hey guys welcome back to the channel thank you for all the support if you are in the cryptocurrency world at all by now well you probably heard that we had a flash crash in etherium but basically it was coinbase and a lot of people could not move their funds now we're seeing an investigation trying to make sure obviously the coin base was not part of the problem because the funds obviously disappeared quickly as the flash crash went and if you were on an exchange that G that was called the G Dax for corn base you could have had a position completely filled and taken out very very low priced and that of course is very dangerous for those of you that may have been playing with the game of margin you learn a very quick lesson if you've been investing for a long time before crypto currencies ever came along you would have known that there are certain differences between limit stop limits or stop orders or orders to market and a lot of different things that you need to learn before you get invested certainly margins is a completely margin game is a completely different game that I think a lot of young investors see as the Holy Grail until unfortunately they realize that it also has the ramifications that come when a flash crash occurs you can lose your money very very quickly at the same time there are probably people that bought in yesterday just because they had an order and probably today are sitting quite pretty now it's up to them as to whether they learn their lesson and take care of it correctly now this happens in all markets it is a sign of an issue that can be manipulated unfortunately what happens in cases like this is you have big sellers come in and they can actually manipulate the price down and that can be reasons for that that happens in the stock market as well but in a basically unregulated area of crypto currencies who knows and all bets are off the other problem is that I see that there is an overall trend of people that are young investors that are involved with this now as investor myself I recognize that there is some incredible technology out there and there are some really good things that should come out of the cryptocurrency space and future wise I think we are going to see a development of an even stronger cryptocurrency market but right now we're seeing what happens when people are young investors that don't quite understand that it really is still the wild wild west while we're on the subject of that let's talk about icos these are called initial coin offerings really no different than I POS accept is zero way of evaluating the company at this point the companies generally do not make any type of products sounds a lot like the early dot-com boom although some of those companies came out of there by making products and delivering on their promises and of course many of those did survive now I CEOs are the wild wild west at this point and no different to me than Penny Stocks unless the company has a legitimate track record and has already proved that they've delivered products or have a legitimate way of showing you what they will do with specific time lines I personally think that it's a very dangerous space to be in with very few exceptions to that which of course I can go over in a different video if you're in crashed from 319 to $0.10 in seconds on one exchange after multi-million dollar trade supposedly they're saying that one major trader brought it down now of course it can't happen just by one trader there has to be the opposite side of the trade but people put in their orders and then it cascades down before people can make any changes a theorem suffered flash crash on g dax exchange on wednesday the price of a theme crashed to as low as ten cents from around 3:19 in about a second on the G Dax crypto currency exchange on Wednesday a theme is an alternative digital currency as you all know at this point if you've been watching this channel as the price continued to fall another 800 stop-loss orders and margin funding liquidations caused aetherium to trade as low as 10 cents so there were orders in place and they get triggered as certain prices get hit those are obviously orders the people place that could have been yesterday it could have been three months ago they just sit in place in order to get fired or taken off the exchange when that number or price Matt now if you do not play that game at all and you just hold your money in a wallet this basically did not affect you and that happens in the stock market quite often as well a stop-loss order is a trade that is executed automatically once the security in this case e theorem hits a particular price which I already said margin funding for those of you that don't know is you're basically leveraging and taking a loan in order to do that which is very very risky I won't say that some investors aren't savvy enough to use it but you can see in this particular situation you are playing with fire if you're not careful you can get it handed to you our initial investigation so no indication of wrongdoing or account takeovers we understand this event can be frustrating for our customers our matching engine operated as intended throughout this event in trading with advanced features like margin always carries an inherent risk that is fact now I have heard outside of this article somewhere else that had something to do with a different crypto and so I don't want to mention that just in case that's false information I will do some more research on that but it sounds like there may have been another trigger and go back to I cos for just one second since we're talking about risk I've seen a lot of people and I will do a separate video explaining this I've seen a lot of people asking me now that I'm in the Bitcoin space that I've talked about it publicly that we have people saying what do you feel about this IC o—- meaning this initial coin offering when it's brand-new what do you feel about that one how do you like this one and quite honestly these people don't understand I hate to say this that there are whales whales that come in and make special agreements that buy up the crypto before they can get in which also means those whales have the ability to influence the market by selling out those that say this can't be done in crypto are simply not accurate so the fact of the matter is is I CEOs are still controlled like penny stocks by people that pump and dump them that does not mean that I'm telling you never to get into that space but understand the game because it is a much bigger game than the average investor understands and usually those are the people that are sitting at the table with no chips when the game is over alright guys so right now we see that aetherium is bouncing back we'll see if it cut if the exchange is corrected and everything is good people look back at this or if there's some up some tools put in place to not allow this to happen in the future stock markets have done that they've put in certain tools in order to try to stop flash crashes but we all know these kinds of things happen and we should definitely be have our eyes open and have a very skeptical view just to make sure we don't get hurt be careful if you're involved with this for trading point of view as I've said it's a good space for speculation I do believe crypto currencies are going to continue to grow I believe that blockchain is absolutely a block is absolutely a disruptive technology but that does not mean that you have to get hurt by flash crashes if you're intelligent about it all right guys go create a great day


  1. The Crypto Apocalypse?
    Seems people are selling like their hair is on fire?  They are trying to get out so they are not the bag holder?
    Look at all these digital coins, tokens, etc.  What are they backed with?  A unique number stored in the ether?  Wow.  Are the transactions quick with no hangups?  Doesn't seem so.  Transaction free?  Doesn't seem so.  Easy to convert in currency?  Doesn't seem so.  Easy to understand.  Not for the masses?  Can you buy stuff with them?  Not much and when you can it is typically a company charging you a fee to sell the digital into currency to then buy their product.
    All these ICOs with many more coming?  Heh, but they got a "use case" and white paper?  hahaha
    This seems like a gold mine for pump and dumpers? 
    Many of these flash crashes with exchanges shut down, the coin/token network disabled, etc.  A harbinger of worse things to come.  People trying to get out into currencies?  Mega dilution with not enough new "tulip" buyers?
    Many exchanges and coins/tokens already suspected of fraud.  Marketing networks of rewarding members for finding new members into the "ponzi"?
    Last ones out turn of the lights?
    Do people leading sheep to the crypto slaughter have no conscience?

