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welcome back to coffee encrypt of the show where we go over the cryptocurrency marketplace as a whole over a hot cup of coffee now today the crypto market is actually trending green over the past few hours that we've been watching it's been growing greener and greener so our hopes are then we're gonna see continuous greens throughout the top 100 and top 200 throughout the day and maybe see a small bowl run throughout the weekend that leads up to Monday's hopefully massive bull run now last weekend we saw the same thing happened last weekend all the way through Friday we were pretty stagnant and we were seeing low lows and then all set on Saturday and Sunday we really saw exponential growth so hopefully this weekend this Friday kind of triggers growth throughout the weekend that we can take into Monday and maybe that will indicate a huge bull run and we can go on a run next week that's what I have my fingers crossed more as we're seeing shallow greens all these greens are under 5% so they're nothing significant there's no significant growth in the market we're gonna go over all the major gains in this video and some of the major losses because there are still some coins in the red today but right now if we look at the market cap and it's 337 billion dollars with about thirteen point five billion and trade volume and bitcoin dominance sitting around 43 percent at forty two point seven now bitcoins worth eighty five hundred dollars right now up four percent today nothing too crazy trade volumes really low in Bitcoin right now at five point five billion dollars a theorem is at two percent gain so nothing like I said above five percent really if we go through the top 20 the only thing above five percent gains is liske at 20 percent gains and V chain at five percent five point eight percent so it's nothing too crazy that we're seeing in the market today Green wise but liske is really really growing it's at $14 up 19% on the day that isn't saved but if we look at the biggest gainer today 32% in the top 100 anion hayian I've never heard of this cryptocurrency it's number 46 and it looks like over the last 48 hours it's exploded from its basement announced we're 291 that calm is worth 28:39 up 31% on the day but let's go down and see some of the biggest losers in the top 100 and most of them are only down 3 to 5% so like I said a lot of these Kryptos are looking to actually turn green throughout the day I assume any crypto that's in the red in the top 100 will probably be green throughout the day as we see most Kryptos are only half a percent to one percent in the red like siren Labs is only one percent negative today the biggest loser in the top 100 say is electro neum down 5.4 2% and it's sitting around three and a half cents right now and I know electro neum had a really good support line at 7 cents so I expected to climb back there soon so that could be an opportunity for 2x gains and we've seen it lose most of its favor in the last 72 hours so we could really see it bounce back fast but if we continue down the trend here new keela's vision has actually been added to coin market cap with its full market cap calculated now and it's in the top 100 it's sitting at number 89 right now yesterday got to number 86 so I'm really been watching nucleus vision let's actually go into this here and sitting at about 3.4 cents right now and doing twenty eight million dollars in trade volume the volume is very low today because yesterday was doing 60 million and the day before was doing 70 so we'll just have to keep watching and see what kind of volume is being moved through nucleus vision right now it has a market cap of about 134 million dollars so there you go guys a billion dollar marking up with this coin would mean about a 30 cent new keyless vision and I really think that's extremely possible as nucleus vision has an amazing technology amazing utility and it's already being used in the real world today so I think a billion dollars for this is very possible before the end of the year and we could even be looking at a couple billions to maybe even 5 billion in total market cap for this crypto by the end of the year now the highest Nicholas vision has ever been price point wise is about that 4.6 cent range so right now 3.4 cents you're getting a decent deal but it has been as low as about – 2.2 cents 2.1 cents in the past obviously right now if we are indicating a bull run and we're gonna be bullish throughout the weekend you're probably not gonna see that low price again maybe for the next couple of weeks maybe we'll go on a bull run and you'll never see two cents again with this crypto that's what's hard to really kind of predict when when we go in these bull runs and we build new lines of support it's hard to tell how many support lines will fall when we see a bear a bearish trend in the marketplace again but let's continue back to coin market cap here now let's go to the top 200 I kind of want to see what's going on there and then we're gonna go over some of our favorite Kryptos that I hold that maybe some of you guys hold as well and we'll see how they're performing today but let's go to the 24 hour change here in the top two the biggest gain in the top 200 is decentraland there are 22% almost on the day seen it around $0.10 literally about a tenth of a penny away from the 10 cent price point storm is up fifteen point seven percent each lens up 14 percent wax is up 14 percent to 14 cents so if you invested in that Congrats to you symbol token is up 14% other than that the biggest loser in the top 200 is down 16 percent space chain never really heard of them pura is down 10% spank chain is down 4% gif toes down 3 the rest are very shallow losses he turned green throughout the day I would expect shallow greens throughout the day and it all depends really where we go if the Bulls take the market and we're in shallow greens throughout the week and I expect to maybe see above that 5% green to the 10% cuz that's kind of how psych psychology works that like it's all about the human psyche when it comes to trading when people see certain prices they want to buy up because for some reason the human psyche wants to buy the green because they're like oh this projects hot this projects on fire I want to get involved so if the Bulls take over this marketplace and we start to see increases in price we're definitely going to see over 5% this weekend if we can stay stable in the greens today I would assume but if we start to slowly dip into the red and people are selling off their small profits today then we're probably gonna have a red weekend as sunday is typically red so last Sunday was a little abnormal to see pretty decent greens to be honest last Sunday but if we're continuing through and we want to check up on some of the projects that we've called previously in the past nabli are right now is sitting at $10 and 47 cents up 11% on the day so that's a huge gainer today as in the top 100 really there's only a couple of currencies over 10 percent in gains and then if we look at we also call Genesis vision so let's check out Genesis vision that is sitting at 24 25 up about 4% on the day so not crazy but this is a great price because when we call Genesis vision it was at $22 so $24 is not a bad price to get in because it's went all the way up to $40 in the past so definitely something to watch and then we obviously ain't cash which we've already looked at that is sitting at 3 and 1/4 cent and right now up only 