4 thoughts on “Crypto Exchange LEAVES USA; Iran Gives OK to Bitcoin & Mining Industry; Bakkt Testing LAUNCH”

  1. As slow as the United States maybe to the party….just for the fact that the rest of the world is adopting Crypto/Blockchain projects at breakneck speed…the United States will have to join in order not to get left behind, so it will happen here….eventually. Now, how the United States will deal with Iran or any other country trying to get around sanctions. They could try and out mine more Bitcoin than Iran, but there is alot of stupidity within the political sphere right now (politicians do not seem to get it)….so that is unlikely! What the CIA will most likely do, is Hack their servers with some form of malicious content stopping them like they did to their nuclear program….knowing they will not be able to destroy Bitcoin from within, they will find some other way like power grids…etc I really hope the U.S. takes the more rational approach and that would be to out mine every country out there and buy up as much Bitcoin as they can! That is what China & Russia figured out all by themselves…..shouldn't a country with Freedoms like ours or a country with the title of being "Greatest Country in the World" in which to live…be able to figure that out as well? If an oppressive government that strangles freedoms from their people like China does can not stop Bitcoin…..at the moment it seems the United States is taking an even harsher stance towards Crypto/Blockchain projects? Isn't this the land of opportunity, freedom, the country that spurs on innovation and protects to the death, it's peoples "right" to pursue such endeavors?

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