Crypto 101: Portfolio Tracking Apps/Websites

Hey, guys! So I’m back. First I want to say thank you to everyone
who watched all my videos and subscribed and everything already. I received really, really good feedback,
and I was surprised by how, I guess, friendly and receptive everybody was. So thank you. And if you’re returning, cool. If you’re new, subscribe. So my video today is going to be about
something that is sort of near and dear to my heart because it was something
that I complained about for a long time. When I first started
doing this a year ago, I was really, really bad
about keeping track of what I was doing
as far as trading because I didn’t really
think that I was going to be doing this long term. I didn’t really know what to think,
to be honest with you. So I didn’t keep the
greatest track of things, and then when I started to
it was a learning curve. I just want to go over some apps
and websites and things that I have used in the past,
things that I like, why I like them, and the ones that I stopped using. So my first one is Blockfolio. It’s got notifications which are great,
not all of these apps have that and some of the websites
you can’t really do it because if you’re not on the website
it doesn’t help you. 24-hour market data,
it’s got the charts, it’s got the order book
which is really cool. I think it might be the only app
that has the order book, which is nice. There’s a news option so you can
go on there and see kind of what’s going on related to
cryptocurrencies as a whole. They do have a Telegram chat. I can’t speak to how active they are
on it because I’ve never been in it myself. They most recently added
a passcode lock and hiding your balances,
which is really important. And it’s for iOS and
Android, which is nice. Okay. So now for the cons. I don’t like on the app that
the percent change next to the numbers is the overall
percent change for the coin itself not your holdings. Because it’s aggravating for me
to have to go into each individual holding and look at
the transactions or whatever. The other think I didn’t like
is that I found that Blockfolio took a long time to add things
like ICOs and weird coins like Regal. That’s when I ended up starting to
download multiple different apps because I found that some
did what I wanted, and each has their own strength
and weakness and so it’s very frustrating. I also found that, and I don’t know
if anybody else has experienced this, that when I’d enter the date on Blockfolio,
I’d go back to the transaction and the date would be wrong. I don’t know why it was doing that,
but it was aggravating because I’d go back to look at a transaction,
and it wouldn’t match up with the Excel spreadsheet that I keep. So I’m a stickler for
the way stuff looks, too. I’d really like it to be aesthetically
pleasing so that I want to use it and I just found that Blockfolio…
I don’t really like the way it looks. I know that might sound really stupid,
and I’ve actually gotten crap for it when I said that because people tell me,
“Well, it really doesn’t matter how it looks, it matters how it works.” So if I don’t like the way it works
and I don’t like the way it looks, I’m not going to use it,
so needless to say, I don’t use Blockfolio anymore. The next app that I use
and I love is Coindex. One of the things that immediately I liked
was that it had multiple portfolios because I like to track things that I’m
keeping long-term that I’m just holding, and like to track things separately from
that that I’m actively trading. My favorite thing is probably the
overall profit/loss percent is related to what you are holding. This one also has 24-hour
market data and charts, it doesn’t, however,
have an order book. But to be honest with you
that’s not really something I used anyway,
so I wasn’t too worried about it. It has a pie chart break down
showing percentages of how much coin
makes up your portfolio, which I think is cool. It has news as well. And one of the greater things
I think is that it has an upcoming ICO section. So there’s a little tab, you go over,
and it’ll show, it’s not all of them, obviously, but it’s a pretty significant
amount and it has a countdown to what ones are going to be soonest. Something else I really liked is
if you sell off the coin as a whole the coin doesn’t disappear from the portfolio. It stays static and it
just shows your profit. The guy who designed it has
a Telegram chat and he’s awesome. His name is Jason,
and he’s on there all the time. He’s always taking
recommendations from people, he’s always willing to listen to
ideas and improvements, he updates it very, very frequently. This is also an iOS
and Android app, so that’s good. The cons. Because it’s a relatively new app it
can get a little weird once in a while. And Jason when he updates it
will find that there’s quI rks or whatever, and he’ll figure it out,
but one of the bigger ones that has since been resolved
but was a real issue for me was the app converts Bitcoin to USD
