what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re going to be talking about the
markets we’re seeing some green today a lot of green today very exciting is this
going to last what should be the moves going forward
and of course we’re gonna talk about some of the favorite corns on this
channel Bitcoin Tron and a few others so guys
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can get anyways let’s go right on in and talk about the markets so currently
let’s refresh the page one time we’re at a 446 billion a dollar market cap
you know it’s higher it’s higher it’s not great it’s still we have a long way
to go but it is higher you guys can see every coin is starting to pick up so
congratulations if you did pick up coins during the dip you are officially
starting to get some profit at least those coins should be profitable very
few are not coins like nano because it did recently have a run up I’m not
surprised it’s down but yeah other than that a lot of green all over the board
some more than others I saw Cardinal was recently up 40 percent now it’s back
down to 23 at 44 cents definitely going to be looking to pick up more of this
Stellar’s have 43 cents you know a little bit something else a lot of wait
for stellar to go but guys don’t forget before we get started none of the
is financial advice this is ever financial advice this is just my opinion
make sure to do your own research before buying into any coin also if you guys
are interested picking up coins the exchange I go to is a buy Nance I’m
gonna leave a link for that down the descriptions while you guys can go make
an account it’s free transfer over some Bitcoin and then start buying your
favorite alt coins um you know February hopefully is a good day I’ve made a
previous video talking about the top five coins to my top five for February
including a bonus too so top seven for February coins also also for those of
you guys who haven’t realized I’m not at home right now I’m currently in
Washington DC just for a day so if you guys are in Washington DC area
hit me up go to the Facebook group let me know you’re in this area and you know
I’d love to connect with some people here so let me know if you guys are in
Washington DC let’s go back talking about crypto um you know Tron up 8% a
lot of I love how many people I love the Tron community either you love Tron or
you hate Tron there is no in-between a lot of people are very very opinionated
on both sides but I do own a good amount of Tron so hopefully I hope we see Tron
continue to pick up four and a half cents roughly where I bought in the
first time before doubling my money to nine cents and where I sold some now
we’re back at four cents so definitely and you know it’s looking good to maybe
pick up anyways overall market wise I’m gonna say I don’t think the green is
going to last too long I think we’ve had a good run up I do think we’re due for
another correction you know I don’t know if it’s gonna be tomorrow or the day
after but I think we’re gonna have another red day debt certainly before we
start seeing coins you know before we start entering a bullish market
hopefully I’m wrong and we just keep staying bullish the whole time but I am
predicting or I am so I have a feeling we are gonna see a little bit of a dip
just because every corn is green today and a lot of them are up a significant
amount so definitely something to look out for there’s another dip again a
great opportunity to buy in and buy some more coins also guys again you know days
like this is green which is great or making a lot of money off all coins but
I still want to add that this is still paying me out great
every single day so I’m thankful to have a software such as hash flare mining me
Bitcoin everyday and now that the value of Bitcoin goes up I’ve officially made
more Bitcoin because the value is a Bitcoin that I mind is now greater than
when I first mined it so that’s something to keep in mind you guys go
check that out as well I’ll leave a link down below but yeah let’s talk about
some of the favorite coins on this channel my favorite one the one that I
didn’t know holding a ton of for February is Bitcoin Bitcoin had a huge
you know as the whole market does the market does follow Bitcoin I’m not gonna
say the Bitcoin follows the market the market follows Bitcoin nowadays and you
know a huge huge huge period of just just read days a lot of decline and
we’re starting to see something pick up we went to as low as $7,000 for you guys
remember we show you on coin based on my previous video I showed you guys it went
out to $7,500 very briefly but a great opportunity that was very upset I missed
out on buying some so now Bitcoin back at 9,261 good to see we’re starting to
climb again definitely wanna see it into the five figures pretty soon also again
like I said though I think we’re gonna were due for another correction not
another correction another red day certainly maybe a few before we start
going into a full-on bullish market we’re always gonna have red days here
and there but I do think we are due for a little bit of a pullback before we
continue with only green so keep that in mind this is the first day I am a little
skeptical just because of how many red days we’ve had in a row so other than
that was going to Tron Tron Bitcoin the big coin on this channel you guys know I
am a fan I’ve invested in it you don’t have to I have went down to as low as
three cents basically a three point three cents great opportunity to pick up
some you are up a good amount right now three point three cents to four point
three cents I was like 33 percent right so a great opportunity to pick up and
buy some more Tron I do see everything rising and Tron
is currently ranked where are we ranked currently trot still currently ranked
14th so if the market does go look at Tron – definitely definitely
accompany the market up just because it is a top coin it is a coin people are
going to buy into for several reasons again we’ve talked about in a ton of
other videos another coin aetherium i wanted to show you guys um you guys know
i talked about it in my previous video as well picking up some aetherium when
it was down it went down to like $700 I believe at one point right not on here
but I believe I’m coinbase it was down to 7.7 hundred seven dollars let’s just
go and figure that out because nope not quite mark okay let’s check out
aetherium right here cerium did have a dip there we go where
was it yeah 7:30 a.m. similar 20 coin went down to 7500 a
theory and went down to 700 into $79 a great opportunity picks them up i picks
them up a little at eight hundred and something which means that right now i’m
currently up over $100 per aetherium and over $1,000 per Bitcoin that i picked up
on this job so definitely a great day today
loving loving seeing this you know the profits come in love you seen
cryptocurrency have a green day hopefully we’re gonna see a lot more of
these coming into February you guys know my predictions I think February we’re
gonna start off moving a little sideways this is a you know a start of a movement
upwards but I don’t think it’s going to be the official bullish market start I
think we’re gonna start definitely seeing a little bit of fluctuation and a
little bit of sideways movement before towards the end of February when we have
the real bullish market now again I could be wrong I’m not an I’m not a
hundred percent an expert at this to be able to tell you nobody really is no
one’s going to be able to tell you for sure I would love to see it happen
sooner so make sure you are prepared in case we do enter that market by picking
up your favorite coins go check out my other videos if you guys want to know
what my favorite coins are make sure you guys go pick up your favorite coins and
make sure you’re safe and again don’t invest more than you are willing to lose
so guys that’s gonna be it for this video thank you guys so much for
watching make sure to leave a like on this video and I of course I’m going to
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you so much for watching smash that like button if you enjoyed this video leave a
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  1. What are your thoughts on the green market? will this continue?
    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. I agree with your prediction! market will have another pull back and then it'll start mooning!
    Also congrats to whoever won the giveaway!

