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talking about the Bitcoin bubble where I see cryptocurrency headed cuz I see this
question a lot I see a lot of people losing faith in cryptocurrency and I’m
gonna try and restore that right now in this video with some actual evidence
which is not something you see all the time on YouTube we’re actually gonna go
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with people so without further ado let’s get started on today’s video first we’re
gonna cover the news real quick – great news articles number one is cisco is
developing confidential communications via blat of blockchain in patent filing
adoption number two major polish bank to implement blockchain document storage
system adoption so two key elements again I’m Sam I’m going to cover this
really quick I just want to show you guys every single day more and more
companies are using blockchain now again blockchain is not necessarily the same
as one particular cryptocurrency right this is this is the technology behind
everything and so this is that that’s doesn’t mean they’re using Bitcoin
doesn’t mean they’re using people and it doesn’t mean they’re using
Tron right that is not what’s going on but the technology is here to stay and
as I want to show you guys a little bit later now it’s about identifying which
projects are worth investing in because those are the ones that have the long
term you know the long term vision and where you’re gonna make the long term
wealth within so we’re gonna cover that again at the end of the video when we go
over everything let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency markets though the market
is at 268 billion dollars so we’re up a little bit you guys can see in the last
24 hours we’ve had some decent movement um you
know everything is in the green except for Tron which I’m gonna cover
just a bit but everything’s in the green majority of things are in the green and
the reason for that is there was a huge dip yesterday um the last week you can
see everything is down so we’re bound to have a day where we would see some green
and people would start putting more money into cryptocurrency and that is
happening right now now again these prices are still extremely cheap you
know neo at night fit not even 51 dollars
that’s insane at jobs like 49 I think was the lowest I saw it might have gone
lower Bitcoin at 7100 is cheap aetherium just over 400 again it went below 400
the other day uh the other day yesterday and now it’s back up above that so
that’s good to see but still really really cheap ripple also if you guys are
fans of any of these projects like coin at 120 this is the time to be buying
into them because there’s so much they’re so cheap right now stellar might
be of sixteen percent but at 21 cents Cardinals up 10 percent but if it’s
fifteen point five cents like these are incredible prices so again Bitcoin
dominance at 45 percent so Bitcoin still holding pretty strong market recovered a
little bit still so so so so so down compared to what we’ve seen before and
where we know a lot of these projects can get to and that’s why I was telling
you guys you this is not the time to panic and you know as the billionaire
Warren Buffett says and I like to quote more buck because he is pretty much the
best investment of all time if you think about how much he’s accumulated and how
many companies he’s invested in so early that have gone to where they’ve gotten
like coca-cola right bank of America like that he says you should be you
should be greedy when people are fearful and
fearful when people are greedy and I’m gonna back that up with a chart we’re
gonna look at later but keep that in mind guys
everyone is fearful now now is the time to get greedy you know don’t put in more
than you can afford to lose obviously I don’t want you guys to put in more money
more money than you can afford to lose and I don’t want you guys to invest in
just what I say I want you guys to do your own research because I’m not a
financial adviser and this is not financial advice right I want you guys
to do your own research before you put your money in anything but now would be
that time to be greedy and now is the time that me and a lot of the people
that I’ve talked to are getting greedy a lot of people who have been in the
cryptocurrency space for some time now is the time to get greedy and start
picking up coins when everyone else is fearful right so now covering Tron again
just really quick you guys know the test net was launched the live stream if that
happened not too long ago posted on Justin’s son’s Twitter of course the
verified one and you guys can actually check a lot of people don’t actually
know what Tron is which is a big problem if you’re invested in Tron and you don’t
know what Tron is I highly recommend you go and research what they’re trying to
do go and Risa go and read their white paper read everything about it but to
help you out Justin Sun posted everything you need to
know about trying to sixty Seconds you guys can go and check that out cuz I’ve
seen a lot of people don’t actually know what they’re investing in and that’s a
big issue but this again leads me to the chart people are asking me why is Tron
falling people are saying oh haha Tron is a pump-and-dump
again even though I didn’t really pump like 2x that’s not necessarily what they
go for in a pump and dump but still nonetheless Tron is falling why is Tron
falling now guys I mentioned this before in previous videos and this is a trend
that happens pretty much every time when there’s big news and we’re leading up to
the day days the big news happens the day before is usually a moment of
sell-off and why that happens I can’t tell you guys for sure it’s just
happened to Liske it’s happened to vibe it’s happened to so many other crypto
currencies and guys at this point you don’t want to battle against that if
