you ask if you're telling me that neo is better than YouTube one likely you own Neil if you tell me biklen cash is better than Bitcoin core one likely your own Bitcoin cash you wanted to go up so you want me to reinforce what guys are thinking or what you guys are holding to make you feel good okay this channel guys is not about feeling good this channel is about doing the real fucking shit that people don't want to fucking do to get financial freedom okay this is what this channel is about if you wanna fucking feel good go watch comedy go watch the bullshit you know go go live watch somebody else's life to make you feel good this channel right here guys cryptocurrency that market is not about feeling good feeling good happens after you make a shitload of money and you got the clock in 9 to 5 no more you you you know I enjoyed the most about being financially free guys every fuckin morning I don't have to wake up to the goddamn fucking alarm clock that's what I like that to me is a million times more valuable than having a goddamn Ferrari or a supercar or a Lamborghini or any of that dumb shit ok the fact that I can sit here and talk to you guys in my fucking underwear and stop and go clean my daughters butt when she takes a crap you know that to me is more valuable then then then uh then any of that shit ok so I just want you guys to be aware guys ok what's what's important and crypto ok here's the thing guys I want to talk about I want to make a shift for a moment so I don't forget ok I'm getting distracted by some of these questions ok they're the same questions ok it's coin a better than coin B all that shit ok ok so let me talk about why I'm invest into some of these coins so you guys understand okay first of all bitcoin is the first blockchain ok so I'm going to invest in that I'm gonna put money into that now I'm also gonna put money into aetherium because it was the second the second blockchain 2.0 project meaning that I when I diversify across multiple block chains guys one of the things I do is I make sure that it's not the same blockchain okay so for example like bitcoin and litecoin and dogecoin to me those are all the same block okay now keep in mind that I do have money in litecoin I do have money in dogecoin I do have it in there but it's for completely different reasons this video is about why I diversify across different block chains I do not personally consider litecoin dogecoin and Bitcoin to be different block chains I consider them to be the exact same chain okay the reason is because it's the same fucking shit they just get copy and then they paste it and boom they goes like coin let's took like five minutes right we took we talked to uh Charlie Lee in 2014 when we met him at the Texas Bitcoin conference I tweeted out some pictures we sat down ate lunch together at the conference right and we he said yeah I spent my five minutes changed a few lines of code and boom litecoin was born okay dogecoin same thing you can watch our video where we interview the founder of dogecoin Jackson Palmer right and he he we call that he took him a few minutes and he created dogecoin and he all he did was copy and paste bitcoin okay so I don't necessarily consider those brought chains a different blockchain I consider just a copy and paste a Bitcoin okay so anything that is made off of the Bitcoin core a implementation or the Bitcoin core chain to me that is just a copy and paste coin that's not a new blockchain okay a theory 'm was the second blockchain 2.0 the first one was NXT so that's the reason why I have money in NXT right because it's a completely new blockchain like NXT was the first blockchain that was not a copy and paste of bitcoins blockchain so I put a little bit of money into the Bitcoin I put a little bit of money into NXT right the NXT order block changed that's a small chunk of money because they have nothing to do with Bitcoin they have nothing to do with Bitcoin it's it's radically different okay so is the theorem the theorem is a smart contract blockchain it's completely different from NXT is completely different from Bitcoin the blockchain is not the same is not the same technology it has the same concepts it has the same ideologies it has the same philosophy but the construction of each of those watchings are completely different okay so now Bitcoin dogecoin litecoin Bitcoin cash those are all the same blockchain okay now do I have money and Bitcoin cash absolutely I do okay because I don't know which one's gonna win I don't know the civil war between Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash I don't know nobody fucking knows everybody that's on the Bitcoin core side swears up and down they're gonna win the Civil War right the Bitcoin civil war everybody that's on the Bitcoin cash side swears up and down they're gonna win the Bitcoin cast civil war right the Bitcoin civil war nobody fucking knows right and here's how you hedge your bets right you don't have to pick sides we're here to make money guys if you're here to feel good or you're here to participate in political drama unsubscribe under file and go the fuck somewhere else that's not what this channels for this channels for making life-changing money in crypto currencies okay making life-changing profit so that you can change your life so you have to wake up to the goddamn alarm clock we were not put on this earth guys so to be subservient and to be a slave to the goddamn alarm clock okay we we were not born and God did not create us into this earth so we can sit in traffic in Atlanta traffic or Los Angeles traffic or New York traffic or be stuck in the subways smelling gas fumes okay that's that was we were permanent earth for okay we were not put on this earth to do that stupid shit okay so that's what this channel is about our channel is to get away from that stupid shit okay this channel is not about feeling good or who's gonna win the soccer game or who's gonna win the football game fuck all that shit that shit doesn't change our lives that shit doesn't pay our bills okay now so we put a little bit in Bitcoin Bitcoin can it's the same goddamn blockchain okay and may the best team win okay now yo s I recently got into EOS I didn't like it I didn't like iOS in the beginning because they were just raising too much money and this is where one of the mistakes that I made okay that one of the mistakes that we made as a team we were so used to because we were old school we're you know people cause the OGS of crypto and we were used to doing I SEOs where they're raising five ten maybe twenty million maybe thirty million but when an ICO is trying to raise a hundred million dollars two hundred million dollars a billion dollars that shit was getting fucking retarded okay and the mistake we made was that hey we didn't adapt quick enough that's that's the mistake we made guys we as a team did not adapt quick enough right the market when we saw that foul coin was raising two hundred million dollars and then Tazo start raising two hundred million dollars and then fuckin POS came along they were raising several hundred million dollars we should have caught on that the craze okay everybody is elbowing their mom the grandmother and their aunt out of the way to get into this shit and regardless of what we think right we should have seen opportunities to make money there instead we were sitting there like a bunch of you know you know with our jaws drop by why the fuck did this project just raised 200 million dollars or why is this project raising a billion dollars right instead of right being stuck like a deer frozen like a deer in the middle of street when the headlines are shining in their face right we should have adapted as our team and profited from those events but instead we didn't okay so recently I got into EOS because it's a different blockchain it's completely different so no matter how far down the wrong road you go guys turn around turn back so we made a mistake I made a mistake not getting into EOS a year ago so how do I recover from that mistake I look to get into it now now obviously right I get into it now I still get into it with a small position because I don't know what the what the hell is gonna happen to it right so I get into a small position because it's a completely different blockchain that in theory it's completely different from NXT it's completely different from the Bitcoin blockchain it's so radically different right now whether that difference makes it successful or makes it a failure or not I no I don't know nobody fucking knows guys I keep saying this over and over but but people keep asking me all the time you know is this gonna go to the moon fucking knows okay I don't want to see them lied to you guys right so I'm putting a small bet I'm placing a very small bet in case it works out if I'm wrong I lose a small amount that I can afford to lose my kids are still gonna get their diapers a toilet still gonna work we're still gonna live in this big house with I might have to downsize to a fucking village or to a one-room Hut like I was living in when I was in the refugee camps in Malaysia when I left Vietnam as a refugee you know I'm gonna downsize a one-room Hut or something grass hut okay I'm still be able to live my same lifestyle if I'm wrong on this a OS okay and that's how it should be guys you place a small enough bet to where even if you're wrong is he gonna hurt you or your kids gonna be starving let me run around naked in school because they ain't got no more diapers okay you got to make sure that it doesn't hurt you and your family now if you're single man I would sell everything I own if I was single today my wife hates it when I say that right she's at all why do you want to leave why you want to be single again right but