so I can track my prices in USD, which I know the crypto purests get pissed
because they think that that’s not the best way to do it,
but I can’t look at a Bitcoin price and translate it to what it is in USD. I just, don’t have the mind for it,
so I need the app to do it for me. And the problem with that was
when it was converting, it was converting incorrectly, basically,
so a lot of the coins were telling me I had a negative profit when I didn’t,
and I told him about them, I sent him screenshots,
and he figured it out. It was fixed within a week. It doesn’t have a night mode
and it doesn’t have a passcode lock. It also doesn’t hide the balances
so if that’s something that you’re really worried about this app may not be for you. Be aware there’s two Coindex apps
on the iOS marketplace, and the one I’m talking about is purple. My next one is Coinstats. Coinstats one thing I really love
is that it has a bubble. You can do a bubble alert
on the app itself so on your home screen it will show
a price of a specific coin. So for right now I have it set for Block,
because I have a large holding of Block and I want to see what
the price is at all times. When you go to the home screen I like
that it’s separate from the portfolio, and has a huge list of Coinmarketcap coins. And again for aesthetics,
there’s this little graphic that goes across the screen
when you open the app that kind of highlights the
price movement, and I think it’s pretty so I’m a fan of that. There is a news section and there is
a pie chart section showing percentages for your holdings again just like Coindex,
and this app seems to be the one that gets the off-brand coins like Regal
and things like that very quickly. You can also sync your profile
across multiple devices, which is cool and definitely convenient,
and it’s also for iOS and Android. The cons for me on this one are kinda big. When you enter your trades
they are out of order on the list. So say I made a trade three days ago and
I forgot to enter it and I’m doing it now, the dates aren’t sequential
and that drives me nuts. I also found that like Blockfolio,
for whatever reason, sometimes the entry date is wrong. It’s because you have to scroll through it,
and I’ll find that… I’ll double check, I’ll look and see and it’s
the right one and I’ll go back and it’s changed and it’s not. There is pay for premium feature
which is kind of aggravating, but premium features are pretty good,
price alerts and things like that, so you can either buy it
or you have three of your friends download the app with
your referral code and you get it for free,
which is what I did. Now this is a big one that I don’t like. If you sell off your whole holding of a
coin, unlike Coindex, which keeps it static on your profile and you can
get rid of it if you choose to, it disappears. And I haven’t had the time to figure out
if it’s still being calculated into your total portfolio value like if you sold
up or down or if it’s still affecting it even when it disappears. I sometimes forget what I even had,
and the Excel spreadsheet thankfully is my backup so I have that but it would be
nice if the app did that too. Okay, so now for websites. The big one that everybody
knows is So the pros are it’s super technical
as far as tracking goes. You’ve got trade analysis,
you’ve got trade stats, realized and unrealized gains
like anything else, you have multiple ways to import
so you could do an API, you could do a bulk,
you could do like an Excel thing that you could do yourself. It has the ability to
calculate your taxes, too, which is nice. I think you have to pay
for the extra feature, but it’s still a good option. Obviously, there’s all these questions
about what happens when we really do sell and we’re no longer holding,
and we have to pay taxes on these things or people are going to
pay taxes on these things. I don’t know. So that’s kind of a cool feature. I will say that they have
fantastic customer service. I emailed them and they
emailed me right back. The guy’s very nice, very helpful
and willing to work with the fact that I bought it twice
and wanted a refund twice. So now for the cons. So you can import through API
or bulk imports with Excel spreadsheet like I said,
but it’s very cumbersome. It doesn’t take into account
deposits and withdrawals, so if you put a whole bunch
of coins in somewhere and then move them out,
it’s going to show a deficit. And the problem with me was
I started using it after the GDAX flash crash, I was in that,
I had an open long on ETH and it was a mess. I had been trying to figure out
how much I lost, because they refunded me
my original Ethereum, but what I was worried about
was what I had lost as far as profit. And the guy basically just bulk imported
a bunch of stuff for me and it worked, but it wasn’t really as accurate. There was no trades, just the numbers. So I ended up not using it. You have to manually enter
a lot of your trades if you really want it to be
