Crypto Has Gone Parabolic Everytime this Event Has Happened. Dont Miss It This Time

all right I think we're almost live yeah we should yeah fantastic all right ladies and gentlemen how the heck are you Rex barely project really excited about this podcast today I've got Bob CUDA with us from trade genius and there's so much going on right now not only in the crypto world in the stock market but with the grand solar minimum and with the amount of crops and possible food shortages this year we're gonna get into a lot of the details because a lot of what we have been talking about over the past year or so does seem to be coming into fruition so I want to thank you very much for joining us there's also speculation you can see here the top article Forbes will Bitcoin reach 50,000 that's a great question but crypto has gone parabolic every time this event has happened don't miss it this time and Bob's gonna tell us about that event so Bob really glad you came on the show sorry we can't do video today I've got to use my phone's hot spot because the internet out here sucks um thanks for coming on man oh hey thanks for having me Rex I wouldn't miss it for technical difficulties for the world awesome awesome well I'm really glad you're here I've been the trades that you've been sending me by email alerts awesome love them and I want to know what your thoughts are though first of all about this article that just came out this month I mean a few days ago via Forbes you know asking that question will Bitcoin reach 50 thousand bucks that's a great question I hope so yeah I mean look you know and I think you know if you've been listening if the folks are listening for a long time I am not a I'm not a jump up and down you know go crazy kind of guy but people need to realize that bitcoin is a is a different animal and there is probably 85% of a Bitcoin is being held privately off the market and and what's happening is is that with with Bitcoin is is that they've been it was like an end day we're really the amount of new coins being created kind of ends in the next two years and so the the availability of Bitcoin for transactions or for wealth you know you know basically secret sequestration is is going away and and what's happening at the same time we're having countries around the world that are starting to blow up and and you're starting to see government's getting a little bit more interested in confiscating wealth you've been seeing it now in the United States where these crazies that want to be President are talking about taxing fifty seventy percent of people's wealth taxing unrealized wealth and isn't that an asset you can get that kind of transnational that you really can't get to it and that's really that's Bitcoin the crypto currencies so we have this perfect storm coming together whether these this having event coming and we're having basically the end of the great monetary experiment is happening at the same time politically as you know we're having this war now basically between the progressives and the populist and and that never really ends well from from a chaos standpoint so that's why I sent you over that that chart I showed you it and to show you that this isn't um this isn't some sort of just made-up kind of event this did has a mathematical has a mathematical component to it and that's the when this having event happens I you jumped into my specials there you go and and so every time we have a having event for for trade genius and Bitcoin get that trading the Bitcoin we get these big parabolic moves and so we had we've had these having events occur now and now the next ones coming and the reason why we should be excited about this having it first of all we've gone from 2900 to 5,400 so we're closing in already on a double and the litecoin troit chart I showed you is that and I showed you also where we told people to get in at $25.00 in litecoin because the having event that's coming in August for litecoin it creates some sort of artificial artificial supply constraint or a demand increase that drives the price is higher and and so you know for my standpoint I'm looking at I'm looking at Bitcoin here sitting at 5,000 and I'm saying hey litecoin went up from 25 to 100 in a Forex move that's 400% move but that's that's a parabolic move okay and so if bitcoins that we did that it'll come right back to where it was when it peaked at the end of 2017 Rex which is the Forex move from where it is right now but we think bitcoin will go much higher than that and that's where I think the the Forbes article some of the other guys doing some other math with this say it's gonna go higher all we're saying is that it's gonna go much higher than it is right now and we're just simply looking at the math here we would not be surprised when you get into 2022 to have bitcoins a six figure six figure that means like over a hundred thousand dollars worth of value and the math on these parabolic curves suggests it could be even as high as two hundred sixty five thousand dollars now people say that is absolutely crazy Bob well if you lived in Venezuela how many boulevards are gonna take you to buy a Bitcoin and I think that's what people kind of forget it's not so much the price of Bitcoin itself that matters it's really what can Bitcoin by that's important and what wealth is it gonna protect and so that's why you start thinking about these things is that in terms of hey I got to protect my wealth now we don't say running out there and putting a hundred percent of your wealth in Bitcoin that's crazy but you know you you you have a prudent allocation and bitcoin a proven allocation some of the alternative coins like like coin and some of the all against the Bitcoin coins like you know B&B and you know a OS or things like that that's that's just good sound management because they basically cuz you're acting yourself against the politicians you're protecting yourself against the the monetary authorities and you're and you're protecting yourself against the the chaos that's gonna ensue and it may not be America that drives this stuff look at Europe Europe is going into an economic depression there they're now starting their growth rates are starting to go negative their interest rates are already negative and their it war with themselves I mean the Italians are going against your central bank the the French are fighting each other the Brits are fighting each other and and and it's just gonna get worse because they basically ran out of their ability to borrow and tax their people and so it during endgame so what do people do when you're at endgame I got to get my money out of the system to protect it because worldwide now this is a problem now Bob what do you think about the Midwest right now I mean we're we're also looking at the the pork shortages I think you're telling me 40% of the pigs were slaughtered in China or something like that was it was that what you were saying yeah so China and you know we've talked about this before you know everybody thinks China's rising which well China is part of that economic collapse that that people are not going to see coming because they're wilfully blinding themselves the Chinese are extremely exposed to food shortages and they're having Grantsville or minimum issues will