if I was single today guys right I would sell every fucking thing I have I would sleep on the floor and I would put all my money into crypto because this is an opportunity for me to break the financial chains okay I'm telling you that there's fucking goddamn cocksuckers out there the fake-ass crypto believers the fake-ass Bitcoin believers the fake-ass blockchain believers that will tell you all you know they don't want to tell you to buy during this market crash I'm telling you guys ain't fucking afraid to tell you guys because I know what this technology can do for the world okay I'm not like these fucking goddamn what do you call that that it's a sad let's talk about bitcoins we've been talking about this shit for five years okay it ain't gonna stop here guys I'll be talking about this shit ten years from now okay all right so that's the reason why we got into iOS it's a different blockchain now here's another one guys ripple in stellar are in the enterprise banking bucket okay they're in that category so I have a little bit of money into those coins right like Ripple people say centralized I don't give a shit I really don't okay some people say it's centralized something was not when I was doing the research I'm talking to people the guys that know ripple say it's not centralized right does the company ripple labs own and large portion of the coins absolutely do I care about that fuck no I don't give a shit about that I don't give a shit how much they own right like I said guys I don't worry about what the next guy owns I worry about myself because you can own you can own 80% of the ripple coins out there I don't give a fuck as long as the ripple coins that I own the ripple tokens are I own gouken value and I can feed my family that's all I give a shit about if you make a billion dollars and I only made a hundred thousand dollars I don't give a shit because that billion dollars that you make ain't gonna pay my bills anyway people people need to let go of this bullshit about everything has to be fair the world is not fucking fair man you know it's not fair for me to have to grow up in a small ass fucking goddamn fishing village in Vietnam that has no running water no page street no fucking toilet after squat outside and take a shit right it's not fucking fair that I'm 6-7 years old and Americans are dropping bombs all over my fucking village okay it's not fucking fair that I'm my dad had to try to cut his fucking finger off so he can't shoot a gun so that they don't recruit him into the military it's not fucking fair that I you know leave Vietnam in a boat that my dad stole from the communist government and then we get shot my dad gets shot out in the ocean and we get pirated that's not fucking fair okay the world is not it's not fucking fair that I had to go live in a refugee camp in Malaysia for nearly a year and a half right and and fucking chase after lizards and birds and fish and shit on the on the beachfront and and scrounge for food my stomach was touching my back every fucking day and because I was hungry so goddamn hungry he said fucking fair guys life is not fucking fair okay right so if you come into crypto thinking that you know it should be fair you know I should make the same amount of money as him I should make the same family as her or whatever life it's not fucking fair okay deal with it and make your money and fucking go home and take care of your family and kids all right stop worrying about what the other person makes or what they do okay stop worrying about that okay that's not gonna pay your bills all right all right so ripple and stellar is a separate blockchain project that I put a small bet on okay next one is Cardinal okay Cardinal is also another point now keep in mind guys right full disclosure I invest in the coins I talk about okay I'm not one of these fucking stupid-ass YouTube channels that talk about different goddamn coin every goddamn day okay there's no fucking way I have enough money to put money into every goddamn coin or do I want to okay so how these these fucking channels they they they talk about a new coin every goddamn day right and it's like there's no way you're putting money into all these coins right so why the fuck are you even goddamn researching it for if you're not gonna put money into it or why are you even talking about it for if you're not gonna put money into it did someone pay you to talk about I don't know I don't know I don't know these questions okay anyways card on Oh full disclosure we are a huge fan of Charles Hoskinson because he helped make him successful meaning you guys don't know that he was one of the early founders of aetherium when the etherium crowd sale was going on in 2014 the only two faces that you saw that was associated with aetherium was vitalic and charles Hoskinson okay you got a bunch of haters in the etherium community that hates him okay but I don't pay attention that shit because I was there since the beginning I was there since our team was there since the beginning we know who Charles Hoskinson is we don't let these fucking dumbass trolls from the etherium tell us otherwise okay cuz we were there since the beginning okay so we invest in anything that Charles does I don't give a shit what he does okay the dude is talented you have to have C you have to develop the keen sense guys you see how my eyes are fucking squinty and shit cuz I'm Asian okay it doesn't fucking how swinging these eyes are what's important is that these eyes can recognize fucking talent in crypto when he when these eyes see it you know so some of you guys out there that are white that are black or Hispanic that's watching this and you even motherfuckers got bigger eyes than me okay great you should fucking see talent clearly even more clear than I do okay so Charles Hoskinson is gonna go down in history as one of the best fucking blockchain engineers on the fucking planet in human history okay so that's why I'm gonna invest into his project okay so Cardno is a completely different watching it's not a clone of the etherium it's not a clone of Bitcoin it's not a clone of any blockchain it's a brand new from scratch built from scratch blockchain so because of that we're gonna invest into it okay so we're gonna place a small bet into it all right number nine is iota okay now keep in mind this guy's David's Esteban okay and I have worked together the founder of iota and I have worked together okay when we were in the NXT project together we try to set the NFC Foundation you know he and I never had any differences okay but he did have some differences of opinions against other people that was helping build the foundation so things split apart and he went on and did his own thing okay and one thing led to another he ended up starting iota okay now iota is a different blockchain so that does meet the requirement that I would put money into okay however I don't have any money into iota because of several reasons okay and the main one is computer security okay and storage okay that's something else I forgot to mention to you guys right if I am NOT able to put the coins like you know when you shower with like five ten thousand dollars you may not think a big deal about computer security but when your portfolio gets bigger right I have to protect the wealth for me and have to protect the wealth for my three kids right that I'm gonna leave to my three kids I can't afford to be jacking around okay so what happens is if I get into a crypto if I cannot put it onto a hardware wallet right then more than likely I'm not gonna consider it okay because there's too much at stake you know I can get away and take a risk of putting $100 you know on a laptop or some bullshit like that I cannot afford to take the risk of putting a hundred thousand dollars or a million or ten million dollars onto a computer I have to have Hardware wallet support so that's another criteria that I forgot to share with you guys earlier before I started going down the list here of coins is that if it cannot fit on a hardware wallet more than likely I'm not gonna be interested into it okay I'm not gonna be now iOS does not have Hardware wallet support yet now as an ethereal PRC 20 token I can put it onto a ledger right but just be careful that's why I only put a small the ones I like that it's a different block if I want to get into it then I place an even smaller bet on it so for example ie theorem I know I can put that on a hardware wallet but iOS I cannot put on a hardware wallet or I know that if I do decide to get into it I'll place a very very small bet I will not put a very big bet size on it I'm not gonna place a big chunk of money into it simply because the risk is too much at this point and that was before but at this stage in my trading and investing career I will not take that kind of risk because that's just that's you know 1% now is a lot of money for me it's not like it used to be where it's just 100 bucks anymore okay so I cannot afford to do that okay so I'm not gonna go into iota simply because there's too many reports online that say that people transfer their money their tokens and they don't ever see it again and they lose it just just by transferring it right and I've read a few reports by computer programmers as one reply I forget what the name of the guys but he detailed an accurate report of iota and how he tested it and he was a computer programmer right and he was showing the code and all the testing and he documented it in his blog post and after I read that I was like I'm not gonna waste time hey it should not be that hard guys look you guys are trying to do you want to do the least amount of work and get the most return out of it okay for me to go through and do all that research about iota to make sure that