1.5% on the day but there's a lot of great Kryptos to buy up obviously still even though we're slowly trending green there's still some great stuff that you can snatch up in this marketplace and it kind of makes me happy to see shallow greens today because hopefully we're finding stability at this 333 40 mark in the marketplace and we can start to build up from there like I said I'm still pretty bullish that at the end of this month we'll be over 500 million dollars from market cap and then hopefully go on a big bull run in April similar to something we saw in early January and maybe get back to that 800 but I'd be very content with 650 to 700 at this point because we've dropped so far down again after February's losses but if you guys are following us on Twitter yet make sure you give us a follow on Twitter our Twitter link is down below in the description we tweet all sorts of things out here which way that end cache was ranked in the top 90 yesterday when coin market cap released its market cap and then we also tweeted out some of our videos and some other great news like American Express is filing patents to actually get involved with blockchain to make their fast to make faster payment transactions so there's a lot of interesting things we share on Twitter that we sometimes don't share on this YouTube channel so definitely check us out on Twitter for up-to-the-minute coverage but thank you guys so much for watching this video and we have an IC o—- review in this video and anytime we have one of those we're doing a giveaway so we're giving away one like coin to one lucky person all you have to do to enter to win that light coin is like this video subscribe to the channel leave a comment down below let me know what you think about the market are we going bullish or bearish and if we're going bearish where do you think we're going how far will Bitcoin fall I'd love to hear all your thoughts in the comment section down below but for now let's pass it on to max fonczek what's poppin everyone it's your boy max and I've got a great project to show you this morning jumping straight in with this quick video people do not really own their money will not be allowed to transfer the needed amount abroad when you need it your account may be hijacked by intruders or blocks by banks we want to person himself to manage his money without any regional restrictions and payments and without any fear of losing funds for this we invented crypto lux crypto lux exchanges all popular crypto currencies for internal clx tokens clx tokens can be sent to each other instantly with the minimum Commission and without any regional restrictions blockchain and decentralization will protect users from hacking or fraud and our smart contract will pay out a part of the platform's earnings to CLX token holders welcome to the financial world without limits participating grip deluxe token sale and get stable passive income now so yeah essentially crypto luxe is a financial payment self-standing network specifically created for the independent users it offers fast and secure transactions as well as a unique decentralized self-regulated unblock chain based cryptocurrency but they're capping the amount of signups to 50000 they're about to reach 50 percent of their goal and yes I am one of these 23 thousand users crypto locks offers its stakeholders a wide variety of integrated features and opportunities designed especially to round up their investments it's a decentralized proof of state coin with considerably lower transaction fees than the majority of other exchanges and wallets the CLX coin can be sent from A to B within seconds ensuring that your funds are available as soon as the transaction gets confirmed by the network also guys they're launching a crypto locks debit card you can buy it directly for about 15 bucks in CLX tokens and once received you can use as much as $10,000 daily and withdraw up to $3,000 from all major ATM networks worldwide if you shop with a debit card you are rewarded with a 0.2% of the purchase value in CLX token essentially this means as you just go on about life and you use this card in your day-to-day purchasing you will over time increase and build up the amount of CLX that you hold its mobile supported and apps will soon be available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store so you sign up you get your wallet addresses you deposit your crypto you join the blockchain Network and stop investing so guys as you can see this is my dashboard I did just took a hundred bucks in here to get a feel for the site and it literally transferred in seconds and as you can see it looks pretty nice but I'm guessing there will be some updates as ICO crypto trading cold storage exchange and gambling or have soon next to them as we can see here guys 1c LX is actually 50 cents so once the IC o—- is over if I leave my hundred dollars in here I should be able to get 200 CL x the features do seem quite limited as of now for example if I click withdraw I can't actually withdraw so I guess my hundred bucks is stuck in there now however one feature that I was really really impressed with is that if you go into settings there's actually a crypto lock spot on telegram if you link your telegram account here then you could actually talk to the crypto locks bar and you can get some really informative information I have to say guys I do really really like the look of crypto luxe I know it's in a super early stage right now but I'm looking forward to seeing on fold I do think that these passive income platforms are gonna be huge towards the tail end of this year and especially going into 2019 2020 etc so if you can get in early and position yourself well for the coming years that CCN yacht party might be sooner than we think thanks Zack back to you Thank You max yes I think well I'll be on I got very soon as long as you have strong hands and you hold throughout this year like history has proven over time and time again that you can get rich in this space but you have to have determination there was an awesome image shared on Twitter I'm sure our editor can find it basically it showed two miners digging and one miner was about an inch away from like a million diamonds but he decided to turn around because he's been digging so long and the other miner was happily plucking along so he will eventually find the Diamonds find his riches and make his money while the other miner who gave up early will never know what success was right around the corner but thank you guys so much for watching this video let's announce the winner from yesterday's like going giveaway right now we're gonna pull up YouTube's random comment picker we had 1055 people enter so we're gonna start the random generator and see who the winner is don't forget to like this video comment down below your like coin address and something about the video and subscribe to the channel to enter for today's giveaway the winner is cam inator okay cam inator XD I really like your style of videos ten minute videos are great to watch in your free time and they are very informative again I will support you with the tools we have shared this video to my friends and workmates who are getting pretty enthusiastic about their craft of space greetings from the company well thank you so much cam inator and I see you did put your litecoin address so thank you for that but they get so much for watching this video and until tonight at 7 p.m. central standard time when crypto ketchup comes out happy trading and goodbye

