Crypto Income – A High Yield Investment Program (REVIEW) ?

hey guys what's up builders from top train today's the 7th of January 2019 let's get started so crypto income limited crypto income invest Ltd so apparently it's a new haled investment program invest in your future and an income now apparently can and 10% daily for hundred days twelve percent daily four hundred days and fifteen percent daily four hundred days is this possible I don't think so considering you don't even need to do anything you don't even need to you just need to invest your bitcoins basically and you're gonna gain fifteen percent daily four hundred days so I'm not sure what I sorry my mouth is bad food okay so one thousand five hundred percent return of your investment within 100 days so basically I say little over three months it's not possible I don't think so I especially since it says thirty bitcoins you know how much fatty bitcoins is it's crazy amount so no I don't think they're gonna pay out and I can guarantee this is a scam it looks like a basic scam anyway apparently it's a registered company it does have crypto income investor Ltd and the people behind it are author Hopkins which is apart of the director and you know he's he's based in London because he's based in London it's you know I wanna see their support so plus four four two two oh seven zero so that's their number if we call their number I actually tried calling them look what happens yeah sorry it doesn't it doesn't call it doesn't it doesn't do anything so therefore number is fake you know it doesn't even work and I can guarantee it that why do you use telegram telegram is you know faceless and nobody you know they can contact people they can persuade them all you're gonna get paid you're gonna you know they're gonna give you million promises but you know no action to be done so that's why crypto income invest sounds like a proper big scam and it is I can guarantee you about this page what does it say about themselves apparently is equipped in the Scimitar came into into being in 2008 crypto income investor 2d came into being in 2009 after we saw the rapid global okay so the way it's written is just bad already so it's definitely a scam I don't even want to read this you know fake website I can guarantee is just another scam you can have an affiliate program what why would you want to be affiliated with these cameras I have no idea you know there you see they promise you five percent reward for each person that invests you know money in this then you know shooting two birds with one stone what happens with these companies they don't even pay their affiliates and basically they're poor affiliates you know drag our the people to invest in this and nobody gains a reward only the crypto income but these guys you know what you know the people behind this software so you know websites like at the website you know Hyp websites they advertise you know this crypto income limited and say oh it's very good you know and whatnot and it pays out and it might paid out to them however I can guarantee you it's what's gonna happen maybe if you invest aloha mod let's say 0.001 BTC they might pay out some cash you know because 0.001 BTC is literally nothing however once you invest let's say five BTC 1 BTC half a BTC that's where they're not gonna pay you plus they keep all your money for hundred days so imagine they if you invest a Bitcoin they can have this Bitcoin for 100 days until you can withdraw your money you literally your Bitcoin is not gonna be there after a month in they probably gonna spend there or sell it to you you know on their other websites and they made like three four five grand whatever Bitcoin price is at the moment and you can't do anything about it it's a faceless scam we don't know anything about it we don't know their face we they say you know they have this experts on board with this crypto income invest Ltd you know website have a very there's no wolf in that it lacks proof or lacks transparency apparently as a chat with us we are live by the one i chat with scammers I can guarantee they're scamming people and I am 100% sure of it if you want invest in somewhere proper use that automated crypto system guys laying down in this trip chin below 250 minimum deposit all my videos in the playlist you know automate a crypto system you can see me trading live trade in how I'm either drawing money results and whatnot you can see all buy in there and yeah guys ended this video now so take care have a nice day and goodbye [Applause]

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