I transfer my tokens to the correct and safe place in everything that's too much fucking work I'm just gonna move to the next coin on the list okay and take a look at that all right I'm a positive and I owed up if I go on to other blockchain just to see if there's any other questions real quick guys so if you have any questions drop it in the comment box right now okay all right so do I hate the way the comments to jump around fucking takes me forever to lead with the comments where to keep track of where the comments okay charm the thing the goddamn questions just went out of order guys okay Harvey William asked a good question here he asked you got hey Todd you got into a lot of weight I see owes over the years do you think that there's still a lot of opportunity I see owes over the next few years to come or has that ship sailed okay okay the answer to that question is yes the ship has sailed on icos but however he asked you know did basically are there still any opportunities in icos in my opinion the answer is not much there however if we rephrase the question that Harvey just asked at Harvey Williams ask and say you got into great Kryptos over the years do you think that there's still a lot of opportunity left in cryptos over the next few years the answer is absolutely yes guys absolutely yes guys it only takes one coin that does 100x in your portfolio and you're good to go right you are good to go okay you that happens twice that happens twice for you and man you're financially free okay or you should be we doing it right so the ICL's guys the problem with the icos and why we haven't looked at very many I SEOs in the last few months that's why I don't understand like some of these YouTube channels are talking about new AI seals all the fucking time and I what the fuck are they thinking then like there's all kinds of regulation and scrutiny from the SEC about the the ICO s why the fuck are you sitting there talking about them and why is that ICO project even trying to do an ICO during all these a regulatory uncertainty like what does that tell you about the project but they're stupid enough to go and do this shit while all this uncertainty is going on okay so I don't understand that okay don't you think is Adams's during him to ask don't you think it's better to use a theorem as only a transfer of value to buy other coins or token while Bitcoin as only as a store of value and always buying the dip I don't not clear on what the question is asking there is I'm not clearing your question Adams but here's the thing guys we're here to make money okay if there's money to be made we should look at that opportunity we should not be sitting here worried about if bitcoin is a store of value or if it's a transfer of value or anything we're here to look for coins that have a potential to go up in value and we put a small bet on it and it will wrong that small bet is not gonna hurt us anymore right there's a potential to make you know 10 X 20 X 50 X whatever it is that's gonna happen okay but don't sit there and worried about that okay put your one or two percent your portfolio into Bitcoin or etherium and then just move on stop stop thinking don't think too deep into it guys here's the thing guys let me let me help you guys with this okay well the reason why let me tell you guys why isn't as natural guys it's a human nature to have a bias towards what we choose okay so let's say that our family owns a Labrador we're naturally gonna think that's the best fucking dog in the planet on the planet right then hey our dog treats us well it loves us right it helps protect our family every time you know there's some funny noise outside the dog barks hey that's part of our family right so we are going to have a huge bias for that lab that golden lab versus a poodle versus a Doberman versus any other dog we have a natural bias towards things right you guys watch my channel you guys are following my channel right now you guys gonna have a bias like hey Ty's channel is the best channel out there Leon you know is the best out there right these guys keep it real these guys are the best right and we appreciate that and that's called bias because we tend to have a bias towards things that we like right so if we buy Bitcoin right there's one place on the planet where you don't want to be biased okay and that's in trading and investing you don't wanna be biased about anything okay about anything I hate the stupid fucking iPhones I think they're a piece of garbage I use Samsung phones and Leon uses iPhones cuz he's an iOS developer he's in software engineer for iOS so he loved every freaking Apple product that comes out he buys it right so you know obviously you know he and I are the founders of our company and David so every time I see Apple come out with some new fucking bullshit right I already know that we're about to spend some company money on that fucking doodad cuz Leon's gonna buy it right new laptops new phones new eye watches right every time Apple comes out with some shit you know I know that what I'm about to lose the company's about to lose some Legos I know he's gonna go get it right so here's the thing guys right as much as I don't give a shit about Apple products right I still like trading their stocks because you know why cuz an opportunity to make fucking money in there that's why right I don't give a shit about their product but if there's an opportunity to make money in their stocks I'll go fucking trade that shit now go invest my money into that okay so you can't be biased guys in crypto or investing in trading anything like we used to like Leon we used to love gold and silver and all that shit but then when crypto came along hey it was real quick we got our money out of that and I can put it into crypto right we don't don't be biased guys when it comes to making money if there's an opportunity to make money go for it right don't be biased and don't be stuck on one coin now you guys will sometimes hear a conflict when I'm broadcasting sometimes you'll hear me talk about Bitcoin how great it is and then you look at my portfolio and you're like hey taya you're talking about how bitcoins gonna change the world but you only have 1% of your portfolio and Bitcoin everything else is in all these other coins right that's right because I'm able to separate what my change-the-world philosophies are ma I I can I can separate or at least I try to write I try to separate my philosophy from my money-making activities okay over here is my change the world I want to change the world ideology philosophy and approach and over here is my money-making approach okay my wife and kids don't give a shit what I think about Bitcoin or crypto over here my wife and kids all they give a shit about is that I make money and come home and pay the bills so they can live the lives that they want to live okay that's the that's all they give a shit about okay and that's how it should be that's why you'll hear me once I talk about how bitcoins gonna change the world and how the technology is revolutionary and everything and then you look at my portfolio and I only have a small portion of it in Bitcoin that's because on my money-making side and focus on making money I'm here to make money and then secondarily if I can help change the world I will but primarily I gotta pay the bills and take care of my wife and kids first okay so and I don't forget that okay a coin hoc crypto says what stops the government from buying up most of the Bitcoin that's what I think has happened why would you why would you give a shit about what people are doing why why coin Hawk why are you worried about the government buying up Bitcoin the government buys up fucking crack they buy a parent to fund their shit who gives a shit they want to buy a million bitcoins let them what let's say that the government comes and announces they're gonna buy a million bitcoins how's that how is that going to change your actions right are you gonna change what you do because of what the government does right or is it because you understand what Bitcoin what cryptocurrencies can do to the world to the financial world and how it can change disrupt that world and then you invest into it because it has potential to make that disruption right why you worried about what the government does for hey guys right I'm gonna tell you guys this there I meet people all the time they're worried about the Freemasons they're worried about these secret societies the Rosicrucians they worry about these government conspiracies I don't give a fuck about none of that shit because you know why because no Freemason is ever gonna pay my bills right no government is ever gonna pay my bills you know who's responsible for paying my bills yours truly right here me that's who getting off my ass and going doing the ship that takes to pay my bills that's who's responsible okay I don't give a fuck of the government wants to buy all that shit who gives a shit I don't see how that affects me you know when when when I was buying stocks think about this guys if I was buying stocks if I was trading or investing to applesauce do I give a shit if the government's buying up Apple stocks who cares do your thing guys you can only control what you do you cannot control what the government's do what the secret society do societies do with the haters the trolls and or what even I do okay you can't control anyone outside of you except yourself okay so don't worry about what other people do okay I don't know that's the answer you were looking for a coin hock but that's the answer that I'm gonna provide to you okay hourglass says that Neil is centralized working backwards to be decentralized this is why it's more stable and won't crash from a kick from a crypto kitty zap okay now