  3. I loaded up on stellar and ripple but I'm still a little worried about Bitcoin I see people that bought Bitcoin around 8K selling at 92- 93

  4. Please post on fb group when you see a good buying opportunity ??
    Thanks for the video.


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    Bring on the green!


  7. I totally agree with you , will surely see some more red days till end of this month

  8. Nice video. I am also looking forward to see Bitcoin sky rocket and rise once again 🙂 Hopefully it will continue until it breaks its all time record high.
    If i get lucky to win your best pick, here is my Bitcoin address: 1NLhTAxWMmTbqzn4PA5GaZ81jm8MPZ8anR



  9. Wish I had some extra money so I could have bought bitcoin at 8k and then sell when it went up to 16k for easy 2x


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  11. Hi Patrick, I've been watching
    Your vids since late December. Im also claiming the prize. Im prietojmsl. No one can pronounce it lol. It actually stands for my last name which is prieto and J M S L is the first letter of my name and my sisters names lol. Im excited about all the green I see. Could go back down the way it's been going but that's crypto! Thanks again let me know what it is you want me to do to review the prize, thanks

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  16. Yo Patrick, in the group on fb already and have already engaged in a few conversations, looks like you’re growing a great community.

    You got bitcoin and tron on the dip, how about litecoin?

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  17. Tron is's not going to moon. Please stop promoting it. Would you trust a company that copied someone else's white paper? What else are they hiding? There are plenty of other cryptos out there with legit projects going on.

  18. I think TRX may moon and if it goes to at least 0.16 cent then I am gonna sell then gonna wait again for another correction and but more, I have learned alot from these corrections from being a new investor in crypto and I have learned alot from you, respected g ??

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