go over to our website and take a look at currencies here's a theory I remember last week it was at 90 well right now it did 127 per coin and we started out here at six six dollars so what we have right here is we have absolutely new you know a movement a tremendous movement up aetherium is being adopted by all kinds of different people companies Microsoft is behind aetherium other major corporations are behind aetherium and so we have this this currency that is beginning to take off and if we look at at this point here's a if we can get this to come up there we go because this is this is a live chart or this coin here we have here Bitcoin has gone to 1953 that is that is what what's called the end of day this is an end of day chart right so if we go down if you go down here a little bit lower on the on the page and get this turn this is where it is right now currently 1983 21 Bitcoin is going crazy and you know if you you've had the bravery to get into the alternative area you're doing quite well and we have some people that are doing that and they are doing quite well the there's another there's another currency that's coming and that is a light coin it's just then just been released and it is it's also it's about $30 the coin right now but three dollars just a little while ago so it's it's coming as well a light point is going we're going to study that a little bit here in just a minute let me uh let me cover this up we've been we have a friend who's done some research into the crypto currencies I just want to read some of the things that are going on in this area there's a rapidly changing financial infrastructure taking shape that will affect us all if it started with Bitcoin in 2008 and now major banks have pouring billions into developing their own cryptocurrencies in a coordinated effort to ride the guac chain tsunami some of the big ones are City Bank has steady coin we have major banks Citibank acidic low and Goldman Sachs has s et al coin and the sbmi Bank of New York Mellon as BK coin on they're developing these these currencies both currencies just like self is going in on january 9th 2017 the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation DTCC made an announcement the cemented blockchain technologies future DTCC is a huge US financial company that handles 11 trillion in credit derivatives they process trades for more than 2,500 financial firms in more than 70 countries they announced they were partnering with IBM and to blockchain startups R 3 and X ax o ni ax only and totsoni to begin moving a massive part of their services to blockchain everybody is moving the blockchain summer moving to cryptocurrencies they're all moving in there DT CCC CEO Michael bolt bus and told force there's been a lot of hype in the last year and a half about blockchain technology but there's been no major practical rollout of scale based upon this technology this will be one of the first global globally where we are using blockchain technology to become a piece of the infrastructure in a very critical world what's happening same things happening that the Russian stock exchange is moving the blockchain technology and with this blockchain technology you're going to be able to trust Russian Stock Exchange a lot of people don't trust you no but you'll be able to trust it because why it's going to be the records port will be held worldwide by tens of thousands of different computer systems this is the first sign that the big blockchain roll-up has already started so we have blockchain technology coming more becoming and and reuters reported in February 2017 that 30 of the biggest financial and technology companies in the world including JPMorgan Chase Microsoft and Intel Intel are focusing much of their investment into developing a single master blockchain not bitcoins blockchain they say it is far more powerful and many believe it success or failure failure will determine the future of this incredible technology so we have a new master blockchain put together by the really banking big banking heads-up is coming there will likely be a big shake-up of the pure cryptocurrencies in the next two years and those that will remain well pays will pave the way for a cartel of banks to control the space through this master blockchain probably in competition with Bitcoin and even best coin a digital currency the Federal Reserve's made a little out also bed coin has been under developed development and so we won't go into the rest of us I just want you to get a view here's an overview of what's going on that is we have new currencies coming everything's going to change there's going to be a lot of dynamics some of these crypto currencies are going to survive like this looks like it's big enough to survive and probably of the etherium yes when often these relate to the IMF World Bank P is yes how do these all relate iuck to IMF and the SVR and all of this kind of thing I expect to see the SDR take on the big blockchain technology that is what I think we're going to we're going to see all the whole world moving to blockchain technology for instance when I ignite when we talk about contracts let me young let me just read a couple of things here vicious on white coin a light plane just took off because they have they've activated a what they said egg with activation is complete you have to understand that which is it complicated litecoin charts a course for the future writing on a wave of recent successes the litecoin foundation in combination with litecoin core has released a new light going roadmaps that outlines plans for the next 12 months and beyond the roadmap arrives in the timeline and litecoin the fifth largest cryptocurrency network by market capitalization is basking in the limelight after a long dormancy earlier this month the project activate activated a alien solution called sedgwick here so let's talk about scaling solution this is the problem with bitcoin is it's not scalable it only meant you can only have 21 million bitcoins and that's it it's a maximum number of bitcoin you can ever happen here so it's not scalable and so what they're talking about is coming up with a scalable solution and litecoin has been able to come up with a scalable solution that you can predict what's going to happen at certain thresholds at certain thresholds they're going to increase it and so we're going to watch those kinds of things and with this technical and commercial progress the price of LTC the token that that powers the light coins blockchain is now up to $30 compared to a year ago when hovered around five capitalizing on this momentum the litecoin roadmap spells out plans to expand the project's development community encourage a broader user adoption with tools that make