listen to this guy's any coin that tells you they have thousands of transactions per second okay the only just think about this guy's let me share I should make this in a different video okay I'm just gonna go over it real quick guys the only way that a goddamn blockchain technology any project can have fast transaction speeds it's because there's less nodes okay there's less nose guys look look here's a Bitcoin node here's a Bitcoin oh here to Bitcoin node and all these nodes when you have to make when this node has to broadcast to all these other nodes what they're doing the information and they have to take the information process it and once they construct block hash it and everything and if the we broadcast it out to the rest of these other nodes that shit takes fucking time man okay that takes time okay no matter how fast the internet is no matter how fast things travel at light speed you know shit that's on the other side the world 12 hours on the other side the world takes time to get to this side of the world yeah man okay somebody sends a signal over there in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City that's 12 hours away from Dallas Texas right that takes time to get over here okay and when you have to broadcast that message out to thousands of nodes that takes time okay the reason why neo the reason why yo s the reason why all these bitch shared all these projects that say that oh we have thousands of transactions per second guys the reason is because they don't have that fucking many nodes okay imagine if you had to relay a message to thousands of people how long is that gonna take to you early to say the same message to several thousand people versus saying it to only five people okay if you only have to relay the exact same message to five or six or seven people that shit fucking happens faster that's how they get faster transaction speeds okay so that shit about oh we got faster transaction speed because were you fucking special blockchain project yeah the reason why you're able to do that cuz you have that many fucking nodes to relay the information to that's why okay that's fuckin simple that's just simple math simple signs I'm a dumbass like me who didn't finish high school or college can understand that shit I don't know why some of these people don't talk about that okay so alright okay I'm not to debate about neo but I will say this okay hey my hourglass and Adam Durham says they like the idea that I like to put my kids to work dude yeah hey agents the only reason why agents have kids man is to put him to work man my dad made so much fuckin money out of me and my brother well he put us to work he didn't feed us when we didn't fucking work okay there was no days off we worked from sunrise from 7:30 8 o'clock in the morning until I twelve o'clock at night I remember when I was in high school I was working my ass I get a home from school about 3:30 4 o'clock and I'd go down to the shipyards and work with my dad and until I 10 11 o'clock at night and come home and have to fucking study right and I still pass with C's so all these fucking dumb asses that go to school every day don't have to go to work or no shit and they came and passed fucking school I don't fucking get it man no I don't fucking get it you know guys if you hadn't figured that right now I have very very little tolerance for lazy motherfuckers I don't want to be shit right so I came here as a refugee to America and I worked my ass off for four decades to get to where I'm at today I took a lot of risk right so I don't tolerate all these fucking goofball snowflakes and worry about the feelings getting hurt man ok all right so yeah my kids are fucking lucky man they're they're not gonna have to look us as they're not gonna have to do a lot of manual labor like I did growing up right but they I'm not make them work and they ain't getting shit for free I'm leaving shit to them just so you guys know that you know people always tell me all make sure you leave your kids in my hand leave shit to them I'll leave them enough to start like a trading account but what I will leave with them is the knowledge and education and the experience and the mistakes I've made and that's one of the reasons why I make a lot of these videos for you guys because unbeknownst you guys right I have a selfish reason to make them because I want to document the mistakes and the journey I made so later on my kids can watch it and learn from it right and if you know if you think oh well tie you know you shouldn't be using all that profanity and you know talk like that if you want your kids to you you know you don't want your kids to see that man fuck that shit man if they see me how I am and they don't like it that's their fucking problem it's not my problem okay and they need to learn that okay so Jay jab ask tie with dozens of ice seals releasing everyday and the number of currencies market tripling the number of currencies is not tripling man the number like last year in 2017 the number of crypto currencies as being traded was increasing almost every day on coin market cap right this year that number is very stable like right around 1600 it hasn't move any much up it'll get to like 1630 and then pull back because they have to delist some coins so the number of coins that are all available that's tripling I don't see that at all right okay how do I choose between what's I look at the talent man the first thing is I look at the talent like when I say I look at Charles Hoskinson I look at Dan Larimer these guys have built several fucking watching projects man they've learned from their mistakes right and it cracks me up when people say all these guys are scammers or they're just you know they're pump and dump they build this blockchain and they go on and do that and make all that shit a little money and then dump it and go on make another blockchain dump it and then make a shitload of money dump and go on and build another blockchain that is one way to look at it right if that's if you want to be a broke-ass that's how you look at it that's that's one way to view the world so that you can remain a broke-ass okay that's how dumb ass motherfucking broke-ass people look at it right that's what in the ghetto we call that the poverty mindset or the ghetto mindset okay a wealthy person that has a wealthy mindset and has an abundance mindset right looks at it's like oh these guys Charles Hoskinson and Dan lammer they fucked up the first project they built it didn't work the way they wanted to they think that they can make it better so they're gonna go start a second project make it better oh you know what that didn't work either so they're gonna go on to the next project and make it even better so you want to invest in people that have made mistakes right you don't want to invest in people that are perfect I how the fuck did they get perfect out of nowhere right if I came and told you that I was a fucking consistently profitable traitor and I never made any losing trades I never made mistakes I never lost any trading accounts like why the fuck would you believe me you mean to tell me that I was like saying I learned how to ride a bicycle and never fell down once I why would you believe some dumb ass that says that right so the way that I looked at these guys like Dan Larimer like Charles Hoskins and them guys is that they have made mistakes right these guys have made so much fucking money guys in crypto they started six seven years ago these motherfuckers made so much money I would be shocked if Dan Larimer or or or or a a Charles Hoskinson is worth less than a fucking billion dollars do you think that these guys do guys listen to these guys right if you have not made a million dollars yet you may think that's a lot of money and that's all you think about but let me tell you something there's a certain point where you ain't fuckin worried about making money no more okay the guys I Dan Larimer the guys like Charles Hoskins and the guys like vitalic butyrin right these guys are beyond the point of worrying about making money guys you have to you have to remember that they they cannot they spent a million dollars each day for the rest of their lives they couldn't even do that these guys have made so much money that it's it's beyond ungodly okay they're beyond the moon they're beyond Mars they're beyond Neptune well what is that fucking the Voyager aircraft spacecraft that's out there floating out there gazillions light-years away from from planet earth right these guys are even beyond that that Voyager satellite okay these guys are not worried about making money anymore guys these guys have moved beyond you know you ever heard of a Maslow's hierarchy of needs like the first thing you need is protection you need food water prevent you from hunger and then once you're able to get past that stage then you worry about relationships you know other people having a boyfriend/girlfriend wife and things like that we should get beyond that you you want to make sure that yeah you have enough might last a lifetime or whatever once you beyond that point you know once you get to a certain amount of money guys making money is no longer the issue right now it's a matter of you know these guys are trying to be the ones that changed the world okay so I'm willing to make a small bet that Charles Hoskinson is going to succeed with his project I'm gonna make a small bet that damn Larimer that vitalic butor and all these guys are going to change the financial world with their projects and that's how we should look at it okay we should not look at as all these guys are pumping and dumping one chain and moving on to the next project we invest in the guys that have talent that are learning from their mistakes and recognize