be affecting their grain crops number one but they have a the swine flu is ripping through their country right now they've had a slaughter 40% of their pigs and and here's the bad part for us you know they bought one of our major pork you know slaughterhouses and and you know the Chinese are part of this trade negotiation is that they're gonna try to steal our food and and all I call that pig is gonna go overseas and that's gonna shoot up prices and then in the futures market hogs have already gone up quite a bit and so 40% production that that's huge and if America or Brazil or Argentina or Australia if they have a problem as well then you're looking at the Chinese people starving or going on our massive vegetable diets and and that's going to cause great great consternation for the the Communists there but it's also going to cause food prices to go up and you're starting to see it tick up now and in the Midwest they don't even know when they're gonna get crops in the ground you know we have this the water the grounds are saturated and we're getting another Blizzard coming through right now they're talking they're talking changes in temperature of 40 degrees with this storm coming through you know we're in the middle of April already and you know if they can't get corn in the ground by like middle of May you know you can't put corn in then you got to switch to the wheat or you got to switch to soybeans and then if it's too wet and it's too wet too far north you can't even get wheat in the ground you have to maybe put barley in and so you know it's all of a sudden the quality levels of the grains start going down and and that's just that's added on to the federal reserve's around the world printing money like it's going out of style and this happened in 2011 Rex if you recall the Arab Spring big time the Arab Spring happened is because central banks were printing currency and the people in the countries that had had to import food could not and and because they couldn't afford it could we are what we ran into a supply constraint and you know the whole Middle East caught on fire politically well take that and add Russia to that add China to that add India to that you know and then then you're talking some some serious problems look at that map that is absolutely crazy and oh yeah now this this this weather is insane I mean it's and it's getting worse it seems like and they're forecasting the next few years could be much worse extreme weather goes so then I mean what happens to the crops what happens to the price of food what happens to the the ekend you know the economic system when people are not I don't know man it's it's pretty intense I'm trying to stay optimistic here but I just threw in that word try and there is no try and do so yeah I mean look you've been talking about this hopefully that's we're the optimists by telling people plans you know make sure you have food put away you know you're gonna get spot shortage it you're gonna get spot spikes and increasing in food and and there's ways in which you can store food and protect yourself and you know we do it personally like Casa de cutlass and uh you know where we freeze our grains and we freeze our meat and you know you you can then you give yourself six months to a year out and then that way you're not in a Hurt Locker and you don't need a lot of space to do these kind of things so you know that's why we do these interviews so we could tell people hey this is what's coming down the pike and and the reason why I started trade genius in the first place the very reason I started trade genius was to prepare for this grand solar minimum and help people through what I think is gonna be a lot of political and economic chaos and and you know and now it's coming you know we you know remember last year in the year before we were always telling people hey this is coming well now it's here it's happening it's not-it's no longer on the come you know work we're in the middle of it everybody talked about 2018-2019 being a year while 2018-2019 is the year it is a year economically politically and from a climate standpoint as well and so and there's solutions to these things that's that's you know what we do we're looking and I'm personally looking how do I protect my family I don't protect the people who subscribe to me to put yourself in a position where you can can either gain from this or at least break even and being able to take care of your families absolutely and somebody in the chat said Rex are you missing Texas no not at all and and then we've got a few questions from the audience about about Bitcoin that I'm gonna ask you in a moment but somebody also made the point that as far as you were talking about pork and this is from freedom as films he says Rex this is an article that just came out using extreme caution pork leaders canceled Des Moines expo to prevent disease from u.s. entry so that's that's interesting yeah they also they also caught in New York they did the Chinese were trying to import a sneak in pork products from China into the US and and thank goodness they got caught can you imagine if the u.s. got it swine flu would be it would be devastating absolute them devastating I agree absolutely and now if I want to show some charts in a minute first I want to I want people to look at this this chart here and then I'm gonna get to some of the questions from the audience but this is awesome walk us through this this is one of the recent trades yeah so this is like coin and I and I also sent you a chart just just to show people I don't make this stuff up where we text it out to people four months ago to buy like coin at between 25 and 28 dollars that's published today and we told people look start buying it between 25 and 28 dollars and our target was seventy-five dollars for it so we were looking for a 200% move well it blew through our $75 target and actually hit to a hundred and and we got out closer to you know like 87 to 90 area and then we're looking for a bit of a pullback for it to come back but this is the kind of this is the kind of stuff that we help people do to make money look a 300% move that's 10 years of stock market gains you know and and people got that from us and this was in December and we've been doing the same thing telling people about getting into some of the gold and silver miners and some of the moves we had there and that's what makes us so confident that bitcoin is gonna have the same kind of move because this move for litecoin happened because it because it's going into they're having that's gonna happen in in August and so in preparation for Bitcoin going into there they're having of the you know the the mind coins is that we're expecting a similar kind of parabolic move and two lip prices substantially and we want people to know that and they need to allocate part of their portfolios to this and or trade it like we do we're trading in and out of a position so that you know we're trying to always get best price and we're always sharing people you know hey get into this coin get in this coin now it's time to get into the all coins but we do very well for people and and just the trades that we've been putting out over the past twelve months were analyzing over three hundred fifty percent wrecks