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think I'm laughs laughs hey guys so another live stream a doesn't manage to do a life she sense remembers the last statement that I live she might don't even know I think it's about being about a week I think and so usual guys I've got binodal so I'm gonna charm me beyond I order two and and we're going to talk about meaning I want to talk about some different things and also going to talk about em get this ready we are live indeed the rail just wanna pop out my comments so I can see what you guys are seeing and hi guys good – CEO hi full of sense oh my god the ads yeah displace and add the foreigner does not aim I wasn't sure if that was live videos or just recorded videos YouTube has a fake news hi Joseph aim right guys hey there's a few things about you talk about I want to talk about back going private because it just launched a P thing and the place is really low as well what do you talk about maining things and possibly if any of you guys have got a phone any you guys got a laptop tablet or antha like that a few guys when he join me in a chart I can send you a URL you can join in the discussion today and I want to start doing that more I want to start bringing in you guys into my videos more I want to hear your your views on things I'm gonna bring news into the stream I've set it up so that as many as many as many as you guys want can take part one of yous to use three is we're gonna 10 15 20 vis all talking and the one screen channel we have a meaning I'm trying to set up this free and to have a more interactive stream where it's not just me talking because you probably suck to death listening to me and yeah I'd like to bring in different opinions from different people and yes I can arrange interviews I can arrange different things with other people because of you know people are trying to interview generally they are very busy and so it can be difficult to try and get the people you want to talk to sometimes I wrote the wire organize some things like that and but I'd like to just have a more kind of fluid you know if I'm f I'm a doing a live stream and you guys want to talk about something you know I saying you guys a URL and you join in simple as that so a high masa ribeirão I'm good I'm good me so we do live scene for about an hour or so and you can chop it some different things away to talk about Bitcoin private we another five team and it's also it tolls a few more people on AIM so yes the any you guys want to chart the any you guys want to talk on a youtube channel live as that something any of you guys would like to do or is that just crazy talk as that crazy talk and what I'd like to do I don't think I'll be able to do a full stream about GPU meaning hardware and things of that that's something I might do later on tonight and it's something I definitely want to do a live stream so either later tonight or maybe tomorrow or do a live stream and we'll just talk about maining hardware and what we can buy sale what coins to buy masternodes and all that I just look at it from an investment point of view and write need to get some things on man so how's everyone going anyway what's been happening so right am I good to go over there so many windows so many windows that's a thank I see me do a livestream another life she might tablet Dorothy and I'm I'll be honest it does simplify a lot of things could you just hold up and you don't have to worry too much but the quality isn't as good and quality isn't as good and you know the value is not as good the audio is not as good and it's harder to be as interactive as far as shown youth you showing you guys things and no problem and no problem as Arriba right Mazzara biro biro I can never get your name right and you have a CP I won't judge me right back coin private back coin private little higher volume please does everyone agree with that a without chip my labels I can I can bring up the gain a little bit hold on is that better is that better a little bit louder I could probably get a little bit higher you even more that high a the prom I've got right now I've been looking at some audio and video equipment and I want to buy you can buy these digital compressors that remove more background noise and the problem as I've got I've got GPUs in the background in fact here are my GPUs here those spinning around in the background and the PC that you see the bottom there is actually the PC that's powering this live stream that's what all the action is happening but unfortunately those graphics cards do make a little bit of noise there's a volume a la Bibiano guys as I said I had to sit down a lot about law just so that the background noise from the graphics cards wasn't just call you Martha yeah there's a lot easier aim high blood via Brett if you want to join us on a stream I'm good to go if you're a feel say up your would be great to have you on the stream a hold on I'll get your channel up so I'll bring this up just now so Brett who just joined on near aim thus as Brett's YouTube channel and he had a fantastic guest yesterday who's that guy who's that guy Amy and Blanton chatted on his team a on his life on his on his YouTube channel live hey so that was about an hour and a half year see so please do check out that video I'll post a link to his channel so you can check out and I'll get a link to there just so you guys can check out if you want if you want to join me Breton that a when he joining a livestream please do let me know I'm I'm good to go I've got it all set up a zoom is actually a blab is also give me some tips yes that's as far as totally set up conferences and things that so I do appreciate ur and okay some comments how do I run those open here and yeah and I'm not sure if you can see it like I've there's a window there and I've got a window there open but I've got one of the best things about that was of you know my my loft hatch or you'd call would you call it no for a minute an attic the hatch to the attic or the loft and I've got it open and a lot of hot air goes up there a it's raining outside it's a little bit cooler so that's one reason why it's not too hot and yeah another reason is that I've got my GPU is all around 55 to 60 percent so they're not spending at 100% and the noise as as high as other ones are I'm yeah yeah okay yeah so let's let's talk about let's talk about Bitcoin private but at VR if you are watching thanks for the video yesterday mate I'm looking at of it to come and fire hit three cameras here but thanks for that thanks for inviting me to the live stream yesterday I had a lot of fun and I do appreciate that so hopefully some of my subscribers will jump over and check your channel and if you if you want to join on the livestream please do let me know quickly before I do anything lay down invite anyone on let's look at Bitcoin flavor and let's see what the hell is going on and right I'll go back to some of those questions just know as far as my fundamental strategy and all that high chaos hi Jared hi Joseph I feel relaxed I Christopher aim new Avalon BTC Manor announced okay though Israel Jared aim if any you guys can hear the background noise from the GPU is that can't on the gain level down a little bit okay so the reason I'm talking about going private I've not talked about Bitcoin private for a long time and and let's get the obvious why do we you know some if it wasn't was seeing that customer Doyle was seen the place looks awful look at this place five dollars 53 that's as disappointing as one way disappointing us that's one way here that's that's yeah that's police we are putting aim apart from one spike when I went up I think that's when he got added to an exchange part from that back coin private has been in free throw it's been in free fall for months now here's the thing though a lot