Crypto 101: Winklevoss/Gemini shadiness [Live!]

All right. Let’s see if this is live now. I need you. You’re live. Let’s see, connecting. Everything is connecting. Stream health. That says live, so that’s good. Oh, man. What a week. Okay, let’s see. That says– okay, that’s good. I think most of these things are working now. Cool. Let that minimize. Pop in. Let’s see how this is going. Hey, what’s up, guys? So I’m doing something a little different
today. Obviously, I’m going to try to do a Crypto
101 video about my experience with Gemini. As you can see, I’m not home and I don’t have
my green screen. My camera is like– I’m improvising, I’m on
my laptop, and stealing wifi. I’m still out of power at my house so I’m
here trying to figure it out. I had a lot scheduled this week and I have
a lot scheduled next week too, so I’m trying to sneak everything in. I’m trying to get everybody on the same page. And I figure the best way to update you guys
is to do it live because that’s just the easiest way right now for me because of the situation
with the no power. So let me just check this real quick and see–
okay. So I’m gonna jump right into it. Some of you have probably seen my tweet and
my whole debacle where I posted what was going on with Gemini. Basically, we’re all human and we make mistakes. And it was definitely my fault for leaving
crypto on an exchange. But the backstory basically is I am saving
to go to Germany and so I had earned some crypto some ETH and a very small amount of
Bitcoin through doing some interviews and just trading and flipping stuff. And I had put it on Gemini about two or three
months ago in the event that ETH got to– I told myself if it got to like $900 again
I would cash out. And basically what happened was it didn’t,
right? We all know that. So the price dropped, and I left it on there
because I thought that it was reputable enough and that it had a good reputation and I’m
like, “You know what , this isn’t as high risk as
leaving something on Bittrex or maybe Binance.” Well, I go to sign in yesterday and out of
nowhere it just says, “The account associated with this email is
closed,” and, “If you think this was done in error,
please contact customer service.” So immediately I’m in a panic and I try to
Google their customer service number. The customer service number is quite literally
a recording of them saying, “Please put in a customer service ticket.” I’m like, “Okay.” So I put in a Customer Service ticket and
at that point, I’m just really freaking out because I’m like, “Okay, this is not good. “I can’t get ahold of anybody. “I don’t really know what to do.” So the first thing I did, obviously, was I
went to Reddit and I posted, “This seems to be happening a lot, account
closed, no warning and I had funds on the site.” I say this seems to be happening a lot because
I went on the Gemini Subreddit and there was like five or six posts of this happening. The scary part was people were getting emails
in response saying things like basically, “We don’t have to give you any rhyme or reason
as to why we closed the account, we apologize for the inconvenience,” so on and so forth. Some people were getting a five-day warning. Getting an email saying you have five days
to take your crypto off the site and some people weren’t. It just literally was up and gone. So I was talking to the CryptoBasic guys,
which is why I’m wearing their T-shirt tonight because I’m trying to support them. But they said it probably has a lot to do
with the fact that there’s been changes in their KYC requirements because I had made
a Gemini account months and months ago. Maybe even a year ago at this point. And at that time I don’t think they required
very much for you to make an account. And so Mike had said he thinks it was probably
the fact that they wanted me to give them more identification. Which was fine. I have no problem doing that. I’m gonna pay my taxes. I’m gonna do everything legally. I have no problem being honest about that
kind of stuff. But I didn’t get the email. I didn’t get the opportunity to do that. So I’m like, “Okay, this is not fair.” So the Reddit post happens and then I didn’t
hear anything for like a minute or two, which is about how long my patience is, and I tweeted. “Any reason you closed my account with a balance
without any warning or email? “I have emailed customer service support.” So low and behold they respond almost instantaneously. Please DM us with an email address associated
with your Gemini account. I’m like, “Okay, well your Twitter account
doesn’t allow for direct messaging.” So they end up DMing me and they say, “Hey, there. Could we
have your email address? “We’ll take a look what happened.” So I deleted the tweet or the message with
