Crypto Currency Policies in the USA: S1E23

hello everybody welcome back to cryptocurrency news today is Saturday June 10th 2017 my name is Wes today I want to focus on news coming from the USA three specific places one being New York two being New Hampshire and three being Montana so let's jump right in on June 8th in New York City there was a live conference devoted to the launch of the advanced technological alternative base also known as a TB coin which has successfully successfully finished no yesterday I did mention briefly about a TB coin and gave a quick introduction as they did at their conference on June 8th it looks like they are going to be quite a strong company in the cryptocurrency world and I welcome you to check out their website for more information about them so that you don't miss the ico if you do indeed find yourself interested next thing New Hampshire so the SID in New Hampshire has assigned a Bitcoin bill so the text of the bill is to exempt persons conducting business using transactions conducted in whole or in part in virtual currency from the state's money transmitting regulation obviously there are a lot of people who were completely opposed to the bill but nonetheless the bill did pass which is quite a big deal as the u.s. still largely is not passing laws on cryptocurrencies as of yet it will be interesting to see how US laws adapt in the future in regards to cryptocurrencies and it's something that I will personally as an American and be keeping a very close eye on and therefore informing you my lovely YouTube audience about and lastly another really cool thing coming out of the US so today all cool things coming from the US the state of Montana has granted a loan to a mining company in hopes of them being able to create 65 new jobs so the loan is of four hundred and sixteen thousand US dollars awarded to Missoula County of bsts job creation funds they are backing up a Bitcoin mining firm named project Spokane LLC as they plan to expand they claim that this will create 65 new jobs now it's interesting because a lot of people with the rising growth of the block chain Network a lot of people are seeing stability in job security in these fields and it's interesting that Montana Montana is the first state to grant a loan to a mining company in order to create these secure and stable jobs for some of its citizens again it's going to be very very cool to watch how things develop in the USA and whatever happens in the USA will largely have an effect globally not just in regards to cryptocurrency but also in regards to public policy so we're going to be keeping a close eye on these things here at cryptocurrency news that's it for today thank you for tuning in today is the June 10th a Sunday and my name is Wes thanks again I'll see you tomorrow you

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