of people will start crapping on the coin and I'll see ya know it's a terrible coin and all that but Bitcoin private still been plugging away I think the stone you know I've always said that one of the things they need to RJ is one of the things neat effects as the block reward I always thought the blog reward was we to law always thought that the fact that it's so many unclean coins was an issue personally because you need to give people a reason to main the coin and give them a good return and all that I'm but the fact that coin private right now can still be mine by ethics and that's definitely the third though as one of the issues and why the place is going down I really do think and hindsight what they should have done was fork and I think the graph would have went the other way personally I think that I think what you know the thing they've lost a lot of the GPU Mainers because it can only mean by e-cig menos I think that because the community was based of a base they're mostly consisted of GPU menos but that's you know the stubbing plugging away they're stopping adding features that's one here the universe is the latest feature the bodied back coin private P it's open bear has launched there at least to the world over the last few months the back Queen play that P development even has been hard at work in tandem with her cause bear emergence as of a week ago we have 300 a three hundred merchants please sign up for access to the merchants platform its likes hundred plus pre sign ups as of now over the coming weeks we'll be emailing knows no merit and so probably easier to just show you the website and and now you know this is the thing guys you know back coin play that place is going down bet coin private is less than some of these pump and dump schemes out there some of these coins that pre-sale masternodes and all these are ways to get money and rate away and artificially stay at the place what they've done as I think what they're doing is right they're focusing on a functionality I think I see something I want to see more from coins I want to see more cryptocurrencies actually having real-world applications they say three hundred are signed up just now six hundred soon Saudis merchants and yeah you can see here we've designed a payment wedge it a four websites to start accepting Bitcoin private payments today this is what we need we need more integration know with the wars are a little bit of us speak a little bit of a spike but really it's you know that's just a lot above us speak to D we may see the place going up hopefully it does em but yeah that's the big announcement for Bitcoin private the place is very disappointing but I think that what that actually trying to do here is very good I mean we need more coins to start thinking about those who need more projects to start thinking about hope the coins are going to be used ok coinbase will lust it instead of zared cash I'm not sure about that because the verities coinbase and say that I went to luster did you take a look at compass look at compass coin and let's have a laugh right okay also when I look at the Avalon and BTC Manor that Jared was talking about there and so try and bring those up and again if anyone is watching the stream and wants to join me right now and wants to chat to me doesn't matter is one of you two of you three of you join me start talking we'll start talking about some different things I'd be good to hear from you guys directly if I send you a link you can do it via your phone you can do it through your laptop your tablet your computer you just click on the link we'll bring up you know bring up the application for you to start talking and you'll be alive and the world of cryptocurrency a ray Avalon I need to look at Avalon what's the name of it jarred Avalon I see I'm trying to mean website it's knowing the website no ray okay and I was just looking at les is a great website isn't it Avalon may not – when I was just a website that sells and what's the official website of Babylon I don't think I've got the cubicle overlord Bitcoin Bucky right company website oh yeah I've got the right website rate was just checking there so jared is saying that the snow Manor 30 Taylor has 1720 warts using 7 nanometre chirps where did you see DC and I've been about yeah I agree Joseph I think I think back coin private P as a step in the right direction the project they've made some mistakes and I think of all the mistakes I've made us a that she most of the mistakes seem to have been from a marketing point of view they don't have that issue we are there was funds messing because of you know the kind of it scammed and I do think perhaps that is due to a lot of team being quite young I believe maybe just life experience isn't as it right there I'm but I do like what they're doing the founder of a red creating yes he has a corn after I believe it I believe so they disliked him dislike time thanks Giulio and aim yeah unless you've got a cig Manor or even if you've grown a Sigma in a back wing player isn't a fantastic according to Maine right now check the article on a PC can't link it here and right ok I'll see if I can find it I'll see if I can find us fuel relax be happy light well I'm not sure if he's still watching me he said what is your fundamental strategy what is your front fundamental strategy right let's see it BTC right so this is a website where does this Manor ah here we go here we go right so for reference this is the thanks for that Jared this is the one that jolly was talking about aim and I will shield us in the in the video as well aim just a description here and things of that so Canon Avalon release what olds first back coin maining TV and 7 nanometre inane at 30 terahertz seventeen hundred and twenty watts so let's see what this is about China based meaning main a giant cannon creative on July 31st liters latest product a TV se with bow and back coin maining chips that's bizarre hey the Box impaired smart TV features the e32 10 or a 3210 I don't know why I'm saying it's such a bizarre we 16 have a chance with her she of 2.8 letter hash and a perkins a power consumption over 100 watts is up car potato hash assume that's potato hash and make the puzzle for a household appliance to january earnings by maining rail watching your favorite dramas so very interesting principle behind that that they went about meaning you know menos and two things that you use everyday televisions a fridge freezers things that kind of makes sense and Avalon is like this is a purse Batman in seven nanometer chips mass production the competition between the first runner-up cannon and Batman becomes fiercer previously reported by eight ptc cannon but mean a boast he can IPO in Hong Kong in 2017 so more than 1.2 billion it's 176 Mao in dollars and manage ups and I mean has made 2.3 billion insane and sales and it's kind of kind of bizarre but kind of coup and I'm tasting as well I don't know what I don't know I don't know what to make of that modest aim okay catch out with the comments Fred Fred if you're starting out in crypto today with to see 1000 what would you buy coins ASIC may not GPU like a good question I am all aligned on backing private I am and all that in Bitcoin Preveza watch ago $35 and change it to heart spy continue to invest a Joseph would rather personally BIOS eight nine money which is why I did rather than a 1080i and Ness I mean for money most profitable gets my attention so why people do that you know that's a claim that makes the most sense to do that make the most profitable coin and then buy the coins that you want I keep stretching behind out way between ATO because sometimes the the fluctuation between the the heart rate during the day for some coins it can go from being not a very good reward and then a couple of hours later when someone else