Crypto Currency Exploding

no spec stacker in the house how you doing good morning good morning on this Monday morning I don't expect a whole lot of people to be here today everybody's probably out barbecuing and and whatnot speaking of barbecue and I uh smoked two full racks of ribs last night well all day yesterday Nick Fung Ponza I'm going to just say that Nick Fonda hello sans pure and Lord Henry in the house mr may Neiman Damon main meal gosh only but Mr Nemeth named um who else is here Dennis the Menace smoking causes cancer absolutely I don't know why you brought that up oh the ribs God I'm mentally slow but damn they taste so good especially when you get a sweet spicy sauce on there nice shirt you selling them no this on cauldron was actually gifted to me I would say almost a year ago and I just every now and will pull it out it was supposed to be a prototype of a shirt that I was thinking about selling um but I decided to go in another direction that's coming at a later date I want to do it TIFF a different scheme may be more of a OD green we'll see Kaitlyn smiles good morning wish you could sell it the shirt yes smoking does cause cancer but no one lives forever and you might as well go out happy absolutely I'm sure if the price is right you will sell it look how you you did it to me might be a little offended Wow okay so it's Sunday morning I just had my first cup of coffee and cryptocurrency is killing it Janet I I think totally invested maybe 14 I already made a thousand dollars over a thousand dollars so almost doubled my money sands pure I'm almost back to even in my investment yeah I I haven't really gone through the numbers but I think I invested about 1400 bucks total and I think I made a thousand I actually think I made over a thousand and the run has expected to continue Bitcoin is expected to go up at another thousand but we'll see nobody knows at all silver Wolverine in the house yeah I'm still it's over definitely silver in gold so at the time yeah there was small increments of Bitcoin $50 here $20 there same with the litecoin 50 here 20 there whatever I can afford and always preach don't go crazy put into an investment as much as you're willing to lose um just wash my hair it's all poofy uh it kind of nothing but uh got our tile a let's take a look tiles laid out in the hallway I'll do a video as you folks non just move in here and basically before we can unpack and put hang up pictures and everything basically new tile had to be put down that means all the furniture is consolidated into little piles or into rooms room have rooms have to be painted therefore nothing's being hung up it truly is a mess here in the overtaxed taxpayer home even this room my studio is is a mess because we're using it as space to store boxes and whatnot in it this is supposed to my studio so I that's one reason haven't done the studio grand opening video who else is in the house john alexander who else john alexander so wolverine hello networks lazy lawrence is lawful lurking and leisurely lingering and lovely low levels of light okay blue roads just drop in to say hello hello Michael Reese I'm down big in my silver investment but loving it stack in the hallway that's okay I mean silver is not a short-term investment and when I say short-term investments short-term investment and I hate to use the word investment but I'm going to just to get my idea across short-term investment silver is not and what I mean by that it's not a one or two year investment it's not a even a three or five year investment I think we were gonna see payoff it's more like 10 15 20 years possibly by the time you retire it's a little bit more stable and it's hovering but I tell you something you take a look at price charts all the way from let's say the 50s it's done nothing but go up yeah it has the it's dips and then it'll come down here and stay but all in all the trend is upwards throughout the longevity of years you cannot gauge the price of silver or gold for that matter for a small increment of time like 1 or even 5 years when you invest in precious metals you've got to think of it the long haul if you're into you know day trading silver and gold is not it's not your back you're better off doing it in the stock market you're day trading or or even in kryptos so a lot of people are a little a lot of people little depressed because they were talked and to buy and silver and talk anybody into it and two or three days later it goes up or down three cents in the four cents or 15 cents and they panic what have I done what have I done I've always preached this buy your silver throw it somewhere lock it up and forget you own it don't look at the charts every freaking day now look at and precious metal prices every day you're gonna give yourself a heart attack what would have the most of us what are we in our 30s I would say average age is 30s you plan on selling your silver or gold at the age of 31 or are you gonna wait to your retirement age and maybe use it towards your retirement as supplement towards your 401 K Social Security and your pension plan you need to do it that route for you folks who bought a few hundred ounces of silver and thought you were going to be a millionaire in two or three years I'm sorry you were gravely mistaken okay just hang on to your silver keep buying it and stop looking at the charts and worrying about whether it goes down fifteen or forty five cents one day now for that matter don't even celebrate when it goes up fifteen or forty-five cents the next day just forget it worry about the price when you're ready to sell don't worry about it while you're stacking meaning accumulate I love it every time the price of silver goes down yet I get bitched out every time it goes down because they think I miss LED them but while we're accumulating we want it to go down we want it to crash plain and simple I'll worry about what the price is when I'm