my email address because it’s my personal email address and it just at this point really
doesn’t matter but they said, “Thanks for reaching out. “We’ve received your email and escalated the
issue to the compliance team. “You will receive a message from them shortly.” Literally like two minutes later I get an
email that says that email that everybody was posting on Reddit, “You have five days to get your crypto off.” Oh, I should have pulled up the email. So I said, “Is there any explanation as to
why you’re closing the account?” Literally, “Our account review process is
confidential so we are unable to elaborate as to how our why accounts are closed on our
exchange. “Users are notified when their accounts are
closed so we’re not sure why the email sent to your address was not received.” But I wasn’t the only one– I’m not the only
one saying this has happened to them. And so it’s just unrealistic to think that
they can do that. It’s not fair. And this is all the more reason why we’re
all screaming about decentralized exchanges like the Blocknet, Project Block. And this is why people are always talking
about how important decentralization is because fundamentally what it comes down to is in
this situation obviously Gemini has a lot to lose. The Winklevoss twins and what not. They just got approved to have Zcash on their
site and their clearly doing stuff to make their exchange last longer or live longer. But treating your customers or clientele like
this. No rhyme or reason. No explanation. Nothing. Just closing accounts is ridiculous. How can you not explain to somebody why the
account is closing? Why don’t you give them an opportunity to
try to fulfill maybe some requirements that are necessary? Or even, I don’t know, make sure that everybody’s
getting emailed. I understand if maybe requirements change
and all of a sudden they’re in hot water that would be one thing, but out of nowhere. Nothing. Just closing accounts is ridiculous. How can you not explain to somebody why the
account is closing? Why can’t you give them an opportunity to
try to fulfill maybe some requirements that are necessary? Or even, I don’t know, make sure that everybody’s
getting emailed. I understand if maybe requirements change
and all of a sudden they’re in hot water that would be one thing, but out of nowhere. And thank God people retweeted this. And thank God– I don’t know if it was because
I have 5,000 Twitter followers or what but they were quick and I’m grateful for that
because I was in a panic. So everybody be aware. If you’re in the US, I don’t know if Gemini
services people out of the US? It’s probably a pretty dumb thing to say but
I genuinely don’t know because I generally don’t need to know. But get your money off that exchange. Don’t leave it there. It’s been a full about a month and a half
of posts on Reddit of people saying that the accounts are getting closed. No, I didn’t activate 2-factor auth. And that’s what Mike had asked me when I signed
in he was like, “Oh man, do you think you got phised?” I’m like, “No, because I literally put my
email in, put my password in, and it didn’t even bring me to the 2-factor option.” It didn’t even allow that to pop up. It just immediately was, “You account was
closed.” I thought Gemini was reputable, too. I thought they were up there with Coinbase. I actually put them– I ranked them #1 as
far as safety for intro exchanges. Like take fiat, buy crypto, move on. It was Gemini to me and then it was Coinbase. And now, I mean it’s crazy to think that something
like this would happen. So this is definitely the Wild West of– government
and whales. Yeah, so they’re losing incentives to service
people like me who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars on there. So I just wanted to do this video. My plan yesterday was to come home and do
this video quick. I wanted to do a nice regular crypto 101 explain
to people the situation and just be upfront about it because I didn’t think it was fair. And then I wanted to do my Hacken review. But as some of you again saw my tweets, I
live in the Northeast and I don’t know what happened but we had a tornado touch down in
two different locations in two towns quite close to where I live so I’m out of power
again. I don’t know if any of you guys remember I
was out of power for about five or six days over the winter because we had this huge Northeastern. But I’m out of power so I couldn’t make my
video last night and I am going to this event tomorrow night. I’m leaving work early, taking a train, and
going down to the city to go to this Blockchain event. Whatever. Staying the night in a hotel. Leaving the next morning. So I can’t do the Hacken review. I couldn’t do this video or anything. And then my birthday’s next week. My birthday’s on Tuesday of this coming week. So Friday night I’m going out to dinner and