with you know when everyone else watches to a different coin you get a couple of hours when you make a really good return seven seventeen hundred and twenty watts as a hell of a lot of heat and as basically like a 1080i maining reg effectively on more than that a marker maker garage appear so use awesome Manor or some main oppose it from I think it's what two main who's it from what two main and somebody else you can choose I think the other ones coin was I think coin was his other one you light your TVs to be dumb latest TV fans are M and a hi Andy seen an auction for 4 X 3s 560 pounds I cannot be real what do you think aim I don't know much about the X threes hold on just now see what these are like X threes so I assume X threes are on a sick Maynard value I assume they are says 8 9 many going down to $15 73 already I recognize going to go down into four or five dollars per day but ice tower very good return I think and and hind say I really should have bought a save me money right there's a bat mean aunt may not x3 $5 36d m and Andy is saying those four of them at 560 pounds is that for four or five hundred sixty or as it for each as a for each just a clarify I'm copying and pasting the wrong thing here I'm just going back to the same page and write where's the Batman page right here we go 560 pound each okay thanks for clarifying on D em right curtain 8 x3 thirteen hundred and thirteen dollars yeah that can't be right I can't be hey that's definitely something wrong there and have a quick look on you be right okay I'll check that out so that's a B Yuki um let's check this so aunt may not x3 let's see what pops up here so this is the one that Andy's talking about I'm the Sailor he's actually got a lot of positive feedback so I mean I mean I know that doesn't always mean anything but yeah he does have a lot of positive feedback 570 I know that can be fate but M ray was a description see no bet mean ant Manor includes the power supply unit with the power supply unit as another hundred dollars as well or something like that did they always think and I always think when when someone's selling and a sick man always think what do they know that I don't know what do they know that I don't know there must be something here you know do they know something I don't well looks legit does look legit what do you think guys you're thinking I'd be worth do you think I'd be worth the chance you think it'd be worth to you going for Andy alright ok the pecs look the same Pike's from someone else today and well that's I mean that is one of the techniques that a lot of he built a users views the sale was the cheap things and then they sell a lot of peg things but I don't know 570s though seems quite a high number of of hydrating sorry for them to do that I mean it I mean it definitely this was ten thousand pounds but for two grand with the risk losing that account especially when you can pee by people enemy and be covered um ten pound ten pounds fifty pounds most things do seem cheap I mean the thing is anything there's the gesture it's a fake account it's not being used than a year by the looks of it unless someone's sold an eBay account because it says it's not being used in a year but you know I do the same sometimes I'll do the same we are I knew I don't buy or sell anything anything on eBay for several months and then I go through our spare would I buy a few things and see the description right okay let's look at the description payment must be made in cash upon pickup or with kept token see if you would like the III shipped yeah that's very dodgy because then you're avoiding PayPal this is due to high number of charged bikes well I mostly and they'll say I must say only aside on that because if I was selling some GPUs I'd be very reluctant to use people online because someone can use your GPUs for like six months and then they'll Ratana and see oh it doesn't work and by the same time you'd really have to go round to the person's house she'd have to inspect her you'd have to taste it working taste it on a pill make sure that was working okay as a good place or as a good place there's no dying that what do you think gays you think of it watch the risk stop messing over the boxes was the boxes here that you know it's that we don't wear my other universe other boxes and yeah all this it was out a year ago right so kiss has recommended a really bad project for us to lava Isis for Kaos um yeah they've got the Goethe shaped they are in the company that's a good spot to see it does say III hi John and I'm meaning tutorial for Linux or nice hush I mean I thought nice harsh is just plug and play you know they just don't load that up and just go hey I've only used I've only used their application on Windows but it's painfully easy you know there's much I beg at the start stop button you know I think I like bass are some things you know some things it spikes up and you can get a good return on it but I mean what's difficult about our online ex yeah you need to be careful and you be you know with buying things and right compass coin is they the one it says kept all klepto coin compass is the other one you right right so let's check out this compass coin thing right I just write a chaos after you are watching too many windows over here right if you're watching let me know as that's what you're talking about cap to trip to coin compasses a sir as a straight one hi Dave good to see you Dave as a fellow youtuber if you want to join me on the live stream just now let me know I'll send your link I can email email your link or send your link on Twitter and I can you know you can join in a live stream if you want to take part and today's like she might be streaming for another hour or so so you're welcome to join me a not that one right so that's why it looks like a scam as well right as a GN compass what's the website address you know the website address compass as CSS it's amazing when you search for a coin you find all these other ones that you've never even heard of and so that's one no no problem Dave Oh Dave has something we can set up in the future I'd love to have you on one of my value was a be great to do that scams scams and more scams that as the order of the day and yes always as really always does you know I'm starting to become a little bit more less flexible maybe that's the best way to put a I'm becoming less flexible with the coins that I I mean the coins I buy I'm really moving toward a I'm really moving away from all these coins that anonymous and I don't know if that could help me in long term because there are some projects coming out which are anonymous and I do think they look good but I want to take risks but I want to do it safely if that makes sense I know that sounds stupid and but I'm just moving away from all these anonymous coins all these coins up you know hi I see yours or P selling mass and always I'm trying to get behind projects that you know you can actually speak to the people and you know per face the name no problem Dave branding coin has been main encompass Oh planted by the coins are good YouTube channel so I don't assume he wouldn't be Manning that unless it was a good coin a day I was asking how do you do Athenian poem by NYX and point to nice hash aim is it possible to use the aphelion per one Linux I think Oh double-check that I'm not sure that myself because it's not something hard to look into 10% on the coin you can may not feed him on small sand 1:7 well you saw my value once most as week I think it's very basic it's too basic for me I really am looking I think I was spoiled by you know using awesome Manor and then using highways I really I really do think that a mosses a little bit too basic for me as far as what I can do is basically it's a nice way to just manage Mainers you know if you just if you're going