Crypto Investing #102 – Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies? – By Tai Zen

what's up guys this is a Ty's end I'm broadcasting from the Jay paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles here there's the highway guys there's downtown Los Angeles take a look around beautiful beautiful magnificent piece of artwork and architecture but what's even more magnificent than this building is the Honorable hope Grand Master legendary world-renowned léon foucault hey there say hello Leon okay so we got another question here guys from one of our Twitter followers who is it this is underscore 47 T underscore 47 ok what's the question here is it too late to invest in cryptocurrency okay so every week we get the same question guys is it too late to invest in crypto currencies right yeah and the answer is the crypto currency market guys is here to stay it's not going away and right now it's about almost 400 million a billion market cap and we anticipate and nothing has changed that it's going to reach the same or close to the market cap of gold that's in the world and last we checked the total market cap of gold in the world is supposed to be around 7 or 8 billion trillion trillion trillion and we're gonna be conservative and say project that the cryptocurrency market is going to go to about a five trillion dollar market cap close to gold or maybe even surpass it that's right yeah so talk about your thoughts about that so people stop asking us if it's too late I get it yeah so guys we we believe Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is going to be a major new asset class okay so we've said this before an asset class are things like stocks bonds precious metals real estate you know derivatives all all sorts of things right fine art like the art that in this museum is also an asset class yeah right so I guess right here this whole building yeah the artwork in the building yeah the building and the artwork in the building so crypto currencies in our view is going to be an asset class a brand the emergence of a brand new asset class that we've never seen before okay all right and it's just getting started okay because asset classes are measured in trillions not billions not not millions or tens of millions or hundreds of millions or billions or even tens or hundreds of billions we're talking trillions yeah so if it's a full of close to four hundred four hundred billion right now and it goes to even four trillion that's a what 10x from here that's a 10x from and it goes to five trillion that's almost a six seven X from here yeah yeah so so that that that's that's where we believe we're headed to but once again we have to manage our risk that doesn't mean we don't crash fifty percent in fact we have crashed we just had a seventy eighty percent we're at the bottom of it yeah seventy eighty percent compaction this is normal encrypted exactly it's normal for brand new at this is how we get to the trillions we don't get through the trillions in a straight line yeah got a guy's got up it goes down it goes down it goes down up down yeah nothing goes up in a straight line investing so and you know people are saying that hey you know I should get in when it becomes safer guys if you wait till it's safer there's no money to be made yeah I talked about the guy at the t-mobile store a cellular phone store that we went to yesterday where he says he's gonna wait yeah wait it out yeah he's gonna wait it out he's going to wait until like it becomes quote unquote safe whatever that means that I don't think I would never you know yeah I don't even I don't know yeah III hear that and I don't understand what what you know what's not safe guys what's not safe is putting your money in an IRA or a 401 K and hope that you get three or four percent a year for the next 20 years yeah unless it's a Bitcoin yeah exactly unless it's a Bitcoin and if you can figure out how to put in it my bitcoins in a 401k or IRA cost-effectively mm-hmm there are ways to do that they're very expensive but you know I may be a good deal still because yeah you it's gonna might cost like for example there's a company called the coin IRA but they charge 15% I think they've recently lowered their fees mm-hmm because there's competition coming god you know the government says if you invested in this type of account when you pull it out you it grows tax-free yeah and I'm sure I mean what the taxes are the number one expense if the government gives you a freebie like that take it yeah so yeah so it's an answer TK forty-sevens a question if it's too late to get in the answer is no a matter of fact if you've been following us since the beginning of the year and you haven't bought at least $10 worth of bitcoins yet I think that it's better if you just unsubscribe from her channel but unfollow us because you know nothing else we're gonna say is actually gonna matter so this is a related question to we answered yesterday about what do I do if I have like $100 or a small amount of money right yeah and you know just get started put $100 you know I I would suggest you turn on the recurring by a coin base many of you guys have have an account at coin base and they will you can just tell them to takes a little bit of money out of your account every week every month yeah and put it into bitcoins put it