Crypto Early Investing Review – SCAM

I woke up dis gaem exposed and today we're looking at crypto early investing hi guys welcome to the video I'm going to be taking a look at a product called crypto early investing today but before we get started don't forget in Friday's video I launched another hundred dollar Bitcoin giveaway so if you haven't already make sure you go to the video I'll put a link in the description down below as 100 dollar giveaway video put your Bitcoin wallet address in a comment in that video and you'll being was a winning a chance of winning that $100 worth of Bitcoin in my video next Friday also I've got a bit of a stretch competition as well if I'm here if I had 10,000 subscribers on the channel before Christmas are we giving away $500 and if I reach 15,000 subscribers before Christmas I'll be giving away $1000 worth of Bitcoin all you need to do to enter those competitions is to subscribe and hit that notification belt now the notification belt is important because when I do launch the competition once we hit that goal it will be a race it's not going to be a random drawer it's going to be a racer who comments first on a video so if you've got notifications on you and I'll give you a days that have days head start to it you know roughly which day the videos coming out but if you've got notifications on you'll get an instant ping on your phone go in there be the first one to come in and you'll be the one that wins I can't let's get on to crypto early investing another one of these products that has jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon by the looks of it six-figure digital currency trader reveals their next Bitcoin just five hundred dollars could make you rich initial coins offerings that are exploding in value The Wall Street Journal I'm not going to show you the video just yet there's a very this is a very long sales page it does have some information that's quite factually true but it also has some first of all the stories of everyone getting rich like Chris Hansen now Chris Hansen is a stock photo it's not real person at least in this context it's not real person and Marcus Andrews who started up with $300 then it up with 80,000 Marcus Andrews really presenters no no no no no it's a stock image it's a stock photo sorry it could take very investing but you've been caught in a light with in the first scroll of the mouse wheel it goes on about buying Bitcoin and making money out of it and you don't it's a big computer wizard isn't our digital currencies work mildly bloody blah talks about Mark Cuban the Steve Wozniak and people like that makes you think that those are the experts that are doing it the guys names allegedly Adam Sharpe I've googled this image I can't find any reference to him whoever it is stock fight or not I'm not sure with that it might even be the real guy little ginger dude maybe he's the one actually running this piece of but certainly can't find anything else about him it shows you some coins of jumped up in price massively no-limit coin five thousand three hundred dollars in six days yeah these these coins do exist and this is a factual part of this a lot of my shows they start off pence per coin and then end up booming and becoming worth of dollars and sometimes even hundreds of dollars per coin so if you were to invest at the right time in those you could you could make yourself a lot of money no-limit coin was one thousand three hundred and sixty eight percent there's been a few others in here that have boomed but again half the time these are just pump and dump systems so they're low value coin it gets massively pumped it goes up massively high and then it gets dropped a few examples that are maybe aren't like pump and dump of things like Veritaserum a few in there that a fairly legit and some that have just kind of burn out and now that worth absolutely fuchal but that's not the point here the point here is they're talking about this kind of trading to make you think that's what you're going to be doing the driven newspaper for no real reason some more charts for the sake of it has a lot of talking in this all the different places where you can use cryptocurrencies to buy stuff which is all well and good but it still actually doesn't sit with what this actually is a theorem for tea ground and that in 18 months yep aetherium is massively I've actually traded a little bit in theory myself in the past and made a few quid but again that's not what this is I keep telling you it's about this early investment early investment early investment go down a bit more just goes on and on and on and you had these guys again and you another guy here Charles st. Clair he was working a boring banking job and decided to invest 7 grand a digital currency did did he did he really always he just another oh look at that it's another stock 5 so it's another stock fighter so we've got some dishonesty on this page and that 100% confirmed the page I won't bore you just going on and on and on and on it doesn't stop and it's just literally it eventually gets to the point which is sign up for crypto FN today and start earning real money crypto FN is a currency trading brokerage as such when you actually sign up for this crypto investing thing you fill in your form you put loads of stuff in like I did here um and you end up getting dumped on to the crypto FM page where you have to then deposit money and then you can trade it on crypto currency now what this doesn't really do it doesn't give you an information on how to trade it doesn't really give you any information on what you should be looking for there's no real assistance it's literally that's just from what I can tell this page is just a portal to get you to sign up I imagine then that people get on the phone they're hammering you and say I will take you over with a managed account put in the ground or everyone will manage it for you and that's well and good but chances are that's where the scams going to hit you and that's where you're going to lose your money I had a little look round on the website this it's run by kinetics outsourcing which is a company based in Prague in the Czech Republic then I saw their bonus policy the bonus policy was something that's really quite shocking let me see where it said it was so bad handling fees if you breach the bonus agreement your handling fees are equal to loss assessment times 30% handling fee rate of seven and a half percent angling fees some seven hundred and fifty dollars so if you were to put say we put a grand in there and your talk we've hand will beat your total deposit – any lot is so if you went in there and you lost $250 you thought I'm getting out and they go no but you took a bonus whatever and then they have to take your losses away from what you deposited it originally and then a sum of 750 dollars for the handling fee so now basically what that means is they're going to attract you I here we go the required turnover withdraw deposit plus bonus times 10,000 required so even if you did sign up to this the bonus is going to be pushed upon you and then you are going to have to trade deposit it and your bonus together times 10,000 so if you put a thousand then and you've got thousand bonus that bonus that's that's 2,000 that means you'd have to do then 2,000 times 10,000 so you look at 200,000 that you have to turn over in trades before you can get your your thousand dollars back out and then when if you did decided you didn't want to take part in that you'd lose 750 dollars from that handling fee as well so unscrupulous tactics hidden in a what looks like a very very badly formatted bonus terms and conditions page made like that probably said that you stopped looking at because it's so hard to keep track of where thing is there's no breaks there's no lines that you see you got here that's number three where's number four it's actually really hard to see where the next that should be a paragraph on its own and actually a paragraph that should be a little paragraph it's all jumbled together to make you think oh there's no point reading any of that it's really not worth it and unfortunately in there there's some really bad because if you put money in there and decide to withdraw you haven't met their requirements of their trading volume they're going to just take $750 off of you for doing nothing so you might as well just give them some 150 dollars because I got a feeling that unless you know what you're doing you're gonna go into crypto coin F N and you're going to lose your money that's really about as much as I want to say about this I'm convinced that there's something really shady going on here this page is just basically just a port all for them to collect email addresses and phone numbers I wouldn't believe anything that's in there not even gonna bother watching the video because I imagine it's just the same bit of crap like this but in video form it's unnecessarily long it's got stock photos of people that are supposed to be real if they had real people that have made real money and they were you know happy with the people behind crypto coin FN or ever it's called these people would have leaked it from their picture and that's where you got to think okay so they've made this page they've really load of or bla bla bla dazzling you have the the the wonders of cryptocurrency and then they get you here they get your phone number they get your email address and they start harassing you I'll put a grand in put a grand in put a grand and you'll make loads you'll make loads you make loads and the chances are you won't make loads and the chances are you'll get a bit scared once you've lost maybe a quarter of that thousand a thousand that they've made you put in and then you're going to withdraw it then they get you in some buying this policy and they take the remainder of your balance and and put it in their pocket so that's enough for me to say that early crypto early investing is a scam avoid like the plague don't put your money in I guarantee you bad things will happen I'm going to leave this review here and don't things any more to say if you've got any questions about this or any other product you want me to take a look at remember to use the comments down below to let me know about it you can also use the contact details are on the screen and don't forget about the competition subscribe hit that notification bell and you to be a chance of winning $500 or even a thousand dollars before Christmas right see you like guys thanks for watching take care you

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