so all right was a picture yo boy crypto tone coming at you with another video so as you guys have probably seen in my last couple of videos 50 bucks from crypto calm guys crypto calm if you sign up using my link in the description or my referral code above you are gonna get 50 bucks in MC oh so definitely awesome Visa debit card another one in the blockchain space that's gonna be pretty damn revolutionary I get my card soon haven't gotten yet very excited to get it now when I do there is a campaign going on on Twitter basically are you ready in the US the MCO Visa card is shipping post a photo video of your card unboxing tag it with hashtag got MCO and you could get 50 MCO in your wallet set like 250 bucks roughly right now I want to say could be wrong to give or take anyway the top 3 posts by retweets in July win so maybe in return for me getting this link for you guys you guys could be so gracious to retweet me when I do get my car because definitely gonna be doing an unboxing we're gonna be going out to all different stores using the card and things like that showing you guys that crypto could be used in the real world and this card is definitely one I've been excited for so let's get into a couple of questions that are out there just wanna be clear on everything so everybody's aware of the deal here so currently crypto calm is available in the US and Singapore only at the moment the next four places up the next three places up are the Asian Pacific Asian Pacific Europe and Canada will be the next editions in the near future so definitely be on alert guys because it is coming to other areas and that $50 referral is going to work in your areas why I know I got a lot of guys that are interested in this in the UK also in New Zealand and Australia so definitely want to hook you guys up now has also been now also kind of just wanted to explain what these tokens are originally there was MCO token back when crypto comm was Monaco and the MCO token was the only token but now there's two so I kind of wanted to clarify what those two are so we're all in the same page here so MCO token is the native ERC 20 cryptocurrency of crypto comps it's the first coin on crypto calm again there's only 31 million or so coins out there and there's like a circulating supply of like fifteen or sixteen million which is really low supply guys which is basically why the prices at around five six bucks right now and it ties into all of our products MCO Visa card wallet and card app crypto invest crypto earn and crypto credit now if you guys are interested in earning crypto I do have a video that on the link above that I did regarding 8 percent that you can earn per annual on your crypto so Bitcoin aetherium like quite a few others and XRP currently are the ones that you can use in the particular video I use the X art piece so basically earning a percent on my x RP for three months which is you know awesome because I'm ha telling it anyway right so let's take a look at this link for MC oh so MC o staking now in some cases they ask you to stake coins if you get the larger tier car the jade green or the black gold siding or whatever they call it you're gonna have to stake some coins so how to stay MC o if you pass the KYC know your customer verification and AB access and have access to the crypto wallet in your app you could stake FC o tokens by tapping the card icon in the bottom right corner of the home screen selecting the MCO platinum metal card of your choosing and following the steps to lock up MC o when prompted if you don't have enough MC o in your account you can purchase MC o on the app to exchange from another crypto on the app and redeposit MCO from an external wallet or exchange so basically finance is the number one place to get MCO because you you know finance is huge so if you have it on MCO or you wanna have some Bitcoin and mcl you could buy em CL on there and then you could send it over to your app what are the benefits of staking MCO so stake them SEOs are locked in the app for the next six months during which you can reserve one of our premium metal cards receive crypto wallet benefits get a 50 percent discount on your fees in crypto invest enjoy better APR in crypto credit and crypto earn all available benefits can be found here in this image below a few other questions can I increase the staking amount yes how can i unlock my MCO after a six month lockup period has been complete you can unlock your MCO so basically our locking up supply now as people are getting cards so that's a good catalyst for a potential moon if we are to see some some more movements to the upside from Bitcoin and from alts possibly benefits that come with staking or for example our purchase rebates extra card cash back and that's another thing guys you get cash back when you use your card which is great platinum referral rewards 50% discount on crypto invest fees taking a look at crow token so let's go back to here crow is the native token of crypto calm chain we intend that crypto doksan chain will be a high-performing native blockchain solution which enables users to pay and be paid in any crypto anywhere for free check out the crow utility here so basically I think crow is going to be their own chain as opposed to ERC 20 right for thousands of new crow token holders joining us tomorrow on the journey to 100 million users and global cryptocurrency adoption a quick overview of crow token utility so staking counsel counsel note seat hosting process transactions and earn fees on crypto comm chain Network crypto earns State Crow and earn twelve percent return per annual settlement transaction settlement settle block transaction settlement fees settlement agent convert crow to currency deemed stable for merchants and earn up to 0.5 cent earn up to 20 percent cashback paying merchants online including leisure comm and also line including Starbucks Wow look at that merchants accepting crow can enjoy zero transaction fees so that's pretty big right there for mass adoption in my opinion gift cards earn up to ten percent cashback on gift card purchases that can be used as cash online and in-store including brands such as Xbox PlayStation Store Disney and more peer-to-peer is coming soon earn up to five percent when paying friends global crypto venmo with cash wow they're doing a lot of big things out here which is awesome so this is an e rc 20 token as well as you can see while it's supporting including meta mask so you can hold it on your meta mask my if it wallet your treasure your ledger exchanges is on hoby global up Bitcoin ok X bit box bit treks bit thumb global a lot of stuff guys and look at this coin base wallet as well I've talked about coin based wallet in the past a very secure place to hold your crypto even though I can't stay in code base so that about sums up the video just wanted to bring that information to you guys just in case you guys were unaware of what these tokens are don't forget both get 50 USD rewards campaign is awesome you get 50 I get 50 use the link in the description or the code above and with that being said like subscribe turn out those notifications highlight you buy the piece


  1. Hello, good sir. I see you're making quality youtube videos on this subjet and you're in for a pleasant surprise.A new ERC20 was released recently and the implication of this one is going to (the moon) BE HUGE! Here are some links which I'm hoping you'll do a video later on. I could write a long post about how this is pioneering blockchain technology.

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