ready to sell be locked in the house and where is what is did you buy do you mean gigabytes hmm what did you bite is a cryptocurrency and Alcorn gigabytes is space on a hard drive you're going to hear some banging and electrical equipment going on in the background Tyron one of my moderators during the house who else is here I think crypto investors is hurt and silver not as many people put money into silver I I can see a little um truth to that statement Maynard welded 999 squad love it love it so this is sure again I know I have quite a few people in the room down by 74 their shirt was a prototype of when I was thinking of selling I after a while I decided this is not the style I wanted I wanted to build with more something I don't know small logo maybe another logo here on your on the sleeve like an American flag lobola on the back so when you're walking around I didn't point like the big for the prototype I didn't quite like this big thing here this big gun we call it chemical or metals chart I didn't like that so I'm still thinking and one day it will come to Britain a reality and then I will maybe options some of them not option actually give them away for free if possible through blank contest you know give em away t-shirt all you need to do is like leave a comment in one or two of my videos or some crazy thing like that you know how people click give away free stuff that's what I was more more thinking of didn't like to think I didn't like about I didn't like the idea of actually selling them I mean I guess I would sell them but I think my subscribers would probably get a a chance of getting them for free is what I'm trying to say solo to my subscriber just the leaves a bad taste in my mouth well sleeve I see in the house so thank you so much and Lord Henry thank you very much appreciate it on 59 hope it stays low for 10 more years rockin rod one he's talking about silver and what I was just saying for all you folks I'm not repeating myself but for all you folks who constantly email me angry with me because the price of silver went down your foolish love it use it and I can tell by reading these emails or I'll click on their link in their comment I go over there their YouTube page and they have like 3 videos and all is each video is a video of them playing video games I know they're younger white thing is if you're buying something you want whatever you're buying a be a low price if you finish buying and that you've reached your lifetime goal I can sympathize with you just wait silverstack tougher life that's his name speaking of what I'm saying we're stackers for life and we only sell one time think about that whoo-hee stat for life silverstack before life lenders using your your youtube channel name we're stackers for life where accumulators for life and hopefully just one time we need to sell it done and make some money at that one time one or two times plastic stacker millennial buy more silver and crypto went from pre-k to 8 K you noticed you notice I know you make a nice profit yes I did I did not sell though you do not sell I mean keeping it there I'm praying that the price of Kryptos crashes so I can get into more I see I see the the event I see where it could possibly go therefore I hope it crashes dump another maybe $500 into it hopefully it goes up again and keep doing it on the on every time it goes down scratch my ass in the house I like this shirt actually you kind of like that you know maybe look into it is that the vacuum cleaner right here that is actually yeah I think that is no it's a palm sander it's a sander getting our shells done also in the closets I mean even the clothes are in boxes still sharing in the house that he were mentioning my shirt stands pure I don't think I'll ever buy cryptos and that's fine that's fine got nothing against against you we all got our opinions it's a teleporter yeah – hallo it's a ha what's that room on Star Trek holograph the holler of Holland em it's the holodeck being worked on Mohammed yeah we're working our asses off in this house little collector let's see who else is here your current tozi is that a model airplane flying around it's the it's the black bear crap laying around my house you get me you get hate now because but silver yeah I get hate mail if I accidentally pronounce me a word long I one time said something like well if I'm thinking about something and if it comes to tuition I get instantly a freaking email saying it's not pronounced tradition it's pronounced I I guess some people feel so bad with themselves that they've gotta correct other people to make them feel bigger than everybody else I so much as when you have your own YouTube channel the slightest thing you say wrong they're correcting it I'm a I made a comment that even banks are stacking precious metal so that's a true statement I get an email two or three days ago you shouldn't tell people that all banks do to make money is stat precious metals it's something to that effect let me see if I can find the email and I you know you want to just reach out to them and say obviously you only heard what you wanted to hear but you can't respond it every idiot out there there's just too many idiots there's more idiots actually then there are normal people I'm just trying to see you can see all let's see if I can find it real quick let me see if I can find this in the imbeciles new they're gonna fix in the fridge Democrats favorite can buy the profile sure okay hmm yeah I can't find it it probably took a little bit too much work right now to locate it basically says I don't I don't understand I know I don't like the fact that you employed that bankers all their money stack and silver and gold and I never said such an idiotic thing but yeah I can't find the comment I would love to read a key and I'm paraphrasing what he said obviously but when you have your own YouTube channel every little thing you say they're