Crypto Commandment #4: Trade The Trend | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the fourth commandment
of crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Trade Against The Trend!…. In the world of crypto trading you need to
always remember that ‘the trend is your friend’… let me explain this a bit further… Financial markets like crypto are constantly
experiencing a variation of two different market trends; Bullish and Bearish. In a bull market the price of the coin is
going to be trending upwards, potentially breaking through former levels of resistance
and breaking out to new higher price levels. Prices are more likely to go up than down
during a bull market trend But even within a bull market, you can experience a bearish
trend when a coin corrects in price after making a wave of growth… No market goes up to new all time highs in
a simple straight line, and you should not expect them to. These kind of market conditions are great
for taking long positions early, which you can swing trade into significant profit. And in doing so, you are taking advantage
of the prevailing direction of the trend. The trend is your friend! And so on the flip side of the coin, in a
bear market prices will be falling, correcting back to and breaking down through former levels
of support until the price floor or ‘bottom’ is reached as all the weak hands are shaken
out of the market and a new bullish cycle can slowly begin. Prices are more likely to go down than up
in bearish market conditions. Trader’s that are successful in a bear market
are not regularly taking long trading positions for profit… instead they are focusing on
selling and shorting the market via margin trading. Because once a bull market has peaked and
the educated trader can spot the transition into a bear market… they can slowly gain
confidence in their short trades as they move more deeply into the heart of the bear market
where any positive growth is usually rejected by selling resistance as the asset continues
to sell down to it’s eventual price floor over the course of the bear market. So just to summarize to make sure you got
this, ‘the trend is your friend’, and so in a bull market you taking long positions and
buying the market early on, so you can generate significant trade profits. But be careful not to hold onto your trades
too long, after prices have peaked… like a law of gravity, markets always have to correct… And in a bear market you are selling and or
shorting the market, because it’s prevailing direction is downwards. You can be very successful as a trader when
you understand ‘what time it is’ when an asset is in a bear market, and be able to take advantage
of so many profitable short trading opportunities as the market continues to correct like clockwork
down to the eventual bottom of the bear market. Again, the trend is your friend! This is where so many newbie traders become
REKT, thinking they know what is going to happen next in the markets, when they still
don’t understand the nature and nuances of crypto market trends. That’s just asking for trouble. Always make an effort to trade with the trend
and never against it, and you will end up positioning yourself for crypto trading success
more often than not! And the best way to understand the trends
and market cycles of crypto is to simply educate yourself and work with experienced traders
who have been through multiple market cycles… Your research into these matters, and their
experience will be priceless to your success. Knowledge is key to winning in so many areas
of life and that includes the crypto markets! I hope you absorbed massive value out of today’s
training. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
mistakes made by so many new crypto traders out there. In the next video, Commandment #5 I’m going
show you how to avoid losing money to scammy cryptocurrency projects and trading suggestions
that some people with questionable ethics are shamelessly shilling on social media. Because for every questionable trade or crypto
that you avoid, your hard earned money will be able to go into a coin with true fundamental
strength that can generate a profitable return over time. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
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