from just downloading CC manor and claim on things without then it's I can see why people use it but I think high us is a much better solution for me I still don't over the ski a this compass gooeyness so that's good well banged Evo and what the life seems we've got a few other youtubers the money bring on but again I keep seeing that's one when I try one of the things I want to do on this YouTube channel is to try and bring in some of you guys either just as a fallen just for your voice just picking up your phone or through video chat so if you've got a phone a table a laptop a computer or anything like that and you'd like to join me an us live stream or another let me know and I can send your link and we can arrange that the good tip I want to start bringing people on that's what I wanted to I want to start bringing people on and start getting feedback from other people as to what their opinions are and no check that ah Naoki hey Daubert is Kevin actually not kidding but thanks and thanks thanks for contacting me I'm Ashley I'm set up a few a few even if you want to join me just know if you like to join in the live stream just know you want to chart you're welcome to join then I'm gonna be streaming for another day or so and no problem no problem Robert hey if you're late too if you'd like to join n I try and get you one just now if you want I can send you an invite link and that's all Kiki I can train figure it out what gentleman know what pill it's on or what someone see it CSS is that they're a compass coin CSAs ah right right I think I've got it no guys and I think I've got it now right here we go here we go right I'm they'll know I'm them no and right so that's his compass coin x16 ah right just copy those things so this is where Oh what should I check okay the back Queen talk like first oh oh oh do I have a no and right okay so compass as an open-source proof-of-work master node base cryptocurrency for travelers and doesn't messing a nail as in a Yuki enemy team is developing a digital currency that will help eradicate all the problems of tourists tourists associated with cash payment we're in constant negotiations the company such as TripAdvisor and picking and came to an interim agreement right okay a blocked reward no one CSS 50% prefer work ah get lost pre-sales nah I don't believe so after the sale the PCO then they bump up so let's this ridiculous look at the look at what they're doing here look here look at what they're doing here they are offering 0.5 CSS 4 minus 0.5 and 0.5 for proof-of-work and then once they've sold tens of thousands of Preem please sold mass knows once I saw those masternodes they're going to offer 1.3 coins to minors and was that 11.7 to masternodes and ster main prevention law point one block rewards table see that's the thing you know this is the thing lloyd people are kind of messing see with these presale Mastan was what they're doing as making sure they say well we had a uh you know a period where you could main in the returns about fifty percent but you again point five that's is less than what you get later and then one stuffs old master was then the masternodes are going to get the vast majority of the baccarat and it's only until five hundred divides to get a cheat to see ends the main prevention who's going to main all when you get in you know for know in comparison to that you get in 126 of what the block reward is going to be you're not prevent preventing anything that's dust yeah I don't like to look at us and please sailing masternodes 0.3 ptc for 1000 coins yeah I don't I don't agree with us you know you guys know my stance and all this a yeah yeah I'm not gonna others I'm definitely not gonna I don't agree with what these kind of coins are doing I really don't agree with what they're doing and just the way that they're launching their is ridiculous because they're asking for thousands of dollars for people when they've got no evidence of anything and up until block 500 they're going to give point 5 to Mainers and then after that or gave one point three to Mainers by that point that's only 10% and 90% of masternodes and you've got no chance the enemy because unless you've got a huge maining farm you're not going to compete with any of the masternode holders that had them you know pre-sold so yeah yeah I don't know give me this I died the thing is what kind of confuses me though Israel that they don't realize why that's dodgy you know I've seen people needs disgust defending the way that they're doing this no kudos at the very least I've got some pictures up maybe they're not anonymous that's a good thing that is definitely a good thing but I don't agree with these masternode coins I don't agree with them pre-selling masternodes for a you know a specified place and trying to dictate what the place of the coin will be hey I might be wrong you know that there's going to be some coins like this that I actually start like this and then make money and they'll go up in value and they may be legit projects but there's so many of these coins are scams and they're set up exactly like that some I'm knocking near them yeah definitely not gonna near that one hey Robert hey Robert you there yep so a Robert from vertigo coin is going to join me thanks Rob appreciate that hey hold on another thing I don't I can hear you about him I was waiting till you got your web come on I don't know if you're going to put your web come on and then everyone else can hear you right okay you guys you guys can't hear with Robert see and just know he just set up as his webcam but when I switched to my you know the different view you'll be able to hear them and the meantime before 28 not see up and thus as a veritable coin and I'm going to do a live stream a theme or an interview or something with him very soon I've got some big news coming and I will join from the website for you guys as well for that I was wondering find that URL the URL was on my Chrome browser I looked at the website yeah great Oh see it's vertical coined or ievel aim so I'm going to share with you the website that's vertical coin or was that the long wrong address hold on re okay right so I'm just playing and Robert on you can see his webcam isn't displaying yet unfortunately bad Hey I don't know why but this laptop does not the camera does not want to work it's annoying no that's okay I know I know you're going for lunch anyway yeah let me see if I can give you a quick link and before I head out and a little bit I can show you the newest I don't know if you saw it the announcement that we did last week no no well I think I've touched up I'll read it one day but I was I was going to do some more research when I was going to do the video with you guys do an interview and a live chat okay yeah I can give it to you now I mean we announced it so you can read it up on and all that before we do the live stream okay sounds good so how these things being enemy it's okay you know right now I don't know if you know arsenic he's part of the luxacore team no I don't think so no I've looked at luck score I've looked at looks cool before and looks going yeah he's with us he's there they're chief marketing officer he's on vacation right now and most of the guys pretty much you know the last six seven months we've been working on this project so it's summertime here and now we we have most of the team on vacation all right okay I didn't think anyone cryptocurrency go any holies and if you hold on two seconds just need to honey – all right if you you stop you can see what what we released last week right okay a give me two seconds adjusted the people watching can't hear you for two seconds I'll do something I just need to change their audio properties of something and right I think everyone can hear you know oh yeah hello everybody and right so right so