what their inadequacies are what their failures are and they're able to reload Riaan you know recoup and get back on their feet and go do it again and make it better the next time that's what we invest into guys okay so alright that's how you cut through that noise Jam okay zeki police I'm keeping the chat where I needed to be but it still jumps around okay okay okay um you know um this is the orange juice the fresh-squeezed orange juice from Whole Foods Market it's the best orange juice fresh-squeezed orange juice on the planet man you guys know a better one let me know they didn't payments tell you guys that I'm just a big friend phanom drinking fresh squeezed juices okay Victor T asked can we talk about Puerto Rico and how the axe regulation is for that I'm not gonna talk about that in this video because in this video the topic is why we diversify our money across different blockchain projects so I don't want to deviate from that I'll talk about that in a separate one my business partner David Fong he moved down there for the act 22 and my community manager Eric also moved down there so they both moved down there a couple months ago okay so okay so Vivek Vee you asked about tokens and security tokens hey watch my broadcast on T zero because I have like a four hour the longest fucking broadcast on the planet by security tokens and about T zero on that one so I'm not gonna talk about it here okay all right okay Oh Zeki police asked if I diversify into mining I'm doing some research on it I went looked at some containers the there's a company that's building containers full of mining rigs and I went looked at it that the biggest problem is that I thought it was gonna be the problem is gonna get the a six miners and the GPUs and stuff and that does not appear to be the problem the problem is finding power to run that container full of miners it takes it sucks up about 600 amps of power and that's not a place that's not easy to find a place that provides 602 each container and so if I want to run like five or six or seven containers full of miners it's gonna be very difficult in the city that I live in because there's they're you you there's just not the electricity rates are not low enough at the places where it does provide success of power right so okay so okay let me get back onto on topic here guys cuz I don't see any if you guys I would appreciate you guys keep the questions related to the topic that of this video which is why I'm diversifying my money across multiple blockchain projects okay so um who's the thing guys we stopped at iota at number nine okay the next one number 10 is Tron okay now Tron is another project that is a different blockchain it's not like Bitcoin cash it's not like light coins not like dogecoin light coin or any of those where it's just a clone of the Bitcoin software okay Tron initially use the ethereum blockchain and the ERC 20 tokens from aetherium to do the token distribution and I think with in by the end of this month they should have their main net running and they're gonna convert everyone's aetherium tokens into the actual Tron tokens so it's not the same blockchain is it completely new blockchain from my understanding and starting from scratch right so because of that I put a small bet on Tron also okay now in 2017 a lot of people got into Tron because it was a low price like sub one penny or one penny and so a lot of the coins like dogecoin like Virg like ripple and all those like what I call the the penny where I put those like in the the penny crypto bucket like all these coins were like under a penny or they're right around a penny somewhere and a lot of people were jumping into it because they thought okay you know I don't know much but I'll risk $100 into this or I whisked $1000 and whatever goes up to $100 or something like that I'm gonna hit the jackpot you know hit the lottery so that's why the main reason that a lot of people were investing to these penny Kryptos in 2017 the reason that I'm putting money into Tron is because it's a different type of blockchain that is different from all the other ones so I'm diversifying my money across different types of block chains right that have different technologies I'm not like I put money into litecoin it might I'm trying to clear this up okay so you guys don't misunderstand me it may sound like I'm being contradictory by putting money into litecoin and dogecoin because they're the exact same thing as Bitcoin right and I'm putting it into Bitcoin cash also but the reason why I put money into those coins are a different reason okay I'll make videos about that differently okay in this video I want to just talk about the reasons why I put into different blockchain projects okay so Tron is another one that I I consider to be different than Bitcoin so I put a little bit of a small bet on that tether I stay away from that our team has been telling people stay away from tether since it was like 21 million market cap so I'm just gonna skip that okay that's that's just it's supposedly backed by US dollars I don't see how they can do that okay so I don't understand how I can do that so I'm not gonna put money into it alright neo is another blockchain that is different okay so I would also say that we put money into Neil now we don't buy a Neil now because we bought Neil during the ico okay so man that that was see let me show you with you guys a story about Neil okay Neil happens to be the coin that I gave Leon a shitload of hell about I was giving him he'll every day since we got every week since we got into Neil because the shit was in Chinese and neither one of us could read it and we put money into it and like a fucking idiot right we put money into something that we didn't even fucking know how to read the goddamn updates that they put out okay and so I was giving him a hard time about this right for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks okay and guess what guys it turns out that out of all the Kryptos that I've ever put money into guess which one was the absolute biggest fucking winner for me ever and nothing even comes close to being the winner that I got out of Neil okay guys it was Neil okay nothing there's no trace I've ever been in that has gotten me the returns that I got from putting a small bet on Neil okay if I didn't place that small bet into Neil now keep in mind guys Neil was what I considered to be my absolute worst dumbest trait ever on the planet okay in my opinion right and I kept saying that and I kept saying that right until it became the best trade that I've ever made in my life okay I don't know if there's ever gonna be a trade that I ever make where I got the ROI that I did from Neil okay all right so the lesson there guys is that you never know which one is gonna go to the moon okay you place a small bet on the crypto that you like that you think has potential and then you let it simmer and you let it cook and you let it brew okay you let it develop if it doesn't work out most the coins that you put money into will not work out know that okay anybody tells you that the majority of the time they're right they're full of shit the majority of time you will lose money but it doesn't matter because you put a small bet on it and if you look who's that it doesn't fucking kill you but when you're right it makes a shitload of money and then it makes up for all the losses okay so um somebody said a sam long ass is Ripple a different blockchain I guess these questions must have came later or something or I missed it yeah it's it's it's a different blockchain and yes you can put it on a hardware wallet okay there's a you don't there's a special app that you have to download to store ripple on a hardware wallet okay it works on a ledger know why this coin hoc guy he keeps asking about the government buying bitcoins who gives a shit man they can buy it all they want right why would the government listen to this coin huh I don't know this question that he put up there came after my response or became before or what but here's the thing guys I've seen this question like three times from the same person guys listen guys it think about this guy's all is bullshit government conspiracy theories needs to fucking stop and if it doesn't stop it doesn't fucking matter because how does that making money first of all guys all this bullshit conspiracy about the US government trying to take down Bitcoin or take down the shit why the fuck would they do some shit like that why why would the America is a superpower guys the advantage that America has is that it has better technology have better infrastructure it has better information the spread of information and they're willing to accept new technologies and new ideas that's how the fuck America produces companies like Google Facebook Netscape you know Oracle Cisco Dell computers Microsoft you don't see any of my other fucking countries producing companies like that billion dollar companies like that where do you see you will tell me one other country that has produce a company like Facebook like Google by Apple the reason why America is the way it is is because of the culture here they're willing to adapt and accepting and try out new things guys right so this idea that the US government is gonna ask why the fuck would they try to squash a multi a goddamn industry that went from twenty thirty billion dollars last year to eight hundred fifty billion dollar market cap do you think just think about this guys if you are running your country and you have a technology that grew from 22 to 850 billion dollars in one year do you think that you're gonna go out of your way to stop that shit you know the countries that stop that shit those are the countries that nobody fucking paint attention to in companies