so that's unheard of I mean that's that's phenomenal I mean that is absolutely incredible even with stocks most of the time when a stock does really well I mean to see these kind of gains is it's fascinating it's it's like the the new I like to call this the the new opportunity because when you're at your house and you're watching these algorithms and these numbers and these and these movements and stuff and with blockchain and with all the available information and then when you've got access to a network of traders as well like you and all the people that you work with it really makes it exciting because it puts more power in my opinion into into our hands and in our laps it makes us it gives us an opportunity to be the change and also you know like I somebody's left to come in and hear fear-mongering question mark absolutely not I think it's good to be prepared not scared do I get nervous sometimes do I kind of fall under that nervous umbrella on occasion yeah absolutely but you know what I always break out of it a little bit of fear could be a good thing because it can motivate you a little bit but you don't want to have so much that it's gonna make you high on the corner and you're gonna give up because you've got that fight-or-flight mode and the MF is know that and they can come I mean if you look through the articles I've been looking through a bunch of headlines just type in Bitcoin or a crypto or litecoin and you read through the the news and the articles and as bob says bob says don't trade on news because oftentimes the news will manipulate it towards the agenda of those that are funding it and it's just it's wild but then when you can actually be at your house you can watch these trades you can learn a little bit about it and if you don't want to learn a whole lot but you just kind of want to follow these guys then you can just click the alerts you can go here's a trade alert thing okay I can make a trade right now it's it's really easy but we're getting some different questions in here about about how this actually works and if you want to know more you need to go to the website it's trade like a genius com trade like a genius comm and you can actually take different courses so if you just want to you know if you if you're a total newb and you don't even know what Bitcoin is you don't even know what blockchain is you can learn about that and then if you want to actually dabble into it and start doing some trades and start having some fun and getting off the sidelines then you can either talk to Bob like you can talk to him one-on-one in person or you can just follow the calls so like what so you think like coins gonna go back you kind of think there's gonna be a little bit of a pullback I was thinking that too yeah when you get when you get moves like this they always retrace some so we just watch for the next step we're just watching for the next you know buying momentum signal to come back in but you know there's there's always another trade wreck so you know bitcoin and litecoin had a nearly a 400 percent move okay now we look for the next thing that's moving and and you know the nice thing about trading crypto currencies that you know you can start with any amount of money and you can trade these things down to like six digits past the penny you know so and the Commission's on erm are really really really low so you know you can sit here like last Saturday I was just sitting doing some other work and I was I was just trading like my stash on a three-minute chart and you know I made three percent just watching my signal over a course of about five or six hours and so those are the kind of things you could do and if you're not around you go to cash if that's how you like the trade or you you hold it or they call a huddle I'm too old to call it hot or I'll call it holding it and and you can then buy in and buy out of these thing that's the cryptocurrency side and the stock market the rules are the same Rex it's really what we do is we see the buying pressure coming in and we see the selling pressure coming in and then we hop off and we hop on based on those indicators and typically when you see the news as we're talking about is a lot of cases the that the move has already happened and they're getting the late people in so they could sell to them so that's what we say don't watch the news it's designed to provide exit strategies for the for the big guys we don't even look at the news a lot of times like we'll put a trade on we'll see something happen and I'll put out there said was there any news you know and so you know what we did we just simply followed the signals and you know it's it's a lot of work on our part and you know it's just you know this is a lambo world you know there's a lot of trades that go into making of 350% move but if you know if you want to make money it's like a job you know and nothing nothing is easy and you know just follow the signals and work hard and you're gonna you're gonna do quite well for yourself we take a lot of the mystery you take a lot of the emotion out of it too I mean look at this April 1st April Fool's 4102 4900 I mean Wow hello that's what I'm talking about how would you like to get in on that opportunity folks I mean like come on and look at this and we were exactly 60 bucks 277 bucks April Fool's bingo that's what I'm talkin about man you gotta love it you gotta love it so it's like yes there's a lot going on yes there's extreme weather thank goodness we've still got Internet thanking us we can still go get a an overly an overpriced yucky tasting coffee at 7 bucks and by the time you tip another 2 you're out 9 bucks we can still do that and guess what we're probably still gonna be able to do it 10 years from now 20 years from now it'll just be a little bit different and and that's what I like about technology is because you always hear about the doom and gloom but there's always something to to equal out that doom and gloom there's always an opposite reaction to an action and I'm looking at the optimistic side of things I'm looking at the bright side of things and so are you oh yeah I mean of course you know and you know background on me is that uh I was very concerned about you know us running oil deficit as a country so what I did was I started my own solar energy company 13 years ago and then that's you know those are the kind of things that I do you know I'm so worried about how do we get people to know how to protect themselves financially and so I took my private trading and made it public and so you know these are the things that anybody can do you just have to think through it and the next thing that we're gonna do people want an idea of a business is is you know basically this urban farming that's coming out is is a is the real deal it's profitable you know there's there's a person up in Calgary or Winnipeg Canada in the basement of their normal suburban home makes $100,000 a year growing growing microgreens so you know there's there's opportunity to to be able to survive and thrive if you use technology and and also that you're willing to put forth the effort and and always looking for the you know the effort I always like to act not react and so and that's fits into how we trade I'm looking for the next thing reason