then Saturday– so like the whole weekend’s got stuff going on and I’m not going to have
time to make the video. So I wanted to at the very least do a live
stream, tell everybody what happened, kind of put Gemini on blast. And although again they reacted very quickly
I genuinely only think they did that because of the fact that I have 5,000 Twitter followers
and I tweeted out and called them out on it. Because, again, there’s people on Reddit who’ve
been waiting a month and a half to hear back. So I can’t buy any more coins, slam. Yeah. Oh, you’re in Brookfield. Yeah, I’m close to you. Not good. Not good at all. Happy almost birthday. Hey, thanks. Yeah, governments don’t want people to get
involved in these things. It’s a shame but I just wanted to tell everybody
because I thought it was a little ridiculous. And I also kind of wanted to – oh, shout out
to Brazil – update everybody on what’s going this coming week. What I have planned. So I can’t buy any more coins, slam. Yeah. Oh, you’re in Brookfield. Yeah, I’m close to you. Not good. Not good at all. Happy almost birthday. Hey, thanks. Yeah, governments don’t want people to get
involved in these things. It’s a shame but I just wanted to tell everybody
because I thought it was a little ridiculous. And I also kind of wanted to – oh, shout out to Brazil – update everybody on what’s going this coming
week. What I have planned. So I have my Hacken review which is all written
up and ready to go. Again, I was supposed to record it yesterday. I would have liked to record it today. I’m excited to talk about the project. I like the project. I like the team. I love the community. They’re all super nice. So I wanted to do that, but that’s coming
up. And then on Tuesday, I’m interviewing a representative
from DeepBrain Chain. We’re gonna do a live stream. It’s going to be at 10 o’clock PM Eastern
Standard Time which is my time, so that’s UTC subtract 4 or whatever that is. And I’ll tweet it all out. They’re actually going to do a bounty program
during the live stream, so if you follow their YouTube and you leave a comment on the video
with your DeepBrain Chain wallet address, they’re going send you 10 tokens or something. So I have that on Tuesday. My Hacken review which I don’t know I’m going
to try to get it done this weekend if get power back. Because obviously, I need my green screen
which is not where I am right now. And then after that, I am doing– hopefully,
I’m in the process of writing up another comparison video. I like doing the versus videos. I think they’re fun. Yeah, hopefully, DeepBrain Chain does come
back. I think it will. The project’s really cool. It’s super involved and pretty– DeepBrain
Chain a Chinese crypto? Yeah, it’s like a Chinese AI blockchain project. Basically, trying to use spare computing power
for AI purposes. Now, what was I gonna say? Oh, and then I’m doing a write up on– what
in God’s name is my write up? I forget. I was just working on it today. Oh, Supply Chain coins. So I want to do a comparison video of VChain,
of Walton Chain, of what’s the other one I have on there? Maybe Wabi, and then, what was the other one? Origin Trail? Yeah. So that’s the idea. That’s the next plan. Sorry to hear about your trouble, hope you’re
getting to the bottom of it. North Jersey. Yeah, we all kind of got hit pretty hard. Yeah, I’m stressed. I’m stressed because I’ve got to leave work,
catch a train, make this Summit, check into my hotel, come back, deal with my birthday
dinner, do this video, do my interview on Tuesday. Yeah, so I’ve got a lot going on. I’ve got a lot going on while still working,
which is pretty crazy. Oh yeah, so Reggie, you don’t think Consensus
will catapult the market? That’s fair. I was actually listening to CryptoBobby on
my way home from work today, and he was saying that there’s a correlation to increase in
price over the course of I think it’s like four to six months out from Consensus. Every year it’s happened. So yeah it will be different from the prior
years. Best wishes from Switzerland. Thank you. Yeah, Dazzfire, you can come out, we can stream,
we’ll get– I’m like blanking. I’m running on no sleep so forgive me for
being out of it. Kyle. K-Dub. We’ll get K-Dub. Yeah, so Hacken’s my next review. I’m pretty excited about this one. I am disappointed that I haven’t been able
to do it yet, but good things come to those who wait I guess. The community’s been pretty cool about it. Obviously, they can’t really get too, too
upset with me that I’m delayed on the review because well, I mean quite honestly, I’m doing
it for free obviously. But I don’t like to keep people waiting so
that stresses me out too. But yeah, no, other than that it’s been pretty