that's probably works over there if you don't your webcam so what I'm doing I'm showing the the PDF document you just sent me there oh yeah I remember that sorry does a dad read through all of us so if I remember right you guys have developed a new algorithm that's basically encompassing three different algorithms that's correct yeah before yeah are you pronounce the cash check or casick it's cash act the BMW and the la de Lyra which the three low power consumption algorithms so the goal is to create our own proprietary algorithm while keeping with the mission that we want for miners which is the low power consumption that that's something that Allah that's something that a lot of a developers haven't really thought about because when I first started mining lighter Tuesday I fell in love with it because it was a heat wave in the UK and I couldn't believe that my electricity costs were down a few hundred pounds you know the basically half to overnight and there was less heat the latest noise I'm like why aren't more algorithms like this a so here let's go BMW later Tuesday and I'm just shown that several knows yeah that's one of the issues I when I used because I'm a miners well I have over 100 GPUs and my biggest thing here where I'm from is in Florida in the US were very hot one of the biggest issues when I was mining equipoise the e ya Nico has well equi has the 209 f you bring down the power you know you can't really bring it down too much or your hash tree is affected and I stab one 445 isn't too bad I've come I've been mining 1 4 4 5 on a cohosh and I've got it down at 55 60 % but even at that as a stone or as cool as light or Tuesday headlight or Tuesday it as ridiculous a fashion I've not tried BMW or Keokuk so as I assume that the function that obviously you're looking for nor a cooler Achilles heel for maintenance to the main your coin without worrying about heat and reducing their electricity course xh ax by assume that sees about ASIC resistance as well yes I mean if we wanted to just stay with the cool algorithm we could have just stayed with the lira to Z you know but we noticed right after I would say a month after we launched that nice hash added us and obviously once you know Asics starting to notice the profits on certain algorithms they'll come out with them so we decided our main goal mission was to continue what we wanted which is to stay GPU oriented and for smaller farms and miners that's a very good point I mean other than an interview with Blanton yesterday on his YouTube channel and I you know we were talking about ecig menos and one of the things I said to him was that arguably you know everyone's talking about Batmen in a sink menos but people aren't talking about nice hash too much you know because alloy these attacks and we saw double spend attacks with Bitcoin gold and I think Zane cash as well but allow these will be coming from people just buying hospital nay such so I'd argue the basic resistance if you're gonna go down that route you have to make it may slash resistant as well at least as best as you can I'm not sure how long that lasts or because you know you've got websites like mining reg rentals as well that you can and you can rent house per see see as far as you know of you being taste and that's yourself you know you being a manor yeah so essentially nothing is really nice hash resistant it all depends on like for example the x16 RA when it raven came out with it obviously it was nice house resistant because they were the first but if for example with our new algorithm lb k three catches on and other coins start to launch with it you know nice ash is gonna go and try to grab it well that's the thing you become a victim of your own success I think that's what happened with leaving coin and with that algorithm and see if I see from a maining point of view how how are you tweaking your GPUs because why I've been trying to focus on recently is when I when I meyneth II Liam or run a main air crash will remain anything I'm tweaking my GPUs I'm trying to get the most efficient and the past I was quite lazy and I just leave it like it 90% power and then so that I could switch between different coins and definite algorithms but I'm trying to tweak things and I love it bear but how does that work when you get three different algorithms because you know I saw that with a ik sexy now when you eat there was it was kind of hard to optimize it for xxe now because there was certain algorithms that required more memory of certain ones that you know required more core power how does it work with those three algorithms it equates similar as far as how you tweak them how you optimize them right now we're just beginning the testing so we haven't really gone into the tweaking in things like that but it's going to be based more off of Lyra so be pretty similar to how you tweaked your loyalty's right now so it'll be more for than memory but I'll have more details on that hopefully soon we have one of our main developers that is doing possible decoding in the texting and the testing on that right okay I think him a surgically good to know that you're a Mainer though that's that's quite good I like that and I know where we were trying be flea on a on discord the a I think was extra that they introduced is aim but there's a law developers and I mean nothing against them but they're obviously trying to do things for Mainers but they're not Mainers themselves you know beyond maybe having one GPU and in the computer but I think it's good to have someone in the team who does understand the way that may not think is far he's worrying about electricity worrying about heat worrying about you know all these different things that GPU Mainers have to whatever the perhaps these acquaint us do what about as much yeah essentially when we first launched when we first came up with the idea was back in like December January we really noticed that there wasn't a lot of focus on miners it was mostly these masternode coins that would come up with you know 70% profit you know rewards per block or toward against miners so our focus was to go the opposite and most of the team actually say half of the team is actually medium-sized scale farmers so our goal was to focus around that because before you come on they're on the livestream I was talking about someone recommend the compass coin as a brand new coin and for the first 500 blocks it's point five coins to minus 0.5 to a master nodes and the pre-selling master nodes and then a block 500 a the main house gate 10% and the master was getting 90% so he was insane up for anyone to main that coin and the title of pre-selling master was I think was point three back coin for a thousand coins there but I'm looking at your website just now everyone who's watching and listening can can see your coin specs you've got block size two megabytes proof-of-work later Tuesday at two minute intervals for the block time thirty two coins blocked robot and what was the having schedule or not is it we don't have a half each schedule right now we we mostly go with kind of what the community wants so right okay we haven't we've heard some feedback that they want possibly in the future some having the reason we went with a shorter time is because outside of five years new it's hard to gauge as to how mining will go so I wanted to keep our mining period within five years so we got this week I think that's the thing because we could be your proof of work or masternodes whatever by then and but right now you've got twenty four proof of what can eat from master nodes and so 7525 a square that's quite a few I'll ask we summer to Zen cash they've got seventy well they'll get into the chase early or seven to the menos two two nodes and in one to the Treasury yeah seventeen painting it's going to not it's going to be changed