you’re in this for the short term now I know a lot of people are in this feeling
long run if you’re in this for the long run you don’t even care you’re not as
you’re probably not asking me why is Tron falling today
if you’re in this for the long run I’m talking about those of you guys who are
asking me why is Tron falling right now the day before everything falls that’s
just happened so so many times will it recover if everything goes to plan 2
according to their plan and everything comes out the way it should the beta is
good and everything it’ll recover in the long run if they manage to get more
people on their platform you know the hype keeps that keeps up and everything
goes great they’ll be huge I get it but for now if
you’re a short-term trader everything drops the day before that’s why I sold
some of my tron yesterday I talked to some of you guys about this I sold some
of my tron because I realized it was the day before the test and was gonna launch
and it was probably gonna fall so what I do
I sold some Shaun um I guess it wasn’t yesterday was the 29th I sold that a
little bit when it started to dip a little bit here and I started to notice
the trend I saw some and I plan on picking some more up once I think we’ve
reached a solid bottom so that’s kind of the thing that I did that’s my plan
we’ll try didn’t sell all of it obviously sold some of it to secure some
profits from what I picked some up at the very cheap prices but guys this
happens every time so yeah at some point we have to start seeing these patterns
and start playing with these patterns and start profiting off these patterns
right so that’s kind of the issue with Tron again if you’re long on Tron you’re
probably not the one asking me about this you’re conferring your investment
you know what you’re doing now let’s get on over to what’s happening in the
cryptocurrency Mart this is my most exciting part of the video and this is
why I asked so many of you guys to share this video around asked all of you guys
to share this video around and you know make sure everyone who likes or even
dislikes cryptocurrency sees this video because we’re gonna be
going over what exactly what trends the market off the markets following know
that so right here is this is the basic bubble trend right now you’ve heard a
lot of people say bitcoins a bubble now we can confirm Bitcoin was in a bubble
now is that a bad thing no don’t don’t hit the dislike button just cuz I said
that I still think I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about it as we go
in the video but there’s still potential in so much growth I just want to show
you guys with where we were we were in the bubble phase and what that means is
basically here is this small investors get in institutions kind of in
here this is the public the public get in and step three right in the third
process is where the public in it so what happens is and if you look at the
Bitcoin chart you’ll see pretty much like we have the technical analysis
chart that we were doing open right here but you’ll see something so ridiculously
similar to this that is this ain’t in everything basically all the labels are
pretty much there too so you know and get some media attention enthusiasm
greed delusion denial comes down to the bull trap comes back up we see that
happen over here you know comes back up then fear everything despair which is
probably where we’re at right now and then we return to mean and we continue
trading from there on that is what happens in a bubble and we can say at
this moment Bitcoin was in a bubble and that’s simply because a lot of new
investors who didn’t really know what they were doing and just wanted to make
some quick cash those people got involved and when they realized wait a
second maybe I’m not gonna make 1 million dollars in one day by putting in
ten dollars then they all decided to sell they all start a panic everyone who
didn’t really know what they were investing in start a panic
and that’s what led the price to decrease now I know we had a great 2017
in cryptocurrency and I’m gonna say it right here right now I think 2018 has
potential to be so much bigger right and I’m hoping again this is my
opinion but I’m hoping it is so much bigger in 2017 was and the reason I
think this is possible is because I think we’re gonna have more educated
investors we’re gonna have bigger investors we have more institutions more
people with large amounts of money we see them coming into the markets now
slowly as steady people are starting to say good things because they started to
research it and I think that’s going to be something that plays huge not to
mention I think bigger institutions are going to use their power to again create
other exchanges and stuff like that which i think is not something to count
out I mean all a lot of big companies a lot of big people right now with a lot
of money could end a lot of famine popularity could already make a
cryptocurrency exchange and bring it to a certain credibility in
credit credibility level just because just on their name and the amount of
money and influence that they have so that’s something that I think we’re
gonna see a lot of innovation and cryptocurrency in 2018 – and I think
these low prices are giving everyone the opportunity of buying in now at these
really really cheap prices and I don’t deny that there are people who are
trying to bring the price down simply to get in at a cheaper price so you know
what since we don’t have the influence and bringing the price up or down all we
can do is try and buy it when it’s down similarly to when they’re buying it
because they’re gonna try and you know hopefully they’re trying to make a
profit so if the price goes back up later you know you’ve made a profit – so
it’s all about being greedy when people are fearful and that’s kind of again