crazy lately here the last couple days. Hello from New York State. Hello. Comments are always rad. On point. We’ll talk about Elastos and nothing else,
yeah. Have I ever been outside the US? What countries? Yes, so I lived in Portugal as an infant because
my father was born there. We moved there for about a year because my
father wanted to move back and then my mom got bored and she moved us back to the US. And then I’ve been back to Portugal a couple
times. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic. I’ve been to the Bahamas. That about sums it up. You should take a deep look at Hydrogen. Yeah, you know I have heard of the Hydrogen
project and I might at some point take a look at it. Obviously, the next couple days the next week
or so is little booked. I also have a pending interview with an ICO
for a project called TV2. Apparently, they’re signing with Warner Brothers
to do decentralized TV and you get rewards for watching. It’s also good for content creators I think
because they can make channels and stuff on it which is pretty cool. No, I don’t speak Portuguese. My father didn’t want to teach me. Top 5 off my head coins? Lisk, Ethereum, Cardano, I like Block, is
that five or was that four? I don’t know I can’t count. Have you heard of Phantom? I have seen people mention Phantom but I haven’t
looked into it yet. Yeah. Oh, and for the record Turbo Man although
I seem stressed, I talk fast just as a natural side effect of life. If any of you watched my first videos that
I streamed I always got yelled at by people to talk slower. So, unfortunately, I can’t help that. Okay, so Esteband again what’s wrong with
Gemini? I can’t find any issues on Twitter. So I’ll go over it quickly with you. Too long didn’t read basically– oh yeah,
Icon is another one that I’m holding. I had an account with them and I went to go
withdraw yesterday and my account was closed for no reason. I posted on Twitter about it. I saw a lot of Twitter threads saying that
this was happening to a lot of other people who were waiting upwards of a month to hear
back from Gemini. I had a balance in the account. No email. No warning. No nothing. So I tweeted them, “Any reason you closed
my account with a balance without warning?” So on and so forth. They responded back almost instantly. And then they messaged me. Basically said that they were having somebody
look into it for me and that I’d get an email. I did get an email. And then I asked them, “Is there any explanation
as to why you are closing accounts?” They have confidential as the reason they
gave me. Confidential. No email. No warning. No explanation. No reason to redeem yourself. Just boom. No crypto. And like I said, there was a lot of people
waiting upwards of a few weeks and my situation got resolved over the course of about three
or four hours. And I genuinely only think it’s because I
have a small amount of Twitter followers and I make YouTube videos. So they probably thought it was going to be
a threat to them. So my stream was– the purpose of this really
is this is Crypto 101 reminding everybody not to keep their crypto on exchanges because
they have the power. And I could have very well lost a very significant
portion of the Ethereum that I hold because of it. Yeah, so Cardano– oh, sorry ZenCash, right,
Dark Magician. I definitely messed that one up. I love ZenCash and I like PIVX, too. Theda, I don’t know anything about. All the Crock Pots, yeah, a natural side effect
of living in the Tri-State area I am a fast talker. Bart Simpson hair trends. Looking to see the Hacken interview. I know, I apologize. It was definitely not the plan to have it
take so long. If any of you are in New York for Consensus
I will be at this tomorrow night. I’m actually going to be there with CryptoZombie. K-Dub. He’s going to be there. We’re going to meet up and a bunch of other
people. I think Tone Vays is going to be there. There’s an itinerary I just forgot to– I
should have actually pulled it up. Coinbase Prime launching. Yes. Wow, sorry to hear that. Yeah, well, I mean it’s okay because I got
my money back or my crypto back but I think it’s unfair to those people that don’t have
a platform like YouTube or don’t have 5,000 Twitter subscribers or followers to intimidate
Gemini into doing the right thing. Because the way they handled it was unprofessional,
uncalled for, and unfair. And it’s terrifying to think that there’s
people that have been waiting two or three weeks to hear any response back to get their
crypto that’s theirs to get it released from a site that they just decided to lock up. It’s ridiculous. And again it’s a shame that I left it on there