like Facebook and Google and and and and uber and an apple will never grow in those countries that's why those countries are fucking poor as shit okay America is not out to destroy new technology okay it's here to adopt new technology and they want to make sure that it follows the laws and the regulations of the country that's what they're doing okay you can't blame the government organizations right you have to understand that the SEC they're my understandings that they're responsible for the stock market and stuff so they want to make the regulations for it so they're in control of it the CFTC in America the commodities and Futures Trading Commission or whatever it is right they're responsible for regulating the commodities so guess what they're gonna fight an elbow the SEC and say that Bitcoin and crypto is a commodity just like gold oil silver wheat soybean why why are they doing that so they could be the ones who regulate it right the FinCEN the financial crimes enforcement agency they're saying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a currency why are they saying why are they jumping in to the fight to say that because they want to be the ones who regulate it each agency wants to be the one that regulates cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin okay and that we have to be aware of that right because if it's not a currency then then thin 'some can't regulate it if it's not a commodity then they don't then the CFTC does not have jurisdiction to regulate it right if it's not a security then the SEC doesn't have the authority the jurisdiction to regulate it so all these government agencies are elbowing each other out the way so they can get the authority they have the ability the power to regulate cryptocurrencies in America right but that does not mean that they want to destroy crypto currencies it doesn't that mean that they wanted to destroy Bitcoin does not mean that they want to take it down that is not the case at all the fight is to see which government agency gets to regulate crypto currencies inceptive laws for it okay that's what they're fighting for and don't mistake in that for them trying to take down the system they're not trying to take down the system they're trying to fight each other to see who gets to regulate it okay so there's a big difference there right so stop thinking that the government is trying to buy up the bitcoins drive the price up drive the price down it's none of that stupid shit okay we're about making money from it okay should we be using multiple Hardware wallets right this is an off topic question but any time it's a computer security any question I will answer yeah yes the answer is yes whatever money you have you should like if you have a hundred thousand dollars but half your bitcoins on the trays over half a Bitcoin the other half on a ledger right in case one gets hacked in the future for some whatever reason you'll lose everything okay remember all this technology is new guys so we still don't know if it's 100% safe yet until somebody hacks it okay okay let me see I mean fucking shit lost it again okay free son viola he asks how long do you hold to a coin in your portfolio one year minimum it depends on your personal financial needs man okay people ask me all the time when do I sell when do I sell how long do I hold it for that length of time you hold on to a coin and when you sell it depends upon your financial needs it depends on you not the market not me not the next trader not somebody else it's you okay if you need 10,000 or 20,000 dollars to buy a car right then that's your that's when you need to sell because you need it because you don't have a car you don't have transportation if you're sick and tired you know you're a toothache and you need to replace a tooth or get a crown or fix your tutu something and it cost $2,000 right then you need to take profits and fix that shit right and not worry about what somebody else is making okay so for me I hold things now now starting in 2018 I hold things for longer than a year because I want to pay the least amount of taxes as possible for it and I want to get long-term capital gains that's the first reason the second reason is that I don't need to sell it I already took out enough profits to where I don't have to sell anything for the next few years okay I already took out enough to pay all my bills for the next few years I don't need to sell anything right now right I can sit there and hold on and huddle with a strong hand right to my coins okay okay function as think about putting ten dollars into one hundred tiny cap coins and hoping to find the next xqg what do you think of that strategy right I don't see anything wrong with it but the thing of that I would rather do is instead of a hundred I might cut that down to like 30 or 40 there's really no reason to do 100 okay so and then I would just put like instead of ten dollars into a 100 I would personally just put like thirty dollars into like 30 40 because the reason is there's too many to keep track of like you can losing half that shit because you can't keep track of it all and most of it you can't put in a hardware wallet so let's just say that if it does do a 90 X and you put $10 in there and it goes up to let's say nine thousand or ten thousand dollars right and if you lose it then you you would not have made any profits okay so Lorenz Gil to ask what's the best friends to spread your portfolio please how to spread it out I'm talking about right here I've been talking about it for the last two hours okay all right guys so we're at knio knio now I'm gonna go a little bit faster guys because I've talked about a dozen of these already and you guys understand the concept and the idea of what I consider a different Rock chain okay so for example litecoin bitcoin cash dogecoin and things like that there are a different coin but not a different blotching it's the same blockchain as Bitcoin okay with a few features okay new features and stuff so I don't so I would not consider a different I should say that's a different type of coin it's not a different type of blockchain okay so – that's the same thing not that much different now mineiro is a different blockchain it's a different type of blockchain so I would consider that to be a different block chain by Nance coin that's not it let me just go down the list here guys so I don't see o bitshares bitshares is another is another type of different blockchain the only problem I have with bitshares is that is that it's one of those things guys where okay they have accomplished everything that they set out to accomplish like they said hey we have faster transactions and all this other stuff and they've had multiple years in existence and they have multiple opportunities to be okay and they haven't so that's the only problem that I have with bitshares okay I used to own bitshares and I got rid of it because it's like okay you claim to be a badass blockchain and you you I don't know it's you know what you know I might put a small bet back in bitshares I put it in there before but I took it out to go do something else cuz you know it did a huge in 2017 you know it went from like nothing less than a penny – it went from less than a penny to almost a dollar somewhere in the 80 cent range right so it's not too bad you know but it's just one of those things where I was expecting that you know I put money into expecting it to be in the dollar range like you know like two three four five ten dollars already because it's supposedly supposed to do all the fast transactions the high-volume throughput and everything and then it's still not being used a lot so to me that's like the market saying that it doesn't want it for some reason I don't know what the reason is but it's like okay you claim to do all these things the world knows about it you're out in the market and the market is aware that you do all these things but how come the market doesn't value you higher okay and it's like one of those things that okay now waves is a different type of blockchain okay we got into there I see oh right it's a different type of blockchain right there so okay so a lot of these that's going down guys some of them are very new so I'm not 100 clear on so I can't speak with confidence on it but the ones that I have spoken about I know that that they're a different type of blockchain that I would consider them a different type of blockchain that I would put money into okay so hopefully that helps you guys understand why we diversify our money across different blockchain projects in addition to different points we use different blockchain projects okay so okay let me answer this question for I happen to have met crypto dog in person in Dallas at one of our events so let me see here he says he has a question from you on Twitter so okay let me see what the question he has is okay so crypto dog has a question about our crypto currency investing blueprint the pre-sale that we currently have right now and we're offering it to 250 people and it costs 4000 and he's saying that he's saying that basically it's basically he's saying that's worth 4,000 it's not worth every he's not saying it's not worth every penny in the insides of your having is valuable but he says how can the Millennials purchase it right Millennials make up the majority and less than 10% have $10,000 in savings Millennials are the ones buying crypto because we see it as another way okay so here's the reason why we products a price the way it is guys let me explain to you guys this okay so we don't just randomly put a price on our products just out of nowhere like I don't just random okay I uh many years ago like over a decade ago okay when I first got out of prison okay I'm trying to get back