7 thoughts on “Crypto Campaign | Marketing Platform | Crest Token”

  1. they are amazing am afraid they be to turn to scam cuz what the offer is so big and I have seen many big platforms who have a big amount but the won't offer like C Camp… so I do afraid the bankrupt and close sooner…

  2. Staking with Crest is run by Crest not the blockchain. Crest hold a large amount of Crest tokens in a specific wallet. Then they reward users a set amount of CSTT based on what amount each user has.

    On the otherhand a PoS Algorithm rewards users based on the weight of their coins and is not set in stone.

  3. Waz up bro, another solid video this time on ma man bens platforms, GREAT STUFF ONE LUV ?☄️?☄️

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