into ethers like point is fine too you know we like all of those right yeah keep this in mind guys when we you guys see us retired down you know but from the nine to five grind just remember this guy's we didn't put like a gazillion dollars into Bitcoin back five years ago right or four years ago five years ago four or five years but whenever it was back in 22 beginning of 2013 okay but we just started putting in a little bit each month guys I a little bit a little bit and that's what added up okay and we managed or we always manage our risk yeah you can't benefit from the blockchain boom or the cryptocurrency boom if you're not in the game okay so there's gonna be people that are gonna be you know like if you look at like a soccer game right there are some people that are in the game where they're kicking the ball around and then there are some people that are in the stands they're watching it and there's some people that's you know watching it on TV I'm watching it on TV and then there's some people that's not they don't even know that the game's going on okay so you can be the ones that are playing inside the game in the Coliseum you can be the Bison you know people sitting on the sidelines you're gonna be the people at home watching on TV but you don't want to be the people that don't know that this is the biggest you know bull market in human history right and make that mistake and go through it and then after it happens you look back and you're like what just happened like how come I didn't hear about Bitcoin or how come I didn't hear about cryptocurrencies okay we're telling you guys about it we've been telling you guys about it for the last five years so don't wait don't hesitate it's not too late okay until you're free from the nine-to-five it's not too late okay so any last words we get this question all the time guys yeah every time someone who's never heard of it or almost everyone says heard of it by now but the question is all am I too late what do I do with a little bit of money you know it's really simple guys don't out think it you know it's not it let's not make this harder than it has to be all right yeah hey guys we don't make these videos because we make money from from these videos guys would make these videos because we're going through the biggest bull market in human history that's ever been recorded that we know of okay and we want people to benefit from it and and and profit from it you know if you're scared that you know some of these fit you know any of these 1500 cryptocurrency projects may not be legit may not be real or something like that then just stick with Bitcoin if nothing else at least at least stick with Bitcoin if you are afraid of any of the other ones okay so if you don't have enough experience or whatever first thing to do is just go get 10 bucks with the Bitcoin and then figure it out from there okay all right so thanks for watching this video and thanks by asking the question again TK 47 and if you guys like these types of videos give us a thumbs up if you guys don't like it give us a thumbs down I love the sunset here right yeah there you go guys just give you guys a view before we sign off right there there you go you want to tell them ever where everything is at there's downtown LA downtown there's the beautiful lovely smog smells great guys smells great there you go hey what about all those mountains up there is that Mexico that's not that's not I think that's hey where's Beverly Hills okay we're Asians guys so we don't have what I'm good with directions here yeah we just came from Beverly Hills we're car shopping yet okay guys anyway yeah anyways that's not knowing where Los Angeles is that it's not gonna make you money so what you need to do is 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  1. Hi Tai, im bit late man but i found 3 female youtubers that are cool you should check out. Crypto tips, Crypto counselor and Skytalks Crypto. They are all different. Cryptotips shes got diverse vids on topics and fun. Crypto Counselor focuses on projects with detailed info and presents well. Skytalkscrypto is very tech aware, good at the details but she rarely shows her face. Ive DM two of them with messages to get in touch with you guys. They're the type of chics that are good potentials for your channel.
    Do you have an email?

  2. Great video guys. Been following you for a while now and your advice/voices are needed in crypto. We’re all here to make money and when we look at other markets crypto is still a baby. The fact that you guys are free and still doing content like this is inspiring man. Guys when we make it to the moon, let’s be like these guys and not turn our backs but help build the rocket ship for the people coming behind us.?

  3. Tai Zen is actually letting him speak and acknoledges him, really goood, I like it that way, no interruption great

  4. This is really great guys…i've wanted to ask you this question for months ….thank you for your insight…cheers

  5. if you have 100$ in bitcoin you should study technical analysis and fundamental analysis first then try to make a another 100$= 200$ then you should put 100$ in ico and play with the another 100$.
    the goal in the being is to learn how to make money by making and losing money.

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