Crypto Currency Arbitrage Opportunity

hello wolf pack members this is a here and thank you so much for watching this today I'm gonna be showing you how to make up words between 150 to about almost a thousand dollars a day just on this simple strategy you know there's only gonna be a short period of time it's December 6 2017 right now and you can probably use this as a concept to find other solutions or other opportunities I'd say that's similar to this so I'm gonna show you what this is all about now this is cryptography trade or kept their trading and let me go ahead and switch over to my computer and I'm gonna show what this is all about alright everyone so what you want to do there's this ICO when I seal is is an initial coin offering which is kind of considered as a IPO if you know you can't think of stocks people if you will get into Facebook early before it got released or when you do it I feel now Smith you got in early you would be doing really well right now because the stock would have grown really really well so what you want to do here is to I want to show you this one here which is called EOS Niall alright so yes like Ohio is kind of like the next you theorem or next Bitcoin because a lot of those stuff that's going out there with Bitcoin there's something called proof of work well with purple work you have to actually mine and use computer resources in order to confirm these transactions well things are starting to move towards a proof of stake where if you own a a coin you have a stake or vote in that system and so you would maintain the quality of that system by voting on these transactions so you have a delegated proof of stake which is a delegate you delegate it basically the person who basically owns the most of that would then be the person responsible in uploading a network amongst 21 other delegates that are voting in there a woman tries to scam the system they would basically lose their invested interests or stake in this this thing so that way with that they are able to process a lot more transactions so let me show you the opportunity here which is basically where you can purchase this early and when you do that I'll show you the curtain price right now this is a another tool that kind of tracks the sales of the initial point offering is currently if you buy it right now and it closes at this hour each coin would be worth 30 cents but in reality this is kind of training what's going on kind of see how it kind of reaches up from as the it closes every day basically so as at the end of the day based on that they released two million tokens and the people who invested that day will get a share of that so let me show you where today is this is on the 166 window so each coin would be worth three dollars and 56 cents okay so if you're to buy let's say a thousand and these guys which will cost you about 3500 okay you could then arbitrage and sell this right away to hit BTC you look at USD and EOS right here it's currently selling for $4.00 it was up a little higher today at 450 so are five bucks so if you actually sold it at five dollars and you picked it up at 350 that's the dollar fifty per share if you had a thousand of these you would've made a thousand five hundred profit today with three thousand hundred dollars okay so you see that's an opportunity right there to build to do that alright so in order to participate this what you want to do is to go over to serial no I know you guys are gonna say well why don't they just buy it directly right of course like why why don't you buy your sushi at the grocery store and when you could just get it cheaper there all right of course there's a certain caveat here is because it's restricted to only you citizens Oh actually it's restricted to non-us citizens right here okay u.s. IP so you can't participate but I think US and some other countries that's projects us I think so that's why you can't participate but you need to actually go through there to participate I don't think they the only as far as the company goes they can't tell you to buy it directly as a citizen but there is a way around it if you go to my ether wallet just kind of grab that URL and you go contracts right here and there's yes right in there okay so you can then access this and then I'll tell you how to create an EOS pair to map it to your cerium wallet you can send your ether to this and and once you send ether to this you can then you know contribute to that one ether cost about four hundred fifty dollars as of this moment you see here one ether I know it's looking fusing right now but if you right now it's at 410 so the less it is the more you can make or at least the more more gosh you can buy so I'm actually glad that this is going down I mean it's like buying more Yas all right it'll either do then buy more Yas okay so really excited about that okay so once that is down then you can go ahead and send your aetherium by creating a wallet first so what you want to do is start over here and you want to create a wallet enter your password create that wallet and there's a private key that private key will be your your key that will allow you to unlock your your wallet don't share that key with anyone if you happen to lose that key you lost your money basically like losing a wallet okay now I don't really have the time to show you all of this in detail I'm sure I just want to show you the opportunity there and what I'm already doing to make about 150 $2,000 a day on this and the thing is is that this ICO closes on July 2018 I think June and July probably yeah one of those months so you have another 150 days where we're halfway through it okay once this last one hits this opportunity to Bank on 50 to a dollar fifty per day I mean per share well n okay so you want to accumulate as much as you can and then ride this out and I believe this coin will actually be replacing etherion which is that for not right now so if you had purchased this you bought you know one etherion will get you one more you know this much if that went up to $400 times 100 how well would you be today so there it is so we telling would you think about that are you excited now what I do is like I share most of this detail stuff with my Wolfpack group I don't want too many people to do this of course it's got to increase my price and my profit margin because there would be more competition so if you jump in on this a lot more people jump in on this – it's gonna get more expensive for me and be less margin for me – and at the end of the day I want to be able to protect the Wolfpack the VIP members that are in the group so in the meantime if you want to get on this now let's just see how is that exactly done over the shoulder just go ahead and check out my Wolfpack group it's only $10 a month and I think you get a free trial with the first 30 days so if you didn't make any money you don't like it just give me a email send me an email and we'll don't be billed at all all right cool thank you so much I'm going

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  4. has done well for me. Key is to do ones with high volume and coins that transfer fast it's rare though but all you need is one good one.

  5. If I join your VIP group will I be able to speak to you and get support for any problems or inquiries I have?

  6. Nice video. Is there any site to check transaction costs of any coins / tokens – because this is also a huge factor in calculating your profit or the rentability of the trade 😛

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  8. Warning : this looks good in theory but just do a simple research to see how many people lost money in the transfers never getting it on the receiving side even months later. Kinda scary, and you can find these stories for pretty much any platforms… a little scary considering you have close to zero ways to get it back… and they take forever to answer you if they answer at all

  9. Hi, I checked out the link, however it talks about ecommerce. Please send me the link to join th group and learn arbitrage. Thanks so much!

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