critiquing you if I use the word investing in silver I instantly will be bombarded with 20 emails easily investing in silver you don't invest in silver you you don't use the word investing when you mention precious metals because precious metals is not an investment it's just a way of retaining the value of your money I'll use whatever damn word I want you know what it's like but they gotta always correct you I love that one if I use the word I'm serious that's my biggest one I'll use the word investment when purchasing silver it just scrambles people's brains it really does and it could be right for but I use the word investing why do we all have to be so soft they people get diaper rash really easy honestly you say something wrong even in your outside world at work or anywhere you go people get diaper rash very easily I love that word diaper rash when it applied to adults or or young adults that easily get offended what's that 50 100 50 100 50 e85 even if silver goes down to 10 I'll still buy absolutely I will definitely buy if it goes down to 10 you to blue whitey blue I'm waiting for someone to drop even more so we just sent me a super chat and I just yeah Lord Henry I just hope I mention thank you after all you own him will some offspring Bitcoin guy hi from Europe blazed frags I think silver is an investment Santi or because they are trying to buy it up I press the thumbs up and you didn't even need to ask Wow thank you so much yeah I'm hoping I'm hoping to invest into some more crypto soon but what's going on in the house I really can't do it responsibly it's just the money's being allocated cripples are backed by effort and work that's by Cole wheeler thank you in the house thank you he is in the house Choi out so vertex do you wear that shirt in public I've worn it in public people don't even know what it is like I said most people are stupid we are the 1% most people are ignorant I'm gonna say what egg it's a true statement they don't know what silver is now ask him what a Starbucks is oh yeah ask them with some rims on tires ro they know what the ribs are get that 22 wheels get to 22s they know what all that garbage is this man petrodollar it's the universal not the universal it's the worldwide dollar system we've learned about the petrodollar in school where everything is traded on when you international trade everything is basically transferred into a petrol dollar John Turner in the house typo XRP is 40 cents as Ben no that's a regret of mine not getting any extra fee I still don't have any X or T I'm also waiting for votes over ratio to follow and love to see that happen prepare yourself I'm the only 0.2 to I use his room thought around yeah I got a lot of two tutus crypto conservative greetings in the house thank you so much for being here if you all would do me a favor just hit that smash that like button in addition there is a bell icon I'm doing this like I'm holding it there's a bell icon on the main YouTube page of my channel if you would hit that Bell icon when you have the opportunity it will alert you every time I make a video or go live you'll be notified in advance ree-ally dog who does a backline math and that gives it a secre city say Chris I'm some of the white corn baby like when is the right coin and I only have about fourteen or fifteen my points what Johnny what an idiot what an idiot and I have four not yet more I got him when they were $40 I got about half of them when they were 35 and I got the other half when they were 45 so my cost average is $40 now there are over $100 I wish it would have pop more wouldn't love to buy my boat I would love to pay this house off I do see the light Cobra seven hello from France how are those um riots haven't heard anything about those right in our news remember the the green yellow vest or the orange vest or whatever colored vest I think was Yellin vest movement all of a sudden then our news here in the United States went silent so cover seven you still have those vest movements sergeant gold I'm still buying Silver Eagles to cheat not to yeah I need a buy similar also yellow vests still doing it every weekend yo still are but mass media do not report it much isn't that interesting they don't record it because they don't want the movement to spread don't want to give anybody ideas but we'll keep reporting on the green new deal you know some of the green New Deal has been approved overnight in the darkness of night Alexandria Cortez's green New Deal everybody's laughing about well certain cities in in New Mexico in the darkness of night a proof tonot and it is now lost some of the aspects of the green New Deal I should say and that's what they're gonna do well everybody is sleep they'll pass a little bit here a little bit here and then incrementally they won't move it up they will pass something until you've got total to terrorism see I just mispronounced that word I'll get 15 emails be damned the voters will just wait until they're sleeping well we'll wait until the Superbowl games aren't oh wait till some distraction is on weather just staring at a screen somewhere and they'll be off passin the vote that's how they work sila Graham in the house thank you so much I'm starting to see some commercials on television on television about cryptocurrency I've been telling people for like almost six months maybe a year long better get into it now if you if you're gonna get into it once it gets popular everybody knows about it it's too late the price is gonna skyrocket more my cameras having a hard time the more and demand something is the more expensive it is why do you want to get into something when it's too expensive to get into them Daniel Gomez beau Gomes notice how cool Google homepage day is all gray and doesn't celebrate America let me take a look at that you're right Google is is gray right now everybody go to god forbid it was Halloween or any pagan holiday to be all