specific and accurate which is aggravating. The other thing is there is an app for it,
but it only shows your portfolio value, you can’t edit what you’re holding
which is I mean useful but also… I mean who knows,
maybe they’re going to add it. So it holds max 200 trades,
for free, I should add. There’s two different kinds of upgrades
you can do to your profile, but you have to pay for them. So my next site’s I like that it pulls data
from it’s own site so it’s very, very up to date
and it’s very accurate. It has risk analysis what your positions
are open versus what you’re holding on an exchange too, which can be worrisome
if you’re not putting it in a wallet. There’s active profit and loss
on each individual trade showing if you’re up or down on each one,
which is nice. It also shows active profit and loss on
the portfolio on the whole as well. There’s an accounting section for
taxes like Cointracking, which is cool. It’s a little bit more basic and it’s free,
but it still does the job. I think that the UI is great. It’s clean, it’s easy to understand
and use and you get what you see and there’s no room for interpretation,
it’s very black and white. And my favorite thing probably
is the “sold” option. So unlike some of the apps where
your sold coins disappear, Cryptocompare takes your coin
and puts it on another sold tab and you can go look at everything. Cons. So it doesn’t keep a running tally
of your holdings for each coin. So if you did five trades
of let’s say Vertcoin, right? It shows the trades individually,
it doesn’t show an overall holding which is kind of silly, but again,
I use this, and I use Coindex, and I use Coinstat, so I have
stuff all over the place, but that would be nice if they added that. It has no app which is frustrating,
but obviously, it’s a website with a whole lot of other features, too. It’s not specifically for the portfolio,
so I understand probably why they haven’t done it. And the other thing is that it takes
a really, really long time to add off-brand stuff like Regal. It takes forever. So I have to use again another app
to track those because the website doesn’t do it for me and that’s okay. And my last website is It’s one of the ones that I found
a long time ago that I was using in the beginning a lot. I really, really liked it. I liked that the UI was fun,
it’s got like a social aspect to it. You can share portfolios
with your friends or you can see how your trades are doing
compared to how other people’s trades
are doing if you want. It can be privated too,
which I’m sure most people will private it because
the crypto space isn’t really one for sharing things like that. It shows individualized trades
like Cryptocompare which is nice, but it would be cool if they organized it
by each coin and then you could open the coin and see the trades
individually just to make it less busy. You can do API connections
and you can do autoimports and you can manually import
which is cool so there’s some options. The only downside to that right now
is they’re only importing from Polo(niex) and Bittrex. They make a conscious effort
to really talk to the people that are using their site,
their dev team’s really involved. So that’s good. It’s got a great variety of coins,
I mean and I also like that it has a balances section so,
unlike that doesn’t give you a running tally
of what you’re holding, does. So the cons. I haven’t used this site in a while
since I found Cryptocompare, but what happened is when they were moving
over to like their 2.0 version of the site they wanted everybody to reimport all
their coins through thier new APis, and for whatever reason,
my API imports were importing things that I had sold months ago. So I could never get the site to
really work for me again after that, but I know people that use it right now
that say that it’s very good and they’ve been successful with it,
and it could likely be because they started using it after the upgrade. Who knows? If you want something very basic,
that’s really what it is. It’s very simple. There’s no bells and whistles
like Cointracking and Cryptocompare, but it gets the job done. Again, it is what it is. There’s tons of apps,
there’s tons of websites, there’s tons of resources,
and I really just singled it down to the things that I use,
or the things that I really feel are most beneficial for other people to use. So if you guys know of other
apps that you want to share with me or other websites. Things that you think are really useful
that have worked for you, let me know, leave it in the comments. Again, I can always do another updated
video, but I just really wanted to speak to stuff that I’ve used personally. And because I’ve had a long run
with all of these different platforms, I figured it would be a good video to make. If you guys have any questions,
as always feel free to ask me. Again, thanks for stopping by
and watching, and thanks for all the support.

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