to seventy for the miners because we're going to do the five percent that goes into the vertex platform that's only because in other words there's no way that we could fund the platform but we didn't want to take too much away we tried see what the math would work out to and we figured 5% would be a minimal amount that we could take from the minors to go towards the actual platform which will be for the use case so vert takes I'm just looking at it just now it's a commercial platform what what's the long term go or not and obviously I know you're going for lunch and I know I'll be talking a with your colleague about this as well so and but just to give us an idea I'm just looking out the the the PDF that you sent me and the vertical commercial platform yeah so essentially the the platform will be the center of where the corporations the businesses can actually use the vertical coins to pretty much facilitate what they want to do which right now the first use case we're gonna go for is the the manufacturing and processing manufacturers to trace the ingredients and and anything that pretty much is processed back through the blockchain and this way they can keep it in a public ledger we're gonna be talking hopefully in the next few weeks with some businesses and corporations that would like to take on this technology so are you going to do as that's more like an assets type of thing somewhat to what we think we are doing what themes doing was it more like you're designing specific applications for companies yeah so we're gonna be designing templates on the vertex platform for these specific companies but in essence there's gonna be much more development on it as time goes on right now we're we just have that one clear use case for the vertex platform but you know with our advisers and the team we're working on more ideas on how to expand the platform seems quite interesting aim you know through my channel we've been looking at alloys and looking at decent coins to main you know the problem the right nose for main as you look on Bitcoin talk and nearly all of them are just basically put as mass on with Ponzi schemes and and there may be some legit projects so there but it's so hard to actually find them because of you know the sheer volume of all these other ones where the weddings aren't complete the way it's about what I'll say like what you were going because I was hearing your what you were saying before aside from my project and stuff I still am a minor and I still like to my new projects and things like that so as a minor right now the way I'm focusing what I'm gonna say is I agree with you that I am very hesitant and very scared to point my rigs at anything recently because it all seems like scans yeah I mean I've started going back to coins I was mining like three or four months ago because I took a rest with some coins and the place of nearly all of them just keeps going down and down and down because the Saints are trying to set up the value of their own coin by pre-selling and then the pace keeps going down and no I I like the saying I like you know a 70% splat is pretty good for for maíno's aim what's the limit so it's seen here three thousand seven hundred fifty for a masterhood yeah so our goal was to pretty much not have okay so I've seen some masternodes that make it quite impossible even for small miners to reach their masternodes and I've got theory GPUs and some of them is like three months to even get close and by that point the project will probably abandoned exactly so we made it not unattainable but we made it a challenge to somewhat get to it but not something that I'm a small farmer could not get to so we we we tried to put out a limit where a small farmer could achieve it within a month or so right that's pretty good and as far as applying the masternodes is that something you think you people need to be technical to do is a fairly simple syrup we have a I mean you need very limited skills and Linux on how to do it but if you know how to launch a VPS on anything like voltar calm or digital ocean we do have an automated script with kind of instructions on how to do it it's pretty simple it's not too hard okay yeah I'm just looking at your get help page explains oh uh that's pretty good yeah that one that one's actually was developed by Dwight who is actually part of the man Oh coin and he works with some other coins he does a bunch of scripts for master notes for certain points okay Oh interesting well I won't leave you too long if you hadn't for lunch but yeah Big Eight to talk to you guys again I can get a few few of you guys on if you want to chat yeah I'm gonna talk to undead he he was busy moving he got a new job and he had to move into a new apartment in a new town so he's been out of commission for about a couple weeks but he just got back and set up his office and he said that he'll be talking to me as to when we can set this up oh that sounds good well you're welcome to join if you want we can have a few of you guys honored the whole team on if you want and we can talk about what you guys are trying to do sure no problem I'm gonna head to lunch it was a pleasure it was it was a great time uh I'll join in on some random ones are you going in the future you know yeah sounds good Robert thanks for that enjoy your lunch thank you take care yes so many thanks to many thanks to Robert the other for tuning in it's great as you know it's Gator sees what I've been looking to do guys I've been looking to get more guys from teams to get their point of view across a on things like that and so stay tuned the we're live stream of those guys a robber and a few dollar guys from the team and a life she might have at one of them or two of them or three them will do something so you guys enjoyed I say very interesting so he's got a quite interesting project at the very least I've got the splat right they've got the split right there seventy percent as kind of like what sane caster doing yeah it does look quite good and so the website VTL coin door I oh if you guys wanna see yeah um join going this world as your video being added to the video contest for 1500 VTL aim I don't have any plans to do that aim at I don't know like I've dared us one side one bounty for the Infinix whether you and I declare that the star nodded a length during the bottom I know that I'm I'm a stony debate that's been myself whether I should be accepting any money for any videos or any interviews and all that it's kind of a gray area I still think if he disclosed any bounties or any payment or anything like that yeah you're at least being transparent to your viewers and your subscribers and all that but a maybe that your learner's creator with some people think that you shouldn't be accepting payment or maybe influences what you see or what you do I don't want me to have a thinker but it's not something we're looking at you know when I was introduced to those guys extra and thanks sure about thanks for watching thanks for taking part just saw his comment they're a excellent reduced me to them and they seem like really nice guys a so I said yeah well sort of an interview from my point of view I've seen this on a few values and a few live streams it's incredibly hard to actually get to speak to some of these people behind the teams because so many of them are anonymous and even the ones that aren't anonymous when you see he come on and talk about it come on Italy my channel we'll talk about it we'll talk about different things a lot of people just don't want to do that they just don't want to and it's just one of those things you know like people just don't want to be on camera they don't want to you know anyone to hear them on YouTube and so for me the fact when you get someone that has an anonymous and they're willing to talk to you you're