over Google you know the little pumpkins and decorations 4th of July you would see little illustrations of fireworks but you're absolutely right god forbid and celebrate in America then it goes dead hyoeun duke in the house just like issa big uncle you know a OSI has long term boyfriend you must have lowest self-esteem man Nia people're I think it's bringing a movement of silence no then you would put it like an illustration of the American flag or you would do something that is completely blank no color nothing Little Red Pony a mouse there's no name I haven't seen in quite a while good morning hello everybody what does everyone think is a good price for worn Mercury dimes I think a Warner tree diamond is the same price as a normal 360 for $65 just because it's a murky doesn't give it any more monetary value so what's a tenth of an ounce of silver they basically take one ounce of silver divided into tenths and there is your ballpark price per dime now I doing that right yeah tents there's your ballpark price now obviously because it's a smaller increment they're gonna charge you a higher premium so let's just say I'm gonna do it for you and I'll give you a ballpark calculator so let's just say what is it I'm just gonna round it to 15 bucks an ounce divided by 10 equals it's about a buck fifty I would say a fair price would be about a buck ninety buck 80 buck ninety because of its small Ingrid they will charge you a little bit more and that price could be vary from location to location Danish prepper in the house thank you so much keep stacking Mercury dimes love them just bought my first kilo coin kookaburra awesome man let's see love junk silver by Nick glazed frags 14 dimes in an ounce support I thought a dime is supposed to be 1/10 represents 1/10 I could be mistaken a tenth of an ounce well actually I did it by price so I think I'm still right I took $15 divided the $15 by 10 because I was trying to ascertain a price for Mercury diet not the size of the Mercury dime so I still believe I'm correct the price can range anywhere from a buck 50 all the way up to a buck 80 would be a fair price thank you Lord humungus reality dog in the house you know I am agreeing with you if light coin hits 300 I might pull some out and buy some gold yeah I'm not arguing that there's 14 times to announce what I am saying is to get the price of a dime you got to divide the price of an ounce not not the weight of an ounce and you then divide it by the weight now technically a dime should be 1/10 I see what you guys are saying I got a ballpark price I think I think a dollar $80 90s a fair price yeah that's true Silla collector it's actually 90% not a whole 10th South Florida Doug Larry thank you for your service overtaxed taxpayers thank you very much I appreciate it I went into the Army just shy of sure that's been so long I just shy of 17 was it just shy of 18 I can't remember nice I was in I think eight years yeah 250 I think for a dime was a little high and I think people here would agree with that yes sergeant Cole what I was trying to do is just get a rough estimate by the value not the weight Michael pay or taxpayer just wanted you to stop in and real quick and thank you for your service god bless you the back and those who didn't who came back about wearing my glasses I need to be honest with everybody I was in them I was in the Army for seven or eight years but I got to be honest I never thankfully I never had to fight in combat because during the years when did I go in 82 and I got out in 89 there was really nothing going on those in some quiet years yeah they had skirmishes squeemish azure whatever around the world that that was dealt with with small little armies so I gotta be honest with everybody I don't want to mislead that we got to think you know as a you know in in you know in war so I did not have the opportunity to to actually fight in battle I gotta be honest with you so I kind of feel weird when people can you know thank me for my service I didn't do nothing really I mean I was stationed in various places around the country I did what I was told but I never fought in battle so I need to be honest with people so I kind of feel funny when people thank me so Graham coin collection is a great place to go and look up the value coin flashing calm you just go there you pretty much type in anything to tell you the value it'll tell you the the makeup of the coin how many the weight of silver versus copper that is on the coin and that thing how often do people go to their local coin shop or versus buying online well for me it's about a 50-50 it's a 50-50 there's times I can get me a few more cents cheaper going with local coin shop because I have a rapport with them they know me however that that getting that coin a little bit cheaper is offset by the gas I used to go there and come back in my time so if it's in my opinion a wash to mess thank you very much appreciate your comment I'm just reading would I go quite I'm waiting it my lunch up is like an hour away yeah so you're any any you're gonna it's just an hour way it's that's an hour there and an hour back well folks I've been going on I didn't realize it for 38 minutes I'm gonna call it a day like I said hit that like button I'm gonna call it a day and get to work I took a break and um trying to get back to work a lot of work to be done before I can unpack this house so thanks everybody I'm calling a day I'll probably post a video later on though not a live stream and actually a video I think it's too late to get into cryptos should diversify on gold and silver getting to both if you can big dubs get into both John Turner of the house thank you so much still you're looking good but I it's thank you but it's not finished can't really finish till the rest of the house is done I want a Winkle in the house thank you so much Lord Henry again and thank you everybody take care happy Memorial Day