and I definitely relearned my lesson but I wanted to remind people in this experience. This happened to me yesterday. This is happening constantly to people. Please be proactive. Wish you were here now. Excited to see you tomorrow at the event. Hi, Brad and hey, Kyle. What’s up, guys. You’re in New York. Cool. Check out K-Dub, Boxmining. Let’s see I think Square could do something
like Request Network, be a bridge. Yeah, yeah. Probably. Gemini is the standard here in the US, also
one of the largest– Yeah. I know it is one of the largest onramps. And I always ranked it higher than Coinbase
as far as being reputable. I thought the Winklevoss twins got screwed
on Facebook. They’re really going to make sure to do the
right thing and service the people who need them with Gemini. But of course not. Hi, CryptoZombie. Tell Hacken to hack Gemini for you. Yeah, right? Are the Winklevoss twins good looking? I don’t think so. I don’t personally find them good looking. How many coins listed in Robin? I don’t know. You lost a grand on Coinmarkets? Oh, I’m sorry to hear that dude. That sucks. I have to say I’m terrified of having my own
wallets and don’t trust them either. Sucks. See, my Ledger– if I’m looking into a project
and I’m on the fence about it, if it can be stored on my Ledger, I’m sold. Because to me this just reiterates the importance
of having control of your own stuff. Actually, if any of you guys have iOS. I don’t even know if– it’s probably also
an Android app. It’s called The Trust. Or just called Trust. But it’s a crypto wallet and you can type
in your restore seed for your Ledger. And it doesn’t give you access to send, but
it gives you access to receive and update all your wallets that you have on there. So it’s nice that I can kind of remotely see
what’s on my Ledger without needing to carry my Ledger around with me. Hope you can make a video on Consensus. Well, I’m not going to Consensus, but I will
make a video on just kind of talking about what happened, what we did, and all that other
stuff. Ledger’s the way to go. Ledger is the best. I love it. If you have a ticket to Consensus you might
be able to get into this Crypto Summit tomorrow night. So you may as well try if you’re already there. I will agree with you that right now Binance
to me is the leader as far as alt coins go. You can’t obviously put USD on Binance and
buy coins and that’s why obviously Gemini and Coinbase are important but I think that
Binance is doing everything right so far. They listen to what people want and then they
do it. So I have zero complaints and they’re thinking
about doing that decentralized exchange thing maybe which should be cool. I’m interested to see how that goes. Yeah, I know. So there’ve been six tornadoes in Europe. That’s what I was saying yesterday. I’m like climate change is totally not a thing,
guys. We’re having tornadoes in places where it
would be unheard of 10 years ago to have a tornado. Yeah, I mean I can see that with the seed
that the intermediary is not grabbing it. It’s a possibility, but I think it’s still
a safer option than leaving that on an exchange. How safe is it to keep coins on Binance for
6 to 12 months? I can’t tell you the answer to that question
my friend, I’m sorry. CZ is a hacker himself. So far so good. Can I suggest you guys check out– so somebody
told me it’s ‘who-be’ I think, ‘who-be’ not ‘who-boy’ (Huobi). Somebody messaged me on Twitter because I
always mess it up which I’m actually appreciative of because I don’t like to mispronounce things. Well, yeah, I mean I guess I’ve never heard
about a tornado in Europe now that you mention it. Zcash is where I have invested the most–
I did my privacy coins review and I’m not a huge fan. Zcash is the one with the Founder’s Fee, right? I think that’s a little ridiculous. No offense. Yeah. I love crypto, blah, blah, blah, complete
failure. Oh, I don’t know what that one is. Sorry, my friend. I can’t help. So let’s see. Actually, you know what I might be able to
do? If I can pull up– what I’d like to pull up
for you guys is the agenda for this thing. The guy just emailed me today. So I guess I’m nominated to possibly win an
award. I guess they’re the site that crypto influencer
website or whatever that they run and they said that my channel had out of like the 500
or so channels that are crypto-based that they been watching, my channel had the fastest
or the most growth out of– they picked the Top 10 said I was in the Top 10 in growth. So I may win an award. That’s not one you can vote on obviously but
just one that happened by chance. I’m not gonna get my hopes up but that would
be pretty cool. So we will see how that goes. I will let you guys know if I end up winning
something. That would be fun. I’ll make a live stream of that. Let’s see, Crypto Influencer’s Award. Let’s see this thing. I want to bring up the agenda for you if my