on my feet I went and I tried to network with different millionaires and different traders different stock traders different real estate investors different just different people that I thought was making really good money and none of them ever wanted to really network with me that much never spend time with me and I found out later on okay that the reason why they wouldn't would not take the time to help me okay because I kept thinking like dude you know like hey man you've made it you know you've become a millionaire you've become financially free you know okay man I'm I'm a struggling dude I just you know got out I need some help getting on my feet you know can you show me what you're doing so that you can help me get on my feet you know and not these people just did not bother helping me right and then I went and I invested into I ran across some people that knew how to trade stocks and I paid them some money okay I the first time I paid any it was the first time I ever paid anybody to teach me how to make money right and I remember paying like 5,000 bucks and then all of a sudden I met these guys these people and they started helping me and they started showing me what to do and then I noticed that they were not reluctant they were introducing me to other people that made money right and I started to access a network of people and started to get to meet other people and when they found out that I had paid to get educated in trading and investing right they realized that I was serious okay and later on as I got became a good trader I started you know I was hired to coach other people and teach people how to trade okay and what I realized from my and I did that from 2010 all the way to 2000 and I did that for six seven years right and I noticed I keep track of all the people the result in you know being a teacher and being an educator and being someone that's a trader you know obviously I'm very competitive you know I don't like to see the people that I'm coaching what I'm working with suck at what they do you know I don't like I don't like to see my students lose money you know that you know because that's a reflection on me and when I noticed that the people over the years since I started learning how to trade I certainly had a trade in 2007 formerly okay I learned before then but formally started in 2007 and over the years I have helped out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of traders and investors okay I can't remember all the people that I helped learn how to trade stocks futures Forex and options and there was one unifying an underlying theme that I noticed from working with all these people in the past is that when they don't have any skin in the game they won't fucking do what you show them and that's the reality and no matter how much I want to help out everyone I cannot help out everyone I don't have enough time and our team does not have the time to help out every person that wants to learn from us we can only spend time and so we had we made a decision are we gonna try to help as many people as we can or are we gonna help out or we're gonna spend that time helping out the people that are serious about learning how to trade and invest in the markets okay and we made a decision that hey you know what we're doing this for fun because we already made enough money from trading and vesting to retire on so if we're gonna help other people we listen a list of criteria that we want people that's not a pain in the ass we're not gonna work with people that are a bunch of fucking goddamn snowflakes right we're not gonna work with people that blame others for their results right so we decided to make a decision price all our products and services at a price point where the people that we want to work with are gonna come through okay so there's 250 units that we made available to 250 people for the release of our cryptocurrency investing blueprint version 1.0 right it's designed so that we work with you for a year follow up after you get into the program okay I don't want no jackass calling me up in the middle of night I don't want no stupid ass that wants to blame me for their responsibility calling me at 10 o'clock at night my clients have my cell number and they can call me at any time and when they call me I want to be able to answer it because it's a real fucking question that deals with their training and investing and I don't mind doing that I don't mind doing that I don't mind answering the phone okay my cell phone to help my clients in the people that are doing what I showed them to do right I have no problem with them they can call me one o'clock and I happen to be up I'll answer the goddamn phone okay I'm not like those stupid asses that you know that say they're gonna help someone and then when they call me I ignore the phone calls okay I don't do that stupid shit okay you can ask any of my hundreds of trading students you know they all have my cell number and I haven't changed my cell number since I started using cell phones right I remember some of the other trading coach like oh man you know I ain't giving out my cell number because I don't want nobody calling me and like you're a fucking idiot man if somebody's calling you because they have a a real question and they don't want to lose their money and you have the answer that can help them why the fuck don't you goddamn answer the goddamn phone and tell them the answer you know I'm saying so the way that because I have to spend personal time to help each person I only have so much time in a day okay I cannot be helping everybody that's a whining little fucking baby okay with their trading okay this is how it's done go fucking do it and if you have any questions about it come back and ask me right give me a call don't give somebody else a call give me a call directly so I can help you you're down okay so that's the reason why we have it the way it is okay and you know we don't have to do this but if we are going to do it right we're only going to work with the people that we want to work with okay and I don't have time to sit there and filter out and interview each person that wants to get into our cryptocurrency investing blueprint and once they get into our coaching and our follow up and things like that right you know I don't I don't want people I don't want to work with so that's the reason why it's it is the way it is so that we deal directly with the people that are serious about it and I have learned from coaching people in the stock futures Forex and options market that if the the the price is too low I get all these fucking idiots that I don't want to work with right they want to blame me for every goddamn thing that they do right you know I don't have time for that shit I have time to work with the people that are very serious about it and are willing to do what we show them and don't bitch whine and complain about it and that's not gonna be a cancer to my life it's gonna be a contributor somebody that can help become a better trader and they're gonna turn around and help me be take my trading game to the next level once they learn how to do it okay so that's that's the reason okay all right I hope that answers your question they're crypto dog right crypto dollars I asked which niche tokens do I like I like privacy coins because I think that's a huge use case for anybody you know somebody wants to buy you know their heart medication or some dude wants to order a bra online and not let the rest of the world know that he ordered a bra or some girl's panties or something or he wants to order some marijuana online that should be his personal choice he shouldn't have to be monitored by other government agencies and other you know spies and surveillance to do whether they want to do in their personal lives that don't affect anybody around them okay so alright so okay guys you know Sergey Kling asked what projects you're looking at investing next and some new coins under a hundred million market cap you know and here's the thing guys right you guys know that I've invested you know the last five years so I have a very big portfolio of a wide variety of coins already so it takes a lot like in order for me to get into a new coin guys right I have to ask myself is it worth it giving up my bitcoins or my ethers or any other coin or my nyl or my Stratis or my waves or my ether classics for this new coin that hasn't been proven yet and hasn't even been put on so every week I'm talking to projects and like I talked to a project just yesterday I'm not gonna say who it is right but they're doing an IC o—- and they're asking me if I want to invest into it and it's you know it's a legit project and everything what the problem trying to solve is a legit problem right but I'm thinking like okay they're new to them to the market I don't even know they're gonna get listening it's changed look at Bitcoin private Bitcoin private is an airdrop and they have hell three four or five months of hell trying to get on a goddamn exchange so imagine these coins that are doing an IC o—- like the exchanges are scared shitless all the exchange like by Nance BitFenix bitstamp a crack in all these huge exchanges a bit tracks coinbase all these fucking exchanges are making over a million fucking dollars a goddamn day okay over a million dollars a day some of them are making two or three million dollars a day I mean just do the math guys if they do over a billion dollars worth of transactions a day they get a quarter percent of that right a quarter percent of a billion dollars it's two and a half million dollars a day okay you think that these exchanges if you just think about this guy's if you were the exchange and you were making two and a half million dollars a day are you gonna risk putting