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  1. Overtaxed how dare you say buying silver is investing, how dare you say there's a future in cryptos, how dare you open your mind and prosper? Shame on you for being smart. Kidding obviously man. Hope you're well. One of Ellswerths favorite sayings was "the world is full of idiots"… He was a wise man. Cheers and hope to make the next livestream.

  2. People are not "bitching you out" because silver went down 3 cents. I dont even have any silver. I have only gold and I have videos up. Silver goes up and down like gold ( even though the GSR seems to only go up ) but No people "bitch you out" as you say because you refuse to be honest about it. " SILVER EXPLODING" BS right there in the title. By the way, Google a 100 year price chart ever adjusted for inflation, silver at best at best at best holds with inflation. It sure doesnt go up any more than equal with inflation.

  3. Why in the worl does the silver crowd insist on being dishonest con-men ? "SILVER and Cryptos EXLODING" ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? You mean CRYPTOS EXPLODING. Silver has not done anything but drop. It was $15.90 or so not long ago just a month or so ago. Its $14.33 right now. EXPLODING ???????????????????????? It fell another 1.5% again today. I am so sick and tired of all the lies and BS that everyone who pushes silver insist on. Everyone who has and is pushing silver — YOU WERE WRONG. Silver is a joke and it will probably never be above $17 an ounce ever again in your life. SILVER EXPLODING. SMDH

  4. I'm happy about silver prices , Today I ordered Two full tubes of Eagles……….Keep up the good work talking down silver for us….

  5. Crypto’s are the complete opposite of freedom if you want to have a yard sale taxed if you want to have a lemonade stand taxed if you want to 16-year-old kid cutting your grass taxed…..It is so government controlled it’s insanity they are playing as gambling game to get people hooked get stupid people hooked on make-believe fantasy world 1,000,000% controlled by government

  6. OTTP. You have given me much insight into common rules of investment opportunities. And that being said it is everyone's choice to do their own homework. but again you have brought insight into decision making.?. Johnny 1.out

  7. Hello there overtaxed!
    Smoking definitely causes cancer and when you're too close to the flames it might even cost a little gray on your hair or did you move clothes to where a volcano erupted it appears you have a lot more gray hair on your head LOL just saying!!

  8. In memorandum- re. the demonetization of silver "The Crime of 1873", it appears that there indeed was no understanding or purportedly no understanding by those representatives voting that the Constitutional Dollar was being struck down in this coinage act.
    US Grant claims not to have known what the final version of the bill contained until some two or more years after the fact!?
    The press at the time seems also completely ignorant of the substance of the event having not printed anything about it's passage except to mention ancillary topics (such as mint directors salaries, re striking of gold coin, retention of eagle as motif, etc.) and that Grant had signed it.
    No emphasis on the fact entire system of money which had served for the last 80 years was being altered!
    When the fact was generally known, a few years later(folks went bust), here are some "ringing" endorsements of what had happened, some quotes;

    “ I did not know that the act of 1873 demonetized silver. I was deceived in the matter.” — U.S. Grant.