we're talking about food now people are gonna see these food prices jump until we get to July August and September our subscribers are already being positioned we bought DBA today we bought a wheat ETF last week and in anticipation for the June crop reports coming out people finding out how how messed up is going to be we'll be getting out then with some nice profit for our clients and so those are the things that that we do and that's when all the noise is gonna happen and that's when they're gonna scare the children and June and July but we'll have already profited from it awesome and can we take a cue a few questions the audience yeah all-time the world awesome okay and the first questions from Jeff Jeff is actually he said he was stacking litecoin at 25 so good for you Jeff does Bob fill the bottom is in for BTC yeah we we do just so you know – my partner Phil is the primary trader for for Bitcoin he's absolutely convinced that we bought him when I was hit twenty-nine hundred awesome ok and then ransom asks Bob well the elites go after progressives over making money and they're spending in the 2020 elections um well the elites are and progressives are one in the same so maybe can you reframe that question for me I I think he might have meant the populist but after the reframe and I'll answer it okay awesome and I'm sure you heard that so go ahead and rephrase that ransom and then Winston asks he heard a rumor that the Fed might be taking over a Bitcoin now the rumor is that the that the Federal Reserve's and around the world are gonna create their own digital cryptocurrency that they own in control but they won't take over Bitcoin they can't it's impossible because there's eleven thousand nodes across the whole world and so the so it's impossible for any one entity to take over now having said that I saw in an article that you showed me this morning Rexha that we didn't talk about yet is the that the Chinese are gonna be getting out of the mining business and they do a lot of the mining and and so you're gonna see a more of a spread which is actually a good thing for the pricing a Bitcoin that other other nodes are gonna be taking on that responsibility versus you know eighty percent of the of the mining is happening in in the Republic of China and so we we definitely needed more decentralized and I think that's a good thing that it is don't you think it's wild that China I was reading the article let me see if I can pull this off I was just about to ask you that I'm really glad you you mentioned this whereas this here so I find it fascinating okay so China wants to ban Bitcoin mining this came out Reuters just came out china is the world's largest market for computer hardware designed to mine bitcoins and crypt and other cryptocurrencies the National Development and Reform Commission said on Monday it was seeking public opinion on a revised list of industries it wants to encourage either restricting or eliminating the list was first published back in 2011 it's funny have you brought that up so this draft for revised list added cryptocurrency mining including Bitcoin and to more than 450 activists the NDRC said should be phased out as they did not adhere to relevant laws and regulations according to this so Wow yeah that's so if I would think now I'm just guessing here and I don't have any like so folks this is just my thought that came to my mind that would be that the price of Bitcoin would probably go up I mean because they would have to move you know different it'd be it would cost more to mine wouldn't it yeah it would cost more to mine and and the reason why the Chinese are doing it let's just be really clear is that when those miners are mining Bitcoin they're accumulating Bitcoin so that that means that's people accumulating wealth outside of the yuan and outside of the control of the Chinese government and so you know the the thing that we're all watching for is would China devalues their currency and they don't want people to be able to escape that it's it's akin to what happened during the Great Depression when roads about repriced gold after he took everybody's gold remember that that's what the Chinese are doing here they're trying to keep everybody denominated in yuan and then they're gonna reprice the value of yuan and make everybody eat or all the excesses that the government has been doing over the last you know 20 years basically ripping their standard of living out from underneath them and they don't want people have money outside of the country or like Bitcoin money outside of their control so that's probably why there's shut it down Winston says don't touch my bit cone noise bro okay we'll stay away well stay away from your bits ha ha ha right on man ok and then this is another great question and I think this is probably more than intermediate question and or you know advanced it's about where to go here this is from Jeff again and he says Bob is XRP has it decoupled from Bitcoin yet and has the latest movements in Bitcoin and other alts didn't have much effect on XRP where he says yeah XRP is uh we don't consider the crypto currency you know we week we joke we call it the bankers coin inside a trade genius it's simply a digital currency that a consortium has used to be able to facilitate international transactions and so there's no limit on the amount of XRP tokens that can be ripple tokens whatever they want to call them that can be created number one number two is owners of the other coins that a token did not participate in the in the in the monetary value that those transactions happen that's the owner of the of the foundation or whatever they want to call it and the third thing is with Chase getting in with their own digital currency digital coin is that we don't really see what kind of future ripple even has so we trade it we just did a trade made 10% on it last week with in trade genius but we don't ever hold it we considered nothing more than a quick short-term trading opportunity ok great thank thank you and Nathan asks have you heard of the Robin Hood investing app yeah you know Robin Hood is is an app that charges no commissions oh how they make their money is they make their money either from the spreads or they get paid by allowing wholesalers to be able to basically access to the trade data coming in so they they they get paid Robin Hood gets paid by these high-frequency traders to be able to take a look-see at the the the buying and selling of the customers of Robin Hood now that sounds nefarious you know it is a little bit you know but basically uh you know you're getting nicked on every trade you take in Robin Hood because somebody is getting jumping in front of your trade and then reselling to the person that you thought you were selling to for a little bit better price advice first but the upside is you get to trade for free the other downside is that we had trades that we actually put on that we had opportunities for that that the Robin people would the Robin Hood app couldn't couldn't do the transactions fast enough whereas we had people that made fifty five zero percent on the trade we are in and by the time the people had Robin Hood was trying to get into the trade it already dropped down too much they were basically being front run by