all right was that beat up yeah boy crypto Tom coming at you with another video so big updates from crypto calm us card Fiat top-up now available so basically top of your car through your USD fiat wallet via the ACH network so you weren't able to do this wire to yesterday because they didn't have a feature yet now you can take cash for your bank account put it on to the app and then you can buy crypto with that prior to this you can only send crypto so now you can send your USD and then buy crypto in it so definitely very cool and that's through ACH I think um I think there was an option to use your debit card and there may still be but now instead of using the debit card you just go through you on the ACH transaction and I don't believe there's many fees with that or any at all in addition to the crypto wallet hop up method with today's app update card holders in the US now have fiat loading channel to fund their carts users can now top up their cards through bank account transfers in the ACH network by selecting the fiat wallet option in the crypto comm apps top up their cards through fiat wallet users can go to the card tab tap on top-up select fiat wallet and put the top up amount and confirm transactions so seems very self-explanatory guys basically to just show you how to do it right there so good update here definitely making it easier to get into crypto through the app which I love this app is great I have no complaints with at all well also got a Twitter post here that's letting everybody know that we just made it easier it takes it three to five business days for funds to appear in wallet so unfortunately it still takes forever to do anything US bank account to another bank account it's ridiculous with the ACH network why they've never perfected ACH I don't think they ever will and that's why we need crimp though right unfortunately that's like the best and cheapest way to get your your Fiat coins converted two real coins right real non tangible coins lastly we got crypto comm list order order at true cost with zero fees and markup so it's another crypto there's like 40 Kryptos on here now I don't really know much about order but um it's another one guys so they're definitely adding more and there's talks about adding a lot more in the future so I'm definitely excited for that I'm gonna leave a link for this in the description below guys if you're interested get a free 50 bucks using the link in the description or the code above I get 50 bucks you get 50 bucks you just gotta stake two hundred and fifty dollars worth of MC oh if you already hold MC oh I mean buying MC oh right now is almost like a no-brainer because it'll probably go up within the near future umm basically you know if this isn't the bottom the bottom is coming close is what I feel and um you could sell it when it's high or you can hold it for future games it's up to you definitely not financial advice but it is a good coin in my opinion with all the stuff that they got going on I really don't see crypto comm going anywhere right so let me know what you pick at the comments below and with that being said like subscribe there are not those navigations I'll add you boy peace

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