    “I cannot say what took place in the House, but know that when the bill was pending in the Senate we thought it was simply a bill to reform the Mint, regulate coinage, and fix up one thing and another; and there is not a single man in the Senate, I think, unless a member of the Committee from which the bill came, who had the slightest idea that it was even a squint toward demonetization.” — Allan G. Thurman, in the Senate, Feb. 15th, 1878.

    “ But when the secret history of this bill of 1873 comes to be told, it will disclose the fact that the House of Representatives intended to coin both gold and silver, and intended to place both metals upon the French relation instead of our own, which was “the true scientific position with reference to this subject in 1873, but that the bill afterward was doctored. * * * It was changed after the discussion, and the dollar of 420 grains was substituted for it.” — Senator Allison, Feb. 15th, 1878.

    “ I say that beyond the possibility of a doubt (and there is no disputing it) that bill which demonetized silver, as it passed, never was read, never was discussed, and that the Chairman of the committee who reported it, who offered the substitute, said to Mr. Holman, when inquired of, that it did not affect the coinage in any way whatever.” —Senator Hereford, Feb. 13th, 1878.

    “ Why the act of 1873, which forbids the coinage of the silver dollar, was passed, no one at this day can give a good reason.” — Senator Bogy, of Missouri. “ I have before me the record of the proceedings of this House on the passage of that measure, a record which no man can read without being convinced that the measure and the method of its passage through this House was a ‘colossal swindle.’ I assert that the measure never had the sanction of this House, and it does not possess the moral force of law.” — Mr. Holman, in the House, July 13th, 1876.

    OK, so what “material” would not lose value if it's primary use, in this case a legal tender metal, with it’s primary function removed, trust me there was no shortage of demand for MONEY in the US at those times in fact silver had been the primary form of tender per capita, gold was reserved for a small fraction of wealthy individuals, and of course the banks.
    The other piece of misinformation out there is that folks in those times needed to carry around a lot of heavy metal to make payments, checks, bills of credit, promissory notes, all sorts of paper was used back then the difference being the the guarantee of purchasing value represented had "backing" by coin, redeemable for such if desired or necessary, certainly paper and notes were more convenient but one aspect was not sacrificed for another or the notes mistaken for the actual MONEY, that was considered foolish.
    As redemptive money, silver was once given the STATUS of gold for settling debts, yes even big ones to international financiers, it had a "demand" equal to or arguably greater than gold as MONEY, but for some GOOD REASON was reduced to token money, like copper, nickel, lead. All the "demand" was assumed by or concentrated in gold(the only tender available), silver of course fell by half in price(why would it not?) In careful analysis it is more correct to say gold became worth twice as much as money or twice as expensive demand for tender unchanged but the quantity halved and so SCARCE.
    That may go a long way to explain the deflationary depression that hit this country, hard times indeed. Stable money Gold standard, hogwash!. This trend favored the primary holders of US debt, the European Banks aka Rothschild and their US minions, Bonds, mortgages, any contract over $5 was demanded in GOLD. Make no mistake the Gold "only" standard and the elimination of the bimetallism was the first step in a consolidation of power via the MONOPOLIZATION of MONEY and BANKING. Or at least that's my take. Silver was Inexpensive and abundant money for the people, a store of value for 250 years in the world before it was smashed here in 1873, money no longer!

    Silver a CAUTIONARY tale ….Crypto fans BEWARE!
    Have a great Memorial Day

  9. As a youtuber Overtax I would rather have only 100 "smart' subscribers than 100.000 idiot subscribers as the comments from smart subscribers would be worth it weight in gold. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to count me as "smart" by any means LOL, but it's kinda a bummer when you try not to step on the toes of thin skin "silver only" people. Not your fault if they can't see the forest thru the trees.
    Anyway, be yourself sir, who else could yo be?

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