the bigger brokers so that's that's the up and down of Robin Hood but if you you know if you're just a light trader and and you're okay with getting you know not the best best pricing you know free Commission works well having said that you can negotiate 50 free trades with TD Ameritrade just by calling them up so uh and I think we're gonna see commissions if I go away at some point for all the brokers and in the near future my view okay yeah thanks for answering that absolutely and then so actually looks like somebody in here used it a freedom has said he used that app and it was way too slow he's got the in his opinion also okay great yeah so what do you think we're you know it's April 10th and the markets are looking good you said you think there might be a little pullback on the light coin do you think that people should should really kind of keep an eye out on the markets the next 48 hours on bitcoin and litecoin and then maybe after that or would you recommend it first of all let's do this I would like to say that I think you're offering us like a special for four more days let me let me let me go to this are you still offering this for four more days yeah yeah this is this is shameless promotion time people think it was plug we yeah so we are every time Rex and I talk we always put some bundles together for people who are listening and so this will go to Saturday and and so what we do is we put bundles together for basic or intermediate traders either trading crypto currencies or stocks and ETFs or some of the bundles and you can actually trade everything and then we have some additional things for personal coaching the do we put together training packages together for people and and the prices we charge for our services are very reasonable and in fact the trade that we've been putting people in you you'd have you would have already paid for your annual subscriptions of these things with probably the first three or four trade you do with us so we just make sure that we're giving you really good value for your for what you invest in us and then our trading room and our chat room is killer I'm in there all day long you could talk to me publicly we have ways to direct message each other and and so we're always educating all the time in a room to help people you know get better at trading or more we're more than just being critical gurus or I'm just giving signals we want people to really understand what they're doing and when you understand something you become very confident it and and we think we do a pretty good job so yes we're running specials of Saturday Rex thanks for for bringing that up I encourage you to join us you I think you really really really really will find value with us I know I have I love you guys and I've got you know it's funny because when we're about to close it now all the questions are starting to come in I totally do absolutely man I'm just kicking back then the next question is from Aaron Rex do you think or how does Bob feel about aetherium over litecoin right now you know I I used to Train aetherium a lot I'm hearing good things about it we just look at the symbols and the signals and and the theorem just had a big move to so look I'm I'm just fine with the with the big three so I like Bitcoin theorem like when I think you can't go wrong with either one of them you know if you get one with a big move you know and the others are lagging then you know you want to rotate you know in into those those that aren't moving at the same rate knowing that bitcoin is gonna be king of all but yeah I think if there iam is a good trade and and I think it's like which which which sibling do you like the most right so I don't think there's a downside to one over the other and did you hear that XRP might eventually this is another rumor that XRP might eventually take over the the currency system in the u.s. like be the the main form never happen yeah I I find that being very that would be very interesting to see I did see that one show though Judge Dredd where the only wasn't it the only restaurant in the future was was a Taco Bell could you imagine like every time oh my gosh let's for dinner and I'm bad at tacos tonight hopefully not from toxic hell how ow ladies and gentlemen any any other words of wisdom that you want to share with us before we jump out here tonight Bob and thank you man for coming on it's always awesome to talk with you now I think the macro picture that that we've been talking about for the past year and a half does not does not change you mate Evan flow but you know cryptocurrency gold and silver miners energy you know natural gas uranium a lesser extent oil and and the the food stocks are gonna be that's where you gonna make your money I think the the banking and the tech portions of the stock market are overdone and I think they're gonna start falling away because they just simply can't maintain the value so so we're looking to the future I don't think we're gonna go into a deflation I think the I think everybody is quite clear from a central bank standpoint and politicians standpoint is nobody's gonna want to pull that trigger to be the one that causes the the great deflation and and I think everybody's gonna print until people can't afford food or to drive their car and I think that's what's gonna end it but in the meantime you know we'll hopefully may help people make a lot of money so that we could be one of the the people at the table versus one of the people on the outside looking in absolutely and Jeff asks do you have a telegram or patreon group no we don't but on on YouTube we do YouTube every day I think there's a way in which you can you can like support it but you know if you want to just do monthly you know you get actually you know monthly on our service – you don't the biannual so there's some monthly subscriptions that are really inexpensive but if you want to do patreon I think you can just go on YouTube and I think you can I figure out what they call it Rex there's like YouTube pay or something I forget where you can actually send money I've never done it that's the only way I know we don't do patreon though awesome but thanks for asking yeah yeah absolutely and thanks again for coming on the show and gold and silver do you think the gold and silver is uh is looking good right now actual physical gold and silver and and you think that the miners are even better as far as opportunities profitable wise and your or at least you said that last time things might have changed this time nope nope that's all stays the same silver better – gold miner better than the metals and and but it's all good and it's just a matter of time you know because we should talk about this we talk at the end of the month let's talk Basel three okay reason while we're pretty excited about gold Rex let's we'll hold that to the end of month yeah absolutely folks we will talk to Bob again at the end of the month he's got some exciting news he's gonna share with us about gold silver and the banking systems thank you for being here with us click the link trade like a genius calm the special lens in four days get off the sidelines be amazing to each other and be the change you want to see now I need to figure out how to stop the meeting folks we're still alive