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  1. Ncash is hot, everyone must have it and be proud. It will be the next bitcoin, buy now that it is still cheap, or you'll miss the train!
    In a month it will be doubled and in about 3-3,5 months, it will have been 6-9x approximatelly.
    In a year it will have been over $1 at least (about $1,10 – $1,35)
    And for the lucky hodlers, in 5 years it will have been $10-$13

  2. Thoughts on China trading Petro with Saudi Arabia under their own currency starting March 26th and not under the us dollar?

  3. Ohh c'mon man… you are way to optimistic all the time and pretty much always incorrect with your predictions… I know your not a TA guy but cmon… That kinda sounds bad because i really appreciate what your trying to do, but… you've been saying bull run back to 600b-800b incoming… for too long.

  4. Are you color-blind? It's already Sunday and you still see green. Prices are at the lowest for each kryptos. We're all losing money so far.. I think you should have a crystal ball in front of you instead of a laptop. LOL

  5. Hopefully after G20 we can see big investors come in and start a bull run! Great videos!
    LTC: M8ikPALQsEkvXBzE5uzedUp7kto4GPj82H


    Dassit. watch magic happen. It's beautiful, even when it's "down".

  7. You seem to really put a lot of effort into your videos and report the news in a neutral and informed way – very well done!
    Definitely hoping NCASH will moon, but we shall see.



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  9. Bull run nothing! It's going down like the Titanic. Sinking slowly with lots of casualties.
    On the upside. This is a hell of an opportunity coming. But not for another bit of a fall yet. If you think it's suddenly going to bounce back right now. Then you're deluded.

  10. Wish NCASH would go down like everything else so I could get some on the super cheap.


  11. thoughts on E-Krona?

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  12. Bull run huh?! Well that didn’t pan out! Keep at it though. At some point you’ll be vindicated in your bullish overtones. ?
    Your projected valuations seem delusional to me ….. Then again, logic and fundamentals don’t apply in this market, so perhaps you speak wisdom. ?

  13. Get Doug Polk on your show as a correspondent I think you guys would do smashingly. Keep spreading the Litecoin! MU7sNozPTzrU6uNBdWxRz2R7mFB1r1w7Uf

  14. Great show man. Can you show your arm tattoos next video? Really curious.
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