1. Time for a 2018 updatee, for now Wirex is the best EU card and most others don't workL https://coinvigilance.com/bitcoin-debit-cards-prepaid-visa-and-mastercard-comparison

  2. Most simple btc card https://links.wirexapp.com/MpmB/4bTIQcutbK?action=affiliate-register&code=GH5rDCXKtUmWGBISudfucA

  3. Monaco Technology GmbH will launch their product next week at Money20/20 Asia, where they attend as 5 start sponsor alongside MasterCard, WireCard, Google, ….

    Protip: checkout https://mona.co/cards yourself – there is nothing compareable out there. Cheers.

  4. what is the exchange rate from btc wallet to debit card compare for the centra tech,wirex,monaco and cryptopay? any info

  5. Something is wrong with TenX's pricing. It cannot be almost 20% below market price. Or my BTC worth that much less on tenx? ??

  6. Wow, so organized and logical. Very rare for youtube. LOL I LOVE IT!! Now I want to see if you did any Coinbase type reviews… searching your channel now.

  7. Is Centra not the obvious winner yet or is it that you're just trying to promote your own interest with a company that can only to business in one part of the world. Ten x and monaco will die off if they cant do buisness outside the EU!

  8. This guy did not give you any credit for your spreadsheet that is posted in his video:


  9. Centra is actually a really great company, all of the Centra team really goes above and beyond, check them out

  10. How is Metal Pay card going under the radar lol it blows all of these away. It's an FDIC (google it lazy ass) insured real bank account. Plus Crypto agnostic (supports many eventually any crypto) PLUS you get 5% on every purchase back in Metal and your all drooling over prepaid scam cards that have failed in crypto for the past 4 years? Can you even crypto?

  11. Been doing a lot of research on these as well and it seems CENTRA TECH is the best option, especially if you are in the US. In addition, the people at Centra Tech are EXTRAORDINARILY visible on youtube, blogs and live chats. Its actually pretty amazing … never seen anything like it. And, from what i heard, Clif High is helping them … why would he take the video down?

  12. I believe you are wrong. Tenx and Monaco doesnt have any visa or mastercard supporting them. Sorry if I'm wrong.

  13. What about conversion rate from cryptocurrency to fiat???
    This is the most important comparison of all. This is just info you got from internet.

  14. ALERT!!! THIS FRIDAY! What do you think the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be from KOMODO Coin (KMD) traded on the Bittrex.com crypto exchange?

  15. visacard&mastercard is not the issuer… wavecrest is the issuer for example.
    in the chart is also missing whether the companies allready have a working product or not.
    tenX has, that i know.

  16. I heard yesterday that ONLY European Visa holders will be accepted by Visa .So the cards that have Visa are stuffed ( apart from European card holders) TenX are prepared for this using alternatives .(Mcard perhaps)

  17. https://youtu.be/Oyw5kJYGCRE What is this YouTube Uploader talking about? October 15th, 2017 VISA is pulling support for many of these cards? would someone look into this and make sure I'm notified, Thank you….

  18. PPT was the best token I bought in the last four months. Just amazing return. Now I’m gonna put 10 ETH on paypie.com ICO. They have a very similar model to Populous but they’re targeting the USA market. What do you think? Can you review them?

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