22 thoughts on “Crypto Adoption! Craig Wright Rage Quits, Celer ICO on Binance, Crypto Regulation”

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  2. The market is global. I don't get why the sec has such a huge impact. In the long run it could the the reason the US fall behind. 0x299A024682163761Ea33fb63a73994A0d417BD46

  3. Buy bnb for ico > sell ico for more bnb > use bnb for an ico > repeat.

  4. what ethereum with the Icos did, will binance complete….scam supporting….I will never use binance again.

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  6. Honestly I would never cash out my crypto currency. I started with airdrops and haven't invested not a single of my dollars and I'm going up. From ETN to EJN I might make a living out of this. Plus cashing out means the money gets taxed so no thank you lol


  7. Odd to say crypto twitter won't be the same without @ProfFaustus and his crazy antics.

  8. You think CZ is a frank straight talking guy but maybe its also his lack of knowledge or nuance of the english language??

  9. It seems that now, crypto is building the actual infrastructure it needed to attain and maintain the valuations it had in the last run-up. In the last run-up, it didn't have those – much like the dotcom crash where internet companies were too ambitious and there wasn't the infrastructure yet to achieve what they were wanting to do. After the dotcom crash, companies like Amazon, Google were able to rise. I think same with Crypto. BTC, LTC, XMR = Amazon, Google, Apple? 0x5dBD347058b6CD39713971DeED32B57ABd281c6d

  10. SEC and CFTC talking, market should pause and decline. Offset of next rise is set by doubt and unanswered questions. Regulation is not required to fight fraud, it is used to hide and enable fraud. Fraud will happen regardless the laws.

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  11. Alway's like the news about Craig Wright and McAfee for some action  0x7612b57bf48Fa9436a2f9A808d05DbC21Ffa62Ff

  12. Thanks, as always, for the video. The positive news just keeps coming. Seems like continued adoption – like retailers accepting BTC – is one of the most important developments necessary to increase use and interest. 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

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