like wow be my friend that no seriousness as good I really do appreciate when developers actually step up and they do if I do interview so that's good so I'll talk about very cool coin again in the future and I've not made them before I don't have I download the wallet after you know did so many wallets over the last few months I've I've actually forgotten what coins of what walls of downloaded and I can't remember of mind what made those main up for a few days and then see what them how that goal is going to be to get to the masternode you know try and work out what it's going to be but you know always always try and do that mainly for a few days get an idea you know put to calculate and get an idea of what your daily ratones ji-hye right shots good to see you if you main lighter to Zed use the t-rex Manor happy Yorkshire the other no that was today I don't really watch the news or you know read news people's that much I don't really know about that and yeah field about zero cash assume that zero cash in jr. see the t-rex Manor how much you know you getting my much better Hari but that I may see let's do this let's say you see what robots coin a vertical coin let's see what kind of return we can expect and I'm curious now I'm curious though because I have looked at different coins two main recently and I main up briefly and then you know the place goes down in the heart rate sure you know difficult issue it's up and about ten percent more so maybe ten percent more than what quality that our calculator and right so I'm not sure how reliable this one is and I need to remember what my good hash tree is for later to said it's been about a month or so some ain't and Domino aim you know the C's note to me as well I've checked out the website before I've checked out the wait people I've checked out document of cannot briefly read it a but according to the website you need three thousand seven hundred and fifty and the block reward as right now 24 for maintenance so 24 Coins payer block for menos and I'm going to and want to try and look at us just know so the targets 3750 but it starts like being sold right now I don't know if it's on safe trade his way I think eyes and I see if it's on safety I'm sure it was in safe Street I believe it was so yes relatively cheap just now so I'd be tempted to even I don't offer be tempted even just try and buy some coins and wish to ask place I need to convert all right I'll do that later right I want to look at the calculator just to see from a Manning point of view so and I've got 1680 eyes I've got 24 those what I'm gonna get later to Zed with a year later right so let's see scene 43 so was getting bit 44 you'll see an extra 10% very okay so very cool shades on MCT ray okay so can check the price here as well aim so 44 you've seen an extra 10% so see 48 be safe so see I get 48 mega her she's per second and I wanted to take away the power on the course not just now calculate let's see what we get here so it's saying kod 514 yeah I would make that very quickly I would make that very quickly but looking at the daily profit of that I know I can get like 20 odd plus dollars with that I'm worth atheneum with some other coins so right now the Kahlan no difficulty in hatchery and maybe be leaning towards actually buying a master note that seems like a very very cheap master not to buy if I've got my figures right here those looks are very very cheap master would to buy and you know see what so on I think on safe trade it's unsafe trade as well and people are asking one so what's that one one safe anyhow I got there seen no copy Isola so it's unsafe trade as well and the last sale price was 0.5 but right now somebody's asking for a one-and-one 101 basis so there's about 1,500 coins there that you could buy and safe coins really low right now actually so you could buy it for like 4 cents a coin that's easel that seems like a really really cheap masternode to have I'm gonna have to go into the vertical coin discord though and just ask about the the returns I may do that later on tonight I may and look on the vertical coin discord ask people that master always hopefully I got an honest reply and just ask what people are getting you know ask you know what you're getting from your investment and it doesn't seem it's gonna be that expensive you know if you're trading at 4 or 5 cents per coin is that right I think I'm getting out right and you know for so that's 150 dollars or something like that $200 I'd be willing to do that just now and just set it up as soon as possible and I'd be honored I'd be an interesting thing to try and yeah stay tuned or not when I want to look into that coin more it sounds good I am and the guys seem nice so when I look into that more I like what they're trying to do is we all get a weave from later Tuesday's because it's on nice I should maybe try and make a little bit more difficult later Tuesday is awesome absolutely awesome love it yeah so that Abdul I saw that I saw that Sofia that people you know it's just like an avatar you can get like an animal or a face to talk it's one of those thing things I don't know I don't know I mean there are legit projects to their the the the the founder as anonymous and things of that and it's just and the world just know and and the cryptocurrency meaning world when you're looking for projects one is it the warning signs forty scams is that they're always anonymous so that doesn't mean that legit projects with anonymous people it doesn't mean that they're a scam but it doesn't mean that it makes it harder to vet them and I don't know I don't know either I've just not been encouraged by what I've seen on Bitcoin talk recently as far as what new coins domain I'm really I mean I don't know how a vertical coin how that was funded start only to look into that aim to see how they began I don't think that they were pre main was I need to check the white paper again I don't thank me pre-sold any masternodes I was just looking at the white people there it doesn't it just says that they had a 240 3800 Prix main and I mean that's very low by the looks of it my doing that other thing I'm doing that calculation right that seems incredibly low and that can't be right so like whatever Marine nice was like 1% or so I don't know what I did the calculation there what my turn and yeah yeah that's right point seven percent right I was wondering why I was reading out there on master 0.7% and 0.7% yeah less than 1% preemie no master no pre-sale that's the tax law boxes for me it really does as far as having master nodes but having a good a proof-of-work period is a good profit walk proof of our award um two hundred thousand coins John Hollis cave just an idea defendant wants to host a meet-up in the UK not us see too far away where mains give me up in his chair and ideas etc yeah John John you are more than welcome if you want to join in the live stream if you want you know I can give you a link if you want to join just the same way as Robert that's what Robert did the elastic exactly why I want to do know from moving moving forward I want to bring people on to the discussion aim I'm trying to learn and all this as well you know I want to hear more from developers but I want to hear more from from – from other people and hear their point of view and because you a lot you guys are going to have a very different strategy from me you're gonna have a very different opinion from me you want it des agree on things I see things I do things I see in videos and we can set all the arguing and fighting in the corner here but why not just char beta you know just why not we just have a discussion about that so if you have a fancy joining this join or maybe I know you're talking may be talking about a local meetup but if you ever any you guys as I said the doors open a few guys want