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  1. Shit man I grew up in the 70's; we haven't had a hard Winter for decades Sheeple; Hell historically we once had a year with no Summer; snowed in July

  2. An ad 4 bit "coin" which INTERESTINGLY NO one that praises it..EVER mentions its BAD 4 the ENVIRONMENT it needs a LOT of electricity…what is TRUE VALUE 4 ALL LIFE TO THRIVE is COMMON SENSE which includes cutting back on our INSANE wasting of NATURAL RESOURCES I.e wasting power instead of figuring how to TRY to help HEAL OUR Earth ,Sky & Water & provide Healthier NATURAL HEIRLOOM FOODS ban pesticides & chemical fertilizers & g.m.os. & ALL the other DESTRUCTIVE 4 ALL Natural LIFE to Thrive instead commerce AGAIN just like typical "talking heads" CONsumerIZMS creates schisms…NO MONEY OR BIT COINS can ever buy a Heart/Soul Or Health of Our World ….Plant Organic Gardens cover them with Green Houses SAVE WATER PLANT TREES HELP REPLENISH OUR Earth that provides ALL BEAUTIFUL LIFE not the OXYMORONIC "a.i" (ARTIFICIAL "intelligence") …the BEST "WEALTH" has ALWAYS been "GOOD HEALTH" of Ourselves of the other Animal Beings & Earth & Sky without that we are nothing but pathetic Heartless Souless machines of ghoulDUMB…Care Infinite