computer– my laptop does not like streaming. My iMac at home is so much faster. It’s a pain in the butt. Actually, maybe I can. Okay, let’s see if this will work? Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, cool. So it is working. So XLM? I hold Stellar, just not a ton. I like Stellar better than I like Ripple. A lot of people would disagree with me on
that but that’s okay. You would think that security coins aren’t
regulation friendly but Zcash just got accepted to Gemini so I don’t understand that. So this is the Crypto Summit thingie. This is our agenda. So there’s opening ceremonies, there’s pitch
events, and then there’s an Influencer Ceremony Award. So they put presenters. They put me down as a presenter, but I kindly
asked them to remove me because I am not getting up on a stage and saying, “Hey, here. Take this.” I’ll probably pass out. I have terrible anxiety. And then so we’ve got MIMS. You know that guy who came out with the This
is Why I’m Hot song? He’s apparently presenting which is hilarious
and I didn’t really even know that he still made music. Or he’s probably obviously playing his old
music, but I didn’t know he still was in the game. And then CoinDaddy. This dude is actually somebody that I met
through my Bitcoin market Slack. And I did a collab song with him ages ago,
and he’s going to be there and he’s going to be rapping or whatever in public, so it’ll
be fun. Get drunk before presenting it always works. I mean I’ll have a drink or two to calm the
nerves, but I certainly do not want to go crazy. With all the hype around Consensus do you
think that whales are flexing their muscles to keep the market down? No, I don’t think so. They would have no incentive to keep the market
down. Snoop Dogg performed today I believe, but
he performed at the Ripple section or whatever. #HOLDgang #HODLgang, yeah, that guy. They’re doing that, too. This is going to be interesting. I may stream live just for a short period
of time on my phone just so you guys can see what’s going on. They are going to stream it live too on YouTube
so you can see it if you’re interested. But I’m going to grab a picture with Kyle
obviously and then my friend who’s also one of my Moderators, but he’s sometimes in my
chat. His name is Hanni. He’s gonna be there so that’ll be exciting. He’s with Blocknet. So I’m excited about that. Yeah, so that’s pretty much– how long have
I been streaming now at this point? I feel like I’ve just been like rambling on
and on and on. Where’s my– there it is. Let’s see. Live Dashboard. What’s going on? Oh, so a half an hour. Not too, too bad. Yeah, so I mean that pretty much wraps it
up for me, guys. I don’t have too much more to talk about other
than I wanted to remind everyone again be careful. Don’t keep your money on exchanges. And if I were you, I would– if you’re going
to use Gemini to buy stuff buy it and transfer it off as soon as you get the chance. I know that they still have that holding period
of a few days where you would buy stuff and you can’t move it immediately, so just be
careful. Because if they just opt to close stuff for
no rhyme or reason. Sure they’ve got a big reputation and they
have a lot to lose in the space if they end up being scam artists but again we’re just
the little guys and we don’t have any control over this stuff. So if they decide that they wanna just not
be cool about this and reputable then we’re all SOL if they decide to do that. So be careful. What does this say here? Are you going to use Hacken’s anti-phishing
services? Maybe? I don’t know. Hi, Crypto- J. Also just noticed you’re over 10k. Thanks, Dark Magician. Yes. I hit 12. It’s creeping a little bit now. We’ve slowed down. But I think that the Hoskinson interview is
really what catapulted me forward. But I’m grateful because obviously that got
me here. And Hoskinson, Charles, is an absolute genius. Do you have a link for Ledger Nano S? I do have the link, yeah. Hold on. Give me a second. Let’s see. Am I– DazzFire I just saw your question,
where is it? Are you going to host CryptoCoinNews? So it’s funny you asked that because I have
to periodically go through my Twitter messages and the ones that are pending because I always
forget to check them. And I responded to him and I said, “What kind of content do you want? “I don’t know necessarily if I can do market
stuff but I can certainly talk about projects if you want to give me an idea of what you
want me to do.” And I never heard back so I’m under the impression
maybe he already had somebody doing it? Maybe he already made an agreement with somebody? And that’s fine. No big deal. I don’t care, but it would have been cool
to host it. I did speak to CryptoBobby via Twitter DM
and Lark and they’re both interested at some point doing a co-stream with K-Dub and I. So we’re gonna do that at some point too after