the cryptocurrency more accessible to newcomers also detailed in the document our goals to implement several cutting-edge technologies originally intended for Bitcoin coin coin nest focus early Lee the founder of light coin and the managing director of black coin foundation to get a rundown on what he felt were the highlights of the roadmap at the top of its list smart contracts and atomic swaps now that's not going to mean anything to all of us let me tell you what a smart contract is of the smart contracts are you can transfer light coin or aetherium and you can put certain requirements under the money can only be used in certain circumstances you know you can put you can you can you can the list that should only be done after such-and-such else is done so you get you can put little you can put for instance you can you can pay a Bitcoin into an account but nobody can get it until that other requirement is is fulfilled so it allows you to put money into an account they can't touch it until they fulfill their part and you release it you know kind of is these these are the kinds of things they have contracts doing it whether what's an atomic swap this is this is a programming term what it means is you'll be able to swap litecoin for Bitcoin for aetherium for feds coin for anything you'll be able to you'll be able to dynamically swap it and just interchange freezes this is what they call the atomic swap this is it's a major thing and there are ready to accomplish that so that all these things are interchangeable and tradable in one big market so that's what we're looking at for the for the future yes what are your views regarding the new etherium versus the older period the I had read about it but I don't remember that much about it right now the the let's see that's right they have a three in classic I think they call it but that's what that's what we're looking at right now there's about 40 or 50 people who are trying to get some kind of thing going part of this is you have to create by universal acceptance of your cryptocurrency and part of that is what we have now we have a company called bit pay and bit pay is they they sign up companies and corporations and business around the world to accept Bitcoin and as their their main current as one of their currencies just like you would accept MasterCard or Visa or American Express they're setting it up just like that and what happens they have thousands of new people that are businesses that are signing up this is going to be universally accepted and one of the things that where this author here was pointing out is this is getting ready for the big global currency reset this is all a part of it and what we're seeing is just the little stirrings of it but this is going to be huge and in the future and we're going to end up either with Bitcoin or whatever the situation could be for America believes to call it the Amero ins and all that and up and then there's one thing else we need to watch for and that is a there's a prophetic word PIMCO man has had on lightning and the speed of light enlightening them all that type of thing and here is their starting a new thing called the Lightning Network and it says head beyond smart contracts we also stress intentions to do whatever is needed to speed the development of Lightning Network in the last month several groups actively began testing the off block off chain payment solution originally designed for Bitcoin on the on the litecoin network so the Lightning network is the one that's going to do it's going to be an off change payment solution on it's a payment solution similar probably to two-bit pay so what we're looking at is integrating these currencies into the world economy this is all happening right now I mean it's going on right now and it's just started yes okay I can see this on the world how does it how is it impact me how's it going to impact you yes well in law how do I talk to you well if you don't get involved in it you will be impacted negatively yes if you do get involved in it you will be impacted positively the these are all going to have they're all going to have debit cards and things associated with it for instance I signed into my coinbase account this week and they've added new layers of security to it first thing I say I signed in and they gotta hit my my username and my password which was quite quite normal then what they did was they sent a in order to sign in I needed to enter a what was a seven digit code that they sent to my cell phone then I had to add add that in then as soon as I did that then what they did is they sent me an email to my email account asking me to click on confirmation there so it gave me three sets and the next thing they do is they are the because they have to identify you you have to be identified as not a criminal kind of thing so in order to do that get the link to their account you have to link either a credit card a debit card or a bank account has to be linked to their account so and you have to have given them a scanned copy of your driver's license like that they have to know who you are and then so I wasn't really impressed with their degree of security and on it so then they have all kinds of different aspects where you can protect yourself even more but I wanted you to take a look at that because what we're in a world where finance and business is going to change finances and merit and America is going to change now you'll have you can have a card like we do or for gold money you know and you can have a card just like this but it'd be for Bitcoin or something something else you know and you can use it to spend so these are this is where things are going in the this area yes so does that mean people to work for these wages are going to end up getting paid cryptocurrency on their own they could if they agreed to it this is all this is all a good read you can you can for instance right now crypto currencies you can you can you can do that right now a bit with with Mitchell you can do that you can pay your boys with little we have done that for he who works for us still in G's in Australia but and so we've done that in the past where we pay her in bit gold because it immediately she can turn that into Australian dollars in she so desires or she can leave it in the coal so you know it's a the only thing you and if there's no no no charge board no that's a zero cost there bit gold so if you try to do that in the natural if you and if you ever tried to catch a foreign check in America which we have have to do that some sometimes you know they charge you an arm a link to go through that front that's converting currencies and all that so take a look at that the next thing that's that's happening that's along the same lines