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to a study published by escena a nonprofit focused on marine conservation around one in five fish tested by the organization was misclassified bumblebees implementation allows consumers to track and learn about each product this means they will be able to check where the products origins in which community it was caught but size and weight and even consult the process to which it was certified as fair trade the process is simple all consumers have to do is scan a QR code on the 12 ounce bags of ahi tuna steaks and they will have access to all the relevant product information not according to Costa this is just the beginning as the company has plans pursue a blockchain based system for several other product lines including wild selections snows Beach Cliff Brunswick and in Canada cloverleaf Costa said we have some goals starting in 2019 to start migrating all bumblebee branded products block chains supplied by SAP in terms of blockchain software development the company opted for in sap product SAP is a German software maker which developed the service on top of a privately distributed ledger called multi chain developed by Cohen Sciences a uk-based start-up the seafood industry supply chain typically involves many intermediaries in the process this happens from food processors to safety inspectors and from customs agents to grocery stores SAP system uses blockchain technology to let all parties involved keep track of the whole process bumblebee is not the pioneer in the food industry to use the technology to streamline its supply chain however two other startups have also trialed the blockchain to keep track of their product these include violent and uk-based provenance which ran tests last year Walmart has also shown interest in the technology and already Requested its suppliers to use a blockchain to trace fresh vegetables thanks for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon 60% of crypto users are still scared to make a Bitcoin payment the foundation for inter wallet operability is built on a key principle for Bitcoin or other crypto assets to succeed they must be as easy to use as possible the protocol presents some intriguing possibilities particularly for merchants and new users CCN previously spoke to founder David Gould and we interviewed him again about their recent survey on crypto usability the findings only compel gold to work harder on his mission for even those who have spent a significant amount of time in the crypto space find its usability far from perfect most crypto users feel uncomfortable after sending a transaction most crypto users feel their heart skip a beat when they press send on that Bitcoin payment source Shutterstock in fact 60% of newer users failed to answer very comfortable when asked how they felt immediately after sending a crypto payment the number of experienced users who feel very comfortable is just shy of the number who answered cautiously optimistic it’s about 79% for users who have held crypto for less than three years fear divided data into two groups people who have held crypto for over three years and people who haven’t primarily the study focused on people who held crypto at some point in 2018 when Bitcoin was nearly 10 years old almost three-quarters of respondents 73% sent at least a few transactions throughout 2018 most crypto users are cautiously optimistic after sending a payment but only one-quarter are very comfortable source foundation for inter wallet operability over 200 people were polled they were found via targeted advertising and other marketing techniques the data gives a lot to unpack and a lot to think about Gould told CC and over the weekend there are a lot of usability issues that have to be dramatically improved if krypto ever is going to achieve its potential of enabling the seamless movement of decentralized value and doing for the movement of value what the world wide web has done for the movement of information to over half of people who send crypto last year experienced problems most crypto users said they experienced problems when sending Bitcoin or another asset to someone else source shutterstock nearly one in five people polled had a problem that prevented the actual successful transaction of cryptocurrency around six percent reported that they had been victimized by a fishing or man-in-the-middle attack man-in-the-middle clipboard attacks are a common way to steal crypto these days an attacker infects a machine and manipulates the clipboard to send to an address often the address appears similar Pheo specifically prevents such an attack vector users can generate payment requests based on the wallet software instead of the blockchain itself so the sender is confident that the funds are properly routed attackers may still figure out ways to gain such a situation but it will be far more difficult especially in merchants to person transactions which are at crucial focus for usability almost twice the number of people who were victimized worried that they might have been this reporter can attest that any time he doesn’t see an immediate notification by a wallet service he fears that he has finally fallen victim to one of these attacks notably a manual trick for the current ages to verify the beginning middle and end of a typical address it gets more difficult with longer addresses such as those issued by Manero and other kryptonite protocols bed coin and crypto competitors must be easier than fiat to succeed just 11 percent of crypto users made a transaction at least once a week during 2018 source foundation for inter wallet operability for some the most damning result of the study will be the fact that only 11 percent of people who used crypto in 2018 did so more than once a week the majority rarely used it at all for any alternative system to succeed it should be easier than existing payment options after all it’s easier to send a PayPal transaction than to conduct a bank wire all you need is someone’s email address would people be as successful if it were just as inconvenient as gathering bank details and processing them manually gold said if these things don’t get changed people are not going to be buying coffee with crypto it’s got to be actually better than sending fiat it’s got to be easier safer and more comfortable than sending fiat because these are immutable transactions right you can’t call a bank and say hey put a stop payment on that or I didn’t charge that fee oh one protocol to help them all fortunately gold doesn’t believe it’s necessarily up to the blockchain developers to create usability solutions for one thing a true maximalist vision would need to come true for that even to matter if only Bitcoin ethereum achieve full ease-of-use for example it doesn’t mean much for the non crypto world coming in to crypto even solutions like lightning network use complex algorithmic payment information to process transactions Pheo works to provide plain English addressing instead Pheo works identically on every single block sheen I’ve talked to lightning people and they absolutely love Pheo because lightning doesn’t have a way to solve the complicated address problem that’s where Pheo protocol shines it doesn’t depend on changes by any particular blockchain as opposed to solutions like ends which has some similar features instead Pheo solves the problems itself at a wallet level Pheo strives to make transactions more secure and put simply easier the foundation for inter wallet operability counts several major wallets as members finances trust wallet Konomi an edged wallet as well as services like shape-shift all of whom are founding members of the fee of foundation we discussed the protocol in much greater detail in our interview with David Gould we understand the importance of security around private keys dot the entry of institutions into the cryptocurrency sector has been an important point of discussion in the crypto sphere this reason was the backbone of the hype created by the entry of fidelity into the world of digital assets in a recent interview during the DC blockchain summit Tom Jessup the head of fidelity digital assets stated that the organization had planned to get a foot in the crypto race for a long time he revealed that fidelity had hired cryptographers and other officials earlier to ensure that they were always one step ahead in the crypto race Jessup stated that when he joined the company many companies were getting ready to bring in digital

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