listing a coin that's new that's get you in trouble for listening and security coin right and listening and unregistered security and you you get your whole business shut down and you know making a million two million dollars a day you ain't gonna take that chance that's why we only have 1600 crypto currencies right now and it's been in in in last year in just a few months we had hundreds of crypto currencies get listed and then this year it's been six months away in this year and we've only had a handful of crypto currencies get listed on new exchanges the reason why is because these exchange are scared shitless to lose their exchange if the SEC sends a letter to wine exchanges to shut their ass down and stop doing business they have no choice they have to shut down they're not like you and I is a one person guys they will be shut down if they get a letter from one of these uh law enforcement agencies to shut down they have to shut down they can't operate like that they'll go to prison okay so they're not gonna think the risk of listing a new like all the coins they have listed now they can say oh I didn't know right but the sec has already came out with guidelines and all this stuff so you can't say you don't know no more okay you can't say that because they've already issued the guidelines that some of these coins are securities unregistered securities okay so that's the reason why I'm not in a rush to look for new coins I just look at the coins it's already on the exchange that's been out for four or five years and maybe I haven't paid attention to them because I've been busy with all these new I SEOs and coins in 2017 but now I'm going back to the ones that have been out there very started working now I have to you know am I gonna pay a higher price did they go up 10 20 xov from the ICL i don't give a shit because if the project has merit and it has value if it goes up another 100x 20 30 X I'm still happy with that okay so don't don't think that just because it's already gone up 10 to 20 X that it's done right so okay guys right I hope that makes some type of sense guys there's no more questions guys I'm going to wrap it up if you guys like these types of analysis that I'm doing Oh check out our cryptocurrency investing blueprint that's on sale right now right we're taking 250 pretty much applicants or traders and investors are serious so that we can work with you directly okay go check it out on our site at w-w-w dot cryptocurrency that market and then check out our cryptocurrency investing blueprint there if you like this type of broadcast give us a thumbs up if you don't give us a thumbs up and give us a dislike right there's two people who dislike this what I said today ain't that some shit I said it for two hours giving away free information and free content about the mistakes that I made and you still got two jackasses – dumbass broke-ass motherfuckers that gave me a thumbs down and that's a good lesson for everyone guys that you can't please everybody and you should stop trying to please everyone right because no matter what you say or what I say there's always gonna be dumb ass broke motherfuckers out there that fucking will still dislike you okay and who gives a shit cuz they don't pay your fucking bills okay anytime you catch yourself feeling bad or worried about Oh what if he doesn't like me or what did they say this about me and whatever fucking okay because they don't fucking pay your bills okay stop worrying about the dumb motherfuckers out there that don't pay your goddamn bills right because you know when you're in a hospital like I was for three heart attacks the Saint those dumb two motherfuckers that put gave me a thumbs down right for sharing my mistakes with them so they don't make the same goddamn mistakes those two dumb cocksuckers ain't never gonna come visit me in the goddamn hospital if I was in prison for drugs or something stupid shit you know those dumb motherfuckers ain't gonna come in there and visit me or send me commissary money so that's the reason why I always say guys stop worrying about people that don't pay your fucking bills and don't help you get ahead in life okay those dumb broke-ass motherfuckers ain't never gonna do shit we gonna still remain broke list is still gonna be broke it's still gonna be flat-ass broke ain't gonna go no fucking where and like no any dumb motherfuckers that gives somebody a thumbs down for helping them get ahead those dumb motherfuckers you don't mean listen to them or pay attention to them okay so good luck guys thanks for joining me on this video right and yes I'm Hussein asked if I'm gonna do another boot camp next year um I don't know guys we did the boot camp so that we can video it and we can here's here's the thing guys we know that there are people out there that want to learn from us and learn from the mistakes we made and learn from my experience in crypto in the last five years right we started the first Bitcoin and crypto currency trading an investing channel on the fucking goddamn planet that we know of okay I don't know anybody else I was talking about trading or invest into crypto currencies or bitcoins right five years ago in 2014 when etherium had their crowd sale there was not one motherfucker out there that was telling people to invest into it okay except for us but I know of okay they might have done it in Chinese they might have done in Arabic or some shit I don't fucking know I know that in English we search online there was nobody telling people did invest into vitalic we did we had the balls to do it back in 2014 we had the balls to do it tell me what invest in a Bitcoin in 2013 we had the balls to tell people to invest into NXT when it first came out in the beginning of 2014 and a bunch of other projects okay and the reason is because we understood the space we were traders in the traditional markets already okay and that's how we were able to tell people and we know that a lot of people value our experience and our knowledge and and and want to learn from our mistakes so they don't make the same mistakes and waste time learning it you know because you know it's I wish that there was a cryptocurrency investing blueprint available in 2012-2013 so I didn't have to figure it out you know so I didn't have to lose my fucking ass off in crypto to figure it out okay so we know that right we did the boot camps so we can film it and then we can provide those video as the so the cryptocurrency investing blueprint is a video recording of the entire 4-day boot camp and we're providing that to the people at a lower cost for the people who could not attend the boot camp who cannot get a visa who couldn't for whatever reason they couldn't attend the boot camp that's what the cryptocurrency investing blueprint is for it's the video recording of the entire 4-day boot camp and we share every fucking goddamn thing we know about cryptocurrency investing in it that's the whole recording I made that for those people who are serious about it I made it so that my future you know my kids in case something happens to me they can go look at that and saw how dad did it right and then they can make money of themselves I don't need to give my leave money to my kids or to anyone to you or to anyone but what I can do is leave the knowledge and the experience and the education on how to do it so that you have a map a guideline in a road map on how to do it okay that's that's what the blueprint is for okay yeah son Hussain asked if we're gonna do a boot camp next year we've done two boot camps in the u.s. one in Los Angeles and one in Dallas we did one in Los Angeles last year and then we did one this year in in Dallas right then if we do do another one next year I know I'm almost for certain unless something changes I know for certain that that with the things that are in our schedule we're not gonna be able to do another one this year okay so if we do do another one it will have to be mixture and if we do do another one next year my goal is to do it either in Vietnam in Malaysia or in Singapore okay I'm from Vietnam right I want to be able to do it somewhere in Vietnam if possible so that I can bring this knowledge and this it's phase and these skills to my people in Vietnam okay I think that the best thing that I could possibly do for my country and my people in Vietnam is to share with them acknowledge okay of how this is done okay now the way to that's in the financial markets because in Vietnam they don't have a reliable source for traders and investors okay and because you know either their English is not good or they don't fully understand the mechanics of how the financial markets work and I want to be the person that brings it over there to them so that they understand and my goal is to make sure that they understand how to do it so that more people can benefit from it so more than likely if we do do another boot camp more than likely it'll be next year sometime and if it is next year more than likely my goal is to do it outside the US because the last two that we did the last two cryptocurrency investing boot camps that we did inside the US there was a ton of people that wanted to attend the boot camps and they couldn't okay and they couldn't do that because they could not get a visa to come to the US for whatever reason whatever country they're from they're not allowed to enter the US easily and so because of that you know I'd like to do one outside the US so that more people can attend it okay more because inside the US there's just some countries that cannot come to the US okay so that's the reason okay so thanks for joining me on this broadcast guys go check out the cryptocurrency investing blueprint on our site at

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