to come and I've I just actually bought today I bought the I paid for the monthly plays for the software so that I can bring on up to a hundred of you guys if you wanna come on a livestream and chat and I can display your with the one time we can have dozens of us if you want to chat I think that's interesting hey I want to get some more youtubers on is real more developers and buying what are you guys on a Jacob masternode rewards that are owned 18 coins per day currently that are only 330 Marston would say up currently thanks Jacob so it's like you know a lot be the coin of you or have you found that information somewhere else in see the thing is I don't even mind I quite like the fact that as quaint Lord just know this is a very low entry point and it wouldn't be very it wouldn't be difficult for me to get some coins for that come on come on come on ground up though I'll put the kettle on am 18 coins per day currently as that pan master note right now be paying out master what I was thinking that how's that – I'm thinking for the total for everyone so 18 coins per day for a masternode aim so it's a really low return and really low return but I mean the way you the way I'll be looking at that as if you're gonna keep $200 or something of this or vertical coin if you want to just keep those coins anyway rather than keep it in your wallet stake a master node and get an extra 18 coins per D and then you know over the month or whaddup buy them a few paints of tartan cake imagine I can't drink I can't drink alcohol right now a I've got a stomach issue I've got a health problem but aim I may be getting surgery in a few months that flexes that but hopefully after that I can have a paint but right now I am racing vegetables and all things healthy trying to innovate trying to aim so guys wanna try and do it tonight as a dual icing tonight a my friends coming down for a few years we're gonna chill out when he wants some and then I might do a livestream tonight so I was speaking to Jeff from safe coin I'll be minute get Jeff on so I may get Jeff on later on a chant ohm but if any of you guys think that you'd like to come on to the streamer for do another a livestream later on talking about five hours from now maybe four or five hours from now a if any you guys would like to come onto a livestream Sammy you know what hit me up on Twitter and I'll make sure I can send your link so that you can join us and I'm really keen on trying that so I'm really excited about it because I can you know bring in three or four different people and we can have like a like a meet up so it should be good and that compost going though chaos is suggested a Daleks so doji and I'm really not encouraged by that at all I'm really not encouraged by it a few paints of tartan gag and I don't know whether we should even look at back coin talk right now because here's a new one helix foundation that seems very am no menos high scalability no fees as I'm a nerd I'm quite biased against our organist I've never understood gayness my big brother drinks Guinness all the time so alone my friends and I've always found it to be too heavy the only time I've drank a full paint Afghanistan against factory because it was you know you got it everyone's like oh come on you have to drink it you're gonna get us factory but I really don't understand the why everyone likes it so much let's see the granny's website quit flashy remember flash so Apple code that um oh I see your template disabled this is very popular and the blockchain what although these you know that they showing you that the enter when the mingling of the web you know the blockchain and all that the Bogata up when choice did you see how this works with no fees right guys so I'm going to call it quested our aim and I'm gonna thank we'll do a live stream later on tonight so your key time try talking 9:30 10:00 p.m. in the UK so we're talking about four or four and a half hours there so if you know if you've not already dead so subscribe to the channel this is the part where I show my own channel subscribe to my channel had the bear Waco and I think if you had the bear way corn then once I come on Lane then I'll pop up and I'll see this guy this guy here this guy's life so yeah thanks for John bye guys a thanks to Robert if you're still watching really do appreciate me I'm looking forward again the vertical coin guides on and an interview that'd be a lot of fun and as I see age you know I've been seeing us a lot through this live stream but I'm really looking forward to getting more people onto my life seen on a regular basis not just kind of like once every few weeks or late together and you'll make it a regular thing whenever I they do a live stream some people come on which are very different things which are by maining which are both coins we have a definite opinion you know we talked about strategies coins two main coins to buy coins to sale and so thanks Devon has been watching guys I hope you've enjoyed the video really appreciate ur I'm gonna get some more you guys on I will convince some of you guys to come on at one point I know some of you guys with YouTube channels come on hey if you don't have a crack to a YouTube channel and you want to start one you can show your channel on main by coming on and talking em so yeah I'm hoping T I don't know if it can later on about speaking to Jay from safe coin there and I'm going to try and get Jay phone later on and we can do a video with them we can ask them some questions and just shoot the breeze and yeah that should be fun if I do that tonight enough know if Jeff can't make out streaming anyway eh we'll talk about mining we'll talk about a sick meaning we'll talk about the FPGAs I'm gonna talk about those econ menos and GPU menos and all that as well thanks John thanks Abdul Jacob gr jr. there's too many to mention guys thanks for dropping by thanks for commenting clanks or liking the video and I'll speak to y'all later on tonight or anody depending on where you are thanks guys speak very soon Cheers

4 thoughts on “Crypto Chat – Bitcoin Private Pay, Vertical Coin & Mining Chat”

  1. Vertical (VTL) is a solid project with an honest team. Thanks for the overview on youtube, it's great to see the coin get a little exposure.

  2. Any thoughts on the dynamics of the token economy, how it should work and what should the general pop. Help progression?

  3. I got the hell out of BTCP after falling for the hype, but still not soon enough (down ~0.5 BTC). In hindsight it was so obvious all along as it was started by a loser scammer (Rhett Creighton) and the other devs left in the team are either idiots for going along with it or scammers themselves. The empty forums echo the same as every other scam coin "but, but wait for x y z"

  4. Its a damn shame how Bitcoin Private killed 2 coins in 1 shot. First it murdered Zclassic in less than minutes then it drove the spear in its own heart. It is still good to see that Zclassic is making a come back and is valued twice as much as BTCP. No other functional uses besides being better than Bitcoin is the cliché bullshit line that needs to stop. Why would you want to replace the very coin that made all of this shit possible, that's just plain foolish. First these coins need to have basic fundamental purposes other than the ones BTC has, secondly they need to be able to stand the test of time. Lastly and most important to me is the advancement of the technology which is nothing more than an increase in efficiency and convenience. If more projects focused on these 3 targeted issues then they wouldn't come out looking so darn stupid. We do not need all of these non sense coins. I say get rid of half of the market that don't meet market guidelines and then let the teams battle it out

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