Crypto-bridge BCO Staking tutorial- Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange Staking

hey guys this is harsh from consider and welcome well in this video I am going to show you how you can stake bridge coin on Krypton bridge so those of you who don't know about crypto bridge it's a very popular not lots of popular yet but one of the very upcoming decentralized exchange it's different than banan's betrayus poly onyx as those are a centralized exchange and this one is decentralized exchange if we don't know about decentralized exchange do read our guide about decentralized exchange and I have added the link in the description alright so crypto bridge offers a coin called BC oh that's their native coin rich coin and they offer sticking of the coin what does that mean is the people who will stake their bridge coin they will earn 50% of the trading fees and that will be distributed to all the people who are staking it and they have some interesting stuff about you know the way you stake like if let's say you stake for two months or one year or six month you will get bonus on that so you can read all about this on my article about sticking on British coin in this quick video I am showing you how you can exactly stake your BCO on triple bridge if you don't have be CEO yet you can buy it from crypto bridge exchange you can find the link of the exchange in the description as well and as you can see right now at the time of making this video the value for this coin is 1.15 dollar a few days back it was almost half the price and as the popularity of this exchange is increasing so you know the price of the coin as well according to me it's a very good coin something that you can look as an investment option since they also offer staking you know it's added bonus again do your own research this is not any investment advice alright so here I'm inside my crypto bridge account the very first thing you need to do is but before that I can quickly show you so they have one going they have – litecoin they also have dodged and xvg coin pivots so they have like good number of coin what they are lacking right now is the volume which will get better over the time well with that let's go ahead and let's learn how to stick the coin on crypto bridge so click on account and here you can see the option of bridge coins taking click on that and here you can see right now I have 2 0 4 0.25 bco available so let's select that and they actually charge about 45 coin purse taking which is actually a lot so you know if you are planning to stake a good number of coin I would suggest like stick at this one go because if you stake multiple time every time staking would cost you fifty five corn which is I think a lot alright so here you can see if you stick for three month you'll get 20% bonus if you stick for one month you will definitely get payout according to their you know current payout structure but there will be no bonus so let's say in this case I'm sticking for one year okay click here and then click on create a new bco is taking position so here now we I need to confirm the transaction click on confirm and you can see the transaction has been confirmed so staking position has started and if i refresh this page you can see like buddhists taking the staking which i did for for the blog post and this is a second sticking i'm doing today i know i'm actually make losing ninety BCO because of this but I think it's worth making this video because this will help you to start sticking well staking is indeed a very interesting concept to you know make money from the coin that you already have there are many other striking coin and we also have a tutorial about that I will add that link as well in the description below so do check out the description tab to find out all the links and learn more about staking crypto bridge and and also link to our blog in case if you don't know consider I is a leading blog for the cryptocurrency news updates and tutorial and guides we do fundamental analysis of lot of coin and based on those fundamental analysis you can decide if you want to invest on those coin or not so far all the coins that we have featured on our blog like new aetherium light coin – all the coins that we have featured have grown tremendously in past one year we spend a lot of time doing all the research so that you can make most out of it if you and you should also join our telegram channel you can click on the link here apart from that if you have any suggestion if you want us to do a any video tutorial do let us know in the comment section below to check out our other videos which will help you to learn more about cryptocurrency industry altogether with that this is your host her sugar well see in the next video bye bye

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  1. hey buddy how to send BTC from zebpay to coinbridge …
    also can we stake other cryptos like verge,dash,monero,colx ,or we can only stake bco(bridge coin ) ?

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