  3. This guys knows nothing about xrp. That was just fud. None of that is true. Not a good look. Honestly I expected a bit more from the leak project.A ton of cryptos can just add more coins. Do you know why they don't ? Because it crashes the nodes and validators . It would cause everyone to drop that crap coin in a day when they found out they added more. Its suicide for anyone that tries.

    You all dont like ripple because they work with the banks. That is hilarious really. I'm here to make money. I want them to work with banks and regulators. Why wouldn't you ? That's how adoption works .

    Or i hear crypto is to get rid of banks and gov restraints. Are you really serious with the bull shyt ? Who do you think actually made this up. If you are a awake person you know that stinks to high hell.

    You really think some anonymous guy just gifted this to the world and its gonna over power the elite and change the world.

    That is a fairly tale. Fact is this was created by them for them to get more power in 1988. They are gonna win. They always have they always will. You can either capitalize on the situation or have your fair tale.

    Had to say something because that was fud.

    Good luck to all !!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm planting a garden canning. And cleaning out half of my shed retro fitting it and raising some chickens. And I'm in the city. Lol… Good thing I grew up in the country.

  5. Yeah, one could covet and maintain a Gold & silver mindset. Hoard all they can buy, yet it's all for not! For all man's wealth shall come to naught… It will be like trash and worthless trinkets of sludge, almost like the "Dollar" is all Fiat(Worthless backed) paper. Then when China calls in our Debts, we'll see how far money gets someone.

  6. I've zero optimism for gold and silver. Price manipulation has been going on for many decades and there is zero indication that it'll end any time soon. Bitcoin and Litecoin are the way to go. XRP is garbage.

  7. Oh no, vegetable diets for Chinese… hmm I mean, they’re really good carpenters.

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