what we’re talking about right here this is the fear this is the despair this is
where you want to be greedy because things will recover and things will look
better and now comparing this to the internet bubble which is another huge
bubble that happen if you guys don’t remember a blotter you guys probably do
some of you might not but in the early 2000 this is before I invested I did
research on this to learn about this I was very young at the time I didn’t
invest in stocks I didn’t know what the tech bubble was back then but look at
what happened so this is a tech bubble according to Amazon’s chart right huge
increase and a huge dump after basically it looks like one big pump and dump
right this is the tech bubble this is the tech bubble looking at Amazon and it
went back down if you zoom out and you look at everything
Amazon’s done since this is that fraction that we were talking about this
right here look at where Amazon is at right now now obviously we’re talking
about Amazon one of if not the biggest companies in the in the world today now
yes I agree but I’m showing you guys that a bubble does not mean the end of
the world a bubble means we had a lot of people who didn’t know what they were
doing trying to get some quick cash coming in instantly realizing that’s not
gonna happen because markets go up and down then it’s gonna cause fear because
fear is our weekends weekends are people who don’t know what they’re investing in
and aren’t confident in their investments that’s all it was and the
same thing happened back here which means looking at data if the
technology is here to stay and if you get in the right projects that are here
for the long term if you get in the Amazon of crypto currencies now I know
you guys are gonna say what’s the Amazon of crypto currencies nobody knows but
that is why you do your research and you invest in the projects that you think
are the Amazon of cryptocurrency you know the Amazon the Facebook the Google
of cryptocurrency that’s where you invest in them and you know I can’t tell
you what it is because I’m just going off of the ones I think it is right I
could be completely wrong I don’t have a time machine but only time will tell at
this moment that’s why we continuously do our research find cool projects
invest in cool projects now here is the Bitcoin monthly return since 2014 chart
and you guys can see where we’re at right now 2018 we’ve had the worst March
that we’ve ever had and this year has been you know has been pretty rough if
you look at the chart wise and minus 25% in January in 2014 we were up 8 2015 was
the only year worse than that in January we’re minus 31 but again one thing that
I think is since we got so many people out all the week hands are out right
over here think about this in 2014 2015 there were less weak hands in crypto
currency and that is because people weren’t buying into it thinking it was a
get-rich-quick scheme people were buying into it believing in the technology and
believing in the blockchain believing in crypto currency that’s where these
people came in it was only a 20-17 where we had or maybe 20-some 2016 it
was only recently where we’ve gone people jumping in trying to make some
quick cash and we had a lot of issues with you know some lending platforms
this and that and a lot of you know things that caused the price to pump in
the crypto currency markets people thought that that’s what it wasn’t they
were gonna make instant money overnight and they were gonna retire and that was
it they put their whole life savings into something that you weren’t meant to
put your whole life savings into now that leaves the opportunity for 2018
since we’re having is such a rough beginning that leaves an opportunity I
think to us having an even better continuing 2018 right now forgive my
choice of words but like um you know with like the rest of 2018 could be
better because of the amount of Correction we had right now because of
the dip I think we can have an even bigger rise in 2018 and that’s honestly
what I’m looking forward to so guys when money starts coming back in now think
about it’s tax season right now it’s ten happened last year to you know April was
the month we started to see things pick up it’s tax season now people might be
you know selling cryptocurrency to pay taxes in December they might be selling
cryptocurrency to pay for gifts like these are all things you have to keep in
mind because it’s stuff that actually happens and a mass amount of people do
this right which means it’s going to affect the price if this is happening
now a lot of people don’t like to believe these things but I honestly
think this is my again this is my opinion but I honestly think you’d be a
fool not to believe in this if you know this is actually something that’s
happening and you we know a lot of people are doing this if a lot of people
are selling it to pay taxes that would make sense for the price to drop so guys
again I’m looking I’m still bullish on 2018 a lot of people start you know more
and more I see people losing faith and cryptocurrency that’s why I’m trying to
make positive videos for you guys showing you guys that cryptocurrency is
here to stay you know don’t be worried about it it’s here for the long run so
guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget smash that
like button and also subscribe to the channel if you guys are new and share
this video around with as many people as you can so we can grow our awesome
community and also to get them seeing the potential in cryptocurrency and get
them thinking you know not just believing all the fun in the fear that
they have right now let’s give them the other perspective the bullish
perspective on things in 2018 so guys hopefully enjoy this video I’ll see you
guys tomorrow for another video


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