Consensus once everybody gets home and everybody calms down. Because obviously, we all have a lot going
on right now. Kyle has been traveling for I don’t know almost
a week probably. And Bobby lives in the city I think so he
can still go home and do videos but the average person cannot. Such as me. Let’s see where this– all right, here’s my
Ledger referral link for you. Let’s see if this goes through. Hmm. It won’t go. That’s annoying. Why not? What is my largest percent invested? Don’t turn on the generator inside your house. I know, right? My mother. She’s hilarious. My biggest holding is Ethereum. You’re single. Good for you. I’m not. Has closed accounts without providing any
reasons or– yeah. So that’s great. Don’t turn on the generator. Good advice. Yeah, right. Substratum. Yeah, Substratum. Pretty cool project. Based on all your interviews with everyone
in the space– timeline for mass adoption in the sense of what makes up 15%? God, I don’t know. Genuinely, I don’t know. Why is this not letting me send this? This is very bizarre. ETH? Strange. Any reason? Because when I got crypto Bitcoin was expensive
and I couldn’t validate– I mean, it was like 3,000. But at the time, it seems asininely expensive
and I couldn’t validate to myself buying a lot of it. I didn’t enjoy buying just a portion of a
coin. When I started buying Ethereum, it was $17.00
and I was margin trading so I would often just buy more to increase my position and
kind of just– it snowballed. And so when I eventually stopped margin trading
after the GDAX flash crash I had a lot more Ethereum than I expected accidentally because
I just kept kind of buying into more positions. And since then I’ve held it because it’s made
me the biggest turnaround as far as how much money I’ve made. And I just think, I don’t know, I just think
it’s a great project. And yeah, I don’t know. It’s just like my crypto baby. Everybody’s got that one– that’s my Ledger
referral link I just dropped by the way. Make sure it works. Can somebody tell me if it works? Yeah, Bitcoin is good for trading. Got it, thanks. No, thank you Turbo. Dude, thank you for using my code, I appreciate
it. I’m actually going to possibly be doing a
review of another cold wallet. They just emailed me this week. It’s pure profit, right? No, I love Ethereum. So why are the Winklevoss shady? Oh, man. I’m not gonna get into it again because this
will be the third time I’ve gone over it. When this stream ends and it reuploads to
YouTube so that you can rewatch it the first five minutes of this will be an explanation. It’s not great. I’m not super pumped about it. Nice in at 17. Feelings on EOS? I don’t have feelings on EOS because EOS doesn’t
have a mainnet. EOS has been in ICO for a year and I just
don’t– if I’m gonna be frank, I don’t respect the project for having an ICO for a year. I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s over the top and I also think
it’s slightly money hungry. Oh yeah. You can store a ton of stuff on a ledger. Yep, yep, yep. What can we do to convince you to be a presenter
at the show? Brent. Brent, you’re funny. Nothing. Nothing. I’d rather– I don’t know what I’d rather
do. Just about anything. NEO is my second option. Yeah, I have a little bit of NEO too, but
the problem is that I started buying it when it was Ant shares and then I sold it. And then I bought back when it was really
high in NEO and so I have a love/hate relationship with it because I love the project but I hate
it because I have definitely have not gotten it at a good price because I was impulsive
and I didn’t wait and didn’t pay attention to the market. I just bought it when I wanted. Are you willing to do a humiliating bet in
trade? Oh, God. Yeah, I wish. I can’t do it. Ether Classic? I don’t know. I should know more about Ether Classic because
obviously IOHK and Hoskinson but I don’t. How do you get your guy to be accepting of
all your time committed towards the space? That’s a good question. I include him in everything. So he’s in my Discord server. He’s never actually really in it, but he has
the invite and he has the app on his phone. When I buy stuff I ask him if he’s interested
in the project. If I do reviews, he’ll watch the review and
find out if he likes the project. He also watches other people’s reviews like
Boxmining and stuff. And he’s interested. He likes the fact that I am super excited
about this, and so because of that, he’s excited about it. I try to balance my time. I try to not be on my phone on the weekends. During the week we’re both exceptionally busy
so we kind of both are cool with it. But on the weekends, like Saturday and Sunday,
if you notice unlike Twitter and Discord I’m kind of MIA over the weekend. And it’s because I spend time with my family