we have been pushing for for a long time is a year from zero edge Arizona passes bill to end income taxation on gold and silver we have been pushing for that for a long time from promoting a some money advocates scored a major victory on Wednesday when the Arizona State Senate voted 1613 to remove all income taxation on precious metals please level the measure heads to Governor Doug Ducey who is expected to sign it into law some money essentially former presidential candidates congressman Ron Paul and campaign for liberty help secure passage of HP 2014 because it begins to dismantle the federal reserve's monopoly on money according to JP Cortes an alumnus of mices University Ron Paul noted HP 2014 is a very important timely piece of legislation the Federal Reserve's failure to reignite the economy with record low interest rates since a last crack is a sign that we may soon see the dollars collapse it is therefore imperative that the law protect people's right to use alternatives to what may soon be virtually worthless Federal Reserve notes in early March dr. Paul appeared before the state Senate committee that was considering the proposals we ought not to tax money and that's a good idea it makes no sense to tax money Paul toka state senators Papert is not money it's a substitute for money and it's fraud he added referring to the fractional reserve banking practices by the Federal Reserve and other central banks so basically Ron Paul sees it the way I do and you can see that he sees it as major problems coming and so what we're doing is the states are beginning to take that off of of their taxation plan they're not going to tax silver and gold anymore and we can we're asking that the federal government do the same thing we need to continue to vote in approach with them in that particular direction yes is that this is Ken's story I'd like to take a minute or two to tell you about what our business and ministry is investing with insight what you are looking at is our our website on Facebook we post here frequently we have videos and all kinds of interesting articles prophetic revelation let's go over here and take a look at our investing with insight comm website this is where we post a lot of our information a lot of dreams and revelations are posted here with people for people we see what the Lord is saying and we see how we might be able to invest and protect our families and our businesses at this time let's go over here to our this is our our website that we run on kajabi this is for our paying members only and we have here we have we post all of our videos all of our special reports we have resources and watch lists and special reports we have our meetings we have prophetic revelation we have our top picks of our top stocks or penny stocks this kind of thing that the Lord has shown us and I want you to get an idea because as members you'll get it you will have a part of this let's go over here let's say you joined us well every Saturday morning we have a presentation online we broadcast online you can see here we got two days and 19 hours to go here before we do our next one the and we have a chat area over here on the right you can see where people can chat and they can talk back and forth about what's going on being part of the community we have people around the world on several different continents that are all a part of this on Saturday mornings then then what happens is we also have people who are traders and so every every week I provide I mean every day I provide a stock list of where you can invest based on the where the market is for this particular day based on our prophetic stocks as you can see right here I'm shorting the market I'm sure the drg I'm shorting energy the Bixi this I'm saying that there's going to be a lot of volatility in the markets the VIX will go up I'm still in Apple I'm shorting China I'm going long US Treasuries I'm shorting gold silver here and I'm shorting gold mining companies here so you can kind of see how we're doing right now we're averaging about 66 percent APR and we've been doing this for six hundred and thirty-one days so you can kind of set up trading days over here we'll take a look at some of our other resources that we have that you would be available to you we have we have watch lists special reports recommended tools and services how to advance we have training classes 16 basic training class both we have an archive with all of our pass read resources there's a forum that goes along with it as well and then over here like just like to show you we have our tweets every day we have tweets going out we tweet out our daily trading plus all my trades are tweeted out plus any important articles or important raw prophetic revelations coming out we tweet that out to everyone and so for instance if you would like to to join up with this what we have here is you just basically go to the store and you can click on becoming a member and we have we have it's normally four hundred and seven dollars a year for an annual membership and you get essentially weekly meetings we do skip once in a while you can do 47 dollar monthly membership or a corner seven dollar annual membership and we have specials that we're running from time to time and you can take a look at those those specials so basically that's what we are that's who we are and it's been great talking to you and we bless you hope you will join it our the investing community you


  1. Ethereium flash crash 313 to 13 Dollas duckets .Dupes lost as one person sold out 30 million from the madoff sceme of chitcoin backed by nada,MADA..???????????????????????

  2. the future will be like the past no more classes you rich or poor the rich will own all the super and master nodes the credit systme will be reinvented social mobility will seazie to excect and the ealry adopters who traded fiat for crypto will be the rich cyrpto will slowley drain the use if fiat ….all systems will run on ehterium and didiftrent blockchains for all facits of life…buy while u still can

  3. This is all really speculation, much like Las Vegas gambling. We Christians are held to a higher standard, as to how well we manage and steward God's treasure. It's not ours, but His and He will hold us accountable (Mt. 25:14-30). If you are interested in supporting amazing, Christian owned startup and early-phase companies, google "Christian Angel Investors". If you want to gamble on the unknown, over-inflated bubbles of the world, invest in crypto-currencies.

  4. Block chain is digital currency. The governments designed it put it out in secret told everyone it cannot be controlled and Joe Q Public will find out they're trapped a few years later.

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