Crypto exchange founder dies with password, locks users out of $137M

in today's crazy world of data breaches malicious hackers fingerprint scans and facial recognition technology you might be wondering do passwords even still work and if you are then just listen to this story Jerry cotton was the founder and sole director of quad Rica CX a cryptocurrency exchange in Canada with about 115,000 customers it's cold wallet stored about 137 million American dollars of its customers money a cold wallet is a digital wallet that isn't connected to the Internet as opposed to a hot wallet which is keeping large sums of money in a cold wallet is a pretty standard security practice to prevent hackers from gaining access to the money over the Internet and stealing it which has happened many times cotton stored that cold wallet on his own encrypted laptop and recently he traveled to India where unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly from Crohn's disease which is awful especially as he was only thirty years old making matters worse he didn't tell anyone his password so no one can access that cold wallet not even his widow who says she searched high and low for it even on a scrap of paper she said she looked everywhere but she just can't find that password she even hired experts to decrypt the laptop one was able to access Cotton's personal and work email accounts and is now trying to use those to hack into an encrypted account which might hold the information Cotton's missing password isn't the only thing tying up his customers money either quadriga CX is also embroiled in disputes with third parties tying up an additional 53 million American dollars and after cotton died his customers continued to use the cryptocurrency to make transfers tying up even more money in the crypto mess the site is now shut down and it's 115,000 customers cannot access their money all because of a password so if you're wondering if passwords still work in today's crazy world of hackers and fingerprint scans the answer is yes yes they do personally I'm ready to be microchipped just stick it under my skin and use it for everything banking email whatever sure the ones who control it can invade my privacy and watch everything I do as long as they still can't read my mind though and see what I really think of them I'm alright microchip or not those little thoughts will always be private and mine alone and that might you

38 thoughts on “Crypto exchange founder dies with password, locks users out of $137M”

  1. Get that chip and have permenant place in lake of fire, burning forever!!!!!!


  2. but thats the problem whether they chip your hand our your brain they still have tech to control your mind in there . they can mind control you with a chip in the body as well as in the brain . never get the mark of the beast 666. rather live in a cave on shrubs, bark and berries, fraternizing with bears than take the mark . Om peace Amen

  3. The IDIOTS DID not realize that cryptocurrency is NOT to be stored in someone else places, do DO NOT lay your money on any Bank. and the best storage You can have, is a pencil written information in a sheet of PAPER . it can last for Hundreds-n of YEARS.

  4. HAHAHHA yes good times!! don't use crypto HAHAHAHAHAHAH only wallet you should have your crypto in is your own. this made my day.

  5. BreX all over again. another dirt bag thief gets to keep the cash, His family enjoyed the spoils some one make the call. No need to read this a muslim spreading sharia in canada needs to join buddy gerry the thief

  6. Wrong. Extremely likely this was a faked death & if not it he was murdered to create the situation you are seeing unfold. Come on now kids wake up.

  7. Everything about this girl and the intro is so cringey and annoying. RT please stop this show its painful. Please stop her doing all those moves is like watching your mom trying to fit in a crowd full of teenagers. Its painful seriously RT stop this I will not watch RT until they discontinue this crap

  8. I call it sus.
    He suddenly dies at 30….
    Missing millions. ..
    Yeah right. Hes pulled a sneaky-bedeaky
    WHAT…Micro chip…your a gov goon fuck you trying to normalize microchiping.

  9. 2:23 – "I'm ready to be microchipped"

    What the hell?? I was about to 'like' this video, but that quote just freaked me out like those Golden Globe Deep State flu shots! How can anyone think that putting a microchip under your skin would be a good idea? It's beyond ridiculous, and it makes me think this is part of the secret corporate message of the news network that she, as an anker, is supposed to sell to her viewers.

    I can only speak for myself, but she lost me right there!

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