and his family and we do stuff separate from crypto and I won’t look at my phone and I
kind of do my own thing. And I have to do that balance for myself too
but obviously for him. But he’s good because he likes it. He likes the idea of investing in something
and maybe one day we’ll all retire off this. Who knows? Oh, this was you who posted that. That was me who posted what? Frankly, Neblio is better than all of them. It’s the forgotten Top 10. No, Neblio is an awesome project. I agree with you. Let’s see what we have up here for questions. Hold on a second. Let me, let’s see. DeepBrain Chain. Yep, yep, yep. Working on that. Because they are good looking and have perfect
teeth? They have perfect teeth but I don’t think
they’re good looking. They are spoiled brats. What’s your opinion on Nano? I did a video on Nano. You can go and check it out. I always love the– you know how I know you’re
not a subscriber to my channel? It’s because people ask me to cover XY and
Z coin, but I already covered it. Okay. Let’s see. Laissez Fair, I know. Looking forward to @CryptoCandor will review
Hacken. I’m looking forward to that, too. I don’t care for– let’s see where am I at? Wow, live! Yeah, live. Oh, that’s my dog barking. Yeah, Cardano is on their mainnet. Eat. Sleep. Crypto. Do I gamble in very low cap altcoins? Any name that paid very well? I used to do a lot of research on low cap
stuff. And to be honest, between work and this channel
and researching coin reviews and doing research for interviews and getting questions about
the project and responding to emails and stuff I simply don’t have time anymore. There was this one coin PURE that if I had
sold at the top I would have made a ton of money on, but I ended up running a masternode
on a VPN (VPS) and then the VPN got hacked and my masternode got stolen and it was a
whole thing, so yeah. Nano is the son of Bitcoin. Market cap is still in the green. ETC? Oh, so somebody asked me if I claimed my Ethereum
Classic. Ethereum Classic existed prior to me buying
Ethereum so I don’t think I was eligible for the fork. Zencash considered low cap? Yeah, I mean it’s– yeah, I’d say so. It’s not in the Top 40 yet I don’t think. I think it’s still in the 70s. I use Gemini and they’ve been great so far. Be careful. Just don’t leave stuff on Gemini. Market slowly in the green. Yeah, hopefully, that continues to happen. It would be nice for all of us. So what else do we have going on here, people? Anything good? Yeah, so I think that’s kind of it for me
unless you guys have any more questions for me. I’m going to go probably I don’t know warm
up some food or something. Fan of Bitcoin Private would you ever consider
doing an interview with them? I think somebody actually reached out to me
and asked me if I wanted to do a Bitcoin Private review and I didn’t because I didn’t have
the time and I try to prioritize my time as much as possible. What’re your thoughts on OMG? I don’t know enough about it, so yeah. Awesome, thanks. Good luck in New York. Well, thank you, guys. Again, if anybody’s in New York tomorrow I
will be at this event. I don’t know if we’re staying there all night
or if we’re going out after. I don’t know what’s going on but you can always
get ahold of me on Twitter. Yeah, Twitter if you want to support my Patreon
it’s linked there. Whatever. And yeah, cool. So don’t leave your money on exchanges and
everybody have a fantastic weekend. I have an Instagram for CryptoCandor obviously,
so I’ll probably post pictures of Consensus– or not Consensus, but this Crypto Summit thing
that I’m going to. And yeah, follow me there if you want to see
dumb stories of us doing dumb stuff. Cool. All right, guys. Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

34 thoughts on “Crypto 101: Winklevoss/Gemini shadiness [Live!]”

  1. ADA is such a bad coin, you're a cool person dont invest in that one it's going to Zero at some point. Bitcoin, ETH & XLM are the only coins I hold because they have the strongest teams and have launched are proven and just get stronger. Long term these seem so far as the leaders.

  2. Like it or not Your a crypto public figure & a target now remember that …never leave your shit on there

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  9. Exchanges are not allowed to tell you why they close your account, via instruct from government. It's the same thing with Coinbase. That's why we should be using Dex's

  10. I think Gemini are wanting to keep the network running smoothly for the big guys (corporations), ready for the bull run, with fewer accounts with big money giving less stress on the network. Thus make a bigger profit!!
    An exchange for the rich…

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