  2. i don't understand shit about trading about margians, shorts, longs, stops, etc. but something just isn't right. i don't see how they can allow someone to sell their ethers as .10 cents but a statement from gdax said they are not going to reverse any of the trades. i dunno i don't think that's right at all but this is why we need regulation and a lot of it. the majority of people who love bitcoins are anti government libertarians but i'll bet if you were the guy who sold thousands of ethers for .10 cents yesterday i'll bet you wouldn't mind the government coming in and helping you right now would you?

  3. Haha…Crypto returns to the Crypt…where it belongs. What a joke investment, unless you want to lose ALL your investment !!!

  4. This is exactly why I I only invest in physical gold, silver, beans, bullets, bandages and knowledge. I feel bad for the people that lost all there money with this flash crash.

  5. Hey Ed. Did you see? ? of do you know if Bernanke was in front of recently a committee board suggesting they are that's Congress that is with a 2/3 member who are in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve ??? All of of which as usual would by Uncle Ben Bernanke count in short create A COLLAPSE OF THE Nation's economy and Markets? ?? Do you know of that ? ? by chance.???

  6. I dont trade, ICO's are few and far in between the worthy ones. Recent Straitis, sold a token that can't be used on anything. Civic, a platform that is allready crowded, a no go, not 1st mover or dominate. I have my eye on a new 1st mover in a space unoccupied that needs to be in place for a market that will need it. Ride 'em Cowboy, yippe – yi – ya Coyota.
    Glad Montana doesn't sound like a place to be for the Big City folk. 😎

  7. While I believe cryptos will be the form of transaction for the future, unless it's government cryptos, it will be subdue just like gold and silver. Any form of cryptos right now is nothing more than a speculation, until government adopts one of them.

  8. Could you recommend a tutorial for creating an ethereum paper wallet offline. All the ones I'm finding are created online. Thank you.

  9. Not all the exchanges tracking the same ticker,& reports the same price action or chart pattern as. I've said before the block chain is an inferior technology to build a trading platform on,& the bitcoin mining sector is a joke,& we don't need a new payment system like bitcoin,or any of her sister crypts coins.the block chain technology is over rated 10 year old junk.All the bitcoins are prone to pump,& dumps ALL OF THEM,I talked about all this before on my channel,because I have the best minds that comment on my videos,so we know the deal.Listen I may have a tiny channel,but those that sub me have the best minds.Listen the same crap that is being pumped & promoted on YouTube from the bitcoin clown networks talking about how we could see 1,000,000 $ bitcoin,& so many insane numbers about how the bitcoins are here to stay,are the same clowns that said the dot com era is here to stay,& we are all going to retire rich.Everything old is new again,every 20 years,or so a new crop of idiots are born Most in the bitcoin camp are newbies that don't know anything about how the real world ****'s also a fact technical Analysis does not work with bitcoins the failure rate is very high,because of the nature of what those stupid coins are TA is,very unreliable,so at some point all TA falls.I know for a fact nobody saw the ETH collapse,or flash crash coming that wasn't in the know,& that's my opinion.i have over 20+ years experience,& worked on wall street,& learned trading TA from wall street,& even still as I type this comment even still I can't track, or trade any of those crappy coins,because I have no control over the pump N dumps,& the Churning factor which is common in this stupid sector,so there's no way to use TA,& predict any of this shit Nobody has ever asked me Tacos why don't you trade those? I am stating right now when this is all said,& done the great majority of Bitcoin traders are going to lose everything at some point,but sure maybe 1 or 2% of bitcoin traders will make money; it's like that in every sector only a small percentage will make money,& rest don't/wont.Ask me again why I don't trade those remember I have over 20+years exp,& worked for top wire house wall street firms with a masters from a real ivy league university,but ask me again why I don't trade this shit,& BTW this whole block chain shit which is alleged to be so ground breaking is not all that,,& wall street is only hyping it up for ratings.It's a fact in my opinion not one of those silly exchanges can pass a stress test,it's also a fact to get the block chain to pass a stress test it would take Bill Gates type money to bring it on par with the real world,so we are talking major monies invested into research,& to build the so called bitcoin mining sector up to par would take billions of dollars,so what the bitcoin clown camp promises to offer the world we already do it better. Now as far as the bitcoin mining sector it cost the miners more in unities bills then what it puts out or processes,meaning it's not cost effective as a crypt,& a payment system,& those companies that may accept bitcoins well just read the fine print do you people that trade this crap have any idea how expensive it would cost a company,or a bank to research on how to apply block chain for their application,& how expensive it takes to bring up their systems into compliance,& run stress tests

  10. In an ICO, if the price is fixed for all participants, wouldn't that prevent a pump and dump from occurring until the coin actually hit the exchanges and the price had the opportunity to adjust?

  11. Central banks, government agencies, politicians writing legislation, and banks – all vying for money from consumers.

    I don't like the risk involved with competitors like these looking to take down crypto currencies.

    These flucuations sound orchestrated.

    I may be paranoid or naive but I believe these currencies have a large conflagration of interests aligned against them.

  12. Sold ALL my ETH that I bought at 143 before the crash, didnt like it once it was stagnant at 350. For now, BTC, LTC, Zcash and DASH

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